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Tuesday, November 30, 2005



Bush Quotes in the Lead

"Quitting is not an exit strategy."
Well, it appears that President Bush finally learned what an exit strategy isn't... Now if only he could figure out what one is.

"I want to defeat the terrorists. And I want our troops to come home. But I don't want them to come home without having achieved victory."
Then the question that needs to be answered is: What happens when the Democratically elected Iraqi government asks US to leave... victorius or not?

"We have to go forward with a plan, not just slogans,"
Slogans? This is the "Slogan Administration":
-Mushroom Cloud
-Fight them there so we don;t have to fight them here
-You're either with US or against US
Shall I go on?

"People don't want me making decisions based on politics. They want me making decisions based on the recommendations of our generals on the ground. And that's exactly who I'll be listening to."
-Like General Eric Shinseki, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who recommended a troop level at least twice of what we sent to Iraq, and was fired for his "recommendation."
-Like General Jay Garner who "recommended" keeping the Iraqi army together as a police force and the immediate election of an raqi government for stability. He was fired, too.

"We will complete the mission so that their child or their husband or wife has not died in vain."
-So, let me get this straight... We're going to send more of the Children of America to die in Iraq so that the deaths of those who have already died in Iraq would not have been for nothing. Wouldn't it make more sense to get our "living troops" home so they could live and remember and tell the stories of their fallen comrades in arms? This is the Bush administration's circular logic at its best.

These are the propaganda quotes of "G"lobal "W"arming (or is it "G"lobal "W"ar?) Bush. Since he is in the midst of an offensive, similar to his failed attack on the Social Security trust fund, we can expect more of the same.

Wouldn't you just love to see this guy in front of a real, representative group of interested and inquisitive Americans?

-Noah Greenberg

The Economy Goes BOOM!
(And Not in a Good Way)

What is the Bush philosophy on the economy? That was a rhetorical question... I don't expect any of you to answer. The Bush philosophy is simple: make the worst economy in the United States since the Great Depression; let Americans lose jobs by the hundreds of thousands every month; let the average American family's "disposable income" disappear so that all of their money is spent just to keep alive; let real wages fall to the point where the dollar is worth less now than 30 years ago; and let gas prices rise until Americans have to choose between gasoline and milk... Then give them a few minimum wage jobs, but without health care benefits and a small drop in gas prices that still keeps the price at double the level it was just four years ago.

Then, of course, take credit for a revitalized economy that benefits only your ultra-rich friends in the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party; force your corporately controlled main stream media outlets to report that "jobs are on the rise" and the unemployment rate hasn't risen (yet) this month; point to your energy policy while ignoring your buddies like "Kenny-Boy" Lay who, by their greed-filled ambitions, caused the energy crisis of 2001 in the first place.

You all do remember Kenny-Boy Lay's Enron and the rolling blackouts of the US west coast, don't you?

"the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development said today that the United States economy is likely to be a repeat of 2005. The O.E.C.D. projected that 2005 growth will settle at 3.6 percent, down from 4.2 percent in 2004. The O.E.C.D. also forecast 2006 growth at 3.5 percent, but other economists think that may be too optimistic."
-The New York Times

Optimistic? Hoping that we have an economy that barely keeps up with inflation is Optimistic?

Isn't it amazing that when "growth", which only occurs for the richest of Americans, rises at a level just above inflation, the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party cheer while the American Middle Class jeers? I don't think I have another pocket to turn out to support your wars and tax give-backs to the rich, Mr. Bush.

Pushing up production helps only the wealthy. It means that the workers work harder for no more money or benefits. The stock market rising means that those same wealthy people make money that is less taxed than our meager salaries.

New houses are being built and the Bushies point to this as a major boom for their economy, and it is just that... a major boom for "THEIR" economy. OUR economy still stinks!

This is an economy for the rich, the privileged and the inherited. It is not how Thomas Jefferson envisioned the future of his America.

That GW Bush is just one lucky son-of-a (you fill in the blank).

-Noah Greenberg

Mike Ferguson's Hands are Dirty
Congressman Ferguson Agrees To Donate Cunningham's Cash

Less than 24 hours after Blue 7th PAC demanded that Congressman Mike Ferguson (R-NJ) return a $1000 contribution he received from disgraced Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the Inside Edge is reporting that he will contribute the money to a charity.

Congressman Michael Ferguson plans to contribute the $1,000 campaign contribution he received from corrupt ex-Congressman Duke Cunningham to an in-district charity. Cunningham resigned his House seat yesterday after admitting that he took $2.4 million in bribes. Blue 7th PAC, a group that is seeking to oust Ferguson next year, called for the return of the Cunningham contribution yesterday.

Blue 7th PAC applauds Ferguson for donating this money to charity. Of course, Ferguson is not done yet if he wants to separate himself from the culture of corruption in Washington D.C. He still is keeping money in two other scandals surrounding Republican members of the House to the tune of more than $175,000.

-Received $54,403 over seven years from former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX), indicted for money laundering and conspiracy to violate Texas campaign finance laws;
-Received $132,000 in 2001 from a Retaining Our Majority Program fundraiser coordinated by Jim Ellis, Tom DeLay's treasurer and co-defended for money laundering and conspiracy to violate Texas campaign finance laws;
-Received $1000 in 2001 from Jack Abramoff, indicted for wire fraud and conspiracy in a case involving mob-style executions and floating casinos;
-Received $1000 in 2001 from Adam Kidan, indicted with Jack Abramoff for wire fraud and conspiracy.

Will Mike do the same honorable thing with the rest of his dirty money?

-Nathan Rudy

GOP Punks!

"I was contacted by MSNBC today who asked if I would appear tonight on the Joe Scarborough Show to discuss the importance of the leak to the Washington Post about the CIA secret prisons. The booker told me that Brent Bozell, head of the Media Research Center, was accusing the media of hypocrisy for focusing too much on the leak of Valerie Plame and not enough on the leak about the prisions.

"I agreed to come on air to debate Mr. Bozell. My line was simple--the leak to Dana Priest came in part from CIA officers who were concerned that the effort by the Vice President and Director Goss to allow a torture loophole would discredit and destroy the CIA's future effectiveness. This is a far cry from the President and Vice President authorizing the leak of CIA clandestine operative's identity because her husband had the temerity to blow the whistle on the White House trying to bamboozle the people of the United States. I was looking forward to discussing the issue with Mr. Bozell.

"Apparently, Mr. Bozell is a coward. He told MSNBC he would not appear if I was on the show, even if they scheduled me before or after him. He couldn't handle a man on man debate. Typical conservative coward. Tough talker when he is alone but unable to handle an informed debate. What is really sad is the MSNBC is caving into Bozell, rather than insisting that its audience hear both sides of an issue. Shocked, anyone?"

-Former CIA Operative Larry Johnson


Shocked? Not me! I wouldn't want to mess with Mr. Larry Johnson either.

-Robert Scardapane

Media Madman

TV news is NOT reporting that Cunningham is a Republican. They are just referring to him as a California congressman. Think that would happen if he were DEMOCRAT? Somehow I doubt it. I heard three ABC newscasts, two NBC and one CBS in which "Randy Cunningham, congressman from California resigned today." No political affiliation. I know that Bushco likes to distance itself from the evildoers in their own party, but isn't this stretching it a bit? Or is this just another one of those reverse smear campaigns? Since everyone knows California is a "blue" state, the inference will be that Cunningham is a DEMOCRAT not a REPUBLICAN.

-Victoria Brownworth

The Bushco "Commies"

You may remember that only three days (or was it two?) after 911, Bush delivered a speech on television, in which he uttered, to my utmost horror, the statement: "They who are not with us are against us." This is the EXACT same motto used by the Communist leaders in Eastern Europe. That is, until Janos Kadar came along and inverted the assertion to: He who is not against us is with us," from which emerged the concept of communism with a human face. However, Bush is still operating on the basis of the first assertion, which is coupled with the simple belief that "might makes right." And there you have it: the primitive law of the jungle, is the ONLY "philosophical" basis for this administration's actions. And there is not, nor will there ever be under this administration any "human face," merely the face of greed and oppression.

Of course, many of the necons consider themselves to be "real" Christians doing
God's will, as all the while they justify their heinous actions on principles that are far closer to the mantra of the Objectivists. Talk about compartmentalization! I wonder how they manage to reconcile those two dialectically opposed mindsets.

-Chris Tennent

More Media Madman
The Crumbling Supreme court (Literally)

"A chunk of marble fell from near the roof of the U.S. Supreme Court onto the stairs in the front of the building but no one was injured, a court spokeswoman said on Monday.

"The marble was above the inscription near the top of the building saying, "Equal Justice Under Law" and above the allegorical figure representing "Order," one of nine sculptured figures on the pediment."

This is more than irony...

-Victoria Brownworth

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-Noah Greenberg