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Tuesday, November 8, 2005


It appears that both Democrats have won the lone two races for Governor today. Senator Jon Corzine will be New Jersey's new governor (defeating Republican Doug Forrester) and Tim Kaine will get  promoted from his Lieutenant Governor's position to the a full-fledged Governor (defeating Republican Jerry Kilgore). All of the tire-slashing (NJ) and vote-stealing (VA) couldn't help the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party "steal" another one. -Noah Greenberg


President Jimmy Carter Speaks on Morality

"In the last five years there has been a profound and radical change in the basic policies or moral values of our country,"
-Former President Jimmy Carter

No one on
God's Green Earth could claim that Jimmy Carter wasn't, and isn't an honest man. Perhaps even too honest to be considered an effective President of the United States. Jimmy Carter might have been the most genuinely religious... better than religious, for it is a word used so often that it has lost its meaning... President Carter might have been one of the most righteous men ever to sit at the big seat in the Oval Office. If there is one person whose claims about the "moral values of our country" I trust, it is Jimmy Carter. Considering his silence, how angry must he have been to come out with that statement?


(It was my Hebrew school principal, Rabbi Jack Tauber who once told me that "It was more important to be a good, righteous and charitable man than a religious man. He is one man that God took too soon..)

"I think that the claims that Saddam was involved in 9/11 and the claims that he had massive weapons of mass destruction that would threaten our country were manipulated at least to mislead the American people into going to war,"
-President Carter

Jimmy Carter, a man whose contributions after his presidency appear to many to be more significant than his policies during his term, rarely comes out on political issues. In fact, I can't remember a "talking head" program or a political action ad he has made since his defeat by "Reaganomics and Trickle Down" in 1980. President Carter has chose to focus the rest of his life on causes such as Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Center to fight disease, oppression and poverty.

I know that President Carter is a man who believes in the right to life and has accused the Democratic party of tying itself too closely with A Woman's Right to Choose. That doesn't deter from the fact that he is an honest man who is not afraid to speak his mind. And it doesn't deter from the fact that he is dead right about the immoral, unjust and illegal acts the administration of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush and the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party have perpetrated upon the American People and their Children.

-Noah Greenberg

Fraud on Election Day
The Only Way the Right Can Win - Part 1

No Tires -No GOTV (Get Out The Vote)
Republican dirty tricks got off to an early start this morning with the slashing of the tires of three Get Out The Vote Vans at the Democratic headquarters located on Route 33 in Hamilton, NJ around 2:00 AM.

"There was one woman in the campaign headquarters around 2 AM when a gang of cheesy thugs descended on the parking lot and began to rip up signs and then vandalized the trucks," said Mercer County Democratic Chairman Rich McClellan, "Luckily, we had dispersed our fleet so that this sneak attack had minimal effect on our get out the vote effort."

"It is clear that this is a calculated attempt to drive down voter turnout by a group of candidates and their lackeys who take campaign contributions from criminals, refuse to report campaign contributions and engage in character assassination and slander as everyday campaign tactics," added Rich McClellan.

The incident has been reported to the Hamilton Township Police Department.

The GOP resorted to dirty tricks in the 2004 Presidential election and they are back at it again.

-Robert Scardapane

The Only Way the Right Can Win - Part 2


Old Dominion Voter Fraud
At least four polling places reported in Roanoke County, Virginia had voters calling to complain that when they placed their votes for the Democratic candidate for governor, Lt. Governor Tim Kaine, their vote, instead registered for Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore.

In response to what the rest of US look at as possible voter fraud, the Roanoke County Registrar, Judy Stokes gave a whole bunch of excuses:
-Voter error
-The screens are sensitive
-Maybe the voters need assistance

Other state election officials say that the problem could be caused by the way the machines are stored.

By the way, Registrar Judy Stokes appears to be the same as the Republican Legislative Assistant to Delegate H. Morgan Griffith, Judy Stokes. How does one say Conflict of Interest in Virginia?

Isn't it funny (that's "funny" as in "ironic" - not "funny" as in "ha-ha") that whenever there is a "mistake" or "voter error" or "a poorly stored machine", that "machine" inevitably seems to fall to the Right? Why isn't it ever the Democratic candidate's name appears on the screen when a Republican's name is depressed? Why isn't it ever the Democratic candidate's name that magically shows up as the registered vote, even though it wasn't the intention of the voter to choose him or her?

I have a theory. I hope you're ready.


That's right, no one votes Republican. That is the only logical explanation to why all votes that "magically change" change from Democrat to Republican. Even if you cite a mathematical equation, and even if only ten percent of the electorate voted for the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party, then one in ten voter complaints would be that their vote registered for the Democrat when they depressed the lever for the Republican. Mathematically and Logically it's the only explanation.

Unless, of course, the Republicans are the lying, cheating, vote-stealing creeps we all think they are.

-Noah Greenberg

The Height of Hypocrisy

(Madman's original article on November 23, 2004 had the same title. It spoke of the Bush administration complaining about exit polls in the Ukraine. It has a familiar ring. -NG)

"A US-funded exit poll contested the official results of parliamentary elections in the former Soviet Azerbaijan in which elections officials gave the ruling party a crushing victory.
"A tabulation of 46 out of 65 constituencies sampled in a 1.5 million-dollar USAID-funded poll, showed that there were at least nine districts in which the exit polls and official results differed."
-US Exit Poll Contests Official Results of Azerbaijan Poll - BAKU (AFP - Agence France-Presse) Nov 7, 2005

Hey, if there is any country who knows more about the validity of exit polls it is the U.S. Government. NOT. In Ohio and other battleground states in the last election the exit polls predicted results different than those that occurred, specifically that Bush was not projected as the leader in exit polls, but in the end he miraculously won -- in spite of those exit polls.

Since our last presidential election raised the question (at the very least) as to whether U.S. exit polls are valid or invalid, I have to conclude that either the exit polls we sponsored in Azerbaijan are invalid and therefore there is no fraudulence OR if Azerbaijan exit polls are valid and proof of fraudulence – the parallel thought is that would mean that Bush would not be in office because his count was fraudulent? We can’t have our cake and eat it to. Either the exit polls are valid or invalid. Being a researcher I tend to believe in exit polls and the statistics they are based on.

-Casey Sweet

Media Madman

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) was on the Senate floor today (11/8) talking about the shows provided to the military by the Armed Forces Radio and Television Services (AFRTS). He was basically making a counter proposal to Senator Harkin’s (D-IA) bill that proposes a diversity of programming and not just conservative talk shows. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) showed a chart that illustrated that of the political content on the AFRTS Radio programming 100%, YES 100 % is conservation and 0% progressive.

Apparently the AFRTS will not consider putting a show on one of the 33 local programs unless it hits at least 1 million national viewers which Al Franken (Air America Radio) and Ed Shultz (The Jones Radio Network)  ust did. Franken and Shultz are “supposed” to be added this month. Then again Shultz was told this last month and then nixed so we will have to wait and see. The 1 million hurdle is determined to be the requirement to prove a show is relevant.

The directive for AFRTS says political programming should be characterized as fair and balanced by providing the same types and quality of programming available in the U.S. Sen. Inhofe went on to say that we should “maintain popular [conservative] programming…and we can’t afford to play politics” (wink-wink). Basically, he said how arrogant of us to take away conservative talk radio from the military to replace with liberal radio that not one of them has requested from him. He also says he met a couple of his “distinguished Democratic colleagues” in an elevator who asked why there was no liberal/progressive radio programming and Sen. Inhofe admits his response to them was “There is no market for liberal tripe.”

Senator Dorgan spoke about the imbalance of programming and Sen. Warner (R-VA) asked if doesn’t NPR balance all the conservative programming and Rush. Sen. Dorgan responded “rubbish” NPR does not bash an opposite political party like Rush and others. Senator Warner then rambled on about not wanting to raise the ire of his colleague as he could not argue with the graph showing 100% vs. 0%. They all talked about what good friends they are and don’t want to upset each other, blah, blah, blah.

(On an aside, all this “my good friend” and “respect for my colleague” in the midst of making some pointed remarks I find as entirely phony and I wish they would watch the UK Parliament and become a little less concerned with politeness and each other’s feelings and more interested in saying it like it is. Let them show what their real character and motives are and what WE are paying for. For many republicans they would show their true greedy motives and callousness towards ordinary citizens and that would not do well for them.)

Sen. Harkin revealed that a study last summer analyzed the commentators on NPR and showed 61% conservatives and 39% progressives. That pointed out Sen. Warner’s false belief about NPR. Then Sen. Warner asked where three new shows about to be put on would fall in the 0% -- the Ed Shultz show, Al Franken show, and Sean Hannity show. Boy, are these guys unprepared or what. Someone had to tell Sen. Warner that Sean Hannity is the second most popular conservative talk show. By the way, because the AFRTS set the requirement at 1 million listeners and Franken and Shultz have attained it, it is very hard for them to keep these shows off for long. Mandated by one of their own webs!

As they say about the Republicans, they never let the facts get in their way!!!

-Casey Sweet

Quote of the Day

“Employment-based health insurance is the only serious source of coverage for Americans too young to receive Medicare and insufficiently destitute to receive Medicaid, but it's an institution in decline. Between 2000 and 2004 the number of Americans under 65 rose by 10 million. Yet the number of non-elderly Americans covered by employment-based insurance fell by 4.9 million.

"In 2002 the United States spent $5,267 per person on health care. Canada spent $2,931; Germany spent $2,817; Britain spent only $2,160. Yet the United States has lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality than any of these countries.

"Taiwan, which moved 10 years ago from a U.S.-style system to a Canadian-style single-payer system, offers an object lesson in the economic advantages of universal coverage. In 1995 less than 60 percent of Taiwan's residents had health insurance; by 2001 the number was 97 percent. Yet according to a careful study published in Health Affairs two years ago, this huge expansion in coverage came virtually free: it led to little if any increase in overall health care spending beyond normal growth due to rising population and incomes.”
-Paul Krugman

Isn’t it time for some new thinking in the U.S. or we are all going to be without health insurance at this rate!

-Casey Sweet

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-Noah Greenberg