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Monday, April 25, 2005


The 2 Conservatives

Conservative 1: I am fiscally responsible.
Conservative 2: Tax breaks to the rich.

Conservative 1: Give back a little to the community. Let them make their own decisions regarding their children.
Conservative 2: WE make the decisions on your child's future. Your child MUST say the Pledge of Allegiance or be ostracized. Your child MUST pray in school or be called a heretic. Your child will learn ONLY of abstinence as a form of birth control and a means to stop Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Conservative 1: We need a way to trim the deficit in order to leave our children a debt-free future. This will insure that they won't be paying for the mistakes we make today, tomorrow. Even Ronald Reagan admitted that his administration's deficit was too large and had to raise taxes in his second term.
Conservative 2: Ronald Reagan proved deficits don't matter.

Conservative 1: Outsourcing without controls will ruin the economy.
Conservative 2: Outsourcing is good.

Conservative 1: Rising gas and oil prices is a drain on our economy and a hardship for our citizens, especially the elderly.
Conservative 2: Drilling in ANWAR will solve our long-term energy needs.

Conservative 1: 44 million Americans will use the Medicare prescription drug plan. It pays to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies for the best possible price on all prescription drugs on a drug-by-drug basis. New drugs will be negotiates at the time of their FDA approval. This way, the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan will not only cost the US citizen less, but the government less as well.
Conservative 2: No negotiating for drugs with the pharmaceutical companies. No re-importation of drugs from Canada, where prices are anywhere from 10% to 50% less.

Conservative 1: We need to re-examine the Star Wars initiative due to its lack of progress and the fact that it simply doesn't seem to work.
Conservative 2: Big deal. What's another $10 billion gonna do to the economy? It's not like it's REAL money.

Conservative 1: We need to fully fund No Child Left Behind or scrap it altogether.
Conservative 2: We'll tell the states that we're going to fund No Child Left Behind, then put the burden back on THEM to pay for a large portion of it, or we'll take back the money.

Conservative 1: A cap on major lawsuits will not reduce medical malpractice lawsuits. The cap will not significantly reduce health care expenses.
Conservative 2: Lawyers are what's wrong with the health care system. Create a cap on ALL lawsuits and that will reduce medical care costs.

Conservative 1: We need to outfit ALL of our Humvees in Iraq NOW. We should have never gone to war without real armor and enough troops.
Conservative 2: We're getting the job done. Young men and young women get killed in war. It's better to fight them over there than over here. It's harder than we thought. We made all of the right decisions. One small plating-producing company is enough to outfit all of the Humvees in Iraq. We don't want to use tanks to transport troops because it is too intimidating to the Iraqi people.

Conservative 1: We believe in the separation of Church and State.
Conservative 2: We believe that the Church is a good place to sway public opinion. Take a look at Justice Sunday where the Senate majority Leader told a bunch of us to call our senators and congressmen to remove activist judges, most of them being approved by us in the first place.

Conservative 1: Judges need to be protected.
Conservative 2: Judges are bringing the violence upon themselves.

Conservative 1: The environment needs to be protected.
Conservative 2: Allow big corporations to "buy" rights to pollute even more. Blame the "liberals" for "inventing" the environmental crisis and state "there is not crisis," just like Sen. James Inhofe, Republican from Oklahoma said while holding up a WORK OF FICTION by Michael Creighton, "State of Fear".

Conservative 1: We believe in the three-estate system of checks and balances. The congress will write law; the president will approve law; and the judiciary will interpret the law.
Conservative 2: We believe that the president signs law, the congress makes law and that judges are nuisances. We believe that, as President Bush said, “The legislature’s job is to write law. It’s the executive branch job to interpret law."

Conservative 1: Tom DeLay needs to answer some questions.
Conservative 2: It's a witch-hunt against Tom DeLay.

Conservative 1: We are progressive.
Conservative 2: We are the Far Right Wing of the Republican Party and our self-proclaimed leader is Tom DeLay.

-Noah Greenberg

"Most of the shrapnel wounds were to their heads."
-Staff Sgt. Jose S. Valerio, the motor transport chief of Marine Company E, who lost 4 marines on May 29, 2004 because they had to "Jerry-rig" scrap metal onto a Humvee. The scrap metal wasn't high enough and the 4 boys died due to their head injuries.

The "Magnificent Bastards", as they call themselves have decided to break an "institutional code of silence" in order to shed light on what happened, and to make it harder for it to ever happen again. 26 firefights, 90 mortar attacks and more than 90 homemade bombs are what these leathernecks faces while in Iraq. Their plight hampers many other marine units even today. After all, "theirs is not to reason why..."

So Staff Sgt. Jose S. Valerio did what he could do to make use of the Florida National Guard's left-over, non-armored Humvees as best he could. Scrap metal, bailing wire and a guy holding the door closed were part of the equation. For the exposed gunner he would create leg protectors that resembles a mix of hockey pads, leg warmers and a medieval knight's leg protection.

$213 million was allocated for new, armor-plated Humvees this past Thursday. A day late and a dollar short for those that died for a lack of armor in the past. 13 of the 21 "Magnificent Bastards" were killed because of the lack of armor plating in their Humvees.

"We could not encase men in sufficiently strong armor to deny any enemy success. The tragic loss of our men does not necessarily indicate failure - it is war."
-Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis, then commander of the First Marine Division that includes Company E

I wonder how many non-armor-plated humvees the General drove around in.

"It was pitiful. Everything was just slapped on armor, just homemade, not armor that was given to us through the normal logistical system."
-Capt. Chae J. Han, part of a Pentagon team that surveyed the Marine camps in Iraq to document their condition

And who was put out when someone complained? None other than the company's leader, Capt. Kelly D. Royer. The captain told of these stories, and took the pictures circling around the Internet that show what had happened to Company E. Capt. Royer told of having to make makeshift barricades to stop potential suicide bombers from entering their camp. Marines improvise.

And what do you think happened when the Capt. Royer had asked for more troops? He was turned down. When Company E had to help out other troops under fire, only the cooks were left to defend the camp. Ten of its troops were killed that day in a Humvee that had no armor, improvised or not. The trailing Humvee, which was armored, was also shelled without a single casualty.

"Lt. Sean J. Schickel remembers Captain Royer asking a high-ranking Marine Corps visitor whether the company would be getting more factory-armored Humvees. The official said they had not been requested and that there were production constraints, Lieutenant Schickel said."
-The New York Times, Monday, April 25, 2004

"I'm thinking we have our most precious resource engaged in combat, and certainly the wealth of our nation can provide young, selfless men with what they need to accomplish their mission. That's an erudite way of putting it. I have a much more guttural response that I won't give you."
-Capt. Royer

"He has single-handedly reshaped a company in sore need of a leader; succeeded in forming a cohesive fighting force that is battle-tested and worthy."
-Capt. Royer's fitness report, May 31, 2004

"He (Royer) has been described on numerous occasions as 'dictatorial,.' There is no morale or motivation in his marines."
-Capt. Royer's fitness report, Sept. 1, 2004

That's a slap at Capt. Royer, his marines and a warning for all other to shut up.

"Captain Royer was a decent man that was used for a dirty job and thrown away by his chain of command,"
-Sgt. Charles R. Sheldon of Company E

That doesn't seem to matter much, Sgt. Sheldon

In the Bush-Rumsfeld military, "sh-t" really does flow downhill.

-Noah Greenberg

The Saudi Hold on the US


So now the Saudi Royal family say they want to help reduce the soaring oil prices in the US. They claim, however, that due to the rising demand for gasoline in India and China that they are at near maximum production. I have an idea. Since it's YOUR oil and since the Bushes are such GOOD FRIENDS and since it makes sense for the SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY to help out their GOOD FRIENDS, THE BUSHES, why not just LOWER THE PRICES?

Saudi Arabia IS the largest oil producing nation in the world. If good will with the people of the United States means so much to the house of Saud, then throw US a discount. Call it a "Frequent Buyer Discount" or something of that ilk.

Just 3 years ago, gasoline was a "mere" $1.41 per gallon. Today the national average is over $2.50 per gallon with no end in sight.

How will all those rich CEO's be able to afford their chauffer-driven Cadillac Escalade-Limousines at those prices? They'll just have to cut the guys salary, that's all. Too bad they can't figure out a way to outsource that job, isn't it?

"Since the Sept. 11 attacks, you've had this growing chorus of anti-Saudi voices in the United States, and not from the fringes. From the Saudi point of view, this administration, while not joining the anti-Saudi perspective, has not done much to quiet it. But now that Bush has been re-elected, they're in a sense willing to give the administration another shot at improving the quality of the relationship."
-Flynt L. Leverett, President Bush's former senior director at the National Security Council, and now a senior fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution

The Saudi's seem to feel that they gave President Bush a "bye" during his first term by allowing him to avoid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They want more done in his second term, and they aren't on the side of the Israelis. Remember that Saudi Arabia is the country that held a telethon for the families of homicide bombers that killed Israeli civilians. Remember that Saudi Arabia is the country that 15 of the 19 hijackers from 9/11 called home.

And here is another reason to wonder out loud about the Saudi relationship with anyone who bears the last name of Bush: The Saudi's are fearful of the Shiites becoming a greater influence in the middle east, with the growing presence of a Shiite majority in Iraq and the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon. The Sunni's are Wahhabi Sunnis.

I'd be scared too.

Wasn't one of the reasons that 9/11 happened because of the US presence on the ground in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War? Aren't the people of Saudi Arabia ruled by the kind of dictatorship disguising itself as a monarchy that we, here in the USA are trying to stop all over the world? Has the Bush administration become the Saudi puppet regime?

I dunno, but it makes sense to ask the question.

What will it take for the Saudi Royal Family to lower oil prices? Will it take the annihilation of Israel and the slaughter of the world's 14 million or so Jews? The fear that the Bush administration will do something for their Saudi "brother", as Crown Prince Abdullah calls himself, is frightening.

Maybe $5.00 per gallon isn't such a high price to pay after all.


-Noah Greenberg

Sad Quotes


"I never dreamed my first casualties would occur inside Camp Pennsylvania and they would be caused by one of my own soldiers."
-Col. Ben Hodges, testifying at the sentencing part of the trial for Sgt. Hasan Akbar, convicted for using grenades and a rifle in an attack that killed 2 soldiers and wounded 14 others

When, if ever is the death penalty justified? There is NO DOUBT that Sgt. Akbar perpetrated this act. This is NO DOUBT to me.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg