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Wednesday, November 9, 2005



In the most significant test of the political environment since 2004, Americans yesterday resoundingly supported the new priorities of Democratic candidates over the status quo policies of President Bush and Republican leadership. With just less than a year until congressional elections in 2006, Democrats have gained momentum with a clear vision for progress and a national mood firmly united against the leadership of national Republicans.

"The unexpected closeness of the Virginia race -- in a conservative state that President Bush carried by nearly 54 percent of the vote last year -- is a result in part to the GOP's eroding position in public opinion polls."
-The Ultra-Conservative Washington Times, November 8, 2005

Thank you for all your help, and congratulations again to our Democratic governors-elect in New Jersey and Virginia.

-Forwarded from Rep Rahm Emmanuel (D-IL) (DCCC) by Robert Scardapane

GOP - Maybe the "P" stands for "P"ropoganda

Let's hear it from the Republican propaganda machine once again.

What a difference the current censorship of dissent is from my 12 years in the military service (Eisenhower-Kennedy-Johnson era). I joined the Navy to escape the oppressive South, and it worked. From the beginning--back when I was a registered Republican!--I received my copies of RAMPARTS, PROGRESSIVE, NATION, CHURCH & STATE, etc. in my Navy "in" tray Then while I was on the staff of the Naval War College in Newport, RI, we were negotiating seriously to hire Dr. Bernard Fall--the famous French foreign policy analyst and outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War--as a full-time faculty member when he was unfortunately killed in a landmine explosion. His death shocked everyone, and I still remember the groans of senior officers who complained, "Sorry to lose such an articulate voice for the non-military point of view!" The college's policy was that a faculty voice for dissent was always precious. That didn't keep us from being sucked down and drowned in the Vietnam quagmire, but it was far more enlightened than today's proto-fascism.

And please, when we refer to the proto-fascists let's use "NeoCon" and not "Conservative"! In many ways I'm a conservative as well as a liberal, as are many of you. We're irritating people and turning them away by using an honorable word, "conservative," to describe flipping nut-cases like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter who should be talking only to their strait jackets. Years ago the NeoCons deliberately set out to defame "liberal." We should rise higher than their abysmal standard of conduct.

NeoCon is accurate because it REALLY stands for "Neo Confederate." Take a look at where most of them come from--the old Dixiecrats and their hellfire and hatred preachers, who turned like brainless sheep to the Republigoons in the late 1960s. Believe me, I recognize them. I've lived below the Mason-Dixon line at least one-third of my life. And those Bush cronies who aren't from the South push and propagandize the same old mean, reactionary, pompous, self-important, greedy, militaristic, enslaving, sadistic agenda that prompted the Confederate South to turn treasonous and make war on America!

-Jenny Hanniver

My Friend - My Enemy - My Friend ----
(Where was I? I lost my place.)

Ahmad Chalabi, one of the prime sources (if not THE prime source) of misinformation that led the administration of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush is coming back to the scene of the crime... Washington, DC.

For those of you who don't remember, Chilabi was: convicted of embezzling in Jordan; accused of spying for Iran; tying himself with Iran; sought the leadership of Iraq, by any means necessary; and lied to the Bushies as the means to his ends.

Chilabi has been called all sorts of villainous things by the Bush administration in order to deflect attention away from their ill-advised occupation of Iraq. Chalabi is Scapegoat One, but, as most of US already know, he is merely just one scapegoat of many.

Chalabi wants to meet with his old friends at the White House including: Condi Rice, Treasury Secretary "Johnny-Boy" Snow and National Security Advisor "Stevie-Boy" Hadley.

I wonder if "President Junior" calls him "Ahmaddy-Boy".

But more than anything, it appears, that Chalabi will have to meet with the top WHIG (White House Iraq Group) member, Vice President Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney. Just as an old friend once told me, "In order to be an effective liar, you have to have a great memory," these two are going to need to get their stories straight.

Chalabi will, more than likely, try to tell US all that "I am sorry, but I gave you information from good sources that happened to be wrong." He will say something to the effect of "It isn't Mr. Vice President's fault. It is my fault."

Let's go back in our little memories for a moment, shall we? Remember a little over a year ago when CBS' Dan Rather was accused of manufacturing documents which showed that Lt. George W. Bush was, at the very least, an unfit soldier? When six out of dozens of documents proved to be forgeries the Right screamed for, and got, the head of one of America's most trusted and honest newsmen, along with his staff.

Well Bush, Cheney and the rest of the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party members appear to make sure that Chalabi, and others "fixed" the intelligence around their goals of an invasion, then an occupation of Iraq.

The difference between what CBS did, and what the administration of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush did was simple:


No one died when CBS aired their 60 Minutes piece, unless you count the careers of a few staff members.

The reason that Cheney is meeting with Chalabi is because once you lie down with dogs, and share the same fleas, you may as well lay down with them again.

Remember when Chalabi, now an Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, seemed to be on the "outs" with the Bushies? They ransacked his house, saying he was part of a terrorist conspiracy; they said he was collaborating with the Iranians; and they told US he was a fugitive from justice. Now they're going to need him to deflect some attention from their bad decisions and policies.

"an avid fisher in troubled waters, sometimes to our advantage and sometimes not."
"People may despise him but admire his ability to maneuver and survive. That said, there is an acute understanding in the government that his visit needs to be handled very, very carefully."
-an unnamed Bush administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity, as is their directive

He is the worst type of enemy the US could have... an opportunist who can't be trusted. There is no "verify" when it comes to this guy and that's just fine with the Bushies.

"It must be said that even the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency offices involved in Iraq have come to recognize that once again Chalabi has become a highly valuable contact for them,"
-Reuel Marc Gerecht, a senior fellow at the Ultra-Conservative American Enterprise Institute.


"Some might even say his role is verging on the indispensable,"


"The facts on the ground. We still don't have that many people in Iraq we can go to and get information that makes sense."

So... let me gets this straight... it's better to have bad information that can lead to the death of American Children than to have no information at all? Mr. Gerecht, it is you and the American Enterprise Institute, and that thought process that put US into this quagmire so the contributors to the American Enterprise Institute could keep you all in the manner you have grown accustomed.

Make no mistake, Chalabi (just like Bush, Cheney, Gerecht, etc) is a man who will do just about anything to get the luxuries that power affords him. He will do anything or say anything to keep his new-found position and status.

Ahmad Chalabi fits in well with the political elitists of the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party who don't count their victories in lives saved but in dollars a cents.

-Noah Greenberg

Oil Profits

There is a "growing suspicion that oil companies are taking unfair advantage,"
"The oil companies owe the country an explanation,"
"Most Americans and most of the polls show that our people have a growing suspicion that the oil companies are taking unfair advantage of the current market conditions to line their coffers with excess profits,"
-Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM), to oil company executives during a Senate hearing

Wow... Way to make a stand, Pete. The truth of the matter is that Senator "Pete" was simply "grandstanding." You can say what you like, but when Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called for a closed-door session, things got done, without the grandstanding and bravado that the TV cameras bring. Sen. Domenici has no problems saying the right things in front of the cameras, but just what does his voting record say?

Senator Domenici happens to be one of the sponsors of the Energy Policy Act of 2003 which, among other things, gives "incentive" to Big Oil and allows them the drill in ANWR and off the coast of California and Florida.

"It's high time that we do something about our oil dependency. It's time that we do something for the American people about the rising price of gasoline at the pump. This is a rare opportunity to produce substantial quantities of crude oil from our own homeland. It will also produce up to 736,000 jobs."\
-Domenici, regarding his bill

736,000 jobs! Wow... That's almost half of the jobs that were lost in "G"lobal "W"arming Bush's first term alone! I'm curious as to where Senator Domenici pulled that 736,000 job number from. More than likely his "arse."

I recognize that high gasoline prices "have put a strain on Americans' household budgets" but petroleum earnings "go up and down,"
-Lee Raymond, chairman of Exxon Mobil Corp

We've seen the "up" cycle, Mr. Raymond... Just when does that "down" thing happen?

"We are in line with the average of all U.S. industry. Our numbers are huge because the scale of our industry is huge. How are these earnings used? We invest to run our global operations, to develop future supply, to advance energy-producing and saving technologies, and to meet our obligations to millions of our shareholders."

Then just why do your industry need and ask for kickbacks from the federal government, paid for by the US Middle Class in the form of subsidies, Mr. Raymond?

Everybody does not love you, sir.

Exxon Mobil has fashioned more profits this year than any company in the recorded history of the World! That includes King George III's East India Company, which controlled and manipulated the price of tea during the Revolutionary War sufficiently enough to cause the Boston Tea Party (even accounting for inflation). Last quarter alone Exxon Mobil gathered profits of over $10 billion.

Not that I am one who wants more refineries on US soil, but if that is the problem, as so many Big Oil Honchos have stated, then why haven't any of them built one new refinery since 1976? Either they're lying or the rising cost of Health Care in the US has made it impossible for them to keep up their rising profits.

"Today's higher prices are a function of longer-term supply and demand trends and lost energy production during the recent hurricanes,"
-James Mulva, CEO of ConocoPhillips

I would sooner go along with the "long term supply and demand" defense better than I could stomach the hurricane excuse, as the lesser of two evil lies. Even so, that doesn't explain why profits have risen so sharply. If the American people have to "bite the bullet," so to speak, then why can't Big Oil cut just a small part of their profits for the betterment of our society? That's the REAL Eminent Domain.

Maybe it's just me, but all of this crap emanating from the mouths of these Big Oil execs sounds a bit like the chorus of "I believe that cigarette smoking does not cause cancer," that the cigarette industry executives testified to in front of congress.

"Working people struggle with high gas prices, and your sacrifice, gentlemen, appears to be nothing,"
-Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), noting the giant bonuses and stock options "earned" off the backs of the American Middle Class

Sacrifices are for the masses, Senator Boxer, not for the Ultra-Rich. To the victors belong the spoils, and they are... well... spoiled. Just as in war, it is our children that fight and die; it is our "essential services" that cease being "essential" and, thus, get cut; it is our families that suffer because it takes a mother AND a father to work in order to "make ends meet." There are no sacrifices for the rich, just a "let them eat cake" attitude that is fostered by the Bush administration, the Republican Party and political contributors who have no sense of fair-play or honor among them.

Thomas Jefferson would be appalled, as I am.

-Noah Greenberg

The Two Americas

BLUE Pennsylvania parents spoke their mind yesterday and voted out eight or the nine incumbent school board members that wanted to teach Creationism and tell all of their students that Darwin was wrong. It turns out the citizens of Dover, PA thought otherwise. It surprised even the victorious, newly elected board members.

On the flip-side, the RED Kansas school board voted six-to-four (hey... that reminds me of a Chicago song) to re-define the word "science" altogether. The "idea" is this: Since Darwin's Theory of Evolution is just a "theory", and the complexities of life on Earth are so great, that Darwin can't possibly be right.

In other words, no explanation is better than a really good, globally accepted one.

"This is a sad day, not just for Kansas kids, but for Kansas. We're becoming a laughingstock not only of the nation but of the world."
-Janet Waugh of Kansas City, Kansas, one of the four dissenting members of the board

Why, yes... It does mean exactly that, Ms. Waugh. you know, there is a Kansas City, Missouri just across the river. maybe you want to check out the real estate prices there.

"I'm very pleased to be maybe on the front edge of trying to bring some intellectual honesty and integrity to the science classroom rather than asking students to check their questions at the door because it is a challenge to the sanctity of evolution."
-Kenneth Willard, a "yea" board member from Hutchinson, Kansas

You can stay just where you are, Mr. Willard. Why not just put the steeple on top of the schoolhouse now?

The new standards "absolutely teaches more about science."
-Steve E. Abrams, the board chairman

It's "a pig in a poke,"
Sue Gamble, a member one of the four dissenting members, referring to the new "
standards" as an unfinished

"It's immaterial because you're not going to vote for it anyway."
-Abrams, dismissing
Ms. Gamble

No debate necessary in the state of Kansas. You're either with US or against US. Just in case you couldn't figure it out, I'm against you, Mr. Abrams.

This is "the latest in a series of troubling decisions" by the board.
"If we're going to continue to bring high-tech jobs to
Kansas and move our state forward, we need to strengthen science standards, not weaken them. Stronger public schools ought to be the mission of the Board of Education, and it's time they got down to the real business of strengthening Kansas schools."
-Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D)

You can kiss those jobs good-bye. There isn't a high-tech company in the world that is going to move to Kansas or hire one of you "alternately educated youths, Governor Sebelius.

"They've (the school board) given a green light to any creationist throughout the state to bring these issues into the classroom. Science teachers are not prepared for that discussion and don't want it, because they've got plenty of science to teach."
-Jack Krebs, a Kansas science teacher and member of the
standards-writing committee

Right across the river, Mr. Krebs. Kansas City, MO. You're not wanted in Kansas anyway, teaching your Voodoo and such.

"We're glad we're seniors. I feel bad for all the kids that are younger than us that they have to be taught things that aren't science in science class."
-Hannah Teeter, a 17-year-old senior from a
Kansas City (KS) suburb

Maybe it's time for Kansas to follow the lead of Dover, PA.

-Noah Greenberg

More on the Two Americas

What a load of nonsense! The purpose of schools is to educate children by expanding their horizons and choices, opening them up to differing points of view and life styles, not indoctrinate them into narrow religious or pseudo-religious prejudices. I thank
God every day that I went to a progressive public grade school in Chicago with a curriculum designed by John Dewey, where we had a curriculum in "identifying propaganda", where boys were taught cooking, sewing and child care, and girls got electric wiring, car maintenance, and wood shop! Think you could find such a liberating curriculum nowadays? Don't kid me.

New people should be running for school boards everywhere. PROGRESSIVE EDUCATORS should be taking them back from the cesspools of right wing propaganda created by petty hystericals who seems to be some sort of NeoCon talk show types in the Ann Coulter tradition.

-Jenny Hanniver

Today's Quote
The Republican Exodus Begins

-Congressman J.D. Heyworth (R-AZ)

Radio mogul Imus in the Morning had Rep. J.D. "Slick" Hayworth on his day-after-election-day-"G"reed-"O"ver-"P"eople-party-hangover show and asked if he would want, and invite President Bush to campaign for him when he is up for re-election.

J.D. (Just Delirious? Just Do-It? Just a Doofus?) said – I would welcome Bush to come to Arizona and take a tour of the borders…walk with me along the borders…address the important issues of the borders…border blah, blah, blah.

Imus listened in his typical “you are not getting away with this answer” way and then said – well that’s nice but it doesn’t answer my question. How about answering my question – Do you want Bush to come make some commercials for you to show everyone in AZ?

J.D. - “In a word – NO!”

-Casey Sweet

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-Noah Greenberg