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Thursday, August 25, 2005


"We satisfy our endless needs
and justify our bloody deeds
in the name of Destiny
and in the name of God."
-The Last Resort, The Eagles

Rush Quote


"We all lose things,"
-Rush Limbaugh, referring to Cindy Sheehan's "loss" of her son, Spc. Casey Sheehan

I do believe that Rush Limbaugh would be more upset about his losing his daily supply of the pain killer, and all around "feel good drug", OxyContin than any one of the 2100 soldiers lost to US in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Rush, Cindy Sheehan didn't lose her car keys, she lost what most parent consider their reason for living.

Any parent with a sick child knows the feeling of helplessness when we look at that sick child helplessly. Any parent with a chronically ill child knows of the knot in their stomach every time the illness rears its ugly head.

But only a parent who "loses" a child knows THAT feeling.

Rush Limbaugh must be a man of no humanity and devoid of any empathy. When one hears comments such as this, it amazes me that anyone would listen to him, much less revere him. To any and all Rush Limbaugh listeners, know this: You now have no excuse to hear his words, unless to ridicule the fat drug addict with a chateau in France. You have become him.

-Noah Greenberg

Planning Ahead

How would you make sure that an investment would pay off? What would be the "perfect situation"? Remember, this would be coming from the minds of people with no empathy for their fellow man (or woman); this would have to ignore the screams and cries of the poor, the sick and the dieing; this would have to be insidiously planned and have a complete disregard for all human beings (except those "in on it") today, tomorrow and years to come. It would have to be similar to what a mafia hit-man philosophy might be - just get the job done.

How would you take power to a new level? Whose help would you enlist? When would you begin preparations?

First, get a weak president. Preferably, it would be a man with a weak mind, easily manipulated and one who would require a lot of help in order to get the job done.
Hello "G"lobal "W"arming Bush

Next, get a brilliant, albeit ruthless, political mind to get the candidate elected, and devise strategies to deflect criticism. You'd need someone with no conscience, willing to do anything and harm anyone in his way. you'd need someone so dedicated to the "power cause" that he would even put the safety of 300 million people at risk by doing things like releasing the name of a CIA undercover operative.
Hello Karl "The Traitor" Rove

Then you get a Secretary of War (it really isn't a Defense position anymore) who is so idealistic and fervent in his beliefs that he will help you convince the candidate that an invasion will be quick, require few troops, almost no occupation afterward and no casualties.
Hello Donald "The Doofus" Rumsfeld

You follow that up with "true believers" who will follow the candidate regardless of flops, fopahs, and lies. They will be true to the candidate because they are followers.
Hello the likes of Condoleezza "I'll do or say anything for George" Rice

You'll need "money men", people with big degrees and lots of letters after their names, but never had a real job or ran a real business, to help you convince "the pundits" that your economic plans are "smart". They will push for ideas like "outsourcing" and "cheap day labor" and attempt to convince the recently US unemployed that things are just about to get better, although they never do.
Say hello to a bevy of Economic advisors, like Dr. N. Gregory Mankiw, whose only real claim to labor was he once worked on a yacht.

Next get big business with their big dollars and big advertising budgets on board to "invest" in much of it. (I use the word "invest" rather that "pay" because these big businesses will get it all back multiple times over.) And if these giants should get into trouble, just ignore it and it will go away.
Welcome Enron, MCI WorldCom, TYCO, Arthur Andersen, etc

Control the Media while still calling them the "Liberal Media". Start by having your very own "news network". Import it from Australia, if necessary. Don't allow pictures of our slain heroes in our newspapers or on our TV sets; Make sure every negative is met with an immediate response from your "media troops"; Change the subject; create smoke screens.
Welcome into your fold the likes of Fox News Channel

Take advantage of a catastrophe, especially one where thousands die. make sure you deflect all responsibility, even though you are 20 percent into your first term.
The "coincidence" of 9/11

Get rid of anyone close to you with a differing viewpoint, even if they are decorated war heroes and make lots of sense.
Say good-bye to people like General Shinseki, Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neill, General Garner, etc.

LIE, LIE, LIE. If they catch you will a smoking gun, say "What gun?" If they hear you say "The other guys are like Nazis," just deny ever saying it.
Say hello to almost the entire "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party

If one of "you" get out of line, punish them.
Say good-bye to your chairmanship, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)

Fool a large group of Americans into believing in you because of one issue.
Welcome the Religious Right

Have someone help you steel an election or two. RECRUIT ANYBODY YOU NEED.
Say hello to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (2000) and Ohio Secretary of State, J. Kenneth Blackwell (2004)

Invade a country with great natural resources.
BOOM, Iraq

Screw up an occupation.
OOPS, Iraq

Keep Iraq unsafe, regardless of how many Children of America or Iraqi civilians are killed
PLAN, Iraq

Removing a dictator in order to take over his oil rich country , thus allowing you and yours the ability to steal the profits, and anything else you want. Extending the occupation indefinitely to keep control of the oil rich country.

Few oil shipments, steal the money... Watch oil demand and prices rise... sell high.
Say hello to control

Steal a little bit petty cash.
Hello $8.8 billion

Make sure your "friends" and contributors have a "taste".
Say hello to military contracting companies

Ignore high drug prices, health care, poverty, unemployment and real wages, etc.
Say Good-Bye to America

Yes, if I were Dick "Go <F---> Yourself Cheney, it's exactly what I would do.

They say that dictators make great partners because they create stability. But these guys want it all, and it appears that their means is instability.

-Noah Greenberg

A Few Words

The following are a few quotes by evangelical Christian minister & writer Jim Wallis, regarding Pat Robertson (as forwarded by Jenny Hanniver):

"Pat Robertson is an embarrassment to the church and a danger to American politics."

"Robertson is known for his completely irresponsible statements - that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were due to American feminists and liberals, that true Christians could vote only for George W. Bush, that the federal judiciary is a greater threat to America than those who flew the planes into the World Trade Center Towers, and the list goes on. Robertson even took credit once for diverting a hurricane. But his latest outburst may take the cake."

"the teachings of Jesus have never been very popular with Robertson. He gets his religion elsewhere, from the twisted ideologies of an American brand of right-wing fundamentalism that has always been more nationalist than Christian."

"Robertson didn't even remember what the Ten Commandments say... 'Thou shalt not kill'"

"Robertson's American fundamentalist ideology gives a lot of good people a bad name... Most conservative evangelical Christians are appalled... "

"To their credit, the World Evangelical Alliance and the National Association of Evangelicals have already denounced Robertson's words. When will we hear from some of the groups from the "Religious Right," such as the Family Research Council, Southern Baptists, and other leaders like James Dobson, Tony Perkins, and Chuck Colson?"

"Robertson's words fuel both anti-Christian and anti-American sentiments around the world."

"George Bush must (disavows Robertson's call to assassinate Chavez), in the strongest terms possible."

"It's time to name Robertson for what he is: an American fundamentalist whose theocratic views are not much different from the 'Muslim extremists'... It's time for conservative evangelical Christians in America... to distance themselves from (Robertson's) embarrassing and dangerous religion."

And it's time for Christian leaders of all stripes to call on Robertson not just to apologize, but to retire.

Someone Who Knows

Former CIA officer Larry Johnson analyzes the situation in Iraq (

There is no effective national government in Iraq. The current group meeting inside the Green Zone to draft the constitution has no real clout. True power is held by tribal chieftains and religious leaders scattered around country. Those leaders are playing both sides of the fence—keeping a toe in the political negotiations in Baghdad while providing money and protection to insurgents.

The insurgency in Iraq is comprised of at least 20 groups. Some of these are Baathists, some are Sunni Islamic extremists, and a few are Shia. They agree on one thing—the United States is an invader and must be expelled. While there is no single leader who can claim the status or mandate as did Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnam days, the insurgents in Iraq are as firm and serious as those we faced in Vietnam.

The continued presence of U.S. combat forces and our operations against Iraqi civilians is recruiting new jihadists from around the Muslim world. Notwithstanding U.S. efforts to win the “hearts and minds” of the Iraqi people, the sectarian strife and the images of U.S. soldiers kicking in the doors of peoples’ homes while searching for insurgents is creating more anger rather than support.

-Robert Scardapane

Move America Forward Launched by Republican Shills

The pro-war group Move America Forward was revealed by Keith Olbermann to be a creation of Sacramento P.R.. firm which has strong ties to the Republican party. They are also part of the Orin Hatch for President campaign. Here's much more information about MAF's antics from the Center for Media and Democracy:

-Robert Scardapane


“I don’t think you can win” the war on terror. "But I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world.”
-"G"lobal "W"arming Bush, August 2004

"We owe them something. We will finish the task that they gave their lives for ... by staying on the offensive against the terrorists, and building strong allies in Afghanistan and Iraq that will help us win and fight, fight and win the war on terror.''
-"G"lobal "W"arming Bush, August 2005

Seems like one big Bush Flop to me! He has no exit strategy. I suspect that Bush is double talking to stall until the permanent bases are built in Iraq.

-Robert Scardapane


More Bush-Speak

"So long as I'm the president, we will stay, we will fight, and we will win the war on terror."
-"G"lobal "W"arming Bush, in a speech to Idaho Veterans

This statement can only be interpreted as Bush intends to stay in Iraq permanently. That is why the Pentagon wants to build 14 large bases. Bush has already spoken of a "generational" commitment to war - some think that means at least 25 years of warfare. The neocons are planning more wars in the Middle East which is why they want the permanent bases in Iraq. They believe we are fighting World War IV ( WW III = Cold War).

Those of us who disagree with this evil distorted world view must speak up. A generation of war will result in massive loss of life, bankruptcy and shutdown of all necessary social services. The time to stop the neocon madness is now.

-Robert Scardapane

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-Noah Greenberg