Thursday Madman

Thursday, October 27, 2005

President Madman

Since the Democratic Party doesn't feel the need to offer up a shadow government, I think it falls upon me to do so for America. I'm not going to bother with some of the lesser-known positions because... well.... I don't want to. So here goes:

President: If "G"lobal "W"arming Bush could do it, you have to believe anybody could. So why not me? Madman's Choice: MADMAN

Vice President: For this position you would think I would chooses someone just like me... you know... in case of my "untimely demise." I'm going to go in another direction. My Shadow Government's initial choice for VP was TOM CRUISE. How would you like to have that maniac's finger on the button? (I was going to choose GW himself, but he would have reached his term limit by then.) Then I realized that I need a REAL VP just in case that tie-breaker in the Senate comes up. Who would be the anti-Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney? Madman's Choice: LOU DOBBS. It's always good to have someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind and doesn't take any crap from anyone.

Secretary of State: The real Face of the Nation to the international community. The Secretary of State is the first line of defense regarding international diplomacy. A strong, recognizable figure with international experience would be the main requirements. Additionally, a Secretary of State would have to be an independent advisor to PRESIDENT MADMAN. No "Yes-Men" here. No Condi's either. Madman's Choice: Former General JAY GARNER. I promise to listen (unlike some other president, who shall rename nameless).

Secretary of Defense: No Bull... No second thoughts. When I ask "How many troops are we going to need?", I'm going to want the real answer, not what he (or she) thinks I want to hear. Madman's Choice: Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General ERIC SHINSEKI.

Director of Intelligence: We need a spy here, not an administrator. I would look toward an operative with years in the field. Madman's Choice: LARRY JOHNSON.

Secretary of the Treasury: For this job, I want an accountant, and I want one that has run at least one company, financially, from soup to nuts. I'm going to put my friend, Mitchell Seidman in charge of the search and I hop he comes up with his own name. Madman's Choice: MITCHELL SEIDMAN.

Homeland Security Secretary: There is one guy who should have had this job, and for some reason, didn't appear to want it. I'm going to choose him anyway. Madman's Choice: RUDY GIULIANI.

FEMA Director: I'm going the crony route again here. Jersey City, New Jersey's fire-fighters are nationally known as some of the toughest fire battlers anywhere. For those of you who don't know, Jersey City sits in Hudson County, NJ, the most populated county in the entire United States per square mile. Trained both as a fire-fighter and a policeman, my choice is the most incorruptible, honest family man I have ever met. I know that when the chips are down, he wouldn't mind "interrupting dinner" to save lives. Madman's Choice: Fire-Fighter MICHAEL RAZOLLI.

Chief of Staff: No "yes-men" here either. No men at all. A President Madman would need someone who would tell it like it is. No one else by my mother would do. Madman's Choice: MOLLY GREENBERG. (Of course, my brothers Michael and Perry would have to be her deputies. I'll need a diversion.)

Attorney General: The nation's top lawyer would actually have to have been a practicing lawyer. Again, we would need that whole smart, independent thinker that seems to be necessary in the administration of President Madman. Madman's Choice: ELIZABETH EDWARDS. She's a tough woman and a mother (tell me one mother who isn't a tough woman).

Ambassador to the United Nations: Here is another one of those positions where I would go for a military man (or woman). This is a position that requires no personal agenda, but would require sound judgment and a will to compromise without giving away the store. A level head and a strong, persuasive personality are also characteristics this person must possess. Madman's Choice: Former General and Presidential Candidate Wesley Clark

Press Secretary: The first line of defense against the Corporately owned Main-Stream-Media, the press secretary would have to be someone a President Madman could trust as a conduit of news, good or bad. Unlike Scott McClellan, my press secretary would be someone with the ability to TELL THE TRUTH and not make excuses and alibis. Tap-dancing is not a requirement. Madman's Choice: New York Time's Columnist MAUREEN DOWD.

Here's the fun part. My staff would include Robert Scardapane, Eddie Konczal and Pat Thompson, all members of the New Jersey Media Corps and the Kerry Media Corps with me. And there will always be a position for all of you Madman contributors, as well.

-Noah Greenberg

The Bush Family Buck Never Stops

"Don't blame FEMA. This is our responsibility,"
"We did not perform to where we want to be,"
-Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R), regarding the terrible response by FEMA and his own Florida emergency response officials in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma

Could it be? Is that a Bush making the "I made a mistake" statement? Is there a Bush taking responsibility for his own actions (or lack thereof)? I almost can't believe my own eyes and ears.


But, Wait...

"People had ample time to prepare. It isn't that hard to get 72 hours' worth of food and water,"
-Jeb Bush, in a classic Bush "Shift-the-Blame" moment

Ah. That's more like it.

Being a Bush means never having to say you're sorry... or responsible for anything. Right after taking the blame, Jeb shifted that very same blame to... get this... the people of Florida. I don't know why I'm so shocked.

Little food and water along with almost no gasoline, Floridians don't need to hear their governor sing the praises of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush while telling them "Even though I said it's my fault, its really YOUR fault." Just where is that buck anyway?

-Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, regarding the Wilma relief effort led by Jeb Bush and FEMA

"This is like the Third World. We live in a state where we suffer from these storms every year. Where is the planning?"
-Claudia Shaw, a gasoline patron who waited in line for hours to fuel her car

Hey Claudia... Planning only happens in years where there is a presidential election. You might have to wait in line til 2008.

-Noah Greenberg

BALITANG BETERANO By Col.-US) Frank B. Quesada
Former Senate Committee Secretary Veterans and Military Pensions Associate, PMA ‘44

