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Friday, November 4, 2005



Utica's (Upstate NY) Fight for the Rights of Their Citizens

Letter 1
I have been reading your Emails and boy do I learn a lot. You are an eye opener for many of us.

Here I am in Utica, NY a middle size City in Upstate NY  We used to be large but now we are down to approx. 60,000. You know the economic situation in New York State especially in upstate.

I just want to tell you a recent issue that I was involved in. We are trying to get on the Nov. 8 Election Ballot the issue of "RECALL". We did get it on the ballot and now to see if we can get it passed and into out City Charter... we had a time getting it approved.. 3 courts. Now let us hope that the people take advantage and do their thing by approving it and it becomes part of our City Charter.

We have a political hassle here in Utica... Democrats vs. Republicans. I am a Democrat and I believe in the voice of the people.

I follow your articles and it seems that all our great USA is facing and has faced many problems. We need a change in leadership due to a lack of leadership.

Just needed to get this part of "RECALL" off my chest. If you want to know more, let me know. Out Utica OD has a large editorial today.. Just read it and then you will understand what is going.


Lucretia Hunt

Letter 2
I was appointed to a Charter Revision Commission Committee for our Utica City Charter. 5 of us were appointed by the Common Council and 6 by the Mayor. A mix of Dem & Rep Our job was to review the City Charter and make recommendations. if any. We met 2 a month in City Hall and went over all the Charter.

It seems that most of my group who wanted to give more power back to the Common Council, each time we recommended something, the opposition group said no.

Finally this "Recall" came up and we had enough votes to get it passed.

it was official and this is too detailed to really tell it all.

After we agreed on it and it was sent to be placed on the ballot for election. Then all hell broke lose.

The Mayor objected and said it was unconstitutional etc. We had to go to Supreme court and get our Attorneys and, fortunately, one of the members of the Commission is an Attorney. We lost the first battle but appealed it to the next Court and won. Five judges. It was placed on the ballot. The Mayor continued to object and he appealed it again. Our Attorney's went to work, again, and we won, again.

Now "Recall is officially on the Nov. 8 Ballot. We are giving the people a chance to make a choice, as in "The voice of the people."

I hope that enough people understand this stand that we took to give them a voice in government. Only Buffalo has this "Recall" and it has never been used, but it is there. If some elected official isn't doing his or her job , they can be put out. This is how California's "Governator" got into office in the first place.

I just want people to understand that they do have a voice and that each vote counts. You must think carefully when you vote, but know that if something does happen, you have an opportunity to make it right. Our present city government wasn't pleased with our actions. It was a long haul. Now lets see what happens.

"The people's Choice"

There were several articles in our local papers. Most people that I have spoken to, say "good job." They are proud that we took this stand. No one should take the rights of our citizens rights away.

Thanks for listening. I know we aren't as important as to what is happening in Washington but we are part of the USA.

I can get you in touch with one of our members who probably can explain this better than me.

Lucretia Hunt, member of the Utica Charter Revision Commission.


I think you explained it better than anyone could have. I think your passion and resolve shows through and that is more important than anything anyone else could have contributed. The best thing I can say is this:

Thomas Jefferson would have been proud of you, as we all are.

-Noah Greenberg

Just a side note. I met Jeff Miller, a college professor at Ithaca College at Camp Wellstone in New Jersey earlier this year. Jeff is running for US Congress against Republican incumbent Sherwood Boehlert, again. Boehlert is yet another Bush rubber stamp. The last time around, my friend Jeff lost 57 percent to 43 percent. If anyone up there wants a smart, good family man with real ideas to support, choose Jeff Miller. You won't be sorry. -Noah Greenberg

New Jersey - Coming to the finish Line

When "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party candidate for New Jersey Governor, Doug Forrester was asked by a television producer if he had ever been unfaithful to his wife, his answer was something I didn't expect. First he went into a diatribe about Jon Corzine; then he said he wouldn't exploit the senator's ex-wife. Of course, right after that Mr. Forrester had to explain why he did just that. All of this happened after his ad had already aired. Needless to say, just like in the debate when he couldn't find one single regret he made in his life, "Dougie-Boy" (I'd bet dollars-to-donuts that's what President "G"lobal "W"arming Bush calls him) never answered the question about HIS possible past infidelities.

Like the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party philosophy states:
"Never admit a mistake"
"Always pass the buck"
Forrester managed to talk for about a minute without ever answering the question about his fidelity. But the persistent producer, acting like a real journalist asked again if he had ever been unfaithful to his wife.

"I-I have not - If-If what you're asking me is if I've had sex with somebody else, no."
-Dougie-Boy said stammering at Egg Harbor Township High School

Hey Dougie-Boy. The correct answer is NO!

Let me tell you something, if any married man answers that question the way Forrester did, his wife will certainly ask that very same question again when they get in the front door of their house.

Here are all of the acceptable answers:
and the ever indignant slug to the jaw

The question asked was if Forrester was ever unfaithful. Maybe Forrester "never had sex with somebody else" but, if you heard his stammering response to the question posed, it sure sounded like someone did something with, and/ or to somebody else. Otherwise, why no just answer the question posed?

"I thought it was a little our of line,"
-Forrester in response to another questioner regarding the previous question

And posting an ad of a man's ex-wife five days before the election isn't out of line?

I would have had two follow-up questions myself:
1- Mr. Forrester, did you ever do anything that you're ashamed of in relationship to you marriage?
2- Mrs. Forrester, what is your comment about your husband's answer to those questions?

In contrast, Senator Corzine took the high road when asked about his ex-wife:

"My former wife has every right to speak her mind."
-Senator Jon Corzine

Acting Governor Richard Codey, always behind Senator Corzine was not diplomatic when referring to Forrester's pledge not to use Joanne Corzine's comments for political gain, and then doing just that:

"One, he's a liar. Two, he's a hypocrite."
Codey, referring to Forrester

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg