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Monday, December 6, 2004




Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge (R-PA) has resigned as the Homeland Security Secretary. Rumor has it that Govenor Ridge will now work at Crayola to expand his color knowledge from its original five colors of: green; blue; yellow; orange; and red. Paterson (NJ) High School dropout Bernard Kerik, the former New York City Police Commissioner has been nominated to replace him by President Bush. This is a move that most Republicans and Democrats alike seem to be getting behind and he should be confirmed  without much debate.


Then the report came out. Newark, NJ, just a stone's throw from New York City and a potential target of terrorism itself has had its Homeland Security Budget slashed by 17 percent. Jersey City, which was more involved than any other city in and around New York on 9/11 will see its Anti-terrorism budget slashed by 60 percent!. In case you didn't know, Jersey City sits right across from ground zero and many rescue efforts were launched from there. These efforts included ferrying survivors from New York to hospitals in NJ and sending search and rescue teams via the Hudson River to help in the rescue mission, among other things.


In response to the cuts, Acting New Jersey Governor Richard Cody (D-NJ) was shocked and appalled. Not only was he uninformed of the impending cuts previous to their release  (we all know how secretive the Bush Administration can be when it comes to bad news), but when he asked for a meeting with Kerik, the only response Acting Governor Cody  was able to elicit was "soon".


The question that needs to be answered is this Mr. Kerik: Will you act as an independent security expert and advise the president or will you be just another "rubber stamp"?


-Noah Greenberg

Smoke, Mirrors and the GOP Way

A Commentary on the GOP Candidates in the New Jersey Governor's Race


So I was watching the GOP candidates for Governor of NJ in a sort of mini-debate on the New Jersey network the other day. All of these rich white men were wearing black business suits with power ties except for the front-runner, Doug Forrester, who wore a light gray power suit. What a fashion statement! Mr. Forrester always seems a little ticked off that he isn't as rich as either Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) or Senator Jon Corzine (D), who has already thrown his hat into the ring for the State's highest office. Mr. Forrester says he is willing to spend as much as $8 million dollars of his own money to defeat his GOP rivals in the Gubernatorial race. None of the candidates, however have ruled out "matching funds", money that comes from us, the New Jersey taxpayer.


Questions were being asked of the GOP'ers, but not really answered. It seems Mr. Forrester and a few others have learned from "Yoda" (Karl Rove) how to deflect questions and change the subject. Questions like: "Mr. Forrester, how would you close the budget deficit of $4 billion in NJ?" Forrester gave an answer similar to this: "I'll tell you what I won't do. I won't tax and spend like Jon Corzine or Richard Cody, those 'tax 'n' spend liberals".


I have a few questions for Mr. Forrester and his GOP opponents-but-soon-to-be-allies:


After a 2 minute tirade on those "tax 'n' spend liberals", Doug Forrester could offer no answer on how to fix the budget deficit. All he could say was "I'm not going to take you r money just to give you some of it back. I'm not going to take your money in the first place." So how are you going to fix the deficit Mr. Forrester? Maybe the GOP way with smoke and mirrors.


Joining Douglas Forrester in the quest for the GOP nomination are Paul DiGaetano, Steven Lonegan, John Murphy, Robert Schroeder and Bret Schundler. We all remember the ultra-conservative Bret Schundler as the “man with no plan” resulting in an astonishing loss to Jim McGreevy.


The only candidate that had a definitive though was Lonegan, the Bogota mayor and right-wing nut-job. When asked how he would take on the deficit, his answer was “I’ll take on the teacher’s union.” Way to step out on a limb, Stevie-boy. Maybe we can steal  milk money from kindergarteners while we’re at it. They don’t vote yet and milk is over-rated anyway.


The GOP in next year’s race for the state-house all seem to have the same motto:

Rob from the meek and give to the greedy.


Maybe one of them could run for president in 2008.


-Noah Greenberg

Stupid Quote of the Day


"For the life of me, I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do." "We are importing a lot of food from the Middle East, and it would be easy to tamper with that."

-Outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson


In response to Secretary Thompson, every Al-Qaeda member must have thought, "Thanks for the idea, Tommy."


Sometimes stupid is as stupid does.


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-Noah Greenberg