Reports have it from St. Petersburg, Florida and in the Philippines saying “ America and Filipinos are fed up with the Iraq phony war.
“The Iraq has taken a dangerous turn- not in Iraq – but here at home.” And likewise in the Philippines. U.S. military retirees and veterans has been closely monitoring these developments
Latest Poll Survey
Based from the latest “Washington D.C. Post and ABC News poll survey, since the Iraq War As well as the US military retirees and veterans and Filipinos in the Philippines as well, “does not believe that toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime has made the U.S. more secure.”
“Said survey also found that nearly three quarters of the respondents say the casualty rate in Iraq is unacceptable . two thirds believe the U.S military is bogged down , and 60 percent say that the war was not worth fighting.” Albeit, we, veterans were left with no choice but to support our troops already exposed to harm’s way. Even Congress did not have the required in-depth debate and scrutiny of the objective of such hurried war.
Slanted Intelligence
On the other hand, Bush said the post 9/11 fear of terrorism and slanted intelligence to convince the American people that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction that threatened the our security.”
Citizens Deceived ?
But in both cases, “The American people were had.” According to Phillip Galley, editor of St. Petersburg Times of Florida.
Of late, “ a Downing Street secret memo (in London) written leaked out to the Sunday Times of London just before the recent British elections - created an uproar in Britain but barely registered in the U.S., mainly because the press has been more interceded in whether U.s. interrogators were desecrating the Koran in Guantanamo.”
Top British Memo
“The top secret memo was written by Mathew Tycroft, a top aide to Prime Minister, Tony Blair, that summarizes a report Richard Dearlove, chief of British Secret Intelligence Service, gave Balir and inner circle on July 23, 2002, after returning from the U.S. talks with U.S officials”
Dearlove told Prime Minister Blair that Prez Bush seemed determined to topple Saddam by the military forces and the U.S intelligence was “being fixed around that policy.” according to Rycroft’s notes of the meeting .This was exposed to the media accordingly.
Military Action Inevitable
Military action was seen inevitable,” the note said, quoting Dearlove, as saying “Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD (weapons of mass destruction) . But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”
Jack Straw, the British Foreign Minister was quoted, “as saying the case for war was “thin” as “Saddam was not threatening his neighbors and his
WMD capability was less than Libya, North Korea or Iran.”
Philippine Scene
In the Philippines, however,
the intelligentsia regarded the U.S. war against Iraq as a phony war. Filipino also have castigate Pres. G.M. Arroyo for committing the Philippines on the side of the U.S..
Real Quest - Is Oil
Filipinos saw through the dissimulation of Bush in his deep interest in Iraq’s oil reserves. No less than rather than what the tower African statesman, Nelson Mandella, stated that “Bush’s arrogant behavior of the U.S. was mainly motivated by Iraq’s oil reserves estimated at 112 billion barrels of crude oil., the second largest in the world after Saudi Arabia, Prez G.M. Arroyo’s Mistake
Pres. G.M. Arroyo was castigated by the Filipino intelligentsia for involving the nation in a war of the U.S. against Iraq. And for sending Filipino troops to Iraq which not an enemy of the Philippines.
My peers in the Senate had informed me, however, that it was by and through Executive fiat that Pres. Arroyo involved he Philippines, on the side of the U.S.
Arroyo stood guilty in violating the Philippine Constitution. albeit, was said a push-over for and by Bush. Arroyo in fact, had no power to commit the Philippines in an anticipation of a pre-emptive strike by Bush against Iraq, a friendly country of the Philippines. Provisions of the Constitution
Philippine Constitution clearly states and laid down the basic principles found in Article II, Section 2, namely:
“The Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally adopted principle of international law as part of the law of the land, and adheres to the policy of peace , equality and freedom, cooperation and amity of with all nations.”
“Such provision is distinctively Filipino. “ said former Senate President Jovito Salonga.
And in the rule of law, in Article VI, Section 23, only Congress has the sole power to declare existence of the State of war by a vote of two-thirds of
Congress in a joint session assembled, voting separately.
Pres. Arroyo can not usurp such power without violating the Constitution she was sworn to uphold.
Bush-Arroyo Affair
As a consequence, Pres. Arroyo placed the Philippines as the only country in Asia which slavishly embraced and hugged G.W. Bush under another empty promise to settle the 63 years retarded withholding of their wartime (World War-2 veterans unpaid benefits), and the alluring cash register diplomacy, ultimately resulted to a fiasco, when Arroyo chose to save a Filipino worker in Iraq from beheading.
Double-crossed Again
Veterans got nothing, and Arroyo was placed under Coventry. The coalition of the U.S eventually fell apart owing to their deadly and impractical demand from coalition members to sacrifice .their nationals through execution by Arab dissidents. Ex_Pres. J. Carter’s Critique
The first stinging criticism expressed by former American president was applauded worldwide. Former Pres. Jimmy Carter, soft-spoken, who was an awardee of the Nobel prize in November 2002, had this to say:
“ There is in a sense that the U.S. has become too arrogant, too dominant, too self-centered, proud of our wealth, believing that we deserve to be the richest and most powerful and influential nation in the world.
“ The U.S has given other nations a reason for resentment . The U.S would do well to destroy its own weapons of mass destruction (WMD) before we confront Iraq. The major powers need to set an example.”
Perversion of the Truth
Truth to tell, there was no WMD in Iraq found by the UN inspectors. There was deliberate perversion of the truth.. and the Iraq war was grossly flawed.
“Of Pres. G.W. Bush claims that the Iraq war is not yet over, Filipinos say that they can not just follow blindly the conduct of war against Iraq, not to leave out the summersaults and false representation without violating the Philippine Constitution” said former Senate President J. Salonga .U.S Economy Backsliding
Eventually the US may win the war, but at what cost?. Such US business of destroying a country, and then rebuilding it to gain US dollars and jobs for its ailing economy, is flawed and evil laden. New World Order
To kill people, destroy a nation, confiscate their wealth, exploit their labor, then loan them worthless dollars thereafter under usurious interests is indeed high crime propelled by ravenous greed.
The devil cites the scripture for his evil purposes. He is an artist that paints crime and sin in psychedelic colors.
“Honi sott qui mal y pense) meaning - shame to him who thinks and do evil. God has no air-conditioned room for him in hell !

Wal-Mart - "Associate-Friendly?
Taken from a Wakeup Wal-mart notice (minor editing on my part):

This morning, the New York Times revealed a top secret Wal-Mart memo exposing Wal-Mart at its absolute worst. In addition, the memo proves what a farce Wal-Mart's past two days of "vision speeches" have been. Wal-Mart's CEO had the gall to come out this week and try to paint Wal-Mart as a company making big changes. But today's memo proves Wal-Mart's announcements are nothing more than a publicity stunt by exposing the truth behind Wal-Mart's culture of greed and moral corruption.

The memo, written by Susan Chambers, Executive Vice President for Benefits, robs Wal-Mart workers of their human dignity and instead treats them like the products in their stores. It is simply appalling that Wal-Mart's senior management would actually write a memo suggesting not to hire certain workers because they may be unhealthy or obese.

Most startlingly, the memo admits, for the first time, that there is a Wal-Mart health care crisis in America. The memo specifically states:


"...our critics are correct in some of their observations. Specifically, our coverage is expensive for low-income families, and Wal-Mart has a significant percentage of associates and their children on public assistance."

-The Wal-Mart Memo

In fact, Wal-Mart revealed 46% of the children of Wal-Mart employees are either uninsured or on taxpayer funded public health care programs. No wonder Wal-Mart so vehemently opposes legislators’ efforts to expose the truth about the true cost of the Wal-Mart economy. It is inexcusable and unconscionable for a company, with $10 billion in profits, to know 1 out of every 2 of their employees’ children has no health care or is forced to rely on our public safety net and do nothing about it.

The key question becomes: What else does Wal-Mart know and when will they reveal it? Wal-Mart’s great American deception of the past two days will not stand and Lee Scott ought to be ashamed of himself for perpetuating such a fraudulent image to the American people.

P.S. The moral corruption does not stop and start with this memo. Wal-Mart also gave Rep. Tom DeLay $5,000 two days after he was indicted for his part in a money laundering scandal.

-Forwarded and Commented by Robert Scardapane


Just do what I do... Don't Shop at Wal-Mart. -NG

In response to, "Opposition to the war in Iraq = support for Islamic terrorism," Robert Scardapane writes:

What an illogical argument! In fact, our presence in Iraq has inflamed the Middle East and made it less safe for Israel. Our unjust attack on Iraq drove the Iranians to elect a hard-liner. Iran was making progress on reforms before Bush meddled in the Middle East.

So now, the war hawks want to start a fight with Iran and Syria. I say NO, it's time to get out of Iraq before this war ignites a real world war. Israel, with it's arsenal of 400 hundred nuclear bombs, is more than capable of defending itself.

Israel has never asked the United States to fight a war on it's behalf. They have asked us to supply them with weapons so they can defend themselves. We should continue to support that policy.

In response to, "Here's a scary thought -- even if Bush and Cheney had to resign... we'd be left with the Denny Hastert (R-IL), Speaker of the House, as the President," Robert Scardapane Writes:

That thought has crossed my mind as well. Hastert is a terrible political hack. We were lucky with Gerald Ford. But, I still think that justice must run it's course. If it can be proven that Bush / Cheney master minded the Plame leak, I believe impeachment is justified.

Media Madman

In response to, "the mainstream media (MSM) echoes Republican propaganda and people get confused," Pat Thompson writes:

I've seen some Democrats as talking heads who haven't been around in years, such as David Bois, Gore v. Bush attorney in 2000, Gergen, who is a DemoPublican (with splinters in his butt from sitting on the fence for so many years) Lenny somebody, who was always out there on the cable channels, defending Clinton during the Monica days. Donna Brazille, Gore's campaign manager, Robert Shrum, Jeffrey Toobin, and John Nichols, the writer for the Nation who also wrote "Dick" and others. Apparently some fairness and balance is creeping in again, even on MSNBC. I am totally amazed at the resurgence of that old "liberal bias", which means allowing a non-Repub to speak now and then.

Today's Bush Quote

"Things don't happen instantly, but things are happening,"
-"G"lobal "W"arming Bush to Florida's Hurricane Wilma Victims

I think the people of New Orleans could attest to that, Mr. Bush. Did you need a photo-op so bad that you had to spend another $30,000 of US taxpayer money (that's what it costs every time Air Force One takes off)? At least GW could have brought a few gallons of gas, water or some food with him instead of all those photographers and reporters.

One wonders if GW went to Florida for the sole purpose of getting his picture taken amongst the rubble or to convince his brother, Florida's Republican Governor Jeb Bush to spend the remainder of his political capital and take the blame for GW's unprepared and failed FEMA.

Poor President Photo-Op. He can only look good in front of a pile of rubble.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg