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Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Just a reminder:
It's almost four-and-one-half years since George W. Bush took his first oath of office for the Presidency of the United States. There are over 43 million Americans without health insurance and some 80 million have gone without health insurance during the past 4 years.

Still no movement on making sure our fellow Americans can see a doctor when they are sick.

-Noah Greenberg

Propaganda? You Betcha'

If you are in the U.S. Armed Forces overseas, you learn that liberals hate you--that Democrats celebrate when U.S. soldiers are killed or injured, and cheer for enemy victories.

Who is spouting these lies? Who else? Rush Limbaugh--the same draft dodging blowhard bully who spouts the same lies over here.
(Hey... isn't he they guy with the chateau in France? -NG)

But the difference is, here you may be able to find other voices, but for the Armed Forces overseas, the taxpayer-funded Armed Forces Radio and Television Services (AFRTS )carries Limbaugh only.

Remember how the Fascists rose to power in Germany, claiming the "liberal Jews" had "betrayed" the German troops? Sound familiar?

This is not healthy for our democracy.

-David J. Daulton


Statistic from Chris Mathews Hardball Show on 7/13/05. A fresh poll shows that when asked – Is President Bush Honest and Trustworthy? – ONLY 41% say yes. This is a 9% drop from 50% in the previous poll this year asking the exact same question and was considered a significant and substantial change by a bipartisan group. I know the White House often remarks they pay no attention to the polls. My question – Do you think they will pay attention to this one?!! Bet they all have no comment on that as well. Hope the reporters continue to hammer Scott McClellan and ask him about this drop.

Another Chris Mathews Statistic: President Bush’s handling of the economy – Approval 39%, Disapproval 54%.

QUOTES from 7/13/05 Hardball with Chris Mathews

“Looks like a classic example of how not to deal with a scandal.”

-Chris Mathews referring to the Rove-Plame-Wilson scandal

“They (the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople party) seem to think that attacking Joe Wilson is their best defense right now.”

-Andrea Mitchell’s on Hardball

“He (Scott McClellan) is getting pummeled…If one of these things get to be a bleeding problem…They would be so much better off to clear the airScott (McClellan) said Karl Rove was not involvedUntrue….Like waving a red flag in front of the press bull…If they leave it in the present posture it is going to fester.”

-David Gergen (never to be confused with a liberal) on Hardball

“It’s a case of intentional ignorance.”

-Bob Shrum, Former Democrat Strategist, referring to no one really asking Karl Rove what he said and did

“Once a cheater, always a cheater – just replace cheater with leaker.” My thought considering that Rove was fired from the first Bush inner circle for supposedly leaking info and the other accusations that have followed him throughout his career for dirty tricks.

Casey Sweet

Joe's Wife

Even if Joe Wilson was married 10 times, at no point was he a polygamist. Right? Therefore, using a reference to Joe Wilson's wife uniquely identifies that person as much as Valerie Wilson.

But, we both know that the Republicans are engaging in rhetoric, twisting logic and reason. The problem is that many Americans buy into rhetoric. We need to debunk Republican rhetorical trash talk.

-Robert Scardapane

Tongue in Cheek

Open letter to people coming over the border from Mexico without due process, in violation of federal US law.

It is time for Mexican nationals, to petition the United States government to conquer their land, make it a part of the US, carve it up into four or five more states, declare English to be the language of public school education, and submit themselves to the Constitution of the United States of America as the new law of their land, which will become our land. .

I see no other way to solve the illegal problem. W never should have stopped with Texas.

This way, Mexican resources, their oil, and whatever else they have, can be exploited by American (or Chinese) corporations, real estate agents and developers, and retail giants can build cutesy townhomes on all the beaches, resort motels, golf courses, Wal-Marts and malls, not to mention the roadways, freeways and prisons that could be built over their entire chunk of land. This of the paychecks that would create, to be taxed, at 1/3 of everyone's income.

It is time the Mexicans finally capitulated entirely to the United States, and Santa Anna's war be finally, totally lost.

I can see no other reason why fully one tenth of the entire population of Mexico, would be removing themselves here, millions more on the way. It has to be a silent surrender.

But what about Vicente Fox you ask? Ah. He would be an excellent choice for one of the Supreme Court vacancies, and Bush would love to put him there. Bush loves Mexicans, and Blacks also. Or, perhaps he could take Karl (about to be arrested) Rove's place, when that vacancy opens.

Uh.. . ya'll Mexicans better learn to speak English, since ya'll are gonna surrender to the United States, where we all speak and conduct business in English. You won't be able to understand our Constitution unless you do, as it cannot be adequately translated into Mexican. Oh yeah, we don't have much use for the metric system up there either. All our engineering principles (especially construction) are based on pi. For good reason, as architecturally speaking, 100 year specs cannot be met with metric math.

Where would you like us to build a museum for that flag of yours? Of course, we will want the stars and stripes flown all through Mexico, since it will be a part of the United States. We can fit more stars on ours to represent the new states in what used to be Mexico.

You will all be eligible for the draft, when it is reinstated by the Bush administration, and you will all be levied with all the taxes, that we have been paying in the traditional part of the United States, for decades. OSHA. HEW, IRS, CIA, FBI, NSA and dozens of other federal agencies will be down to set you all straight on how you should be conducting business, running your schools, handling crime, and oh yes, don't forget Homeland Security and Patriot Act restrictions. Of course you will be put on the terrorist list by Al-Qaeda, but hey, no worries, swarms of police, and other three letter, assorted agents will be there to protect you. They will protect you from yourselves too.

There is oodles more, like $1500 fines for littering, health codes for eating establishments and motels, protection of water sources, (open cisterns are a no-no) but we can get into that and the rest later. This is exciting, isn't it? I know I'm thrilled.


"Dead or Alive"


It's 1,401 days since President Bush said he was going to get Osama bin-Laden "dead or alive". That's 1,402 days and 1,758 American lives lost.

-Noah Greenberg

A Sobering Thought:

September 11, 2001, America
March 11, 2004, Spain
July 7, 2005, England
Every Day , Israel

-Noah Greenberg



If you want proof that there is a GOD, then take a look at a 25 year sentence for Bernie Ebbers of WorldCom fame and his loss of an appeal.

-Noah Greenberg

Poison Pen Letters

I must confess, I burst out loud laughing at this story (CNN's reporting of the possible reprimand of the GITMO commander). So after all the hysterical accusations in Congress including likening US soldiers at the GTMO-Gulag to NAZIs and Pol Pot this is what turns out to be "torture"...a jock strap on the head..? The detainees are just darn lucky they didn't have to pledge a fraternity where I went to college! This isn't "torture", its hazing...and awfully meek hazing at that! The real torture victim here is the American public who have had to listen to the sheer lunacy of wild over-the-top accusations from ever-more-desperate liberals about GTMO .

(He followed up wit this:)
go ahead. your newsletter needs some spice. its the same crap every day. i mean really now...we've heard for months about "torture" likened to concentration death camps. and what do we find? a handful of incidents where one terrorist was made to wear a bra, a jock on his head and dance with another! now you must admit, that must have been quite a sight! the "talibra" could be a whole new style for them! lord knows they need a new "look". it's darn good thing i'm not in charge of GTMO. so this is what "tuban durbin" and " down 'em and drown 'em teddy" were all lathered up about? gimme a break! this story makes "boxer shorts" and "plastric surgery pelosi" look like fools. of course, they usually look like fools anyway.

-Michael Patmas

Your Site is "Trash Trash Trash"
It is hard to believe that you were born or even live in the USA. You are saying exactly the same things that our enemies are saying about this country. You obviously have never been in the armed forces and served your country. You would sell out this country to the socialist and communist and any other "ists" that exist.

You only purpose is to spread lies about the President and those that are doing their best to save your rights to be so crass.

Why not start being fair and balanced in your postings and stop taking what Michael Moore and Al Franken the head of the Democratic Party are saying. They are know liars and have no credibility as does your website.

-David Kennedy

MEDIA: All you do is spit propaganda out. You are the ones who are pathetic. You would rather sit back and wait for the terrorist to attack us. You believe anything and everything you read (I am speaking to all you Bush haters) as long as it is negative against the admininistration. Instead of being spoon fed by people from the far left, why not try and do some reasearch for a change. I voted for Bush. And the "People who vote for Bush" article is a pack of lies because that is not what we think. These people are the ones splitting this country for their own political gains, can't you see that? We all have differences. That is what makes this country so great. The media is what is splitting us and destroying us. This type of site also, spewing nothing but detest and hatred for anyone who doesn't think or believe the way they do. Conservatives, mainstream ones, don't think the way these far left people say we do. Just ask some without offending them first.

-Sandy Schubert

I won't say much about the posting above. I feel that say more about themselves than they do about most of the people who read "Note From a Madman" and

-To Michael Patmas: If this was your "hazing" in college, I'm glad I didn't attend that university. I wonder how many hours you had to listen to Rush Limbaugh to find these "pearls of wisdom"?
-To David Kennedy: What do you say to groups like the Gulf War Veterans for Peace; The Veterans for Peace; The Veterans Against the Iraq War; etc? Do only people that serve in the military get to speak in "your America"? If that is the case then President Bush needs to do a better job of explaining why a pilot never took his flight exam and lost his privilege to fly. Then he shouldn't say another word; Dick Cheney will need to explain why he was "entitled" to five (count 'em - 5) deferments and shut up as well. (By the way, I just love the "fair an balanced" thing).
-To Sandy Schubert: You voted for President Bush? Wow! I never would have guessed it! Can you give me one instance where you read a lie in Madman? Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, Sandy.

I'm reminded about a Charles Bronson movie, Mr. Majestic. Charles Bronson meets with a Godfather-type character who yells and screams and tells Bronson that he's going to kill him. At that moment, Bronson slugs the guy and says, "No use trying to get on your good side." -NG

More Responses (Ahhh... That's Better)

In response to "The 'truth' is there GW. If you choose to believe it is another story," Robert Scardapane writes:

Let's be blunt about this, the people who did this are guilty of treason. This is a betrayal of our national security. Case closed.

And in response to, "he never actually said Valerie Plame's name, just the 'wife of Joe Wilson'", Robert Scardapane adds:

So, how many wives does Joe Wilson currently have? Of course, they are just playing semantic games. Rove leaked the identity of a CIA agent, arrest him now!

Bush Quote

"I have instructed every member of my staff to fully cooperate in this investigation. I also will not prejudge the investigation based on media reports. I will be more than happy to comment further once the investigation is completed."
-President "G"lobal "W"arming Bush to the press, deflecting answers to the Karl-Rove-the-Traitor-Affair

This could be solved right now, Mr. President. Ask Karl Rove, your good buddy (the one fired by your father, by the way) if he was the one who released Valerie Plame's identity. If he did, fire him or ask him to resign; ask him who told him Ms. Plame's identity (since most presidential "friends" don't have that kind of clearance, it had to come from somewhere); then pardon him and get back to the task of running our country. Stop blaming the press (the most favorable to a president since George Washington) for your staff's criminal acts and start showing some backbone.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg