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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Stuff from President Bush's Press Conference, April 28, 2005

Let's Just Call it ALL "Stupid Quotes"

Press conference answers "are mini-speeches" and are "pre-prepared"
-David Fromm, former speech writer for GW Bush
The gall of these people! It's one thing to have notes, but pre-prepared speeches? President Bush had an original idea once, but it must have died of loneliness.

"I don't think the American people want a president that relies on polls and focus groups to make a decision."
-GW, In response to Susan Malveaux of CNN News
We don't, President
Bush . When are you going to resign and take Karl Rove with you? Do these people expect us to believe that anything they do is without consulting "focus groups" or "polls." We all weren't born yesterday, GW.

"We got a lot of debt out there. Our workers need to be able (to get) a lot of money to be able to deal with that debt."
-GW, in response to "Stretch", a reference to Richard Keil, Bloomberg News
Just a stroll down memory lane: President
Bush , when you, took office in 2000, we had a surplus. The biggest contributor of the national debt is YOU, GW.

"I was surprised how little news came out of this press conference."
-Susan Malveaux, CNN News, after the News Conference

"My (Republican) party's been the party of ideas
Yeah, BAD ideas.

"The American people expect us to put our politics aside."
Yeah - when are you going to start doing just that?

"I'll... share credit."
Until credit is due, that is. You have proven that you already know how to assess blame, GW.

The story of GW's Press conference, high (and low) lights

The Root causes that are driving up gas prices, according to GW
40 times faster consumption than production
1- better use of technology to conserve more
2- Innovative/ environmental ways to make better use of our resources
3- new sources of energy (like Hydrogen)
4- help consumers overseas to use energy more efficiently (like China)
Congress needs to get Energy bill by this summer to my desk (Blaming his own Republican congress yet again - They DO eat their own.)

Social Security
"The math has changed - On baby boomers "I happen to be one of them" (Why don't I feel a "kinship" with you, GW?)
"72 million retirees drawing benefits" (This assumes that we all will live that long)
"Their benefits will rise more than inflation" (Looking through the GW crystal ball)
"Fewer people paying into system" (not including immigrants)
"2017 SS will start to pay more than it collects, and by 2041 Social Security will be bankrupt." Private accounts "got to be part of a comprehensive package"
(So there goes the "spirit of compromise)
"FDR did a wonderful thing created Social Security,"
"Congress made promises it cannot keep"
(Blaming his Republican congress yet again)
"Seniors and disabled will get their checks"
(But does that include inflation?)
"Future generations will get equal or better than today's retirees"
(How will you guarantee that? Or is this just more bull?)
"Benefits for low income workers grow faster than for those better off"
(Except if you consider that whole capital gains tax break the rich receive.)
"You will not retire into poverty"
"A variety of options are available"
(None guaranteed, of course.)
"Empty promises to young workers"
(Yeah - President Bush's promises are empty)
"Voluntary personal retirement account"
(Just like our Volunteer Army with the built-in back-door draft.)
"They (young people) will receive a higher rate of return"
(As long as there isn't another Ken Lay and Enron out there.)
"Supplement check they would receive"
(We're just making money hand-over-fist)
"Investment options that will be simple to understand"
(If a Yale graduate could understand it, we could, although he did say he "wasn't an economist")
"One option is government backed treasury
(So why doesn't the government invest out money in them now?)
"Equal to or higher than today's seniors"
(how will you GUARANTEE it, GW?)
"Social Security is too important for politics as usual"
(Yet, here we are, GW)

In response to Terry Hunt (AP):
"We haven't addressed the Social security problem snce 1983." "American people understand we have a problem." (Yeah, we have a problem. You're trying to steal our retirement money and give it to your banker friends and financiers.)

In response to Steve Something or other):
"There are still some in Iraq who aren't happy with Democracy." (And more that aren't happy with 70 percent unemployment.)
"I believe we're making really good progress in Iraq." (I guess GW and the rest of us are using different measuring devices.)
"It's not easy to go from tyranny to a Democracy." (It's a lot easier going from a Democracy to tyranny, I guess. Well, you ought to know, GW.)

In response to "Gregory, David Gregory (NBC News)":
Q: How is faith is being played in politics today
"Speaking of judges, I hope my nominees get an up or down vote" (I bet you do... Thank the Founding Fathers for the Filibuster.)
"Role of religion in our personal... (it is) how one lives their life" "People in political office should not say 'you're not really American because you don't agree with my religion.'"
(Have you met James Dobson, President Bush?)

In response to John Roberts (CBS News):
"Best way to reduce the price of gas is to encourage the oil producing nations to put more crude supply on the market." (How about just telling your "Saudi brothers" to lower the price?)
"This is a problem that's been a long time in coming."
(And it took you to bring it out into the open. Tell us GW, why is it that you never mentioned it to any of us on the campaign trail in 2000 or 2004?)
"Gas can only be transported when you put it in solid form, when you liquefy it."
(I thought liquid and solid were 2 different forms of matter?)
"If we had an energy bill 10 years ago, we wouldn't be in the fix we are in. "
(I don't remember your dad, George H.W. Bush yelling and screaming about an energy bill like yours in 1988 or in his campaign speeches in 1992.)

In response to Terry (Something or other):
"Spreading freedom and Democracy" and "Relentless" (That's all I heard about Iraq)

In response to Susan Malveaux (CNN):
Q: Russia is sending short range missiles to Syria and nuclear material to Iran
"He (Putin) says he strongly supports Democracy and I take him at his word." (I guess GW forgot about the Ukraine.)
"Russia is only sending nuclear material to Iran for private purposes" (paraphrase) (BOOM)
Iran says 'Don't we deserve to have our own civilian nuclear power like the rest of you do?"
(The answer is no, Mr. Bush. See? Wasn't that easy? Iran is a sworn enemy of Israel and an admitted terrorist supporter. The answer should still be NO.)
"I think Vladimir is trying to help there."
(Help make a buck? Yeah.)

Wendell (Something or other):
Q: (On John Bolton)
"He's been asked a lot of questions and he's given very good answers.," (I guess we need to know what the meaning of "good" is.)
"John Bolton's a blunt guy."
(No Duh - Is that a nice way of calling him a bully?)
"The UN needs reform."
(We need reform too. Health Care reform, to start. Then, maybe a regime change.)

"Stretch", a reference to Richard Keil (Bloomberg News):
"People should be able to own and manage their own money." (Not like in Galveston where their money is managed for an additional fee by professionals that do it for a negotiated price.)
"All that's left behind are file cabinets full of IOU's."
(With the signature GW Bush scrawled on the lower left-hand side.)
"There's ways to have fee structures that are fair."
(Yet you offer no specifics.)
"There are ways where you don't have to take risks."
"Not only will the accounts make the system work better, but they're a better deal."
(for bankers, that is)

David (Some other David):
"I don't think it's smart to lay out a time table (Iraq)." (Then why was there a time table on elections in Iraq, ready or not?)
"Equipment is now moving quite well."
(Not in Company E, where all but 4 of that company's deaths came as the result of non-armored troop carriers.)
"Our message to Iraq: Keep stability."
(No matter how much we try to screw it up for you in order to keep getting at your oil.)
"We reduced our troops from 160,000 to 139,000."
(I wonder what that number would be today had we followed the Jay Garner plan?)
Follow up question: Are number of troops limiting options in rest of World?
"I appreciate that question."
(Yeah right - GW said that about 7 or 8 times tonight)
"Brought troop level down in South Korea, but we replaced them with more capacity."
(HUH? What does that mean? Define "more capacity"?)
Better approach to North Korea was a multi-lateral approach, not like Iraq. "It's better to have more than one voice to send the message to Kim Jung-Il."
(Not like in Iraq?)
"Perhaps Kim Jung-Il has a weapon, it'd be nice to blow it up (using the missile defense - Star Wars - system)."
(Isn't that the system that flies worse than a bottle rocket on July 4th?)

Bill (Someting or other):
"If you're a grandmother orr grandfather, you're gonna get your check." (It may not include Cost of living raises, buit you'll get it)
"Your taxes will go up 18 percent (if you don't approve my 'Trash the
Social Security System'  bill)." (Wow. Not bad for a guy who claims he's not an economist.)

Mike Fletcher, Washington Post
"The more Kim Jung-Il threatens and brags, the more isolated he becomes." (Now who does THAT sound like, President Bush?)

Mark Knoller (referred to him as Jim), CBS News
Q: About Renditions
"We operate within the law" (Kind of - isn't it great that we make the laws? Sort of like Tom DeLay, I'd say.)
"We send people to countries where they say they are going to torture them"
(Promises, promises)

John McKinnon, Wall Street Journal
"Higher gas prices are like a tax." (A tax that attacks the poor and middle class much more than the rich)
"The experts tell me that the forecast of the economic growth in the upcoming months look good
(what experts?)
... (we're going to) pursue legal reform
(to fix the economy?)
... (and create an) asbestos reform bill
(to fix the economy?)
... (and) open up markets for US goods... (CAFTA ) important geopolitically.
(CAFTA will lose more jobs than create jobs, GW)
(We need to) continue to reduce regulation
(more pollution is better?).
...Tax reform...(there is) $380 billion a year in uncollected taxes...
(Then why did you reduce the size of the IRS and stop them from auditing large corporations?)
(We) need tax reform... (Yeah - everyone, including the rich, should pay their FAIR SHARE)
I'm not an economist."
(No Duh, GW)

Richard (something or other):
Q: On No Child Left Behind
"It's working." (The states don't think so)
"I believe that states should control their own destiny regarding schools."
(Yet, you don't practice that belief.)
"I don't know about the lawsuit. I'll ask my lawyers about the lawyers."
(I thought you hated lawyers?)
"We had people that graduated from High School that couldn't read or write."
(Did any of them go to Yale?)
"(Teachers) appreciate the system (NCLB)."
(Then why are they so ticked off?)

Oliver Knox
"It's better to have a consensus" "Better to solve this problem diplomatically" "It's best to consult (with other countries regarding Kim Jung-Il)" (But not with those same countries regarding Iraq in 2003 - By the way, Kim Jung-Il HAD and HAS WMD's President Bush)
"When are there going to be consequences?" (When North Korea has oil under their feet.)

Hutch (Something or other)"
"I don't want to cut into some of these TV shows that are getting ready to air." (Then Wednesday night would have been better) -GW

I wonder if there was a little "box" with an antennae beneath his coat?


-Noah Greenberg

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