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Friday-Sunday, April 1-3, 2005


Pope John Paul II


No stupid quotes today. No sarcastic comments about the Right. No comments about how the Left needs to be more vocal. Just my view on the Life and Death of Pope John Paul II.


Even as a Jew, I know that I will miss Pope John Paul II. The first Pope ever to visit Israel, and in fact acknowledge Israel, he was a visionary.

The Catholic Church taught that the Jews' exile was punishment for Jesus' death. After blessing Israel during his pilgramage in March, 2000, many Israeli's took that for the Church's recognition of the state.

''As bishop of Rome and successor of the Apostle Peter, I assure the Jewish people that the Catholic Church, motivated by the Gospel law of truth and love, and by no political considerations, is deeply saddened by the hatred, acts of persecution and displays of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews by Christians at any time and in any place.'
-Pope John Paul II

After the apathy Pope Pius showed during the Holocaust, the words and sentiments John Paul expressed towards Holocaust came as welcome, heart-felt words.

Under Pope John Paul II, the Vatican and Israel created diplomatic ties, something many though would never happen. John Paull II even visited nazi death camp of Auschwitz and attend services at a Rome synagogue.

Pope John Paul was "a friend of the Jewish people." The world had lost "one of the most important leaders of our generation."
-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

My wife was watching CNN the day Pope John Paul II died. There was a story of the Pope and his childhood friend Jerzy Kluger. When they were young boys and Karol Jozef Wojtyla was an alter-boy, his Jewish friend came into the church to see his friend. When an anti-semetic nun had asked what the Jewish boy was doing there, Karol answered her by saying, "Don't we all worship the same God?"

Yes we do.

"When John Paul II was named Pope, my mother, who is Polish, said he could be the best or the worst. I feel he's been the best."
-Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League

"God of our fathers,
You chose Abraham and his descendants
to bring your Name to the Nations:
we are deeply saddened
by the behaviour of those
who in the course of history
have caused these children of yours to suffer,
and asking your forgiveness
we wish to commit ourselves to
genuine brotherhood
with the people of the Covenant."
-Signed: John Paul II, Jerusalem 26, March 2000

Rest in Peace, Karol Jozef Wojtyla. The world is less without you.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg