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Tuesday, May 31, 2005



Deep Throat Revealed and Another Hero Punished


W. Mark Felt, a former FBI official was, and I guess is, Deep Throat, the guy who was the catalyst behind the resignation of President Richard Nixon. For those of you who don't remember or never knew, Deep Throat (the man, not the X-Rated movie) was the source used by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post that started the impeachment ball rolling. He was played by Hal Holbrook in the movie, "All the President's Men" starring Robert Redford (Woodward) and Dustin Hoffman (Bernstein).

''The No. 2 guy from the FBI, that was a pretty good source,''
-Ben Bradlee, Woodward's and Bernstein's editor at the Washington Post during the Watergate era (Jason Robards played Ben Bradley)

''I'm the guy they used to call Deep Throat,''
-Felt to John O. O'Connor in Vanity Fair

''The family believes that my grandfather, Mark Felt Sr., is a great American hero who went well above and beyond the call of duty at much risk to himself to save his country from a horrible injustice. We all sincerely hope the country will see him this way as well.''
-Nick Jones, Felt's grandson, in a prepared family statement

Upon hearing the news, Felt's pension was revoked and his grandson was drafted (just kidding).

Now, back to reality. Where is today's Deep Throat? When someone has the temerity to open their mouth and speak the truth, they are ridiculed; they are ostracized; they are discredited. Take a look at what happened to Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife, the undercover CIA agent whose identity was revealed by Robert Novak. Where is the justice there?

General John Riggs, a 39 year veteran of the US Army, and a winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery during the Vietnam War, is a man who tells the truth and was "kicked down" because of it. A former three-star General, Riggs spoke the truth about the Army being "overstretched". This didn't sit well with Donald Rumsfeld.

What was Riggs reward for being a great, brave soldier who put the lives of his troops above his own? Last year he was informed by a senior Army official that he was being retired, and that he was losing one of his three stars. The "infraction" that caused his "release" from the Army was so insignificant that the Army didn't even see fit to put it on his record!

"That's the coldest way in the world to leave. It's like being buried and no one attends your funeral."
-Gen. Riggs

"They all went bat <s---> when that happened. The military part of (the defense secretary's office) has been politicized. If (officers) disagree, they are ostracized and their reputations are ruined."
-retired Army Lt. Gen. Jay M. Garner, the man with a REAL PLAN in Iraq, who was similarly and unceremoniously relieved of his "duties" as the first administrator of Iraq

Anyone see a pattern here?

Just to put this in perspective, Gen. Riggs lost is star for allowing outside contractors to perform work they were not supposed to do, considered a "minor infraction." The loss of a star is usually reserved for "serious infractions", such as dereliction of duty, command failures, adultery or misuse of government funds or equipment. Gen. Riggs was not accused of any of these. Naval officers didn't lose rank due to the Tailhook scandal. No officer lost rank due to the Abu Ghraib scandal.

By the way... Rumsfeld's office had a "no comment" regarding General Riggs.

General Riggs was "leading the often contentious, even acrimonious debate among military planners about how to transform today's ground divisions into high-tech fighting units of the future."
-Scientific American, December 2002, in naming Riggs one of the United States' top Technology Leaders

"It is outrageous that John Riggs was reduced in rank for such a minor offense, which should never outweigh his 30-plus years of exemplary service to the Army and the nation,"
-Gen. John M. Keane, the Army's No. 2 officer, who wrote the "memo of concern" that triggered the disciplinary action

Riggs was also accused of criminal activity and adultery. Neither charge was valid.

"I did become sort of a persona non grata,"
-Lt. Gen. Riggs

Not in my eyes, General.

-Noah Greenberg


Pork in the Sky

The revivified Reagan's "pork in the sky" plan comes at a time when the Lipper (GW) is closing military facilities around the country to "get rid of pork", is doubling the veterans co- payments on prescriptions benefits. and inaugurating a $250.00 fee before they can receive benefits.

Where are all you pro-Bush veterans? Not a peep from any of your devout ed (to themselves) leaders while The Lipper continues "saving" the VA Program along with all of the other entitlements.

Re: Health Care Proposals. The AARP were largely responsible for putting what may turn out to be the final nail in Medicare's coffin. Could the fact that they sell their own Group Association Health Insurance through a parasitic, private company have any bearing on this? The AFL-CIO have the best health care plan that strike pressure can buy, and have not given more than lip service to SPUHC (Single Payer Universal Health Care). The Democrats and Repugs (of the Greed Over People Party) who voted with Senator Boxer all have the very best health care coverage that our tax dollars can purchase.

I don't know what Progressives would say, but I do know that we Liberals have been clambering for SPUHC for eons. Democrats like Barbara Boxer do not make our task any easier.

-Jack Kashinky


I'd like to know where Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) is, Jack. -NG



In response to:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
In light of the state of the world these days, where millions (including Darfour) are adversely affected by Islam, I must ask, is Islam really a religion?

Rhian writes:

Jesus, who of all individuals has so far had the most impact for the longest time, of any, said 'by their works shall ye know them, whether they be of
God or of Satan'

Many believe Jesus was the son of
God. Many more do not. Regardless of belief one way or another, the guy was by all New Testament accounts, not one to behead, stone, jihad, take revenge, maim and constantly offered the advice to 'love one another, as I have loved you'

President Bush, who evidently believes he is under the watchful eye of
God , who would be the literal father of Jesus, is busy handing our tax dollars to Islam of Palestinian flavor, and also busy arranging for the death of the sons and daughters of America at the hands of Islam, by insisting (after several lies about agenda) that Islam in Iraq must have 'democracy' no matter what the cost.

I have a better idea if anyone wants to elect me President. In the United States of America, ince Islam is recognizable as a politicized brotherhood of bloody violence by their works, strip it of all protection under the Constitution as a religion. Revoke citizenship of anyone who decides to be a part of it.

The current administration will go down in history as the one that made the grave mistake of elevating Islamic criminals to a level of worthy of war with the United States of America. I would correct that, order the troops out Iraq and Afghanistan, and sic the CIA and FBI on them, with personal rewards for terrorist ringleaders of $1 million each for confirmed kills.

Our current administration has our military slaughtering Islamists in Iraq, yet allows/supports laws decimating to the Constitution to be passed at home, yapping constantly about homeland security while our borders are sieves that leak illegals at the rate of 3 million per year. Excuse me?

I propose that we put a volunteer military on our borders, and pull our people and our expenses out of the middle east.

If anyone wants 'democracy' in the form of a Constitutional Republic, which is what we have, we could certainly provide copies to anyone who would request them, to set up their own governments.

The mother of all conundrums is the idea that any Islamic country could possibly sustain democracy. Islam is the enemy of women, of enlightenment, of peace, of life, of liberty and of the pursuit of happiness.

As a woman I will shout to any Muslim, give me liberty or give me death, meaning, liberty from Islamic suppression by gender, or your death.

And, if I were president, no decision would be made, especially about your tax dollars, without consent of the people who pay those taxes.

It's called voting.

And, I am the only one I know who has ideas to replace those that are being used to destroy stability, security, principle and hope. The lies stop here. The passing of the buck stops here. It's past time to take the load of the world off the backs of the American middle class. It's time to stop the bleeding of our jobs and privacy and lifestyles to those who bleed us like leeches, (like Mexico).

Those boys in DC might be shaking in their highly polished tasseled shoes, but I have no fear. Hooorah America!

In response to Jack Kashinky's Flag Desecration piece, Phil Ebersole writes:

I respect your feelings. I also think the purpose of this proposed amendment is not to guard against the non-existent problem of flag desecration, but to set a precedent for making exceptions to the Bill of Rights.

If enacted, this amendment would be the first in our nation's 200-year history enacted for the specific purpose of lessening American freedom, but it would not, I fear, be the last.

Opponents of the Bill of Rights never attack basic civil liberties head-on. Instead they say they say the protections of the Bill of Rights should not apply to certain categories of people - Nazis, Communists, hatemongers, "Islamo-fascists," cults, militias, atheists, homosexuals, drug dealers, whoever is most despised at any given time.

If we believe in freedom, we believe in freedom for those that we most fear and hate.

I expect that, if such an amendment were passed, it would in practice apply to any liberal, left-wing or anti-war group that used the American flag in any manner whatsoever. I expect that it would not apply in practice to exploitation of the American flag for right-wing or commercial purposes. I get angry when I see the American flag and other symbols of patriotism used disrespectfully in advertising, but I would not expect the flag desecration amendment to apply to this form of desecration.

Nor am I proposing it should! Putting up with things you dislike is part of the price of freedom.

Germany has a law outlawing the the display of the swastika. You might think that is an unobjectionable exception to freedom of speech and the press. But who was the first and only group to be prosecuted under this law? Some people who printed a pamphlet attacking Germany's neo-Nazis!

Thanks for sharing your message, and giving me the chance to express my own views.

And Virginia Metze (Ginny) writes:

I am extremely grateful for what you did for our country. But as you say, you were not actually protecting the flag so much as protecting your country and your fellow Americans. Yes the flag stands for our Democracy ... but it also stands for our constitution, especially the Bill of Rights.

No one seems to be saying that flag burning can be prosecuted at the local level. If I were a policeman and I saw someone burning a flag in front of an angry crowd, I would arrest them for inciting a riot. If it isn't quite that, I might get them on vandalism.

Raising the states to the national level will just serve to make the act, being more forbidden, more interesting to those wanting to make some kind of a splash.

I understand your anger; I just wanted to send a few more thoughts about this out. It isn't as simple as it first

In response to many views on madman, Robert Scardapane writes:

Last night's Madman (actually, last week's) couldn't have worked out better if we planned it (hopefully we'll have the last word on this issue). Good responses to Lew Warden (by the way, Jack did an excellent job) coupled with the quotes from Warren Buffet and Jim Wallis. I am convinced that the Republicans (the GOP - Greed Over People Party) are playing chess. Their goal is to eliminate what they have hated all along - the income tax. The wealthy love that idea and have no problem sticking the rest of us with a regressive consumption tax.

I truly have no problem replacing capital gains/losses with a transaction tax BUT notice how the Republicans pair that with eliminating the income tax. They definitely have an agenda - don't forget that Bush during his campaign said he wanted a consumption tax.

Stupid Quotes


"The timing's wrong. The main thing is, he doesn't want to do it. Nobody believes that,"
-Former President George Herbert Walker Bush, on his son, Florida Governor Jeb Bush's future run for the US Presidency

Now where have I read that Jeb was going to run? Where was that.... Hmmm.... I can't seem to remember.

Oh yeah.... RIGHT HERE on
"Note From a Madman"! If there is anyone that can keep the Bushes in the "black" (as in accounting ledgers), it is the "Bush who would be king", Jeb. Why don't we just make them royalty now, and do away with all those nasty elections

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg