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Wednesday, June 1, 2005



Our Technology Should Remain Just That... OURS

The United States and EU are locked in a battle over subsidies to aerospace companies. The EU wants the United States to drop tax credit and research grants provided to Boeing on defense contracts. The United States wants the EU to end government launch aid to Airbus. WTO rules are being cited by both sides in the dispute.

I wonder, if the United States was a member of the WTO in the 1960's, would we have ever gone to the moon? What would be the state of technology in our nation if the government didn't subsidize research?

I'll put it plainly. I dislike multi-lateral trade agreements such as NAFTA and WTO. These trade regimes have not leveled the playing field. Instead, they are used as mechanisms for labor and environmental abuse. Now, the agreements even discourage research.

Our government must be able to partner with business on developing advanced technology. Without innovation, how can we escape our economic doldrums?

-Robert Scardapane

Deep Throat, Part 2

Now don't get excited, you X-Rated movie fans. I'm not speaking about the second installment of the Linda Lovelace flick from some 30 years ago (like most of you didn't know what I was talking about).

Some people say (do i have to pay Fox News a royalty for using that?) that if you ask 10 men if they ever saw a porno movie, 9 might tell you "no" and 8 would be lying.

Anyway... let's get back to the Watergate Deep Throat. The Right is attacking W. Mark Felt as a "traitor" and a "scoundrel". Most of US consider the former second in command at the FBI a hero and integral to the resignation of that "crook", President Nixon (imagine the 2 fingers on each hand and the hunched shoulders as you read this) and his gang at the White House. others called Felt on the carpet for what he did.

Let me set my feelings straight on the subject, so there is no ambiguity:


I say that with no apologies to Pat Buchanan, the Right-Wing-Nut of all Right-Wing-Nuts at the Greed Over People party. Imagine, if you will, that the crimes of President Nixon would never have been found out. Imagine that the likes of Dean, Ehrlichman, Liddy, Mitchell, et al, would never have had to account for their CRIMES. That's right, i said CRIMES. No matter how the Right tries to put a "revisionist history" on Watergate, these were CRIMES committed by President Nixon and his gang at C.R.E.E.P. (The Committee to Re-Elect the President).

Here's some more scary stuff, and its how the WRONG Wing of the Greed Over People Party are treating Mr. Felt's revealing himself to the American Public. They are actually saying that Mr. Felt should have gone to President Nixon with his concerns. Yeah telling your boss that he's a crook is a great get-ahead plan.

Did Wellstone Airlines fly back in the 70's?

The Greed Over People party say that he was "an employee with a grudge" because he wasn't named interim FBI chief when J. Edgar Hoover died.

W. Mark Felt did what was right; it was proper; it was HEROIC. Period.

Listening to Pat Buchanan on Imus in the Morning, you'd think that Richard Nixon was a saint and all of his ills were the evil workings of the Devilish "Liberal Media". Everything Nixon did, according to Buchanan were simply "errors" or "bad judgment." "Richard Nixon made mistakes." Just look at this exchange:

Imus: "Why didn't he (Nixon) burn the tapes?"
Pat Buchanan: "I recommended that."

WOW!!!!!... Pat Buchanan admitting to advising then President of the United States, Richard Nixon to break the law and destroy federally subpoenaed documents!


The sheer gall of these people.

"I don't think that anyone would think that's heroic."
-Pat Buchanan

That makes sense, Mr. Buchanan. Apparently you don't "think" at all.

Thank GOD for W. Mark Felt. We're lucky to have him. I just wish there were more of him.

Noah Greenberg

This Past Memorial Day

As Americans paid their respects on Memorial day, the GOP (Greed Over People) passed up a golden opportunity to show their respect for the troops. On Wednesday, the GOP defeated a House Bill targeted to provide adequate health care for reservists and National guards. The GOP claims they love the troops but when the rubber meets the road, they spin their wheels. Of course, they did manage to find 100 million dollars for Bush's Social Security rip-off traveling road show. They did find money to repeal the estate tax and a 8 billion dollar tax break for oil companies. The priorities of the GOP clearly are not the ordinary people who fight for their country.

-Robert Scardapane

Media Madman

Yesterday's NY Times editorial suggested that the Alternative Minimum Tax is unfair to middle class families, especially in areas like New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, etc. It is. Some lawmakers, most from the Greed Over People Party want to eliminate the AMT. This would allow the very rich (those earning over $1 million dollars in investments, for example) the ability to keep more, if not all of their money. If you're counting, that's another $610 million that is going out of the US Treasury and into the pockets of the very rich, some 7,600 millionaires. That's 0.0025 percent of all Americans!

Consider it another tax break to the already unbelievably wealthy.

The editorial made some good points, including the fact that the very rich pay less income taxes than you or I do. This is due to the fact that investments are taxed at a fraction of what real earned income is.

"The tax on a $1,000 capital gain from the sale of stock generally comes to $150, while the tax on $1,000 of salary can be as high as $350,"
-The NY Times Editorial, May 31, 2005

Where have we heard all this before? RIGHT HERE on MADMAN! That's where. (See Madman - The Alternative Minimum Tasx and Big Al; - Social Security Tax Vs. The Capital Gains Giveaway; and - Social Security Vs. Capital Gains)

I just love it when the "paper of Record" catches on a day late and a dollar short.

-Noah Greenberg

Another Observation

A while back I suggested that we could solve our problem in Iraq simply by saying we won and pulling our troops out of there and bringing them home. My friends said this would not work because there would be civil war.


Can someone please tell me the name of what is going on in Iraq now?

-Carroll S. Rankin (aka: oldcurmudgeon)


In response to Perry Greenberg's "Dirty Dozen" option for Army recruitment, Pat Thompson writes:

If our country was actually in danger, I'd bet on the post-menopausal grandmas! We'd kick some ass, while preserving the lives of our sons and grandsons.

In response to Memorial Day Madman, Pat Thompson writes:

I went to the Memorial Day parade in Jamesburg (NJ) and watched the very few remaining WWII veterans, some walking, some riding, and broke down and cried. How sad it all is -- but those that died surely did the world a big favor in ridding it of Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. And those that lived through the war were welcomed home to a grateful country with a GI Bill that allowed returning veterans to go to college, many the first in their family to do so, and allowed them to buy homes with VA Mortgages. Hopefully we will do all that and more for the returning veterans of today. But better still, couldn't we be more like Canada and opt out of these useless, needless wars? Canada has avoided the following wars that the US fought: The Revolutionary War ( they are independent but remain loosely tied to Great Britain), the Civil War (they talked to Quebec when they wanted to secede), the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the Iraq War. Not to mention lots of little ones.



"While this represents the longest period of growth in the last 16 years, the data also indicates that the sector is losing momentum,"
Norbert J. Ore, chairman of The Institute for Supply Management

The positive SPIN (Karl Rove would be proud) that Mr. Ore was trying to put forth is that, according to how these people figure manufacturing growth, manufacturing actually grew for the 24th month in a row.

That's a production growth, boys and girls, not manufacturing jobs. That means that the big boys are getting more out of their hard-working American workers and are pocketing the difference.

"There are worries, concerns, that the manufacturing sector of the economy is very close to contracting,"
-Hugh Johnson, chief investment officer of Johnson Illington Advisors, Albany, NY

Worries? Finally someone other than the people who have actually lost their jobs are getting "worried". It's about <darn> time (I promised... no more swearing... but that was a hard one).

This chart shows the REAL STORY. Notice the DOWNWARD TREND in Manufacturing Employment.


Manufacturing Jobs in Thousands
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual Percent Loss from 2000
2000 17179 17193 17236 17249 17262 17403 17319 17364 17278 17251 17227 17200 17263 -
2001 16993 16934 16870 16750 16646 16615 16392 16332 16185 16010 15847 15723 16441 4.8%
2002 15475 15414 15375 15340 15335 15399 15273 15272 15195 15096 15010 14919 15259 11.6%
2003 14744 14675 14654 14562 14556 14594 14432 14467 14420 14368 14339 14304 14510 15.9%
2004 14171 14172 14220 14270 14343 14444 14386 14449 14404 14387 14362 14338 14329 17.0%
2005 14180 14211 14248 14258                    ??????????


There goes the Greed Over People Party again... spitting (I was going to use a different word) in our faces and telling us its raining.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg