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Thursday, December 9, 2004


Mandates Come Bigger Than 51% “G”lobal “W”arming Bush

By Eddie Konczal


Another close Presidential election has recently concluded. George Bush won the slimmest of majorities, 51%. The Electoral College was close enough that if Bush had lost Ohio, John Kerry would now be President-Elect. In fact, a recount is scheduled to begin shortly in Ohio, meaning that the 2004 Presidential Election, as slim as hope might be, is not quite over yet.


Nevertheless, the Bush/Cheney team are gloating that they now have a mandate for their CORPORATE CONSERVATIVE (They’re only conservative regarding programs that benefit all of us. When it comes to Corporations, they are as liberal as can be, with our money) agenda. Bush talks about spending “political capital” he earned during the campaign.


When Lyndon Johnson won 61% of the vote in 1964, that was a mandate.

When Richard Nixon won 49 states in 1972, that was a mandate.

When Ronald Reagan won 49 states in 1984, that was also a mandate.


Compared to these landslides, Bush’s 51% popular vote and modest electoral margin hardly constitutes a mandate. But Bush has never let facts get in the way of reason. After all, the closeness of the 2000 election didn't deter him, and his Corporate Conservative Thieves from pursuing a radical right-wing agenda in his first term.


The aforementioned Presidents did not use their mandates wisely, giving us Vietnam, Watergate, and Iran-Contra, respectively. I shudder to think what Bush will do with his "self-proclaimed mandate".



By Noah Greenberg


Cor·po·rate (adj.): United or combined into one body; collective

Con·ser·va·tive (n.): One who favors traditional views and values; one who tends to oppose change.


Corporations tend to oppose change unless they can make a nickel. Change is what occurs when greed strikes. All we have to do is look at products like “New Coke” or “Pepsi Clear” to name but two greed-related product changes that did the opposite of their desired end - to make more money and grab a larger hold of market share.


When so few have been granted so much by the power elite (the Neo-Con administration of G.W. Bush) a new monster is created. The CORPORATE CONSERVATIVE. It is a creature without morals that preaches morality. It is an obese monster who advises “belt-tightening” for most while it gorges itself on the ”HARD WORK” of the middle class. It is a beast that tells of all the good it has done by giving us fancy names such as “No Child Left Behind” but then leaves all but the privileged children behind. It is a beast that creates the “Clean Water Initiative” but then tries to raise the “acceptable amount” of cyanide in our drinking water to 60 PPM from 10 PPM (parts Per Million) At the same time, it cleans up the beaches at Kennebunkport, Maine, the home of its leader’s father bearing the same name.


Traditional values include taking care of our sick, not to leave them to die without care.

Traditional values include taking care of our old, not to leave them penniless with a bad Medicare plan that only benefits the DRUG COMPANY MONSTERS.

Traditional values are not meant for the few, but the many. One cannot push their traditional values on another whose traditional values are different without there being the resulting hate and resentment (See Iraq)


These are the monsters that have created the mess in Iraq (the “Halliburton Monster”)

These are the monsters that have created high heating fuel bills for the benefit of the “Energy Monsters”

These are the beasts that devour our natural resources while giving us names like “The Clean Air Act” and give us studies entitled “Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming Potential Values” (

These are the monsters that refuses to put armor on vehicles driven by National Guardsmen and Reservists.

These are the beasts that send out troops off to fight without a clear plan of victory or an end in sight.


These CORPORATE CONSERVATIVES care not for you. The dollar drops? They have Euros. Oil prices soar? They have stock options. People lose their jobs? They outsource to China and India.


This monster must be stopped before its too late.


Or maybe it already is.


Stupid Quote of the Day


On the U.S. giving $23.5 million to the Palestinians:

"Palestinians deserver credit for the careful management of a difficult leadership transition..."

-William J. Burns, Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs


Did they think that Arafat would live forever? Just something else that “surprised” the Bush Administration.


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-Noah Greenberg