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Monday, July 4, 2005




Jaaaack's Baaaack

After spending a week recuperating from a broken neck and other assorted injuries, in one of the "premier" hospital and medical complexes, I am more convinced than ever of the need for SPUHC (Single Payer Universal Health Care), and a complete overhaul of this sad excuse for a medical system.

It is the only system I know of where the patient/consumer, pays for all capitalization, salaries, etc. and has absolutely no say as to how his money is being spent, or the quality of his care she receives.

While alone and bleeding profusely, I ultimately managed a "911" call. The operator appeared more concerned with obtaining demographic data than with calling an ambulance. When I finally advised; "No ambulance, no info"), she finally gave in and called.

The EMTs came to the exact entrance I specifically asked the operator not to send them to, and kept asking me if I wanted to go to the hospital...duh!

The hospital was a medical/political incorrect one, so my personal physician was not allowed to see me.

I waited in severe pain in the hallway of the ER for hours before a resident physician finally saw me. He ordered X-rays, which clearly indicated my neck was broken, and my spinal nerve bundle in danger of separating.

Yes, I had a life threatening condition and no, they did not have an adequate OR to perform the surgery there.

I was then offered the names of several specialists. When I requested their professional and educational document ion, their response was: "Oh Dr. ------, he is very good."

I had to wait half the day for an ambulance to transfer me to the other hospital.

They took more X-Rays, and ultimately the surgeon appeared advising my that the broken vertebrae had shifted, the situation was more grim, and he was operating in the morning.

During my "recovery", I had to often wait as long as four hours for a pain pill, or other assistance.

I had a call button, which was simply a symbol, especially at night.

The personnel in charge to my discharge and placement planning had no clue as to what available community resources there were. Their primary concern was to remove my body from the hospital, and make room for another "hot one".

This personal experience has inspired me to organize a "Universal Health Care Now" consulting and lobbying firm. I would like to invite anyone interested in this to contact me. Will have a site up and running shortly.

-Jack Kashinsky

I know we all wish Jack a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing from him some more. Get better soon Jack. -NG

A Smart Vote

In case you didn't notice, the House passed HR 344 by a vote of 398-15. This bill expresses the sense of Congress that a Chinese government owned company (CNOOC) should not be allowed to control U.S. energy infrastructure and production.

Clearly, most Democrats agreed with Republicans on this issue.

I rarely find myself in agreement with Republicans but in this case common sense and a national security must prevail. Free trade is not a suicide pact. The Chinese have not been acting in the spirit of free trade and they mean to corner the world's energy resources for themselves.

I condemn economists such as Catherine Mann who claim this will be "good for our economy". I remind our readers that Catherine Mann wrote in 2001 how outsourcing was good for America. She said that a second wave of industrialization and information technology is coming and we would have full employment by now. Well, what happened?

This event should serve as a warning that the world's energy demand can not be satisfied by maintaining the status quo. Conflicts are inevitable. Our nation should make it a high priority to invest in alternate fuel technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, biomass, wind and hybrid gas-battery automobiles. In the meantime, we must be careful about giving away the store.

-Robert Scardapane

GW on the Environment

Ahead of the G8 summit, President Bush said that climate change is "a significant, long-term issue that we've got to deal with". Well, the Democrats have been saying that for the past 4 1/2 years! Yet, this administration consistently dismissed all scientific data on the subject as "junk". So, if the President is serious about the issue, he should acknowledge the Apollo Alliance for energy independence. He should fund basic research to solve the technical issues concerning the deployment of hydrogen fuel cells in automobiles.

-Robert Scardapane

This Week's Fox News Advertiser to Boycott Is:

The Home Depot


Home Depot of Atlanta, GA, and their Board of Directors are huge "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party Contributors. In fact, Former Homeland Security Secretary, and famed color coordinator, Former Governor Thomas J. Ridge (R-PA) is on the Home Depot board as well.


The Home Depot Board of Director has contributed no less than $150,000 to "G"lobal "W"arming Bush and the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party since 2002. Here is a chart on their contributions (or is it payola... sometimes I get confused)?

The Home Depot
4/15/2002 $10,000 RNC/Repub National State Elections Cmte
Gregory D. Brenneman (and wife Rhonda) - CEO, Burger King
8/19/2003 $1,000 Inouye, Daniel K
3/7/2002 $1,000 Bowles, Erskine B
5/28/2004 $10,000 Republican National Cmte
5/28/2004 $5,000 Republican National Cmte
8/19/2003 $1,000 Inouye, Daniel K
2/5/2002 $1,000 Bentsen, Ken
Richard H. Brown - Former EDS CEO
5/27/2004 $5,000 Republican National Cmte
7/15/2004 $500 Kent County Republican Cmte
11/30/2004 $500 Kent County Republican Cmte
11/24/2004 $200 Republican National Cmte
John L. Clendenin - Retired CEO of Bell South
11/20/2003 $1,000 Bennett, Robert F
5/13/2004 $15,000 Republican National Cmte
Milledge A. Hart, III - CEO, The hart group (He did give sizeable contributions to Democrats, as well)
3/22/2005 $2,000 Hutchison, Kay Bailey
12/30/2003 $2,000 Hutchison, Kay Bailey
Bonnie G. Hill - B. Hill Enterprises, LLC
6/9/2004 $15,000 Republican National Cmte
1/7/2005 $2,000 Home Depot
2/4/2004 $500 Republican National Cmte
Laban P. Jackson - CEO, Clear Creek Properties, Inc
2/26/2004 $2,000 Bush, George W
Kenneth G. Langone - CEO, Invemed Associates, Inc.
9/10/2004 $25,000 National Republican Senatorial Cmte
5/27/2003 $2,000 Specter, Arlen
5/27/2003 $2,000 Specter, Arlen
8/24/2004 $1,000 Sweeney, John E
7/23/2002 $1,000 Cornyn, John
5/23/2001 $1,000 Sweeney, John E
5/23/2001 $1,000 Sweeney, John E
9/12/2001 $500 Greenwood, James C
5/7/2001 $500 Sweeney, John E
10/4/2004 $357 Arkansas Leadership Cmte 2003 FCRC
10/4/2004 $1,190 Republican Party of Ohio
10/1/2004 $506 Republican Party of Minnesota
10/6/2004 $238 New Hampshire Republican State Cmte
Robert L. Nardelli - SEO - The Home Depot
9/17/2003 $25,000 Republican National Cmte
5/13/2004 $20,000 Republican National Cmte
6/30/2003 $2,000 Bush, George W
6/30/2003 $2,000 Bush, George W
Totals $159,991 Home Depot's Contributions to the "G"eed "O"ver "P"eople Party Since 2002


Personally I always try to buy my goods from Rupp's Ace Hardware, a franchise owned and operated in my New Jersey town for as long as I can remember.


-Noah Greenberg


In response to, "There must be rewards set up for companies that keep jobs here in the US and penalties for those who outsource. The American Economy first. The global Economy later," Robert Scardapane writes:

Absolutely right! That is one reason for supporting Senator Kerry in 2004. My only regret is that the propagandists at Fox News and radio talk shows succeeded in drowning out Senator Kerry's message. Please open your ears America, our prosperity is rapidly eroding - don't be fooled by the tyranny of statistics. When wealth concentrates at the top, the numbers may look okay but the bulk of the country is failing.

When the consumer based economy collapses, everyone, except the upper 5-10%, will be sucked into the vortex. The probability is high that the so-called global economy will collapse as well.

No place to run, no place to hide.

In response to, "And what of these "additional profits"? At least these companies must be paying more in taxes, right?", Robert Scardapane writes:

You might also ask - "what about the price of goods and services for the American consumer?" . Surely, if a good/service costs less to produce, the price would fall proportionately. Guess again! As Ron Hira of IEEE pointed out this morning on Washington Journal, one reason companies hide outsourcing from consumers is that they would demand lower prices.

Personally, I would rather keep the jobs here and pay higher prices. But, it's a valid point that consumers and even shareholders are benefiting far less than those at the top who siphon off the profits. As Madman correctly points out, these profits are not taxed when made overseas. Hence, outsourcing a job overseas is a "lose-lose" event - America loses a job and the taxation associated with that job.

In addition, America is losing the economic multiplier effect of good paying white collar jobs - every one of these jobs support 2-3 lower wage jobs. I believe this is why we having a hard time keeping pace with new employees entering the job market.

Education is important but there is something terribly broken when newly educated biotech engineers, MBA's, etc... have a tough time finding an entry level job.

The government in nations such as China and India are engaged in planning. Our leadership has been completely disengaged over the past 4 1/2 years. I believe this is the result of pursuing the flawed philosophy of supply-side economics. The government must get back into the game and stimulate growth through government sponsored innovation. As I said before, there is one place we can start - research and develop the technologies needed to deploy hydrogen fuel cells in automobiles. Even though I am a sucker for ventures into space, research in this area is plainly more valuable than a "Mission to Mars".

Threatening Quotes

"We demand that the U.S. Congress correct its mistaken ways of politicizing economic and trade issues and stop interfering in the normal commercial exchanges between enterprises of the two countries,"
-A Chinese Government Statement

China demands? Since when do we respond to threats from foreign nations. I said before that trade with an unfair partner, namely China, would eventually lead to conflict. It's better to settle this matter sooner rather than later. China must live up WTO obligations to float their currency and stop flooding our market with cheap goods. They must live up to ILO labor standards and institute rights for workers such as allowing unions. They must live up to minimal environmental protections. They must also stop persecuting people on religious grounds and stop threatening Taiwan with military war games.

Otherwise, let's impose a 27.5% tariff on all imports from China. Sure, that will make the "always low" Wal-Mart price a little higher. But, it's time to stop ripping our nation's economy apart just to make products a dollar or two cheaper. We must insist on fair trade and not simply accept the pseudo-religious maxim of "free trade".

"America has no business in the agriculture business"
-A top Chinese Official

Making friends again eh .. so, what business will China permit America to be in? I didn't know realize we needed to consult them on all of our economic decisions.

This is what happens when your nation has no economic plan and you trade with one that knows exactly what they want. They tend to play you as suckers.

I don't what the ultimate answer is with the China trade relationship. I hope there is a happy ending for both of our nations . I hope they become democratic and their workers get paid decent wages. I hope Americans find job stability and a rising real wage. But so far, I see nothing but problems down the road.

-Robert Scardapane

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-Noah Greenberg