Note From a Madman

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Being called 'partisan' by Tom DeLay is like being called 'ugly' by a frog."

Travis County District Attorney, Ronnie Earl


While the travesty of the federal response to Hurricane Katrina continues, the unwillingness of the administration of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush goes on without addressing the plight of 45 million Americans who don't have health care coverage. While a war for oil and greed take the lives of the Children of America, our porous borders stay open for just about anyone to cross with whoever and whatever they please. While Americans salaries go down in the form of real wages and the middle class disappears, our fuel and other energy costs go up to unimaginable heights. We do not need the distraction of Tom DeLay taking the focus of our collective eye off the ball.

-Noah Greenberg

A Open Letter to Tom DeLay

By now, everyone who reads Note from a Madman knows about Tom DeLay (R-TX) being indicted by the Travis County District Attorney, Ronnie Earl, a Democrat. Mr. Earl has indicted members of both political parties, without prejudice in the past, and he appears to be doing the same to Rep. DeLay.

Here's what you may not know: I take no joy from Tom DeLay's indictment. I think it's distracting and makes US look foolish as a nation that something like this, and someone like DeLay could disrupt the nation's business the way it, and he has. DeLay has been indicted on a conspiracy charge due to, in part, two sets of books that were kept by his PACS. Thomas Dale DeLay, John Dominick Colyandro and James Walter Ellis are all named in the indictment handed down today. There are phrases used like "with the intent that a felony be committed" and "one or more of them would engage in conduct that would constitute the offense of knowingly making a political contribution in violation of... the Texas Election Code".

Tom DeLay should examine his political career and make a decision. Is it better for his constituents and the country that he fights these charges or should he simply resign. Let me be the first one to call on Rep. DeLay to step down, not only from his leadership role as a House Republican leader, but from his congressional seat as well.

It's time for Tom DeLay to stand up and do the "right" thing.

-Noah Greenberg

Bush and The Exterminator


"The president considers (Tom DeLay) a good ally and a friend who we have worked with very closely,"
-White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, regarding Tom DeLay and his indictment today

Maybe they could share a cell together.

"I am innocent... And I will prove it."
-Rep DeLay, in a televised statement

And we all can't wait to see you try.

-Noah Greenberg

DeLay and Fergie

Tom DeLay, who gives more money to Mike Ferguson than any other Congressman, was indicted for conspiracy today.

A Texas grand jury on Wednesday charged Rep. Tom DeLay and two political associates with conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme, an indictment that could force him to step down as House majority leader.

DeLay attorney Steve Brittain said DeLay was accused of a criminal conspiracy along with two associates, John Colyandro, former executive director of a Texas political action committee formed by DeLay, and Jim Ellis, who heads DeLay's national political committee.

Tom DeLay and his friends have delivered more than $200,000 over the past five years to Mike Ferguson, and Rep. Ferguson has sent a good bit of that money back.

-From Nathan Rudy of

Media Madman


Look here... I know that this little newsletter is run by an amateur (me) with a left spin on things (me again), but someone has got to be reading this stuff. One of today's Washington Post Headlines said this:

$236 Million Cruise Ship Deal Criticized

Here's what Note from a Madman said ten days ago, Thursday, September 18, 2005:

Airlines, Cruise Ships and Katrina

When it came time to fly people out of the Gulf areas after Katrina hit, it was owners of small aircraft that donated their time, panes and gasoline money to get people out of there. In some cases they did it to re-unite families that were separated after evacuation. Do you know what the airlines of America did? They asked US all to "donate" our frequent flyer miles to help Katrina's victims.

"Carnival Cruise Lines is housing government employees and some evacuees on three of their cruise ships that normally dock in the areas affected by Katrina. But Carnival is not 'donating' the use of their 'Fin Ships'. Instead, they are charging the government a fee for their ships' usage. They claim to be just breaking even. In case you were wondering, they are "leasing" the cruise ships to FEMA at a cost of $192 million for six months

"Let's do some math, shall we? If the average passenger pays about $750 (internet or travel agent price) for passage on a 7-day cruise, and the three "fun ships" hold about 2000 passengers each, that means each cruise NETS about $1.6 million Multiply those numbers by 3 (the number of ships) and then by 26 (the number of weeks) you will come up with the magic number of about $124 million. THIS IS A NET NUMBER, INCLUDING PROFIT. Bear in mind that Carnival has a skeleton crew (enough to clean the rooms one day per week) and doesn't have to pay port charges because.... well.... THERE ARE NO PORTS!

"You can estimate Carnival's profit at a minimum of $68 million.

"Just where is that whole "eminent domain" thing when it comes to Corporations? The airlines feigned help and the cruise lines saw the Katrina Disaster as no worse than a break-even" proposition.

"The Bush administration has no problem forcing US, the average American to sacrifice. Again, the whole thing comes down on OUR backs."

-Note from a Madman, September 18, 2995

Looking at the facts today, we notice that Carnival Cruise Lines are actually bigger Chazzah's (It's Yiddish - Look it up) than we initially thought. In addition to the $63 million profit the "Fun Ships" are going to garner from FEMA, and, as a result, from the American Middle Class, they are charging US an additional $44 million to reimburse them for other expenses, such as port charges, fuel, food and docking costs, all charges that are included in the fee you would pay from an internet site or travel agent.

In case you never cruised, the "list price" is usually about twice the actual amount anyone pays for a cruise.

"In the end, we will make no additional money on this deal versus what we would have made by keeping these ships in service. That has been our position from the outset, and it has not changed."
-Jennifer de la Cruz, a Carnival spokeswoman

I guess anyone could make a balance sheet look good, or bad.

"They were the market. Under the circumstances, I'd say we're getting a pretty good value."
-Captain Joe Manna, director of contracts at the Sealift Command, regarding the Carnival deal

Someone has to pay the sticker price on a car; someone has to pay retail; too bad it has to be US through the likes of Captain Manna and FEMA. I'm sure they're using the same logic that President Bush used in not allowing Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription drugs.

Just as a reminder, less fuel is used when the ship doesn't move; and port charges ARE docking costs, and I'd be very surprised if they weren't lifted for the duration of the cleanup.

"Finding out after the fact that we're spending taxpayer money on no-bid contracts and sweetheart deals for cruise lines is no way to run a recovery effort,"
-Senators Barak Obama (D-IL) and Tom Coburn (R-OK), in a statement

I guess someone in the senate has a calculator.

Carnival Cruise Lines, which has its headquarters in Miami, FL paid just $3 million in taxes last year because they are incorporated in Panama. They had $1.9 billion in net income during that time frame. In case you don't happen to have your calculator with you, that averages out to a near non-existent 0.15 percent (that's one-fifteenth of a penny for every dollar earned). Carnival has almost no American employees (as a percentage), they pay almost nothing in US taxes, yet they take a great majority of their profits from American citizens and US ports.

"That's not even a tip,"
-Robert S. McIntyre, Citizens for Tax Justice

"U.S. companies in general pay an effective income tax rate of about 25 percent, analysts say. That would have left Carnival with a $475 million tax bill."
-The Washington Post

If you were former White House chief economist, Dr. N. Gregory Mankiw, you would call this form of "outsourcing... a good thing."

"substantially all of our income in fiscal 2004, 2003 and 2002 . . . is exempt from U.S. federal income taxes,"
-Carnival's public records

So, in summary, Carnival Cruise Lines pay no US taxes, have few US employees and they are making a killing off of Hurricane Katrina by fleecing a poorly run FEMA.

Life is good if you're a Carnival executive. No wonder why "Smokey" (the Carnival mascot) is always smiling.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to "why can't the federal government use Eminent Domain to take over some hotels so these people (Katrina victims) have a place to call home?", Rhian writes:

I wish. That is a very smart idea, but we have a president who is trying to establish the Fourth Reich, no matter how he may sound in TV speeches. Nobody counts unless they are a source of income, by tax or by donation.

He is propped up by corporations, (and corporate money) unlike Hitler who was supported by the common people, who for the most part, believed his promises. It's very confusing to a former Republican such as myself, who learned that free enterprise was the bedrock of freedoms, while growing up. I now believe that free enterprise is the result of liberties, not the cause, and that the mafia-minded mega-corporations of today actually stifle free enterprise.

The corporate heads will not allow the take-over of their properties by eminent domain, and have all the money they donate to the Bush party as leverage.

This is the reason why most of South America roils in unrest, demanding socialism. (Communism) They fear powerful American corporations with good reason.

(Actually, I'm not sure the individual, George Bush is trying to do anything personally, as he seems ineffectual, but Rove, with dual citizenship in the US and Germany is a powerful guy and is very effective with not only bullying Congress but in the manipulation of corporate money. And, all four of Rove's grandparents were staunch supporters of Hitler and the Third Reich. It would be Bush's father who actually holds the reins on the presidency of today, wielding the Rove machine. It was Bush father who, while president, introduced the concept of the New World Order to the public, as the Thousand Points of Light.)

I don't know if you have noticed, but there is a great deal of anti-Semite propaganda on the net. To further complicate matters, according to my research, there are eastern Europeans posing as Jews, but are not Jews, and are steeped in hatred for many generations like Islam, against real Jews. I think many of them are in the US, working to disenfranchise the Jewish people from their fortunes (those who do have them).

The Bush administration, in reality, has acted since day one of their reign in America to compromise Israel, while propping up and supporting Islam. Arafat's plan for a Palestinian state and Bush plan for peace in the middle east are almost identical and in neither is there a place called Israel. (Both were available on the net during the first two years of Bush's first term, and both were hastily rolled up, and I'm not sure who pointed it out to whoever handles stuff like that, but know for sure that I had done some writing about it) It was probably Sy Hersh who published enough to get the attention of the big boys.

The welfare blacks of New Orleans are the victims of ruthless decimation by people who want to establish the New World Order, (which amounts to nothing but a global dictatorship) without the presence of dissent, or of anyone who cannot or will not pay them, to rule over them. There is no genuine desire on the part of anyone in the Bush administration for the recreation of the culture of the New Orleans that was, even the best parts of it.

It's just a giant form of the same old, tired old, good old boy game. I've been working around it and through it all my life. They are indefatigable. They are pinky and the brain. They do not scare me. The blindness of most Americans however, does.

I heard Thomas Jefferson singin' the blues last night
in dreams of a southern sky.
I'll go down there soon
to make some lights in that soft warm night
fiddle me a rockin' croonin' tune, baby,
fiddle me, some Orleans blues

(oops, also me, poetry just slips out sometimes)


Beware the man who supplants liberty, with democracy.

by Sandy Fulton 2005
To the tune of “Tea for Two” (a banal tune for a banal man)

Tom DeLay
Just loves delay--
Except when he
Can get his way.
To our dismay,
He can’t say “nay”
To plutocrats.

Tom DeLay--
Hear him bray
While greedy pals
Cry “Let us prey!”
So come what may,
We pay and pay
Those big fat cats.

That “tax reform” was sure a gem.
Ten bucks for me, ten grand for them!
For Tom DeLay
I’d like a requiem.

Tom’s a snob,
A Texas slob,
He’s got a nation
Ripe to rob.
You’ve got a job?
Then he’ll hobnob--
Send it away.

Tom loves to fly
Up in the sky.
Some foreign guy
He’ll gratify,
Then lie and lie,
(He thinks he’s sly)--
That’s Tom DeLay.

The “Clear Skies” bill is so much sleaze.
The air we breathe makes babies wheeze,
Hey, Tom DeLay,
Go off and hug some trees.

Come what may,
Tom DeLay
Will rig the show so
He’s okay!
He got the Party
Of Decay
To change the rules.

But we smelled oil,
And caused turmoil,
So some of Tom’s folks
Weren’t so loyal.
But now we know
They think he’s royal!
They’re just his tools!

He robs our country just for kicks,
And calls opponents Bolsheviks.
To Tom DeLay,
That’s “normal politics.”

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-Noah Greenberg