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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Rush Limbaugh quote, "We all lose things" was sent to Madman by Victoria. My apologies for not listing her name. -NG

Response: Legionnaires condemn war protests
Submitted by prissears on Fri, 2005-08-26 16:58. Activism
Letter submitted by author, Sally Tarasoff (former CPT, US Army)

I understand that the Legion has condemned protests against the war. In reading the press release, I note that protesters are being lumped in with Jane Fonda, and seen basically as traitors. However, your release notes you respect the right to protest.

As a Legion member, I am incensed by this condemnation. Obviously, you all have your heads in the sand and think anti-war protesters in 2005 are just like those during the Vietnam war. Nothing could be further from the truth. I guarantee you that my fellow protesters, and those in Crawford as well, support our troops whole-heartedly. In fact, most of these people have done much more than put yellow "support your troops" magnets on their vehicles, they have put their money and efforts where their mouths are. They have sent boxes to the troops, contributed to the USO, written to support increased VA benefits, written to stop funding cuts to the military and military and veterans medical care, contributed to, visited patients in VA and military hospitals and Fisher Houses, and supported the families that reservists have left behind.

My other concern about your press release is the vow that your organization "will use whatever means necessary to ensure the united support of the American people for our troops and the global war on terrorism." What does that actually mean? It could (and does) sound threatening.

Those of who are protesting this war in Iraq, are not protesting action regarding global terrorism. We do question the invasion of Iraq, the lack of connection of Iraq to the events of 9-11 (although the administration continues to try to make that connection, even after admitting there was no connection) and now, the support for a draft Iraqi constitution that will take rights away from Iraqi women. Did 41 female military personnel die in Iraq, believing they were promoting freedom and democracy, only to have the country turn into an Islamic theocracy that denies women's rights? I think not. These are things worthy of protest.

You, in the American Legion, should be working harder to increase VA benefits, decrease the historic high waiting period for care, get the funding back for prosthetic research that was cut, get funding to cover the daily cost charged in military hospitals and Fisher Houses to ease the burden on our injured troops and their families. You should be urging Congress to cover costs in civilian hospitals for our injured troops, who have to stay far from home in a military hospital if there is not a facility near their homes. After all if "traitorous" anti-war protesters can do this, why can't you?

I now publicly renounce my membership in the American Legion.

Sally Tarasoff
(former CPT, US Army)
Boerne, Texas 78006

-Forwarded by Robert Scardapane

They Eat Their Young, Too

The Southern Republicans are breaking ranks -- starting to attack each other, I've noted with glee. Looks like 08 is going to be interesting. Sen. Trent Lott badmouthing Sen. Bill Frist. Now that the voting machines have been "fixed", there's no chance we'll ever win another election, but it'll be fun to watch the GOP bash each other.

-Pat Thompson

The Next War

THE NEXT WORLD WAR WILL BE FOUGHT NOT OVER OIL, BUT OVER WATER. Keep that in mind. Remember I told you so.

Over 1 billion people do not have access to potable water on planet earth. Those of us who do can easily lose that necessary privilege in the event of shortages, contamination, falling water tables from over usage, disruptions in delivery due to civil unrest, and in the case of those who rely on Poland Spring delivery -- the cost of gasoline. A friend in New Mexico (where they get 8 inches of rain a year -- we had 10 inches in an hour recently) recommends the use of roof catchments systems and a cistern for storage, and a plumbing system that reuses "grey" water from bathing, etc. to flush the toilet. (why waste fresh clean water on toilet flushing?) No one can become totally oil "self sufficient", but water does fall from the sky. Catch it, save it and provide your own. Electricity and heat also comes from the sun, but are we all running our air conditioners with solar power? They only way the next generation will survive is to get ahead of the government, ahead of the curve, in energy, and WATER, independence. Do you think the Republicans will care if you are standing in line waiting for a water delivery?

-Pat Thompson

How Alan Greenspan killed the housing market, amongst other things

Today, a young middle class couple can't afford that first house. What was Alan Greenspan's role in all that? Every time GW screwed up the economy, Greenspan lowered the prime lending rate, thus lowering mortgage rates. I took advantage of these rates and re-financed my house. Now I'm paying less, but I'm paying longer (I'm still trying to figure out if I made the right choice or not).

Now, back to Big Al. By lowering the interest rates, people who were looking for a house felt that they could spend more on a house. That led to people selling their houses to raise the price. Raising the price created this "bubble" that we now call the housing market. And what happens to "bubbles"? Why, they go "pop", of course.

"history has not dealt kindly" with those who figure the good times won't end.
-Big Al

"What they perceive as newly abundant liquidity can readily disappear. Any onset of increased investor caution" could cause home and stock prices to drop.
-Big Al, again

It's even worse than that, Al. People, assuming that housing prices will continue to rise are taking a brand new, big chance. They are taking these brand new, bank friendly, interest only mortgages. Here is their plan: Take out a huge mortgage on a house they simply can't afford; pay only interest for the first three- to- five years; wait for the housing market to keep rising and sell the house at a huge profit.

"The best laid plans of mice and men..."

"Greenspan is giving individuals ample warning that they need to take that into account. He's throwing out a yellow flag of caution."
-Allen Sinai, chief global economist at Decision Economics

It's a red flag, Mr. Sinai.

Here's what is going to happen: In three- to- five years, some of these people are going to lose their big, expensive, unaffordable house; They will lose their good credit ratings; They will have difficulties buying a car; They will be in a hole that will be near impossible to get out of.

Well, they can always join the army, can't they?

-Noah Greenberg

$ign Up

Speaking of joining the military, the US Congress might start debating an increase to the amount of money they're going to give new recruits. The magic number is going to be raised to $40,000 per year, if Secretary of the Army, Francis Harvey has his way.

This "suggestion" wasn't designed to get rich kids to join our military. That's just a really good summer vacation for them. This is a direct attempt to get poor American children to put their lives on the line for "G"lobal "W"arming Bush's war on... what was this war for again? Sometimes I forget.

-Noah Greenberg

Media Madman
War on TV


The Iraq war propaganda machine known as FX (Fox) Television is in full swing Here is what happened in the last "Over There", by Stephen Bochco:

Hispanic female soldier is wounded in the eye, she calls home, where her husband is watching her infant daughter. Her Hispanic husband meets and old flame, also Hispanic, and they contemplate an affair. Female soldier calls again, but husband, of course, is not home.
Reading Between FOX' Lines: People at home have no respect for our troops OR Hispanic men can't be trusted

Black, pot smoking soldier, "Smoke" says on air that "I have a license to kill," and kisses his gun, on camera, to an embedded wire services reporter. The same soldier calls home after the incident for comfort from his mother and she berates him asking, "What you do now?"
Reading Between FOX' Lines: Black soldier's pot-smoking made him smoke and say the stupid remark AND the black soldier's mother (not showing a father, as well) thinks he's a failure, even though he is fighting "over there".

A firefight in a remote area kills a "careless" soldier.
Reading Between FOX' Lines: It's his own fault.

The same firefight has a small boy (12 or so) throw a bottle at soldiers while they are in a fight with insurgents. The boy, and his mother, who is trying to get him out of harms way, is killed by the crossfire.
Reading Between FOX' Lines: They all hate US.

The film is re-edited by the wire service the reporter works for to make it look as if the killing of the boy was, at least, careless, and, at most, criminal. They edit it in with "Smoke's" remarks.
Reading Between FOX' Lines: All of the bad things going on "over there" is the fault of the "liberal media", who is only out to make a profit.

The wire service reporter is assaulted by "Smoke" when he attempts an apology. He quit over his boss' editing and explains that they edited it to make more money.
Reading Between FOX' Lines: It's all the fault of the "liberal media" yet again., who is controlled by "big money".

The reporter meets in secret with an insurgent leader. He figures out that there was another camera and that the boy was sacrificed to make the shot. The reporter is then kidnapped, and his driver killed.
Reading Between FOX' Lines: You can't trust those insurgents (Duh).

The soldier who lost his leg in episode one has a new prosthetic leg and is persevering. He wants to get back to his unit.
Reading Between FOX' Lines: Think of it as a recruiting tool.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to Outsourcing, Robert Scardapane writes:

Have no fear the Republicans say, when we all make around the same amount of money the jobs will come back. Of course, the part they omit is that Americans will be making around 50 cents / hour. It's all a mad race to the bottom as Bush & Company press the pedal to the medal. While the wheels spin, Bush gives the billionaires that outsourced the jobs tax breaks and presses to eliminate their estate tax. America has entered it's second Gilded Age. The robber barons are back - greedier and more corrupt than before.

The questions arises - without economic opportunity, can our Democracy survive? Is America going to become a corrupt autocratic nation such as Chile - a nation admired by Bush as a role model for social security privatization. Incidentally, Chile's privatized social security is a dismal failure 23 years later - more than 50% of the country receives no benefits at all! Time is running out, people must take action now to get rid of the greedy corrupt Republicans!

In response to Madman's near-silence on the John Roberts front. Pat Thompson writes:

True, Noah, you haven't said much about Robert's nomination to the Supreme Court. I haven't been able to work up much indignation, since the Supreme Court was truly LOST in 2000 when they SELECTED GWB as Resident of the White House. Sure, it could get worse, and it probably will, but what has this Court done for peace, justice, equal rights and the American people? It's all sewed up, the Congress, the Executive Branch, the Courts and the Media, including public TV and radio. We can sit outside the Crawford ranch, and listen to Air America, but we are powerless, even though we may be the majority. In fact, we probably are in the majority, but they own the voting machines, and the media. And the military.

In response to Rush Limbaugh, Pat Thompson writes:


I couldn't have said it any better myself, Pat. -NG


Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Bush Enjoys Vacation While Troops Continue to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice

67 U.S. troops have died in Iraq since President Bush began his annual vacation. As of today, 1,874 men & women have lost their lives in this war.

President Bush has defended his vacation during a time of war by saying "itís time to get on with my life." Given his recent approval ratings, if the election was held today, the majority of Americans would be happy to give him an early retirement. This year's five week break is, according to the Washington Post, "the longest presidential retreat in at least 36 years."

-Forwarded by Robert Scardapane


Stupid Quote of the Day


"Doug Forrester's going to be more McGreevy-Like"
-Heard on Power and Politics, News 12 New Jersey, by the Forrester supporter


Wow. You should have heard this guy try to put the brakes on this one. If there was ever anybody who wanted to eat his words, it was this guy.


-Noah Greenberg

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