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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Bush’s inactivity on Global Warming
Now that George W. Bush has been re-elected, our planet will continue to suffer from his anti-environmental policies.

Climatologists almost unanimously agree that global warming is a serious problem. In the latest study, 250 scientists analyzed the Arctic climate and determined that global warming is heating the Arctic almost twice as fast as the rest of the planet. The accelerated thaw could wipe out all polar bears by 2100. Millions of people living in Arctic regions are already suffering. Thawing permafrost has caused buildings to collapse, and also destabilizes oil pipelines, roads and airports.

What will Bush do about it? Absolutely nothing. Bush has already broken his own 2000 campaign promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. He opposes regulating greenhouse gases, claiming it will cost America jobs.

This is simply untrue. The effort required to control global warming will actually create jobs. Many Americans are gainfully employed in environmental science and technology. What’s more, these jobs cannot be easily outsourced.

Perhaps that’s the real problem. Bush’s tax policies allow corporations to outsource American jobs overseas. His inactivity on global warming is designed to protect corporate profits, not American jobs.

-Eddie Konczal


The Future of the DNC

A New Identity

The Democratic National Committee might just need a vocal leader without fear and little ambition. The DNC requires a mouthpiece that will be able to attract national attention without worrying about losing their present position or future possible position. The DNC needs someone to come forward and take the neo-con leaders of the minority that run the country head-on. There are a few people that come to mind:

·         Bill Clinton - The former president isn't running for anything, unless you consider a possible "First Gentleman" title a "run". The president commands the spotlight whenever he enters a room, and rightfully so. He knows how to speak to all Americans as one of them, not as an elitist disguising himself as an "everyman". The problem with Bill Clinton is that many think Hillary Clinton wants a run at the White House. His being "frank" could cause her to stumble, and that wouldn't sit well.

·         John Kerry - The "Flip-Flop" label took. Many believe that he couldn't be the choice of a new Democratic Party. The fact is, he can't, at least not now. However, if Senator Kerry were not to run again in 2006 for his senate seat, or at least not to appear to worry about running again, he might just be the guy to be the opposing voice against the current administration. He could be the one that actually has a sort-of mandate by 54 million Americans to: point fingers; say "I told you so"; and keep the Bush neo-con machine on its collective toes. He had a national pulpit and he might be able to get it back.

·         John Edwards - Out of public life for the first time in 6 years, the soon-to-be ex-senator from North Carolina could use his charm, charisma and intellect to be the face and voice of a new Democratic Party. The question is would he be able to give up on a presidential run in 2008?

·        OUR CHOICE * ELIZABETH EDWARDS - The ultra-smart, ultra-likeable wife of Senator Edwards would be a great choice, assuming her health is not an issue. Imagine the face of the Democratic Party being: smart, funny, a stay-at-home-mom, breast cancer survivor, mother of a son who died tragically, attorney, and the wife of the former vice presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. She spoke to large audiences and was always quick on her feet. She hasn't shown any of the ambition that a Hillary Clinton has. She might just be the perfect choice.

·         Joe Biden - Senator Biden has all the right tools for the job. But appearances being what they are, imagine what the neo-cons would do with the before and after pictures of the senator from Delaware in relation to his hair transplant. Just look at what a distraction the "botox" fiasco was.

·         Tom Daschle - Tom Daschle might be a great choice for the spot if he can answer one question: Can you be though and, yes, mean enough? If the answer is "yes", then the soon-to-be-former senator from South Dakota would make news just by his change in demeanor. A “Mean” Daschle would go along great with the calm, thoughtful Daschle that we all grew to admire.

·       Tom Vilsack – If you like the way the DNC is run today, then you’ll love Tom Vilsack. He would keep the status quo. The problem is that the status quo is no longer good enough. Bottom line: Governor Vilsack’s best asset might just be his wife Christie. But let’s face it, the duo couldn’t even deliver their own state of Iowa to John Kerry and the Governor still has a state to run.

·        Dr. Howard Dean – The best thing that the good doctor has done is to re-energize the Democratic Party. Howard Dean gave the party of FDR and JFK what they have been sorely lacking for too long… a backbone. The only problem I see with a DNC run by Governor Dean is that he could be considered too polarizing a force. The question that he would have to answer is this: Can you energize the base without ticking off the center?

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-Noah Greenberg