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Thursday, June 9, 2005



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Sorry about that folks, -NG

I try not to endorse other websites or organizations. But this issue is issue number one for me and "Note from a Madman". It's good information that I think needs to be explored. -NG

Grassroots Movement For HR 676
(That's Health Care, Boys and Girls)

Last night, I was surfing the Internet looking for references on
SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE plans. In particular, I wanted to determine if there is interest in the John Conyers (D-MI) bill, HR 676 that transforms Medicare into a single payer health care plan. Similar plans are popular in other industrialized nations.

HR 676 will be financed by a small 3.6% payroll tax matched by the employer. People can freely chose their doctors. Fees are regulated and paid by a single insurer. All nations with such plans reduced health care cost while providing universal access to quality care. I think the time for an American plan is now.

To my delight, I discovered an organization that is building national grassroots support for HR 676. This organization, called the
CAMPAIGN FOR NATIONAL HEALTH PLAN NOW (CNHPNow / HealthNow), has the support of labor unions and groups such as UP FOR DEMOCRACY, CODEPINK and NOW.

Their web site at contains a petition to support HR 676 and a list of Congressional co-signers. We can all help by urging our Congressional representative to co-sponsor this bill. In addition, the NJ MEDIA CORPS will shortly roll out a letter writing campaign in support of HR 676.

-Robert Scardapane

What you have to believe to be a "Bush Republican"


-Noah Greenberg


Robert's History Lesson

The history of these trade agreements is hard to follow.

GATT was actually signed in October 13, 1947 (Truman?). It provided a framework for tariff reductions and commodity quotas. GATT was superseded by the WTO and was signed in 1994 by President Clinton. NAFTA is definitely Clinton.

By the way, Bush Senior would have signed both as well.

Bush voted to allow China into the WTO - they are even regarded as a developing nation. The MFN (Most Favored Nation) status must be renewed every year! Bush renewed it each and every year despite the evidence it has destroyed our manufacturing base and that China doesn't live up to it's part of the bargain.

Okay, I'll grant that Clinton was the first to sign the China MFN. I disagreed with him on trade. To be honest, I disagreed so strenuously that I voted for Ross Perot despite having very little in common with him otherwise. But, let's be careful about letting the Republicans play the "blame Bill Clinton game". They were very good at it during the 2004 election. What Clinton did is only important from an historical perspective. Once again, the China MFN is up for renewal yet have you heard much debate about renewing it?

My main point is that Bush feeds the Chinese monster and then whines about them. You can't have it both ways. Isn't it amusing how Marx's statement that "capital is the rope that hangs the capitalists" is once again proven.

Ten years from now, China will be the economic and military world power and I doubt they will be peaceful. They have scores to settle with Taiwan and even worst Japan. Will the United States and EU sit by idly while Taiwan or Japan is attacked? I doubt it and that is when the real nightmare begins.

-Robert Scardapane

A Thought from Lew Warden

God only knows what your readers think about my spilling my guts out on your site. I’m pleased you find it worth publishing, but I’m curious about the reaction because I don’t usually sell well with the more liberal liberals or the more conservative conservatives. In fact, some of them have gotten downright hostile and in my face about my silly opinions.


-Lew Warden

This newsletter isn't only for Democrats or Progressives. It does, however, have a Progressive lean to it, as it should. The newsletter and website,, references my thoughts and leanings. Anyone who has a similar site, whether left-leaning or so far to the right that it would make Attila the Hun blush, that says they publish "objectively" is full of it, plain and simple.

But anyone, and I mean anyone, who writes a smart article for
Madman can get it published, although I do limit the responses to original articles for brevity's sake. -NG

Media Madman

A Real New York Times Headline
"Jobless Claims Post Biggest Drop in 7 Weeks"

The drop in claims is ''consistent with solid job creation."
-Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary

Do you know what else is ''consistent with solid job creation", Scott? Already unemployed people don't file jobless claims! Additionally, those same people who fall of the unemployment rolls aren't included in the unemployment statistics. This is the reason we have little or no job growth at all. This is the reason that job growth can't keep up with population growth, or immigration, or the college graduates seeking employment.

By the way, Scott, REAL WAGES have declined yet again.

Sometimes being "consistent" isn't really all that "solid."

-Noah Greenberg

by Jack Kashinsky

Jack on Lew Warden's view of politicians:

Precisely what were the evils of JFK, LBJ and Bill Clinton?

My problem with Republican attorneys/politicians is the reverse of what Warden states. They take simple and workable solutions and convolute them into "complex and seemingly insoluble problems". Like the desperate need to "fix" Social Security and all of the complexities involved. All we need to do is remove the cap and let EVERYONE pay his/her fair share.

Then there are the "complex" problems concerning Medicare. it is simply another "need vs. greed" situation. All we need to do is what every other industrialized country in the world is doing...except the US; go to the proven most cost-benefit/effective health insurance program in the world; Single Payer Universal Health Care.

Another choice would be to expand the Medicare Program to cover EVERYONE. The loading and administrative costs of Medicare are 1/2 those of the private insurance racketeers, despite the fraud and the sabotage of the Bush Administration.

These "fat boys" you refer to, have been getting "fat" at the expense of the rest of us. The right wing controlled Republican Administration and legislators have taken ALL of the "evil" Bill Clinton's surplus and given it to your "fat boys".


The GOP and George W. Bush have taken us from a record surplus to a record deficit in less than four years!

Even if feasible, you guys (the Greed Over People Party) would pass legislation outlawing a national boycott.

Oh yes, I do not consider a Lexus or an Infiniti exactly "crap", but then again, these high end products are purchased by the "fat boys", or those who are only 1/2 step ahead of the repo-man.

Jack on Madman's view of Iran and Iraq:

On Iran, Noah, I couldn't agree with you more.

We now have a trio of Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Hezbollah has, with the overt help of Syria and Iran, taken control of Lebanon.

My prediction: Hezbullah will do everything in it's power to disrupt any peace process in Israel and Iraq.

Iraq will be in a nasty civil war as soon as the major US forces are redrawn, they will sit back and even help the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites to kill one another and then step in and pick up the pieces.

The US will be forced to make a painful decision as to whether to allow Iraq to fall into the Iranian sphere of influence, or face the prospect of redeploying US Military with the clear possibility of dealing with four Muslim countries, plus the Taliban and the terrorists in Afghanistan.

If we opt to go back to protect the oil industries interests, we will have no other possible alternative but to bring back the draft. We will also open up the distinct possibility of a WW III.

Of course al Qaeda will be stirring up the pot in every way it can.

And all this while the people of Darfur are raped, pillaged and starved all in the name of ethnic cleansing. -NG


A "Welcome to the REAL WORLD" Quote

"signs of froth in some local (housing) markets where home prices seem to have risen to unsustainable levels."
-Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman

Welcome to the world that more than 99 percent of Americans live in, Mr. Greenspan. I guess all those 3-4 hour baths you take have finally given you enough time to reflect on your past incredible arguments. I'll attribute those old, stale arguments the result of your living in, and listening to those who work in "The Beltway".

Mortgages with a greater risk are gaining in popularity, such as interest-only loans, but they, "are developments of particular concern,"
-Chairman Greenspan

Hey, Alan...with those high housing prices, the only way the average family (earning less than $44,000 per year, according to the 2000 Census) can afford a house today IS by taking one of these loans. And do the banks mind making them? Of course not. Whether they make money by charging extra fees and higher interest rates on portions of the loans because people can't afford the 20 percent down payment, or they get to foreclose and sell the house right out from under the mortgage holder's feet. It's a win-win situation for the friends of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush and his Greed Over People Party friends.

The economy faces a number of risks posed by "imbalances and uncertainties", including the nation's" negligible" savings rate.
-Chairman Greenspan

"Imbalances and uncertainties?" The chairman must have visited an average American family sometime this past week. As far as those "negligible" savings rates are concerned, JUST HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK TE AVERAGE AMERICAN FAMILY CAN SAVE THESE DAYS?

Thanks for finally getting out of the tub, Mr. Greenspan. You were "all wet" in there anyway.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg