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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


One Mom's View


And, thereby have had tens of thousands taken and paid into social security. I have raised four children from my first marriage without benefit of child support, and two from the second, also without benefit of child support. Neither man is in jail despite court orders, but that is another post.

I have a baby LLC corporation filed in 1999 that has no tax liability and no debt. I work for it, as well as a full time job at present for a giant public utility, on a GIS project, field position.

I have never been able to afford insurance, investments, credit, a home, and will very likely never have anything that resembles a significant savings account, much less a position of employment with job security. I have however, worked as a construction electrician for over 20 years, as well as maintaining other part time jobs when demand of household required extra income.

If the Bush administration, (or any other administration for that matter) ever does limit or deny my social security benefits, I have a record of everything paid in by federal extraction from my paychecks, interest that has accrued on that amount and will bill the federal government for the full amount owed.

As far as I know, they owe it, and if I bill them, they have to pay the bill, since the money I earned was taken out of payroll checks without my consent, since the age of 15, when I started employment while going to high school.

If everyone in the country sent their own billing statements, along with mine, the Bush administration might take a definite second look at his use of social security monies for support of a military that is doing nothing but being deliberately degraded and brutalized in the control of a hostile civilian population in Iraq, which includes the daily slaughter of not only the hapless and apparently inept and defenseless and mindless Iraqi general population, but the bloodletting of our own Americans, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, most of whom are reservist and national guard people, who have no business whatsoever in the current position of enslavement to military command, due to stop loss.

Ooorah. Semper Fi. My own current fiancÚ has been held hostage by command, under protest, for three years. Special Ops. Does he hate his enslavement? Does he feel that his entire life has been hi-jacked by a bunch of dirty old men in DC? You bet. I have thousands of e-mails that prove it. Is he a jarhead? Uh.. . .not really. He's an officer in Intel.

It might be about time for American citizens to cowboy up and quit letting themselves be bullied by that master bully in the white house.

-Rhian (Last name unknown)


April 25, 2005

Scott McClellan
Assistant to the President and Press Secretary
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. McClellan,

We write to ask you to identify who in your office, or in the White House generally, gave Mr. James Guckert a.k.a. "Jeff Gannon" virtually unfettered access to the White House. In reviewing the response to our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to the Department of Homeland Security several of our specific concerns were validated. While your office and the White House have claimed Gannon was treated as just another reporter, the records we have obtained affirm that Gannon was granted access to the White House which appears to be unusual for any reporter. Out of concern for not only security, but also avoiding White House dissemination of propaganda, we request an explanation to the following:

1. The Department of Homeland Security's records indicate that Mr. "Gannon " entered the White House Complex 196 times in the past two years. He attended 155 of the 196 press conferences held at the White House in the two year period. This is disconcerting considering that your office and "Mr. Gannon" have maintained that his access was sporadic. At what point is a "hard pass" required?

2. The records show that Mr. "Gannon " was allowed access to the White House 38 times when no public press events occurred. He also spent hours in the White House both before and after press events took place. With whom did he meet on those occasions and what was the subject matter of those meetings?

3. On 13 occasions there is a record where he checked in with security, but is never registered as leaving the White House complex. How do you explain this?

4. Your Media Assistant, Lois Cassano, requested a total of 48 day passes for Mr. "Gannon" which helped facilitate his access for nearly 200 times over the last two years. It is nearly impossible that she would have made Gannon such a priority without direction from a supervisor. Would you like to revise your claim that, "I don't involve myself in that process, it's handled at a staff level."

These records appear to confirm our concern that Gannon was treated in a manner that deviated from standard White House procedure for determining who receives press credentials, and to what degree members of the press and public are granted access to the White House complex. In fact, these entry and exit records only raise more questions, as your office has issued conflicting statements about his activities and apparently abused the press pass policy to avoid a full-fledged background investigation and allow Republican propaganda to be disseminated through a counterfeit media operation and a fake reporter.

Mr. McClellan, we have yet to receive any direct communication from your office in response to our repeated requests for information. The American people deserve to know what is happening in the White House Briefing room. It is unacceptable that you continue to deny them this information.



Rep. Louise Slaughter
Ranking Member
House Rules Committee

Rep. John Conyers, Jr.
Ranking Member
House Judiciary Committee


-Robert Scardapane

The Death Penalty


The death penalty is despicable for countless reasons. Executing the mentally deficient, the mentally ill, the insane, the young, the obviously rehabilitated, and the later-proved innocent are just a few profound reasons why we should be repulsed by and ashamed of Oklahoma's adherence to the death penalty.

Catholic Church doctrine forbids the death penalty. The late Pope John Paul II campaigned vigorously against it.If the above reasons are not sufficient to sway you, think about our community's very personal connection to the Murrah Building tragedy and its aftermath: the execution of Timothy McVeigh and the life sentence to Terry Nichols. McVeigh's lips have been permanently sealed and with him to the grave went all the secrets he knew about the bombing. On the other hand, Nichols has already revealed to a fellow convict the location of a lethal amount of explosives buried or otherwise hidden on his Kansas property. Though subsequently removed by an FBI embarrassed for their failure to detect these deadly bomb ingredients during their search of the Nichols' property ten years ago, we nevertheless must wonder what else was missed that could cause another Murrah-like disaster if in the hands of other extremists, What more can we learn from Nichols and what did McVeigh know that may have us in jeopardy right now?
-Frank Silovsky

You make valid points, Frank. Like I said before, I am for the death penalty because of the reasons I had stated in the past, and under the right circumstances. That being said, it is obvious to me that I could easier live in a world without the death penalty than you could live in a world with it. If they abolished it today, that would be okay with me, but I am still a proponent of it. I think it's a penalty that fits some particular crimes. -NG

In response to Madman's views on Saudi's and the Bushes, Jack Kashinsky writes:

One more point for Conservative # 1; The Lippers father also had to raise taxes in his second term, for the same reasons that Ronnie the hypo (as in hypocrite) did.

"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

On the Saudis:

The $5.00 price that you referred to will continue to grow until the auto industry (what's left of of it) will be forced to so some serious research into alternative fuels.

Notice, you don't see too many Oil companies wringing their hands; they are making record profits.

I agree with you concerning the plight of the world' remaining Jews. The Arabs for many years have attempted to use their oil as a bargaining chip to "drive the Jews into the sea".

With the Saudi- US made "oil crisis", this puts the Lipper administration, and a significant number of Repug legislators in a difficult position. If they acquiesce to the Saudis and force Israel to cave in, they will face the loss of considerable Jewish influence and support. If they do not acquiesce, the Arab world will continue to bear pressure on the Administration.

This whole thing is simply a farce, right now, since the US Oil Interests continue to hold the Saudis hostage, and will be in an even better position once the illegal invasion and coup has run it's course.

I believe that the Oil Lobby will continue treading water until the stolen Iraqi oil becomes more accessible.

Robert Scardapane writes:

I am baffled why Bush can't call the family friend Bandar Bin Sultan, affectionately known as Bandar "Bush", to make a deal. After all, didn't Bush boast that he would bring oil prices down by negotiating with Saudi? I guess the Bushies must have disowned Bandar or visa-versa.

Seriously, the Saudi royals are corrupt dictators. There is a hornets nest festering in their country with unemployment well over 25%. A large pool of frustrated young men provide ample recruitment for terrorism. It's very easy for a group such as Al Qaida to point at the United States and claim that our support for the Saudi royal family is the reason for their misery.

By the way, I doubt you will hear "freedom is on the march" rhetoric while the Crown Prince is in town and Bush attempts to push him to increase production.

In response to, "I wonder if Bush & Company will work on even one item that helps ordinary Americans. Thus far, they have done wonders for those who don't need help," Pat Thompson writes:

No, they won't, and they haven't, done anything to help anyone but the top 5% of Americans -- those with inherited wealth, lots of investments and high corporate salaries. They have stopped enforcing all environmental laws that protected people's health and the health of this planet, in favor of corporate greed. Instead of funding research that would make Middle Eastern OIL unnecessary, they continue to do things that promote unsustainable energy practices -- like giving tax credits to those who buy Hummers and other large SUV's.

In response to the Doctor's statement, "Kerry made way more than GWB," Robert Scardapane writes:

So, what's the point in this attack on Kerry? I think our tax system has too many loopholes in it. I have no problem in closing them. I barely have any deductions on my tax return but wouldn't want to take away valuable ones for people who are financially hard pressed just because I don't qualify for them. Again, this is the nature of a progressive society - we try to lift up those that need the help.

I know it can be frustrating to be caught in between - not quite making enough money to afford everything comfortably and yet not making enough to qualify for say Pell grants. To that, I say we should work at improving the system and not eradicating it. Perhaps, Pell grants available to more people and valuated progressively.

In response to the Doctor's, "The US went from a colonial outpost to the world's largest economy between 1800 and 1900 stunning old Europe because the founding father's understood John Locke's writings and based our nation upon them. No other nation has ever been so successful. Stick with what works," Robert Scardapane writes:

This sounds fairly Libertarian to me. Are you saying that life today resembles that of the American frontier? Now makes no sense at all. People do not have the autonomy they had in the 1800/1900's. You can't simply live off the land and be almost completely independent.

FDR's second Bill of Rights is a way to build a just society that is in tune with the modern reality of separation of labor from the means of production. Locke, Adam Smith did not anticipate that people would be cut off from the means of production. The situation is particularly extreme today in this new age of globalism where much of what we consume is imported.

To survive in an age of turmoil due to globalism, we need a stronger social safety net not a diminished one. Therefore, I go back to FDR's bill of rights for inspiration. His words are even more true today than they were during the depression. He set a course that needs to be pursued further - there might be adjustments in implementation but the overall principles are valid.

In case you haven't noticed - America is not working very well for many people today. That is why poverty is increasing. Our government needs to get back to working on the needs of it's people.

Stupid Quotes


The legislation "should exhibit funding restraint," It "negatively impacts the deficit."
-statements by the Bush administration

What could they be talking about? Is it the tax breaks to the rich that is finally getting to the Bushies? Is it no-bid contracts to Halliburton for poorly performed work and the missing $8.8 billion dollars that has the Bushies hot under the collar?

NOPE! It's a popular highway bill that passed the Senate by a score of 94-6. Even more hypocrisy from the Bush administration.

"Those of us who are conservatives really believe this is something we should be doing here." It could "easily be the biggest jobs bill in the history of America. Those of us who are conservatives really believe this is something we should be doing here."
-James Inhofe (R-OK), chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

And this is the guy who said there's a liberal conspiracy about global warming being a hoax in order to scare us.

The Transportation Department estimates say that for every $1 billion in highway spending 47,500 jobs will be created. The bill has a $284 billion price tag. You do the math.

By the way, the 6 no-votes were Republican. Go figure.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg