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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


By Cheryl Guttman


The only TV worth watching are certain items on C-Span, and before the election  we had Al Franken on Sundance and Bill Maher.  Bill Maher was good, but often infuriating because he always had a "balanced" panel with some right wingers.  He ridiculed Kerry and his campaign, but he ridiculed Bush and Company more, and deservedly so.    MSNBC is awful.  CNN is rarely much better.  Fox was, is and seemingly always will be the most awful. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a cable news network that would actually report the truth?   Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a cable news network that didn’t get its talking points straight from Karl Rove? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a cable news network that did its job as a public servant and fourth estate member rather than just another mouthpiece for the Immoral Majority?

When Robert Kennedy, Jr. wrote his book Crimes Against Nature about the things George W. Bush and his neo-con friends are doing to the environment, destroying our country and selling it to the highest bidder -- he would actually get interviewed by this new, truthful network (Kennedy wasn't invited on  most of the talking heads shows that normally help authors sell books, including Larry King).

This network would be a place where Howard Dean was a regular. This network would be a place where discussions of policy could veer off into directions not usually allowed on Chris Matthews.  It would be a place where all of the people who have left the CIA and other agencies could tell their stories, good or bad.   It would be a place that reported on protests and protesters and how many were actually there

There would be regular interviews with returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.  There would be the stories of “volunteers” who had been snagged in a “back door draft”.  "Black Box Voting" would be regularly discussed and programming professionals (see could explain just how easily these machines could be programmed to manipulate votes.  Authors who have investigated the administration and its leaders’ past could have their voice heard. Unanswered questions could regularly be asked, AND answered (what a novel idea), such as:  “If the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction, why didn't they use them when their country was being invaded?”; or “If G.W. Bush served his full term in the Texas Air National Guard, why didn't he take the required annual  physical and why doesn't anyone remember him from his days “stationed” in Alabama, etc?”  These, and other questions like “Why weren't the usual FAA procedures for hijacked aircraft followed on 9/11?”; “Why weren't fighter jets scrambled as quickly as they should have been?”; “Why weren’t the Pentagon and White House evacuated and were there "stand down" orders in place to allow all of that to take place?”

We need a forum where the widows and other victims of 9/11 could air their views.   We need a place where people who have the ability to do the math and know what is going to happen to social security once we, the sons and daughters of Tom Brokaw’s “The Greatest Generation” start retiring could express our frustrations and ask the question, “What about us?”  We need a forum where the connections between Bush and Enron and Bin Laden can be discussed openly to let the rest of the United States and the world know the truth.

This would be a place where Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press would NOT be ridiculed. It would be an exchange of ideas that the American people deserve.

What planet do you think this cable TV network could operate on???

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-Noah Greenberg