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Tuesday, May 3, 2005



Short Sighted


The New York Times today reported that the Pentagon's ability to fight other conflicts is severely limited, according to Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Isn't it amazing that the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the New York Times have come to a realization that the other 290 million of us already knew?

Here is what General Myers cited:
Reduced stockpiles of precision weapons (that'll make President Bush's friends that make these weapons happy - more no-bid contracts)
The stress of reserve units (it's no secret that the only thing that's expendable to the Bush administration are the soldiers themselves, especially the reservists)
The higher level of risk that out troops have to perform under (like I said... Bush considers them expendable - more than once, someone in the administration said, "in a war, young men die.")

President Bush said that the number of troops in Iraq would not limit the US military options in other places where they might be needed in his press conference last week.

I guess the Chairman didn't see the press conference.

The report by General Myers flies in the face of what President Bush said in response to a question last week. We indeed ARE affected by out troop limitations due to our presence in Iraq.

"Do you feel that we've limited our capacity to deal with other problems because of our troop levels in Iraq? "And the answer is no, he didn't feel a bit limited. It feels like we got plenty of capacity."
-President Bush to General Myers, according to President Bush's own statements

"The two comments are consistent in that no one in the military feels at all limited in the ability to respond to any contingency," the official said. "What the risk assessment discusses is the nature of the response."
-A Pentagon official, attempting to downplay the contradiction

"moderate, but trending toward significant."
-General Myers in his report, describing the "risk" our country might face during an attack on the US, including a SURPRISE ATTACK.

Additional major combat operations" may result in significantly extended campaign timelines, and achieving campaign objectives may result in higher casualties and collateral damage."
-General Myers, in the report, the "Chairman's Risk Assessment," which is an annual report to congress.

Let us not forget that the number one reason we pay taxes to the federal government is to keep US safe: Not the Iraqi people (we're not doing such a good job there either); Not the Afghani Warlords (they have their own toys); and not the reputations of dishonest congressmen (did I hear someone say Tom DeLay?).

As you might have read here before, I hope I'm wrong when I said "President Bush says he wont institute a draft." Let's all hope I'm wrong.

-Noah Greenberg

Concerning Bush's social security rip-off:

Democrats call the Bush privatization plan an assault on the middle class. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said I dont know what the middle class ever did to President Bush, but he has it in for them.

Nancy Pelosi is absolutely right. I have noticed since 2001 that PRESIDENT BUSH HATES THE MIDDLE CLASS.. We can't contribute enough money to buy him an election but we have enough resources to organize and ask hard questions. I could not imagine Bush standing in a room with middle class people, such as Blair, Howard and Kennedy did in the UK this weekend. I can't picture him responding to tough questions from middle class people who won't accept spin for an answer. He would have us all removed from the room.

Bush's goal is to drive the middle class into poverty. The poor are much easier to bully and for people such as Bush to establish an American form of aristocracy. That is why they are so big on repealing the estate tax. It's a way to maintain permanent wealth and power. This is what the founders fathers feared the most - the establish of an American ruling class.

-Robert Scardapane

Fed Spin

Remember when President Bush and the Fox News right-wing liars and phonies told us all that low interest rates are the good by-product of a week economy? Remember when they also said that housing prices are high thanks to them? Remember their "spin" in describing the lack of inflation as a good thing, but not mentioning the lowering of real wages? Well, today the Federal Reserve raised the prime interest rate again y one-quarter of one point. What makes one question this is the fact that the economy grew as little as it has grown in quite some time. At the same time, the Fed said that employment has risen (although real wages continue to fall) and people are spending more money (especially the rich ones).

"Longer-term inflation expectations remain well contained."
-The Federal Reserve Bank, right before they retracted the statement

It must be nice being a member of the Federal Reserve Bank. I guess when one is in that position one doesn't pay for their own gasoline.

-Noah Greenberg

Ford and G.M. Suffer as Buyers Shun S.U.V.'s

That was a headline in today's New York Times. Do we really need to read this story? The average American can't afford to put gas in their SUV. Many of them can't afford their cars at all. What's worse is that home heating prices, like gasoline, has gone up just as much.

Ford has released to the market an Escape SUV as a hybrid (gas and electrical power), but it lists for over $30,000! And that's the only American manufacturer's hybrid release at all. Toyota has the hot-selling Prius for about $23,000 and you can get a slow, but fuel-saving Honda Civic for under $20,000. Honda actually has 3 models available as a hybrid.

Trucks and SUV's (also classified as trucks) are money makers for auto giants. It's time to make a little less money initially and make better decisions for the long run.

-Noah Greenberg

A New Addition of <blink>

L.G. is pregnant. L.G. is a 13-year-old girl that is a ward of the state of Florida. That means her future is in the hands of Governor Jeb Bush.

"It's a tragedy that a 13-year-old child would be in a vulnerable position where she could be made pregnant, and it's a tragedy her baby will be lost. There's no good news in this at all."
-Governor Jeb Bush

Do you know what is also a tragedy? That once a judge ruled that the 13-year-old girl had the right to get an abortion Jeb Bush would make Florida's lawyers get an injunction to stop her.

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice you can't argue that a 13-year-old shouldn't be in this position in the first place. What's more, it is extremely dangerous for a child of that age to have a child at all! Just ask any doctor.

"Look, if the judge has ruled, it's time to move on,"
-Governor Bush after rescinding his appeal and the injunction


I don't know what's worse: A president and former governor who sticks to his guns, even after he is proven wrong; or a governor who screams and yells that he is right but then acquiesces once a poll shows him losing popularity.

Talk about the lesser of two evils.

By the way, L.G. was the responsibility of the state of Florida, and Governor Bush when she got pregnant. Do you think that a little more abstinence only education would have prevented L.G. from getting pregnant in the first place? I don't. I think that if we would take better care of those who can't take care of themselves this might not have happened.

In all fairness to Florida, the Youth Services of many states suffer from under-funding and under-staffing that results in various and numerous tragedies. Sometimes the rich need to sacrifice to help the poor, especially when the poor are orphaned or abandoned children. These are our children now and they should be treated as such.

Maybe it's time for our leaders to start acting like leaders and do what is right, not just respond to what the right thinks is right. It would have been more of a catastrophe for L.G. to have this baby than for her to have an abortion. Her life is as important as the life of her unborn child, or unborn fetus.

-Noah Greenberg


In response to the Governator, Jack Kashinsky writes:

The underlying problem this country has in dealing with No. Korea is that, regardless of what the Chinese Govt. proclaims publicly, Kim Jung II knows that he always has China as his backup. Therefore we are actually dealing with China when we ostensibly deal with No. Korea. US State knows this also; however State's role is strictly advisory, and on a low priority level with this Administration.

The issue actually revolves around the fact that the
Bushies, in catering to the US Profiteers, lack the will to really get tough because this could lead to a sharp cut in trade with China.

On the "shooting people because they want a better life style". Come on
Noah, I believe that you are overstating the situation just a wee bit.

Everyone in the world, regardless of socio-economic status desires a "better life style". To extend your comment, does this mean that we do away with the immigration service and open our borders to and for everyone?

It would appear that you are in agreement with the
Liper's Administration stance on this issue.

The basic issue is that the exploitive farmers, in all parts of the country have for years encouraged migrants to come to them (illegally cross the boarder), put them to work with pitiful wages (Since they were illegals, they were not protected by the
US and State Labor Laws.)

I have been to some of these migrant workers camps. These poor souls are abused physically and emotionally day in, day out. Their "living quarters" consist of a leaking, badly constructed oversized chicken coop. There are no toilet facilities, no inside water, etc.

These folks have absolutely no health and other related benefits, they utilize taxpayer health and social service benefits, and they often bring with them extremely expensive health problems, many of which are contagious Many of these people remain after the farming season. This often creates a budget busting problem for the localities where they stay . It also causes an increase in communicable diseases, some of which are extremely contagious and are virtually unknown in the
US. Others have been eradicated in the US for so long that the population is at risk for infection again.

California has had growing budget problems for years, and a major con tributary factor has been the billions of dollars that have been expended for these poor exploited souls

Talk about sweat shops, the working and living conditions of these illegal aliens make the sweatshops appear as paradise in comparison.

And Madman responds:

You forgot to mention the fact that
China holds notes on the US economy, Jack.

Regarding my "shooting people" statement: Why do vigilantes carry weapons while they patrol the border, Jack? To shoot over their heads?

My stance on immigration is simple: If someone wants to come here and work, let them do it the legal way. In the meantime, don't mistreat them; don't shoot them; and don't illegally hire them. Everyone deserves to make a buck in this country, but we have unemployed people here now. How about if we give them a chance at those jobs that President
Bush says "no one wants to do?" I remember taking a job as a bus boy at Senior's Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY when I was 17 years-old. That was 1977. My 17-year-old daughter couldn't even apply for that job today. I didn't want that job back then, but I took it.

By the way, Jack, there are 45 million American Citizens who don't have much of what you say the migrant workers don't have. The only reason the
Bush administration wants these people to come into the US is to make sure their rich crony friends have illegal workers they can exploit.

Robert Scardapane writes:

I have to laugh when the Governator decries the special interests. A couple of months ago, a small group of nurses interrupted a speech Arn-uld was making. He told the audience to pay no attention to those special interests. Meanwhile, flanking the Governator were insurance company lobbyists and corporate logos blazing across a screen behind him. Excuse me, Arn-uld aren't the lobbyists special interests? The nurses are concerned about the public good while these lobbyists are concerned about loot. Don't the people of California come first?


"You know, you hear all this talk about benefit cuts. We're talking about making sure benefits grow at the rate of inflation - that's what we're talking about. You've been promised something. It ought to grow at the rate of inflation."
-President Bush during his continuing road show to rape the Social Security trust fund with his privatization scheme

No Mr. Bush. Social Security should grow with and rise like REAL WAGES, not inflation. Old people need money to buy milk, drugs and heating oil. Some even need to buy gasoline. If you use only the rate of inflation, these fixed income individuals will be left out in the cold... literally.

Mr. Bush, since you are so fond of the Galveston model then do what they do... Guarantee an annual rate of return and let the government make the smarter investments for Social Security. I know this will not let your rich banker and stock broker friends buy more expensive gold-plated bathroom fixtures, but it will show the American people that you aren't the greedy, uncompassionate leader that most of us now believe you are.

"not overjoyed"
-Senator Trent Lott (R-MS), regarding President Bush's privatization plan for Social Security

How bad are President Bush's plans (you know... the plans that don't exist) for Social Security? He can't even get Trent Lott on board!

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg