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Friday-Sunday, December 17-19, 2004


“The Windfall Elimination Provision” – More Ways for “G”(lobal) “W”(arming) Bush and the Corporate Conservatives to Steal Your Money


The Story of Mark and Diana

by Noah Greenberg


Mark is a fireman in Newark, NJ. Before that, he was a Newark City policeman. Mark has been working for the City of Newark since he was 20 years old. A few years ago, as a fireman, he was injured in a chemical fire along with four of other members of the NFD. He has been in and out of hospitals, and today, can no longer fight fires. Today he still works for the NFD as a fire inspector and security expert. People really respect Mark for his knowledge and honesty. Mark is 41 years old.


Diana is Mark’s wife of 20 years. Diana works part time stocking shelves in a supermarket for $12 per hour. Together, they are raising 3 beautiful children. Mark, Jr. is a 15 year old honor student and star athlete on his school’s baseball team. Dee is 12 and a real little lady. Mary is, of course, the apple of her father’s eye.


Mark (the senior) has borrowed against his pension in order to give his family a better life. He sends his children to private school and doesn’t skimp on family vacations. Mark has been working a 2nd job for as long as he can remember. He figures that between his pension and the social security payroll taxes he and Diana have paid, they’ll be fine in their old age.


There’s only one problem. If President “G”(lobal) “W”(arming) Bush and the Corporate Conservatives have their way, Mark and Diana will not be able to afford all they have dreamed of in their retirement. If the President and the Corporate Conservatives have their way, Mark and Diana will not be able to retire when they want.


President “G”(lobal) “W”(arming) Bush, Vice President Dick “Go F*ck Yourself” Cheney and their Corporate Conservative, money-grubbing, world-polluting friends want to eliminate Mark and Diana’s ability to receive funds( from Mark’s 2nd job and Diana’s part time job) from the  Social Security Administration when they retire. Their argument reads like this:

Because Mark has a government pension due him at retirement, he “doesn’t need” the Social security funds he has paid for most of his adult life from other, non-government employment. Since Diana is his wife, she “doesn’t need” it either.


Although Mark and Diana have been paying their “Payroll Taxes (Social Security Insurance)” with every paycheck, they will not receive the extra funds. Although Mark and Diana will continue to pay their 15.3% (7.65% out of their pocket and 7.65% paid by the employer) as they continue to work, they will not receive any benefit from them at all.  Although Mark and Diana do, in fact “need” the money, they will  not get it, if the Bushies and the Corporate Conservatives have their way.


Mark and Diana need this money. They took those extra jobs to supplement their income when they retire. They send their children to private schools on the basis of receiving that money.


A good idea is to remove the cap from Social Security while reducing the “Payroll Tax” rate. Not only can this be done, but we can eliminate all “Payroll Taxes” for everyone on the first $10,000 earned. That’s about one day’s salary for a Corporate Conservative CEO Bush supporter.


This plan will keep Social Security viable indefinitely. This will be fair to all Americans. This will help keep elderly baby-boomers off the poverty rolls when they retire.


This will let Mark and Diana retire and enjoy their grandchildren someday.



Stupid Quote of the Day


Donald Rumsfeld "should be held accountable and he should stay in office,"

-Senator Richard Lugar


So just when do we get rid of Donald Rumsfeld? What does one have to do to prove their incompetence anyway? How many more lives have to be lost in Iraq before something is done. Firing Donald Rumsfeld would be a good start.

-Noah Greenberg

My Trip to the Mall

by Noah Greenberg


Sunday, December 19, 2005.

I still need underwear. Today Bonnie and I head off to the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ. Any store with underwear is fair game. We start at Macy's. Plenty of underwear. Some made in Honduras; some in Korea; Some was even made in Canada and Israel. Not one pair was made in the USA. All of the other stores told the same story. J.C. Penny; Boscov; Lord and Taylor and a handful of smaller stores, all of whom had men's underwear.


But not one with a pair made here.


There were Jockey's and Hanes; there were Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfinger; there were boxers and briefs and boxer briefs. There was even underwear with Santa Claus imprinted on them.


None made here.


Then I realize that I didn't see al brands of underwear. Not one store had Fruit of the Loom.


They are my last chance.


I hope they're made here.

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-Noah Greenberg