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Friday-Sunday, August 12-14, 2005



A Question:
If we are going to increase the number of troops in
Iraq by about 20,000 in order to ensure that the Constitution be ratified and that all elections are fair; then we decrease the amount of troops by about 20,000, have we done anything at all?
-Noah Greenberg

A Nation Rocked to Sleep
By Carly Sheehan
Sister of Casey KIA 04/04/04
Sadr City, Baghdad

Have you ever heard the sound of a mother screaming for her son?
The torrential rains of a mother's weeping will never be done
They call him a hero, you should be glad that he's one, but
Have you ever heard the sound of a mother screaming for her son?

Have you ever heard the sound of a father holding back his cries?
He must be brave because his boy died for another man's lies
The only grief he allows himself are long, deep sighs
Have you ever heard the sound of a father holding back his cries?

Have you ever heard the sound of taps played at your brother's grave?
They say that he died so that the flag will continue to wave
But I believe he died because they had oil to save
Have you ever heard the sound of taps played at your brother's grave?

Have you ever heard the sound of a nation being rocked to sleep?
The leaders want to keep you numb so the pain won't be so deep
But if we the people let them continue another mother will weep

-Forwarded by Robert Scardapane

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

as reported in Think Progress blog:

The cast of administration characters with known connections to the outing of an undercover CIA agent:

Karl Rove
I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby
Condoleezza Rice
Stephen Hadley
Andrew Card
Alberto Gonzales
Mary Matalin
Ari Fleischer
Susan Ralston
Israel Hernandez John Hannah
Scott McClellan
Dan Bartlett
Claire Buchan
Catherine Martin
Colin Powell
Karen Hughes
Adam Levine
Bob Joseph
Vice President Dick Cheney
President George W. Bush

To paraphrase an adage - what a tangled web was weave, when Bush started to deceive!

-Robert Scardapane

Whatever Happened to...

Ahmed Chalabi... you remember him, dont'cha? He's the Iraqi who was the main source for all of that info on the WMD's that didn't exist. He's the guy who's "word" we took for Neo-Con gospel that has, so far, helped send 1800 Children of America to their deaths thousands of miles away from home.

He's also the guy who the country of Jordan convicted of embezzling money from Jordanian banks. Somehow, he thought he was going to be the new leader of a Free Iraq. He did weasel his way onto the Iraqi Governing Council, however.) He also has millions of US taxpayer dollars for the "mis- information he "sold" to US.

That's a lot of Chutzpah (it's Yiddish... look it up) for this guy... the guy who conned our Neo-Cons.

He's also the guy who, according to US intelligence, gave US secrets to the government of Iran, a member of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush's "Axis of Evil".

This guy has simply vanished off the radar.

Isn't it funny that as soon as Chalabi is discredited and forms a sort-of alliance with Iran, Iran begins to feel empowered? What did the Bush administration tell this guy in their tit-for-tat exchange with him? We now know that Chalabi was full of it and only told the Bushies what they wanted to hear.

This is just another example of how a Bush administration mistake simply becomes forgotten history that they'll never learn from.

-Noah Greenberg

Hypocrisy - A "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party - Bullet-Point Moment

"The President can't meet with Cindy Sheehan because it would create a bad precedent."
"If President Bush were to meet with
Cindy Sheehan, he would have to meet with every parent of every soldier killed in Iraq who wanted to meet him."

I seem to remember a parent of a soldier killed in Iraq sitting in the rotunda next to Laura Bush during GW's State of the Union address earlier this year. In fact, I remember President Bush pointing her out, the camera swinging toward her hugging The First Lady just in time for the "Aw, shucks" shot.

I don't remember seeing Mrs. Sheehan in the Rotunda. I don't remember seeing any other parent in the rotunda that day. I do remember that made-for-TV moment, however.

Wasn't THAT a "bad precedent" Mr. Bush? Will every mother of every soldier killed in YOUR WAR now have their picture taken in the Capital rotunda with Mrs. Bush, GW?

It's time to suck it up; meet with Cindy Sheehan; answer her questions and take it like a man. There is no hiding behind your father's influential friends and "volunteering" for the non-existent Alabama Air National Guard this time, Georgie-Boy.

-Noah Greenberg

Intimidation - Stick With The GOP Plan

In the movie "Splash", the boy who played a young John Candy threw some coins on the floor, then looked up some girls' skirts. A couple of scenes later, John Candy, the older brother to Tom Hanks lead character, was at a party when he threw coins on the floor, bent down to pick them up and looked under the skirts of some women. When Tom hanks' character saw this, he got mad and scolded his older brother for doing the same thing all these years. John Candy's response was, "Hey... I find out what works for me and I stick with it."

Such is the philosophy of the "G"lobal "W"arming Bush, Karl "The Traitor" Rove" and their "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party.

Now that Spc. Casey Sheehan's mother, Gold Star Mother for Peace President, Cindy Sheehan has made enough noise to begin to get her point across, the Party of Bad Ideas (GOP) has sent their minions to Crawford, TX to out-shout and intimidate Mrs. Sheehan and her supporters. They wave American Flags and tell Mrs. Sheehan's supporters to "go home". It appears that the right to "peacefully gather and exercise their Constitutional Rights" hasn't reached Crawford just yet.

We have seen this before. Remember Florida in 2000 and the "gathering" of "concerned Republicans" that all but bullied their way (with the help of the likes of John Bolton and others) to make sure that "not quite every vote was counted" in order to make sure the "Globalist thieves" were able to steal the election for GW?

Remember the broken and unverifiable voting machines in Ohio in 2004?

And we look forward to the "by invitation only" "MARCH" on Washington sponsored by our very own Department of Defense and its secretary, Donald Rumsfeld. I wonder who's paying for that, Mr. and Mrs. American Taxpayer?

When the threat of jail didn't deter Cindy. Sheehan, they brought out the "big dogs". But what happened next was an influx of other parents of deceased soldiers, parents of soldiers still fighting and many, many concerned people that felt this was the time to "fight that good fight".

More power to Cindy Sheehan and our "true allies" in Crawford, TX. Those of US not there in body are there in spirit, Mrs. Sheehan.

-Noah Greenberg

An "I Can't Believe It Moment" Quote

The past eight months have not been good for the American people. I simply need to get it off my chest. But, rather than writing a rant, I'll let Congressman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) do the speaking. In a Rolling Stone magazine article he describes his unsuccessful battle to defeat an Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank loan to China:

"The Ex-Im loan was a policy so dumb and violently opposed to American interests that lawmakers who voted for it had serious trouble coming up with a plausible excuse for approving it. In essence, the U.S. was giving $5 billion to a state-subsidized British utility (Westinghouse is a subsidiary of British Nuclear Fuels) to build up the infrastructure of our biggest trade competitor, along the way sharing advanced nuclear technology with a Chinese conglomerate that had, in the past, shared nuclear know-how with Iran and Pakistan."

The complete article, Four Amendments and a Funeral, can be found at this URL:

I recommend putting away all breakable objects before reading it!

-Robert Scardapane


Condoleezza Rice says Americans risk missing the forest for the dead soldiers in Iraq. The insurgency is "losing steam," the secretary of state told Time, but
"it's a lot easier to see the violence and suicide bombing than to see the rather quiet political progress that's going on in parallel."

Quiet political progress? Maybe this is what she means. According to the NY Times, gunmen stormed into Baghdad's municipal building Monday, deposed the city's mayor and installed a member of Iraq's most powerful Shiite militia in his place. The deposed mayor is now in hiding, fearing for his life.

Excerpt From The War Room of, forwarded by Casey Sweet


“White House is using the word ‘Recovery’ to deflect us from wondering where ‘Prosperity’ is. They don’t dare use Prosperity. When asked, one-third of U.S. citizens believe it’s getting worse 4 years into this recovery.”
-Tom Oliphant, columnist at Boston Globe in an interview with Al Franken 8/11/05, forwarded by Casey Sweet

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-Noah Greenberg