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DHS chief floats idea of collecting private citizens' information
Call it Total Information Awareness, homeland-style.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff this week floated an idea to start a nonprofit group that would collect information on private citizens, flag suspicious activity, and send names of suspicious people to his department.

The idea, which Chertoff tossed out at an April 27 meeting with security-industry officials, is reminiscent of the Defense Department's now-dead Total Information Awareness program that sought to sift though heaps of foreign intelligence information to root out potential terrorist activity. [Sender's Comment: The Office of Information Awareness, however, is NOT dead, but has gone underground, as have many of their activities. Be afraid! Be very very afraid!]

According to one techie who attended the April 27 meeting, Chertoff told the group, "Maybe we can create a nonprofit and track people's activities, and an algorithm could red-flag individuals. Then, the nonprofit could give us the names." [Sender's Comment: This is mere child's play and a diversionary tactic. The OIA is ALREADY busy at work doing far far worse that what Chertoff is proposing. Perhap's Chertoff envisions this as the "civilian" counterpart instead. We had that in the Soviet Bloc and, believe me, it was VERY effective!]

Chertoff also suggested that private industry form a group to collect proprietary information about cyber- and other infrastructure-security breaches from companies; scrub it of identifying information; aggregate it; and pass it along to the department. The financial services industry already has such a group.

"The secretary was responding to a hypothetical question with a hypothetical answer," said Homeland Security Department press secretary Brian Roehrkasse. "He did not offer specific programmatic content or discuss any specific proposed approach. Rather, he was discussing, in general terms, the importance of this issue of balancing security and privacy."
[Sender's comment: This is called testing public reaction or, in modern parlance, running it up the flagpole to see who salutes.]

Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America, organized the gathering of about 50 security-industry executives from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Verizon. Reached by phone at the meeting, he characterized the event as "an organizational meeting to discuss how the [information-technology] industry can work more effectively with each other" and with the Homeland Security Department. [Sender's Comment: Put another way, to see how the major companies involved can work hand-in-hand with Big Brother to make billions in profit! In fact, some agencies within the government, as well as some of the companies in question, are already requiring their own employees to submit to various security procedures, including Real IDs and, are you ready, folks: microchips are now on the way!]

Because the meeting was closed to the press, Miller would not discuss Chertoff's comments.One meeting participant said that Chertoff told the group that having a nonprofit collect names rather than the government "would alleviate some of the concerns people have." Not so for this participant: "This is what made me sort of shift in my seat. It sounds like investigating every person for no reason." He was particularly concerned that an unknown formula created by this new group would determine the red flags.  [Sender's Comment: You bet your sweet ass that meeting was closed to the press. As for the concerns of the r eporter, his message comes across loud and clear and VERY accurate. Move over, folks! You've got a lot of adjusting to do soon, even though you may not realize it YET! Remember that nasty microclimate I told you we had to live under OVER THERE in the FSU? Well, my "weather" predictions tell me that it will be fully in place by this time next year.]

-Siobhan Gorman, National Journal
Comments in red by Chris Tennant
UN Consultant and former Programme Officer
MENA and CIS/CEE Regions


Church & State


"He's the kind of pastor who says do it my way or get out. He's real negative all the time."
-Selma Morris, the former treasurer of the East Waynesville Baptist Church in North Carolina, speaking about a Pastor Chan Chandler statement made in October 2004

120 miles west of Charlotte, NC lays a little town by the name of Waynesville with a population of 9.232 people. I assume most of them are good people, although I was thought never to assume (When you ASSUME, you make an "ASS" out of "U" and "ME" - thanks to the Odd Couple). Chandler had nine church members voted out of his flock for not supporting George W. Bush. The nine either had to "repent" by going to the alter or leave the church forever. They were joined by another 40 people in their exodus. That's 10 percent of the 400 member congregation.

"Membership is a local church issue. It is not something the state convention would enter into."
-George Bullard, associate executive director-treasurer for Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

I beg to differ, Mr. Bullard. If your organizations is tax-exempt, it is very much an issue for it to consider. Additionally, if Pastor Chandler's church is tax-exempt as well, he not only has NO RIGHT to tell people how to vote, he has the duty to make sure his church isn't used for electioneering purposes.

"If these reports are true, this minister is not only acting extremely inappropriately by injecting partisan politics into a house of worship, but he is also potentially breaking the law,"
-Jerry Meek, North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman

Just think of this: How any times have you been in a place, or a group, of a house of worship that leaned more to the left than to the right? Jews voted 74 percent to 25 percent for John Kerry this past election. I have never heard one word from my Rabbi, or any other, for that matter, that we should expel those who will vote for George W. Bush.

"I hate to see the church suffer like that. God doesn't care whether you're a Republican or a Democrat. It just hurts to see that going on."
-Doris Wilson, a neighbor of Pastor Chandler's and a member of First Baptist Church in Waynesville

You know, we hear the Right tell us how "unholy" and "non-religious" the left is. We hear them call us "Godless" and heathens". I have been to many synagogues and churches over the past few years. I don't pick my friends by their definition of
God. I have never heard of anything like this. I am proud of the members that walked out of Chandler's Church and ashamed of the members that stayed.

The HATE comes from the RIGHT, not the left.


-Noah Greenberg


Same Old Bush on Social Security


"George W. Bush held a press conference on April 28 to promote his Social Security plan. Unfortunately, the only new idea Bush offered was a thinly disguised benefit cut for anyone earning over $20,000. Bush flip-flopped during the press conference by first calling T-bills "worthless IOUs," then calling them safe investments when promoting them as a personal account option. And Bush actually lied by saying that Social Security would be bankrupt by 2042 (it won't; it just might not pay 100% of promised benefits).

"Worst of all, Bush continues to insist that Social Security must include private accounts, while failing to provide a rationale for them. Social Security was designed to protect Americans savings from the risk of the stock market, not to introduce more risk into our retirement plans.

"Social Security has worked successfully for 70 years, never missing a single payment since its inception in 1935. The system will remain solvent with minor adjustments, similar to those that the plan's trustees enacted in the early 1980s. We cannot allow Bush to radically overhaul a system than only needs some fine-tuning."

-Eddie Konczal

From a reader....

Your story about how the "Control System" is using the media cool factor to get people chipped was O.K. But those in that category are just a small amount of the total population that they want.

It will be very easy for them to mandate chips for probably 75% of the population by doing the following when they are ready.

1) All prisoners whether in prison or on probation or on on parole must be chipped.

2) All convicted felons must be chipped.

3) All military personnel active or retired must be chipped.

4) All personnel working for any civilian company with major govt. contracts must be chipped.

5) Anybody receiving any government benefits at the county, state or federal level must be chipped, ranging from food stamps and Medicare to retirement benefits.

6)To travel overseas a chip along with a biometric passport.

7) Lets not forget all kids in the "programming educational system." It is for their protection and efficient monitoring.

8) Banks will mandate it like today one has to show a ATM bank card as well as a Drivers License to do a basic bank transaction.

All the above subjects will for the most part accept it because they are legally forced to or they don't want to lose their SS or retirement bennies.

The robotic blind ignorant sheep who volunteer to have it done as mentioned in your article round the whole control program out. Are there any truly free thinking free loving people and courageous people left. Sadly to say not to many of us.

-Forwarded by Chris Tennant

Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush were in an airplane crash. They arrive in heaven, and God is sitting on the great white throne.

God addresses Al first.

"Al, what do you believe?"

Gore replies, "Well, I believe I won that election, but that it was your will that I did not serve. And I've come to understand that now."

God says, "OK, very good. Come and sit at my left."

God then addresses Bill. "Bill, what do you believe?"

Clinton replies, "I believe in forgiveness. I've sinned, but I've never held a grudge against my fellow man, and I hope no grudges are held against me."

God says, "You are forgiven, my son. Come and sit at my right.

God then addresses George. "George, what do you believe?"

Bush replies, "I believe you're sitting in my chair.

-Chris Tennant


In response to, "The question is: Can anyone take away this woman's right to choose without offering her any hope or any help?", Pat Thompson writes:

I have personally known several women over the past 30 years who have had situations where they had to choose to end a pregnancy. Happily, every one of them went on to have a child, or several, later when their situations improved. A woman I knew had a 9 month old baby, and a very abusive husband. She left him, and then discovered she had left already pregnant again. Since she had suffered extreme complications during her first pregnancy, being hospitalized both at the beginning and the end, which required bed rest, there was no way she could work, support her baby and herself. She did end that pregnancy. When her son was six years old, she met a wonderful man, and they married. She went on to have two more sons, through difficult pregnancies, while she was supported financially and emotionally by a good husband. No, she was never on any public assistance. A young girl, only 15, found herself pregnant. Her sister took her for an abortion, so their parents never knew. She went on to finish school, marry a man with an advanced degree, and have three children in a secure financial state and a good marriage. Would the child of the 15 year old mother had a good life? Would having a child prevented her from finishing school and marrying well? Maybe these are cases of "convenience". Or maybe in this overpopulated world, the children who are born should be WANTED, and be born into a family prepared to care for them. In my own family, my 17 year old daughter, a junior in high school, became pregnant. My husband were supportive. She finished high school, was accepted at Rutgers College, and graduated with a teaching degree. My husband and I, and my parents (the great-grandparents) took care of the baby, and paid for college. This story has a really happy ending, as she and the father of the baby have been married for 12 years now, and have had two more children. No abortion was needed in this case -- just the support of parents and grandparents. (which is not always available due to broken marriages, stepparents, etc.) UNLESS THE GOVERNMENT CAN PROVIDE ASSISTANCE SUCH AS DAY CARE, MEDICAL CARE, WELFARE, HEAD START, HOUSING ASSISTANCE, ETC., THEN ABORTION MUST REMAIN SAFE AND LEGAL.

Additionally, Pat writes:

One more thought: most women know within a couple of weeks that they are pregnant. Surely, they know within a month or six weeks. The decision should be made immediately, and a very simple procedure of "menstrual extraction" can be done. The embryo is still a tiny cluster of cells. Of course girls and women should be taught that condoms should always be used if they aren't in a situation where they could welcome a child. And if unprotected sex does happen, they should be aware that "the morning after" pill can be used, which would make abortion unnecessary.

Late term abortions, except for the health of the mother, should never happen.

Stupid Quotes


"Russia's a great nation and I'm looking forward to working together on big problems, And I want to thank you for your help on Iran and the Middle East and there's a lot we can do together."

-George W. Bush to Vladimir Putin


Help in Iran and the middle east? Is GW kidding US? The "help" Russia has given US in the middle east is providing Iran with the nuclear material that can help them develop nuclear weapons! I thought that they were part of the "Axis of Evil." Do you know what I find funny here ("funny" as in "ironic", not funny as in "ha-ha")? What I find funny is that of the three nations George W, Bush cited as charter members of the "Axis of Evil", the only one that he had the US invade was the one WITHOUT nuclear weapons, but with the second most oil producing capabilities in the world.


Where's the $8.8 billion, Mr. Bush. Go ask Cheney.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg