Weekend Madman

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

-I won't let this day pass without mentioning the loss of the 2,000th US troop in Iraq since the invasion. I refuse to politicize it. The only wish I have is that the death toll ends at 2000.
-As if this awful milestone wasn't enough, today, Rosa Parks, the woman who wouldn't give up her seat on the bus died today as well. There are people who know more about Mrs. Parks than I ever will and feel her struggle in a way I never could. Although her life could be considered full and long, her contribution was extraordinary and her legacy will last decades, or maybe even centuries longer.
-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "Allowing For a 'Society of Life,'" Lynn C. Jaeger writes:

"Right to Death"

Whatever happened to the ZPG (Zero Population Growth) movement? "Stop at Two" certainly seemed a reasonable thing to a lot of us back then. Since my bro and sis took up 7 between them, I figured if I needed a 2nd, there'd be a kid that needed me. (I never needed a 2nd one. An Earth Mother I'm not, and I have little to no guilt in admitting it. Had a friend who truly was, and the sad thing is she died before her 5 kids were all raised, leaving her husband alone with the college bills.) Even at that, the 3 of us snatched someone else's quota.

The Latter Day Saints believe that naked souls are out there waiting to be born, and that they are supposed to "clothe" them by making babies. Part of the residue from old-time polygamy arguments, I think. I'm really not sure why the Roman Church is so convinced that a fertilized egg constitutes a person. Do you know? I've never heard any of them refer to fertilized hen's eggs as chickens. Neither argument ever made any sense, rational or emotional, to me. But then I'm a fellow panentheist - and you know what that means. Just how could Spirit be reduced through a reduction in material quantity?? Or increased through increasing it? How could unlimited potential be reduced if particular potentials are not actualized? Isn't that what makes potential unlimited, after all? For my money, persons who already ARE count more than those who, as yet, are not . (I admit, there are problems with the statement: that argument is better aimed at those who oppose contraception as well as abortion and/or sacrificing a fertilized egg in the process of producing a line of stem cells. It sort of shoots the mathematical argument, too. And I may well tread on thin ice when I take my belief that
God is beyond time to it. Nothing important is ever simple, is it?)

I know my own belief - that personhood and human life doesn't begin until the first breath of air - has no scientific basis (any more than someone else's belief that a fertilized ovum is a "person"), tho from a theological basis, I can quote scripture like any proof-texter to support it. And I know that it scandalized Sr. Cathy (director of the Holistic Spirituality Program at Chestnut Hill College, where I attended for 3 years) , when I explained that I knew I'd lost my 2nd pregnancy to a missed abortion simply because Nature knew better than to bring to birth a Turner's Syndrome child who couldn't reproduce. Nobody's fault. Not even
"God's will". Mistakes in myosis happen. It's just not in the interest of the species to squander all those resources. And no, I didn't feel I had any relationship with that "child", even though I'd begun eating for two with the positive pregnancy test. That was just being responsible, given the potential for a child that implantation heralds.

I agree with the Madman - why waste potential for good? Certainly, if someone wants to give up an unneeded embryo for adoption - go ahead. Just as, if someone/a couple chooses to continue an accidental, ill-timed or compromised pregnancy, it is her/their choice. (Heck, my mom did that when she knew the odds of my being damaged because she'd had German Measles in the 1st trimester - tho I told her I didn't think I'd' have minded had she ended the pregnancy.) Just don't tell people they cannot make another choice, if they find it better.

We have been given such an amazing superfluity of germ cells, beyond all possible limits of fecundity - every woman with 20,000 potentially viable ova, millions of sperm in a single ejaculate. 'Way more than is needed to perpetuate the species, or that can even be born and sustained. Why not make good use of the excess to help those who are here? Don't consign someone already alive to needless suffering so some never-to-be-realized potential can be maintained on ice - or simply thrown away. And don't tell me
God cannot have Her way with the Universe if a particular genetic combination never lives. My God is not that small.

Quoting the New York Times Up High

"With a decision expected this week on possible indictments in the CIA. leak case, allies of the White House suggested Sunday that they intended to pursue a strategy of attacking any criminal charges as a disagreement over legal technicalities or the product of an overzealous prosecutor."
-The New York Times

The White House's dishonesty and culture of corruption continues! They simply don't get it. The people of this country want an honest investigation and if that leads to indictments it must go forward. The White House must stop playing politics with the rule of law.

By the way, political hacks such as Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) were on the media on Sunday trying to trivialize the Plamegate investigation. Also, I am sick of that idiot bow-tied idiot Tucker Carlson saying that leaks should be encouraged. Does this fool have any notion of national security? It's simply wrong to divulge a CIA agent's identity and associated operations for political reasons. Tucker Carlson in the words of Jon Stewart "you are a dick!".

Indictments Coming Tomorrow; Targets Received Letters Today
An uber-insider source has just reported the following to TWN (The Washington Note):
1. 1-5 indictments are being issued. The source feels that it will be towards the higher end.
2. The targets of indictment have already received their letters.
3. The indictments will be sealed indictments and "filed" tomorrow.4. A press conference is being scheduled for Thursday.

-Robert Scardapane

By Col (Ret. US) Frank B. Quesada
Former Senate Committee Secretary
Veterans and Military Pensions
Associate, PMA ‘44


Latest reports have it over the internet and newspapers saying that Republicans are fast losing nationwide support from war veterans all over the U.S. and even abroad.

Nationwide Campaign
Blogs are filled with rage and anger letters to nationwide editors, and the cyber space as well denouncing Republicans.

Retired military veterans have, in huge numbers ( millions) are calling for all comrades in all ranks to answer the failed promises of Congress by voting against all Republican incumbents in the coming general election.

Speak through the Ballot
They have now resorted to use the ballot to once an for all send the message to Congress and the nation that greedy politicians no longer deserved votes from veterans and military retirees who shed blood to make democracy safe.

Fil-Am Vet’s Ire
The same alarm bells are ringing in the ranks for Fil-Am WW-II veterans sector through this author (who is a retiree himself) affiliated with the US military retirees and veterans who were denied their pensions and disability benefits, while legislators have been increasing their salaries.
Crux of the Wrath
The crux of the current complaints centers on the veterans health care, and inadequate USVA services, and part of their denied retirement pensions and disability benefits. Thousands of World War II, Korean War military retirees and the Fil-Am WW-II veterans since 1942 were denied their wartime compensations and benefits.

Lies and Fraud
Lies (empty promises) were told these veterans that they would receive rightful medical service. For their re-election, Congress kept changing the rules while they increase their salaries and hoard the pork, at the expense of the veterans. The veterans and retirees had enough, so they declared this coming election as payback time. Year after year, veterans pleaded to Congress to keep their promise but fell to deaf ears and barefaced indifference. It had been a dirty game of promises before elections but is forgotten thereafter.

Forefront Leadership
Finally, attorney and Medal of Honor recipient Colonel “Bud” Day filed a class action suit on behalf of the US military retirees. The legal battle went back and forth and to the US Supreme Court.

Struggle for Justice
Once again, veterans and retirees lost. The government conceded that promises had been made but stated that there was no legislation to provide authority to that promise. The government again said it would need to resolve this nagging issue... Nothing came out of it as usual. It had developed into a filthy game of attrition while veterans die naked and bare of their rightful benefits.

Filthy Double-cross
Currently, the “Keep Our Promise” bill (HR-602) in Congress in what P.J. O’Rourke, a past former White House correspondent described the legislature as the “parliament of whores,” that double-cross constituents.

The Subterfuge
More than half of the House members indicate that they support restoration of earned medical care. A total of 158 Democrats and 68 Republicans have sponsored the legislation but still did not have a law passed. Retirees accused Congress of fraud, and government lawlessness.

Shifting Support
Today, veterans and retirees feel that Democrats fully support HR-602 and that Republicans don’t really want to pass it into law.

GOP’s Quest for Control
Retirees and veterans even saw how Republicans have unfairly punished its own member, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) as the then incumbent House Veterans Committee for favoring veterans and retirees legislations. They junked Smith for Rep. Buyer whose canine loyalty to the party have ignored veterans’ legislations which would entail dollars taken away from the Republican’s kitty for Iraq War.

Rude Awakening by Veterans
Retirees and veterans are not that stupid to ignore the Republican’s who have outwardly sponsored HR-302 but was just putting up a smokescreen trying to cover up their backsides. Who do they think they are kidding?

Ugly Pattern Perpetuated
The same filthy trick had been played against the Fil-Am WW-II veterans whom they have held hostage for 63 years without paying the remaining portion of the $3.2 billion dollars owed to these indentured Filipino-American WW-II veterans.

21st Newfound Serfs
Originally 200,000 conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt sent to fight America’s war in 1941, and they now are only less than 21,000 dying of old age, disease and lack of medical care 8,000 miles across the Pacific as part of the double-cross. These Fil-Am veterans had been defrauded like the US military retirees and veterans.

Throwing the Rascals Out
If the Republicans think that it is only the retirees and veterans that are angry and in a rage against them, they had better wake up now. It had been said that the GOP as a party has been dying swallowing up their own lies and cruelty to veterans.

Perpetuated Crimes
There has been no les than 300,000 military service personnel subjected to life threatening effects of radiation poisoning during test in the years 1940 and they were within the proximity of the atomic blast in the 1950s. Since, thousands have died and thousands more have fallen seriously ill, and died sans relief. Then, 7,000 American servicemen were treated as “guinea pigs” in chemical and drug substance tests at Edgewood Arsenal. Today, almost 75% of those participants are either seriously ill and or dead. How can a diabolical act be perpetuated by government? The Defense Department refuses to release the names of those victims.

Reckless Burden
Letter of inquiries have been mailed to Sec. Rumsfeld but have not been answered. And letters to Congress have not gained any or little attention. Veterans have reached the limits of their patience thus such government misbehavior have become anti-Republican.

Fil-Am Vet’s Wrath
As for the Fil-Am WW-II veterans, they have joined the retirees in their campaign for justice and fairness. They are for throwing out the rascal in Congress mostly Republicans who do not deserve their votes, and their compulsory heirs as well.

Go out and Campaign for Justice and Fairness
This nation needs a tough reform. Come out and get your relatives and friends to vote against all bad Republicans who betrayed the war veterans. But also watch Democrats who are just fence-sitting. We have had enough deceit and doubletalk.

Looking Back


One thought on the 2004 election, I think Kerry should have took Nader up on his offer:

"I want to talk with him about a giant objective we both have which is to defeat George Bush, that giant corporation disguised as a human being in the White House. Why can't we collaborate on that?"


Bush is the corporate President. The problem is that our government is suppose to be "for the people, by the people". Instead, government has been perverted into "for the corporations, by the corporations".

President Lincoln warned about the rising power of corporations. President Eisenhower warned about the power of the military-industrial complex. Two Republicans warning America about the power of corporations! Americans should have pay more attention because the rough beast has slouched into Washington, paraphrasing Yeats, and it's going to be hard to drive it out.

-Robert Scardapane

Crystal Balls?

Last week, when the idea of Vice President (or is that "the president in charge of vice?) Dick "Go <F---> Yourself " Cheney's "retirement" was being bandied about, we heard the name of Condoleezza Rice as the "obvious choice" as a replacement. This week, I guess after Rice's stock falls, the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party are panicking and are throwing Senator John McCain's (R-AZ) name for the "heartbeat away" spot.

Remember Madman's prediction, twice printed on these pages: "G"lobal "W"arming Bush will choose (or have chosen for him) his brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush as his "heir to the thrown."

Doesn't sound as crazy as it did before, now does it?

-Noah Greenberg

How Far? Not That Far

Get this, which was sent to me by Sean, Mr. Blue-Sky:

Ethel Adams, a woman in Washington State, was injured and almost killed in an auto accident. She is now paralyzed. It seems that a deranged man pointed his car at his ex-girlfriend, like a missile, an instead of hitting his intended target, he hit Ms. Adams.

Farmer's Insurance Company refused to pay for Ms. Adams' recovery because the incident was not an "accident". They said that because Michael Testa was attempting to assault his girlfriend, the ensuing crash was an intentional crime. However, the fact that Ms. Adams ended up the victim, in almost anyone's book, makes what happened to her an accident. The would-be victim of the crime was Testa's girlfriend, not Ms. Adams.

They have a funny way of showing it. It took a threat from the state's Insurance Department and possible stories by Good Morning America and even Fox' Bill O'Reilly to make Farmer's issue this statement:

We are "doing everything we can to find coverage for Ethel Adams" and we "believed all along" that Ethel Adams deserved payment for her injuries.
-A Farmer's Insurance statement

"Farmers has been diligent in the actions it has taken to respond to this claim since the beginning, including hiring our own private investigator, attempting to communicate with Ethel Adams' attorney, staying in close contact with the authorities, and clearly explaining our position to the Department of Insurance and the news media,"

Wow... talk about Chutzpah.

"I'm just glad they're doing the right thing,"
-Ms. Adams

Well, at least someone knows how to take the high road.

-Noah Greenberg and Sean (Mr. Blue-Sky)

Media Madman

"The Senate Judiciary Committee is likely to summon a leading conservative Christian to explain the private assurances he says he received from the White House about Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, the committee's chairman said yesterday. Testimony by Focus on the Family founder James C. Dobson would heighten the political and religious overtones of the already-high-stakes confirmation hearing for Miers, scheduled to start two weeks from today.

". . . Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said yesterday that his panel is likely to require Dobson and perhaps others to testify about such purported conversations [about assurances on Miers' voting for overturning Roe.] Asked on CBS's 'Face the Nation' whether the committee will 'bring some of these people who said they were told things that perhaps they shouldn't have been told, like Mr. Dobson,' Specter replied: 'my instinct is that they'll be called. And the American people are entitled to clarification.'"
-The Washington Post

Good for you Arlen Specter! Dobson should testify about what Bush/Rove told him. The Republicans are hypocrites when they claim having no litmus tests while vetting their choice with people such as Dobson.

By the way, I seen a frightening car bumper sticker last week. It went something like "Miers -
God's Choice for Supreme Court Justice". Where is the separation of church and state in this country?

-Robert Scardapane

In response to, "Speaker Dennis Hastert had the chutzpah to blame the impotent Democratic minority for not finding 'ways to keep our children from bearing the burden of a skyrocketing deficit.' Much of the deficit, of course, is due to President Bush's binge of tax cuts for America's most affluent," Robert Scardapane writes:

It is not only chutzpah but part of the Republican political strategy. They blame the minority party for the policies that the majority enact. That gives them cover to say "both parties are equally bad". Of course, it's rubbish but the mainstream media (MSM) echoes Republican propaganda and people get confused. Democrats need to get out there and speak often. If the MSM won't carry their message, hold more town halls. Heck, start knocking on doors!


In response to medical bills and bankruptcy and this statement by Mr. Dorsett, "I make good money, and I work hard for it. When we filed for bankruptcy, I felt I failed," Robert Scardapne writes:

Mr. Dorsett has not failed but our society has. No one should be bankrupted by health care costs. No one should have to make a choice between their home and a child's health care. America has failed miserably and it's only getting worst.

The Republicans are once again pushing Association Health Plans (AHP). These are simply awful health care plans where the patient's right to medical tort is severely limited and premiums can be raised arbitrarily.

I was sickened listening to that greed head Stephen Moore, Club for Growth, saying that corporations should drop health care coverage and people should buy their own policy. These conservatives just don't care about anything except profit. There isn't a decent bone in their bodies.

In response to "Even senators can be lucky," Robert Scardapane writes:

Judd was lucky just like Frist (R-TN) with his stock trades. How is it that members of Congress consistently beat the stock market? Could it be that they have inside information and/or can pass laws that influence corporate profitability? I think members of Congress should not be allowed to invest in the stock market.

I wouldn't say the same about the lottery but it is rather vulgar that Judd did not contribute substantially to charity. He must be a an advocate of the Republican culture of greed.

In response to "Intelligent design should not be taught in science classes," Rhian writes:

I have to agree, but would add that the Theory of Evolution not be taught as hard science either. It is based on the premise that new species can be created from a genetic mutation. Not only is that not possible once, but even more not possible the billions of times it would take to create mankind from a primordial sea of single celled organisms.

No new species has ever been created and flourished on the planet from a random mutation in any other group of species.

In response to, Medical patients "simply hand over their credit card number," Dorothy Schwartz (who know a few things about health care) writes:

And what if they don't have a credit number -- makes it much worse. I deal with these issues a lot, and I do encourage my clients to try to get medication samples from their prescribers. Also, there are frequently drug company programs that provide free medications to needy people -- not well publicized unfortunately, and it's not always easy to find out about them.

In response to, "BIRD FLU: THE COMING PLAGUE - It doesn't get more frightening than this," by Victoria Brownworth, Rhian writes:

Meanwhile, mosquito borne encephalitis has broken out in India, in Japan, in Thailand and Florida with projected infection death rates to be 10,000. Thousands have already died globally and over 12,000 were reported dead in Thailand (that story was edited off the news almost immediately)

The media is screaming fear over a bird pathogen that has not yet crossed the species barrier to be communicable from person to person, while ignoring the very real thousands of human deaths from encephalitis?

Are we being directed to watch a boiling pot while the kitchen burns?

In response to, "Are you a friend of GW? then you could get a job like that (Supreme Court Justice)," Rhian writes:

I was, till he launched the military (and my special ops fiancé) at what were nothing more than low rent, foreign criminals, then put that fiancé on stop loss, then kept him till it was too late for me to have that baby boy I wanted, and still keeps him dangling at the beck and call of that colossal turdboy, Rummy, while I spend most of my time wondering if the most important person in the world, (to me) is dead or alive.

It is said that 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' There are more ways to be scorned than by one's significant other. They can also be scorned en masse by political agenda.
The Bush administration is the enemy of women in particular, and the enemy of the people in general.

If it were not so, he would not continually further the advance of Islam with his policies, and destabilize hundreds of thousands of National Guard and Reserve families in the US with continual deployment of their family members, for a fake war.

There is not enough money in the world to lure me into the employ of Bush/Rummy who betray the people of the US.

In response to, "Let's face it. We all know that if there was one flu shot left and it was between your sick child and "G"lobal "W"arming Bush, the secret service would wrestle you to the ground while the life-saving medicine was pumped into the "Doofus-in-Chief's" buttocks," Chris Tennant writes:

Errrrrr, I hate to discourage you further, Noah, but there is NO flu shot for THAT flu!!!! But, hey!!! I have a diabolical idea!

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, right? Well, let's send a special turkey to the White House this year. A very special one imported from Asia. Even if they only pardoned the turkey, it wouldn't do them any good, because all that would be necessary would be for Boy George to do a photo-op with it ;-) Just think! A "special" turkey for the turkeys in the White House. What poetic justice THAT would be! (Just kidding, of course...wink...wink)

As for the Bushman being bad luck, I'm beginning to think that
God really is talking to Bush, but not in the way HE thinks. Why do you suppose we're having one disaster after another? I think God is trying to tell Bush something. Unfortunately though, it seems that Bush has been listening to the Devil instead. Anyway, the Bushman is not just bad luck; he's just bad period!

In response to, "Within minutes, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, a grandee of pork, was apoplectic, warning he would quit public service if the bridges were killed. 'I don't threaten people; I promise people,'" Eddie Konczal and Robert Scardapane had the same sentiments, and respond:

Oh please, oh please Senator Stevens keep your promise!

In response to, "Throw them all in jail fast. Let I. Scooter Libby, Bill Frist, Tom Delay and Sandy Berger share a nice cell somewhere in Fort Leavenworth. Traitors belong in jail or at the end of a Hangman's noose! Put them all away and throw away the key. Maybe President Bush could pardon his gang of crooks so the talking heads of Fox and MSNBC can make US all forget that we are being ripped off by corporate America," Robert Scardapane writes:

The Delay scandal and Plamegate are most certainly not red herrings. I have not forgotten that we are being ripped off. These scandals show how corporations control government and feed the military-industrial complex. The corporations love warfare - they always have! Just look at how KBR's business is booming. Ask Ratheon about how much they like missile defense -billions of dollars for a weapon that doesn't work!

However, sadly these scandals are the "tip of the iceberg". The bulk of it is play-to-play politics that permeates government. Ultimately, there can be no honesty in government until the corporations are prohibited from making campaign contributions and business lobbies can not buy political favors. Public funding of campaigns is a good way to start cleaning house.

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-Noah Greenberg