Today's Note from a Madman

Saturday, November 27, 2004




Those poor Republicans. The Big Bad Democratic minority have them right where they want them. The President and Vice President are Republican. The Republicans in the House of Representatives have a twenty-plus vote majority and they have a majority in the Senate as well. They’ve even succeeded in ousting the Senate minority  leader, Tom Daschle in favor of another Bush Administration rubber stamp, John Thune.


Before even nominating their first Supreme Court Justice, the party in charge (the Republicans, in case you didn’t know where this was going) are already complaining that the big, bad Democrats are going to use their power of the filibuster to fight those nominees. Boo-Hoo-Hoo.


They didn’t want any part of the creation of the 9/11 commission, then took full credit when it proved to not only be relevant, but necessary. Then the majority party couldn’t muster the votes to get it through their own congress!


The president said he is for the reform of the combined U.S. Intelligence Agencies, so did the Vice President. The Republican Speaker of the House said he was for it as did the Republican Senate majority leader (you might remember him, Dr. Frist, as the healthy doctor from Tennessee who made sure he and his staff got their flu shots before any of his unhealthy constituents).


The Democrats in the House were also for the Intelligence reform measure. All 202 of them, that is. Still the Republicans and their stated “mandate” couldn’t get it done. It seems that a mere 2 Republican congressmen had their doubts, possibly at the urging of the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, whose own Department of Defense would stand to lose control over their intelligence budget. Boo-Hoo-Hoo.


With all of the Democrats in the House for the bill, we only needed a mere 18 Republican votes to get the deal done. Is it possible that the Republicans don’t really want the reformation of the Intelligence Community? Is it possible that there was someone higher up than the Secretary of Defense that didn’t want the bill to go through? Is it possible that the majority party doesn’t want the minority Democrats to get any credit, at all, for the passage of the bill?


It appears that the only ones standing in the way of the Republican “mandate” are those nasty Republicans themselves.



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-Noah Greenberg