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Monday, November 29, 2004

Medicine and Marijuana


Was there something else hidden in the 14-pound Intelligence Reform Bill recently rejected by House Republicans? Was there a little section devoted to keeping our pre-school children healthy? Or was a section put in to administer psychological tests to determine if little Johnny or little Susie need to be put on anti-depressants or other similar drugs.


Those poor pharmaceutical firms, they need every dollar they can get. I realize that insurance companies will foot the bill, but we all have seen what insurance rates have done over the past few years. Its just another way to squeeze more money out of the pockets of the middle class and give it to the drug companies and insurance companies.


First it was eliminating the right of Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices for its millions of subscribers. Now its drugging our pre-schoolers to make them more "manageable".


At the same time all this is going on, the Supreme Court of the United States is debating whether it should outlaw State's Rights regarding medicinal marijuana. Millions of Americans use marijuana legally to treat pain, severe illness and glaucoma. It has been an inexpensive and simple treatment for many people needing relief. And now, they want to outlaw it. The logic is any illegal drug is a bad drug.


But one wonders what would happen if somehow, Eli Lilly or Pfizer, or one of the other big drug companies were to have found a way to put a US patent on medicinal marijuana. Would we be having this debate at all? I think that if they could have figured it out there would be 8 year old soccer players smoking pot for sprained knees and we would be shelling out $50 for a joint.


The only question remains is how are the drug companies going to repackage and sell medicinal marijuana so they can fleece us some more?

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-Noah Greenberg