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Monday, August 8, 2005



"That's one good thing about Canada... Free Health care."
-Bonnie Greenberg, from her bed at New York's Presbyterian Hospital, 2 hours after her 2nd operation in exactly one month

Doug Forrester Has No Credibility

"Apparently, Forrester thinks it's wrong for some government contractors to make campaign contributions, but OK for other contractors, such as himself."
-Herb Jackson, The Bergen Record

Here are the facts: Doug Forrester has a long record of campaign contributions, and a 14 year career in government and politics. After his political career, Doug Forrester became a multi-millionaire government contractor. Doug Forrester's firm made 80% of its money through no-bid public sector contracts.


Forrester will not release a list of his campaign contributions, and he will not release the contracts and the extent of his business dealings.

Here are two questions:

1- Who did Doug Forrester give campaign contributions to?

2- Why won't Doug Forrester release copies of his no-bid public sector contracts?

When you run for Governor on a platform of ending pay-to-play, we expect that to mean everyone, not everyone but you. Come clean, Doug.

-Robert Scardapane

More of OUR Money to Energy Companies


To my dismay, the Energy Bill of 2005 does very little to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. To make matters worst, Tom Delay (R-TX) slipped in $1.5 billion of subsidies to oil & gas exploration companies. Aren't they making enough money already?

The world is rapidly approaching a "peak oil" condition where supply can not meet additional demand. Any disruption in oil supply could easily cause the price to spike at $100/barrel. Such a spike could result in a severe global recession.

America needs a visionary program for energy independence. The Apollo Alliance has outlined a 10-step national program for energy independence by 2015. This program will create three million new jobs and more than a trillion dollars in new economic activity. Americans must urge our leaders to stop the tax giveaways and enact Apollo's bold solution.

-Robert Scardapane

"He was there,"
-Gary Berntsen, CIA field commander for the CIA's Jawbreaker team at Tora Bora, Afghanistan, referring to Osama bin-Laden, according to Newsweek

Additionally, Berntsen states in his about-to-be released book, other US commanders also knew that bin Laden was among the fleeing Taliban hoards leaving Tora Bora. Intelligence operatives tracked him and could have caught him, had they had the "promised support".

"We don't know to this day whether Mr. bin Laden was at Tora Bora in December 2001. Bin Laden was never within our grasp."
-General Tommy Franks, former CENTCOM commander, in a statement from 2004, re-released by National Security Council spokesman, Frederick Jones

That isn't what the guys who were there say, General Franks.

General Franks is "a great American. But he was not on the ground out there. I was."

Better not get on that Air Wellstone flight, Gary.

-Noah Greenberg


All I Ever Wanted


Had To Get Away

-The Go-Go's


Why should Bush have vacation when people are dying because of his lies? He certainly has nothing to be celebrate after eight months of the most immoral agenda in American history; reverse robin-hood taking from the needy to line the pockets of the ultra-wealthy, corporations and war profiteers.

Why should the chicken-hawk-in-chief have fun at ranch with the good ol' boyz - Traitor Rove, Robber Baron Cheney and Torturer Rumsfeld, while the troops and people of Iraq are dying?

-Robert Scardapane

Media Madman

"Moral outrage is the only way to defeat terrible behavior. Today, many of us don't even know what terrible behavior is. Could gangsta rap music have existed 30 years ago?"
-Bill O'Reilly's last column (New York Post, August 8, 2005) which derides the moral decline that's the result of the attack on Christianity by the Left

According to O'Reilly much less people are concerned with their Christianity and much less people are attending church which results in a breakdown of morality across this country.

But another conservative columnist, the highly regarded David Brooks of the New York Times, in his Sunday (August 7, 2005) Op-ed piece totally refutes O'Reilly with statistic after statistic, because crime, which is the best indicator of whether we're going to hell in a handbasket, has reach record lows across this county along with teenage sex, drug abuse and teen pregnancy. Even divorce rates are at record lows.

It seems that the generation following the morally corrupt baby boomers are sick of the permissiveness that has hurt this society as a whole. For example: Kids who grew up in homes where parents divorce don't want their children to face that kind of trauma as they grow up.

I live in New York City and I've seen neighborhoods in practically every borough improve and bloom, where there was nothing but decay, thanks to the end of the crack epidemic that was destroying neighborhood after neighborhood. The murder count in NYC is less than a quarter of what is was just 15 years ago, where it logged well over 2200 a year to nearly 500 murders in 2004. True 500 murders seems like a lot still, but we're talking about a city with well over 8 million people and growing. True, policing has become much more effective thanks to advance techniques pioneered by Rudolf Giuliani and his police commissioner William Braton. But communities have been invaluable allies to the police by concerned citizens working hand and hand with police to protect their communities with new sense of pride never seen before in low income locales.


So Bill I understand your concern but please check the facts.

-Perry Greenberg


The Judith Miller Connection to Treason-Gate

In case you missed it, it's easy with a media that's asleep at the wheel, Judith Miller had a private meeting with "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's Chief of Staff, two days after Ambassador Wilson's article questioning the White House's WMD allegations.

Judith Miller did not print an article but Bob Novak did six days later. "Scooter" Libby is definitely part of the conspiracy to leak Valerie Plame Wilson's name.

-Robert Scardapane


Two Steps to the Right

Since when did FOX NEWS become the all Natalee Holloway Channel? There is no one who feels more for a parent in distress for his or her child than my wife or I do. However, its appalling that the "Fair and Balanced" network (I still chuckle every time I say that) won't even mention health care or Traitor-Gate or President Bush's dwindling approval numbers. Between the disappearance of Miss Holloway and the Michael Jackson trial, network "Luffa-Boy", Bill O'Reilly, might have never had to talk about any REAL NEWS again. Too bad for them that Michael Jackson was found not guilty. I'm sure that they could have filled that time with "The Appeal" for hours.

Rita Crosby? Is MSNBC kidding me? I guess flaunting a one-term Republican Congressman, and shill for the right, Joe Scarborough; an embarrassed ex- CNN host, and heir to the Swanson Frozen Foods fortune Tucker Carlson (a man who can certainly "afford" to be a "libertarian"); Don Imus and his ever-right-moving show (due to the success of Air America Radio's Morning Sedition eating into their former "liberal audience"); and the addition of Monica Crowley, we now can call MSNBC by their new name:



-Noah Greenberg

From WashBlog on Cindy Sheehan's attempt to meet with Bush at Crawford:

As Sherry Glover, MFSO family in Texas, reports the events that unfolded, I'm not sure I can get the fullness of the story into shortened form. Essentially, the Crawford Sheriff offered to deliver Cindy's message but Cindy wasn't having it. Concession made was that Sheriff would escort delegation to a point, a left hand turn in the road. From there the delegation would have to walk and could not walk on the road, but were confined to walking in a ditch alongside the road.

Okay, stop there and think for a moment. Proud veterans, disabled veterans, military families, and military families who have lost their loved ones in Iraq along with Cindy, Mother to fallen soldier in Iraq, Casey Sheehan, made their pilgrimage consigned to a ditch alongside the road, at some place 3 feet high with brush. Contrast this with the full blown regalia of the President's inauguration replete with a show of the military in formal dress and the supposed support of the troops for the CIC, the War President.

I don't need to posit the questions, they should come to you as you image the contrast. But to borrow from Sherry Glover's statement, this administration 'ditched' the veterans again.

-forwarded by Robert Scardapane


Bonnie Quote 2

"We look forward to the time when the power of love will replace the love of power. Then will our world know the blessings of Peace."
-William Gladstone

'Kay... So we've just got to get Kim Jung Il a "lady friend" and everything will be okay, right?

-Bonnie Greenberg, from her bed in New York Presbyterian Hospital

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-Noah Greenberg