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Friday-Sunday, September 30-October 2, 2005

Judith Miller Vs. Woodward & Bernstein

Comparisons between Watergate and Traitor-Gate are inevitable. Today I read that journalism groups are worried about Judith Miller testifying before a grand jury about her source in the Valerie Plame case To recap, Valerie Plame's name (or at least identity) was released to Ms. Miller, along with other "journalists" like conservative puppet Robert Novak (the guy who actually printed her identity) because Ambassador Joe Wilson, Ms. Plame's husband had the temerity to tell the truth about his report to the Bush administration. Responding to a Bush state of the Union speech, where President "G"lobal "W"arming Bush told the world that Iraq's then-leader, Saddam Hussein had sought yellow-cake uranium from Niger, Joe Wilson came forward to tell the truth.

Wilson, a career diplomat in both Republican as well as Democrat administrations was asked by the CIA to get information to prove or disprove rumors about Hussein's quest for nuclear material from Africa. Because he refused to tote "The Bush company line," and his refusal to lie, Wilson was punished by some higher-ups in the Bush administration. That punishment was the endangerment of his wife's life. She was a deep undercover CIA agent.

In the early 1970's, The Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein exposed criminal activity by the administration of President Richard Nixon. One main source was an informant known as "Deep-Throat", who was played by Hal Holbrook in the movie "All the President's Men." Recently the identity of "Deep-Throat" was revealed to be W. Mark Felt, the former number two man at the FBI. Keeping the identity of Felt secret was necessary as he was a whistle-blower whose career, if not his life, would have been threatened had his identity been released. Felt blew the whistle on a corrupt administration and was in part responsible for the resignation of a paranoid, criminal and about to be impeached President Nixon. Felt's actions did not threaten the life of any agent or employee of the federal government, nor did it reveal national secrets that put this country at risk.

In contrast, prior to the re-election of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush in 2004, an article appeared by conservative-puppet-journalist Robert Novak on July 14, 2003. Novak released the identity of CIA undercover operative Valerie Plame, also known as Mrs. Joe Wilson. Novak hid behind the right of a "journalist" to protect his source. Time reporter Matthew Cooper was also told the identity of Ms. Plame, as was Ms. Miller. Ms. Miller was the only one of the three reporters not to publish Ms. Plame's identity.

Ms. Plame was an undercover CIA agent who was not involved in any scandal or mis-deed. Her only crime was to be the wife of Ambassador Joe Wilson. It was a necessity to keep her name and identity a secret, both to keep her and her family safe and for national security. There was no other reason than retribution to release her name to the likes of Novak, Miller and Cooper.

We now know that Cooper's source was none other than deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl "The Traitor" Rove. Rove, whose background stems from Nazi Germany, is a propaganda expert and is nothing more than a present-day Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler's minister of propaganda. There is no man that is closer to President bush than Rove.

A few days ago, we found out that the man closest to Vice President Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney, I. Scooter Libby, his Chief of Staff was Judith Miller's source.

What we have appears to be a conspiracy of the executive branch of government to threaten, then follow through on those threats, those who simply tell the truth when they see the Bush administration lying.

Again, the difference between Watergate and Traitor-Gate is that Mark Felt exposed the corruption of a president of the United States while Rove and Libby were attempting to cover up similar deficiencies of the Bush administration. Their hiding behind the guise of being "confidential source" doesn't wash.


These people are nothing but cowards and the spoiled children who, when not getting their way, find illegal means to punish their foes, no matter what the cost.

Karl "The Traitor" Rove and Scooter Libby are traitors, plain and simple. If their deeds had been done in the times of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, they would have been hanged for their actions.

At the very least, they should have to answer for them.

-Noah Greenberg

Meet the New DeLay - Same as the Old DeLay

So, the reins of power have been handed from Tom Delay to Roy Blunt - a protégé of Delay! Here's a taste of Mr. Blount's character:

As The Washington Post reported in 2003, Roy Blunt, the Missouri congressman who got the job, was found trying to alter a homeland security bill with a last-minute provision that would have benefited Philip Morris-brand cigarettes. Not only had the tobacco giant contributed royally to Mr. Blunt's various campaign coffers, but both the congressman's girlfriend (now wife) and his son were Philip Morris lobbyists at the time.

Blunt, Delay ... what's the difference - it's the same corrupt Republican machine politicians. The people who give our hard earned tax dollars to the highest corporate bidder. The Republican machine must go!

-Robert Scardapane

Republican Kangaroo Court

The spectacle of the Republican led Katrina committee is truly amusing. I am glad that Nancy Pelosi decided to boycott this kangaroo court. There are a couple of Democrats from the effected region that have attended just to keep the crooks honest. They have pointed out the absurdity of Brown's claim that FEMA did nothing wrong. Ummm, what did they do right?

Once again, Bush/Rove got in our face by hiring Brown as a consultant - it's more like an insult-ant. But, that is business as usual in Bush-World. They do this routine just to infuriate Democrats and beat their chests that they can get away with anything.

These Republicans, led by Bush, are deceitful, crooked and should all be thrown into jail - starting from the top down. I don't know if any of them will ever serve prison time but the spider web around Abramhoff is drawing more and more of the Republican thieves in. Let's not count on that though. I would rather get busy defeating the Repugs in 2005 through 2008.

-Robert Scardapane

Compassionate Conservatism - Is This All There Is?

I read an interesting story in the DNC blog. A lifelong Massachusetts Republican, Forrest King, took in six evacuees from hurricane Katrina. He had an elderly woman in his care but had no medicine for her. He called the Republican governor, Mitt Romney, and got no help. He called the RNC and they told him they couldn't do nothing. He called the DNC and they worked with Senator Edward Kennedy's staff to get an ambulance to help the woman.

This is just one story but it shows the difference in the character of the Democratic party. The Republican party has earned the title (G)reed (O)ver (P)eople party. To note, I don't think all Republicans are greedy just their party leadership. I urge our fellow Republican citizens to recognize that the GOP no longer represents them and join the Democratic party.

-Robert Scardapane


I feel like I am in a time machine listening to General Westmoreland telling the nation how well everything is going in Vietnam. Today on Meet The Press, General Abizaid said that the Northern and Southern Iraq was peaceful and it's just a problem in three or four Iraq provinces. Yet, from today's news:

Two American soldiers were killed, military officials said. One died when his patrol struck a mine north of the capital near Bayji, and another was killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad.

In the northern city of Kirkuk, a roadside bomb struck a police patrol, killing three officers and wounding four, police officials said.

A Danish soldier died in Basra when a roadside bomb struck his patrol, military officials said. He was the first Danish soldier to die in combat since the start of war in 2003. (Basra is in the south!).

So, what's the truth in Iraq? Is the insurgency foreign fighters or is this truly a civil war? Are 200,000 Iraqi troops trained or just 500? I recall General Westmoreland telling lies about the success of Vietnamization - passing the military burden to the Vietnamese. Are we being told similar lies about Iraqi-nation?

-Forwarded and commented by Robert Scardapane

Media Madman
A Wimp on Genocide

"President Bush doesn't often find common cause with Cuba, Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria and Venezuela. But this month the Bush administration joined with those countries and others to eviscerate a forthright U.N. statement that nations have an obligation to respond to genocide."
-The New York Times, 9/18/2005, forwarded by Jenny Hanniver

More Media Madman
Troops? What Troops?

"Today General Casey and General Abizaid admitted in the United States Senate that after two and a half years, they have only been able to train one Iraqi battalion. One! You could blame this on the incompetence of the Pentagon or the administration - and one is tempted to because that is usually the correct answer these days - but there is a better explanation. The Iraqis have no allegiance to their central government. They do not wish to serve in its army or to die for its goals.

"That is because the West misunderstands the local culture of Iraq. An Iraqi Sunni is a thousand times more loyal to his fellow Sunnis than to some theoretical Iraqi government. The same is true of Shiites and even more true of Kurds. They don't care about Iraq - we do.

"The Iraqis are perfectly capable of fighting with passion and effectiveness. Just look at the insurgency - those are Iraqi fighters (at least 90% according to the various Pentagon sources). Look at the Kurdish Peshmarga militia that maintains order in the north. Look at the Badr brigades and the Mahdi army of the Shiites in the south. All of these forces are perfectly capable and willing to fight - just not for the Iraqi army.

"They are ready to fight for their sects. The only thing keeping them together in the short run is the US occupation. But the US occupation won't last forever and can only keep a lid on sectarian ambitions for so long. At some point, the levees will be breached."
-Cenk Uykuk (co-host of The Young Turks, the first liberal radio show to air nationwide)

Recall that in Vietnam we failed utterly to train troops to take our place. That was because of internal friction and civil war. I think the same dynamics are playing out in Iraq. There are no good options for Iraq - therefore, the best choice is to leave now.

-Forwarded and commented by Robert Scardapane

Even More Media Madman
DeLay and Hastert - "Partners"

DeLay told "Fox News Sunday" he expected to dispense quickly with the charges and will serve as a close adviser to Hastert, R-Ill., in promoting an agenda that includes lowering gas prices, cutting taxes and enforcing immigration laws.

"I get to continue my partnership with the speaker,"


"The speaker and I have been leading the House for, what, eight years now. It's because we get along together, we think the same. We are simpatico,"


If lowering gas prices, and enforcing immigrations laws has been the agenda between these two 'simpatico' politicians for eight years, why are gas prices higher than they have ever been, and the illegal problem worse than it has ever been?

Which is it, are you lying about this DeLay, or are you proclaiming yourself to be that incompetent?


Today's Quote in Response to a Past Quote

"At the very time our country yearns for national unity in the wake of hurricane Katrina, these comments reflect a spirit of hate and division."
-Rep. Raum Emanuel (D-IL)


This was said in response to the following:

"But I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down,"
-Bennett, A mainstream Conservative Voice reflecting the true values of American Conservatism

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg