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Tuesday, December 6, 2005


"Isn't it disgusting the decisions we have to make according to 'what insurance covers'? Gone are the days when you could say: Who does the best job?"

A "DUMBS-Feld" Quote in the Lead

" needs to stop defining success in Iraq as the absence of terrorist attacks,”
-Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld

"It's Dumbfounding, isn't it?"
-Lou Dobbs to CNN Political Correspondent Bill Schneider

"It certainly is,"
-Bill Schneider

An absence of terrorist attacks would be MY barometer Secretary Rumsfeld (is it "Donald Rumsfeld" or "Ronald DUMBS-feld"?) How about the recent poll that had 80 percent of all Iraqis wanting US out? How about 45 percent of Iraqis saying it's "OK" to kill American soldiers?

Whatever happened to winning their hearts and minds? This is the legacy that you can look back on Rummy. It is the legacy of GW Bush.

Yes, Mr. DUMBS-Feld... an "absence of terrorist attacks" would be the ultimate meaningful definition of "success in Iraq."

-Noah Greenberg

The 9/11 Report Card
(I wonder if Barbara will Sign It)

"While the terrorists are learning and adopting, our government is still moving at a crawl. Many obvious steps that the American people assume have been completed have not been. Our leadership is distracted."
-Thomas H. Kean, former Republican Governor of New Jersey; former 9/11 Commissioner; current 9/11 Public Discourse Project Commissioner

The report card issued by the 9/11 Public Discourse Project (the project was formed after the 9/11 Commission was disbanded, right after it filed its report) graded the administration of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush and the congress led by the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party on the 41 recommendations they made in their report.

The final grades included an "A" and an "A" minus to go along with a combined 17 "D's" and "F's".

"We have taken significant steps to better protect the American people at home. There is more to do. This is the president's highest responsibility."
-Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary

Wait... Wait... Wait a second here. Even the president doesn't believe that one Scotty.

"I have no idea (where Osama bin-Laden is) and really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority."
-GW Bush

I guess Mr. McClellan forgot about the State of the Union Address film that had VP Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney looking under the cushions for Osama bin-Laden and WMD's. What an embarrassment and a mockery of those who died on 9/11, in Afghanistan and Iraq that was.

"The American people ought to demand answers. Why aren't our tax dollars being spent to protect our lives? What's the rationale? What's the excuse? There is no excuse."
-Commissioner and former Governor James R. Thompson (R-IL)

These are rhetorical questions. The Bush administration wouldn't answer them then, and they certainly won't answer them now.

"U.S. treatment of detainees had elicited broad criticism and makes it harder to build the necessary alliances to cooperate effectively with partners in a global war on terror,"
-The report, seemingly citing the Bushies' love of torture as a "mistake"

The United States "is not viewed with the same respect we were just a short time ago."
-Kean, referring to the World View of the US under Bush

The bottom line is this: Under GW Bush, we took the good will of the world community and threw it away. Even in France, on September 12, 2001, the headlines read "Today, We are All Americans". What makes it worse is that it appears that the Bush Hubris was intentional.

The 9/11 Public Discourse Project and its ten commissioners are good people who have put their partisan affiliations aside, at least for the moment. Too bad their words fall on the deaf ears of GW Bush and the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party.

-Noah Greenberg

Ask and Tell

The argument is a simple one to law schools that don't want to allow military recruiters on campus. If you discriminate, as is the case with gays in the military (Don't ask, Don't tell), you aren't allowed an outlet on campus to recruit students for the JAG (Judge Advocate General) department of our nation's military.

The military's position is just as simple. The United States Government gives you money, therefore we reserve the right to come on your campus and push our organization. Since the US Military is considered an "employer", it is granted the same right as other "employers" to recruit their students. That actually makes sense, as does the schools' anti-discriminatory stance.

"’re willing to take the money,”
-Chief Justice John Roberts, whose argument centered around his contention that if the schools didn't want the military recruiters, they shouldn't take the "Government's" money.

What Chief Justice Roberts doesn't seem to realize is that it isn't the "Government's" money, it's OUR money. So for now on, I am placing limitations on how MY tax dollars are to be utilized:

1- Health Care
2- Education

---- Jumping Ahead ----
99- Fix all the potholes
100- Wars for Oil

When we start to blackmail our education system to "see it OUR way", then we are simply corrupting it. Take into consideration school vouchers, a favorite subject of the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party and "G"lobal "W"arming Bush. Will the GOP restrict what "private" schools teach if they take students who use a federally funded voucher for enrollment? Due to the separation of church and state, will religious-based schools be forced to teach only a curriculum written by the US Congress?

We want our universities to be responsible to, and hold their students needs (and as a direct result, the needs of our American Free society) as their highest responsibility. If we are to force all of those who take the money we taxpayers pay, then government will have to reinstitute all kinds of regulations on all types of businesses. Is the oil industry ready for that? How about the Insurance industry?

-Noah Greenberg

Did Mike Ferguson Get In Congress By Cheating?
or How a DeLay Lachey gets Elected
or Why a Vote for Ferguson is a vote for DeLay

The Federal Election Committee announced today that Congressman Mike Ferguson (R-NJ) received illegal help from the ironically named Accountability Project of the "Council for Responsible Government, Inc." during his 2000 primary race in a case brought against them by current Republican Senate candidate Tom Kean, Jr. The below excerpt from the FEC finding has emphasis added:

The complainant alleged that the Council made prohibited corporate contributions which were coordinated with Kean's opponent [Ferguson] and that the Council should be registered and reporting as a political committee. . . In considering this matter on remand, the Commission concluded that there was reason to believe a violation occurred because the brochures distributed by the Council contain express advocacy, and that the Council made a prohibited corporate independent expenditure

The Council was fined $5,500 for the illegal support they coordinated with the Ferguson campaign.

What this means is that Mike Ferguson won the 2000 primary against Tom Kean and Joel Weingarten – with just 44 percent of the vote – with illegal support from outside groups. Ferguson also won a squeaker in the general with the illegal use of a half million dollars given to him by his parents. The FEC fined Ferguson a record $210,000 for that transgression.

Both of his close wins in 2000 were the result of illegal campaign expenditures, which suggests that without the illegal support Ferguson received he might not have won at all.

And it hasn't stopped since he went to Washington, either. Ferguson has:

Received $54,403 over seven years from former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX), indicted for money laundering and conspiracy to violate Texas campaign finance laws;
Received $132,000 in 2001 from a Retaining Our Majority Program fundraiser coordinated by Jim Ellis, Tom DeLay's treasurer and co-defended for money laundering and conspiracy to violate Texas campaign finance laws;
Received $1000 in 2001 from Jack Abramoff, indicted for wire fraud and conspiracy in a case involving mob-style executions and floating casinos;
Received $1000 in 2001 from Adam Kidan, indicted with Jack Abramoff for wire fraud and conspiracy.

Once again the FEC found that Mike Ferguson used illegal funds to support his campaign in 2000, this time coordinating with an outside group in the primary. He received the largest FEC fine in history for using $500,000 illegally in the 2000 general election too. If you got your job by cheating, should you be allowed to keep it?

-Forwarded and commented by Nathan Rudy

Media Madman
Connecticut's former Governor May Make the State Honest

"Galvanized by the imprisonment of a disgraced governor, the Connecticut Legislature has become the first in the nation to set campaign finance restrictions on its own initiative, including a ban on donations from lobbyists and state contractors."
-from the New York Times Editorial "It Takes a Statehouse Scandal"

Former Connecticut Republican Governor John Roland has sparked former Lieutenant and current Governor Jodi Rell (R) to take the drastic step and, with the help of the Democrats (yes, Democrats) in the state house, restrict corporations and lobbyists from contributing to political campaigns.

If this is the first shot taken at lobbyists, let us all cheer it. I don't care if a Republican Governor and a Democratic state house take it, or the other way around. This certainly is a good thing.

We need to get rid of lobbyists, or "bribers" now. I stand fully behind Governor Rell and the Connecticut Democratic state house members.


(Now come the lawsuits.)

-Noah Greenberg, from a forward by Robert Scardapane

In response to, "Didn't we hear after 9/11 that the terrorists would be hunted down and captured and made to pay for the egregious murders of 3,000 innocent Americans? Yet Osama bin Laden is still vacationing somewhere in the Middle East, most likely staying with our ally, Pakistan," Robert Scardapane writes:

After 9/11, the Bush-Whacker said such profound statements as:

He is going to smoke them out of their holes.
The terrorists are wanted dead or alive.
Get the terrorists on the run and they will make mistakes.

I noticed that there is an endless stream of number 3 top bad guys that we get. Just last week, the CIA claims to have killed the number 3 Al Qaida leader, Abu Hamza Rabia, with a UAV attack in Western Pakistan. This person was implicated in an attempt to assassinate Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf so he had extra motivation to get him.

But, what about Bin Laden and Zawahiri - the number 1 & 2 guys? I think that Bush and Musharraf know they are vacationing in Western Pakistan. Furthermore, I think they have been declared as off limits because Musharraf fears being deposed.

So, Bush plays a tragic game of pretending that the United States is fighting the terrorists in Iraq. What Bush fails to say is that his definition of a terrorist is any insurgent including Iraqi citizens seeking vengeance for the destruction of their homes, torture and death of family members.

I wonder who is on the run. Bush is running away from the truth.

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-Noah Greenberg