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Friday-Sunday, March 18-20, 2005



Schiavo and the Rest of US - A Health Care Moment


Maybe it's good that the US Congress is getting involved in the Schiavo situation. But, let's remember that Mrs. Schiavo is just one person. What about the other 280 plus million Americans? What are you going to do about US?

When will Congress, the Senate or President Bush stand up and be counted? When will someone with power out there realize that Americans are not only being squeezed financially due to medical bills, deductibles and ever-increasing co-pays, but by a leadership that ignores the needs of most of its people.

It truly is time to get off you Tush, Mr. Bush.


By the way:

Did anyone happen to catch Rep. Tom Delay reacting to the Schiavo decision? He mispronounced her name twice during the initial press conference. You'd think that before attempting to save someone's life, you' know her name.

-Noah Greenberg

Military Bases as Political Fodder

It appears that we have too many military bases throughout the United States. In a time of war and with a need to train and house new soldiers, the Bush administration is deeming it necessary to close military bases. What, you may ask, is the reason for closing these bases? One reason might be the loss in military enlistment. If you have less soldiers, you need fewer places to put them. Another reason might be the expanding face of US military presence throughout the world. If more soldiers are in the middle east and other places throughout the world, the less space they need for their stuff here.

"We know we have too much. We know that we have capacity in the wrong place, either over or under. We're not well matched to the mission need."
-Philip W. Grone, the deputy under secretary of defense for installations and environment

Mission? And just what is that mission? I'm sure we'd all like to know.

-Noah Greenberg

Ancient Struggle

There is a age old economic struggle. Early humans won economic power by wielding the largest stick. In the feudal age, economic power derived from the possession of title and property. In the modern times, those who build the richest portfolio rise to the top of the heap. There has always been an economic pecking order. Nevertheless, our nation must stride toward economic justice. An unjust society faces the dangers of prehistoric brutality, feudalistic stratification and modern day economic slavery.

-Robert Scardapne

Bush's Iceberg


(G)lobal (W)arming Bush drones on that we are headed for an iceberg. Yet, he says that "personal accounts do not solve the issue."
I wonder why he is so worried about icebergs, after all they are melting as is the support for his privatization scheme.

-Robert Scardapane

Trade Deficits

This problem has grown chronic. The quotas protecting textiles were lifted and our market is getting flooded. One to two manufacturing centers are closing every week. Now, we have a growing manufacturing and service based trade deficit with China. There is a huge service based trade deficit with India.

What is the Lipper and the spineless Republicans robots in Congress going to do about this? They have been spouting rhetoric for over three years on how outsourcing is "good" for America and the mantra that "free trade is good".

It's not working! We need to hold these Republicans accountable.

-Robert Scardapane

The Fox Shell Game


"Fox News strikes again. About a half hour ago they were doing a panel discussion on "Are the Democrats Trying to Sabotage the Economy". The hypocrisy, the BS! With the Repubs controlling the Presidency and Congress (as well as that political hack Greenspan) they have the NERVE to say it's the Dems fault the economy is tanking. "
-DNC Blog Posting

These are my observations:

Folks face up to it - Democrats are being scapegoated by the Republicans. They blame them for everything. If the economy is flagging, it must be those Democrats and when you run out of excuses, blame Bill Clinton.

These Republicans have ruined the strong economy that Bill Clinton got going with their insane free trade. The Republicans signed the China PNTR that is ripping our economy apart. They encourage blind allegiance to WTO and NAFTA while other nations dodge and protect their interest.

Economic prosperity for most Americans and social services to help the needy are being gutted in the interest of the wealthy and the militarists. Yet, the Republicans won't acknowledge that the surplus disappeared NOT because of increased social spending, derisively called entitlements, but because of tax cuts and militarism in Iraq.

Republicans play this little game. They come up with conspiracy theories that Democrats are selling securities to drive the market down. I heard it all before and they can't prove it. Then, they have the nerve to accuse the Democrats of being conspiracy mongers.

-Robert Scardapane

Chasing The Ice Cube

President Bush has embarked on a 60 day tour to convince Americans that there is a social security crisis. While chasing the ice cube, an iceberg is about to hit the ship.

A new single month record for imports was set while both the trade and account deficits grew to record highs. Financial analysts that decry American appetite for foreign goods miss the point that there are few choices.

Now, new industries such as biotechnology are relocating overseas. Even more disturbing, the design process itself is being outsourced to original design manufacturers (ODM's). American companies are becoming mere engines of distribution and sales.

Is there any doubt that outsourcing and the trade/account deficits are one and the same? The net result has been a severe devaluation in the dollar, drop in real wages and stagnant growth in high quality jobs.

President Bush should end the social security privatization crusade and concentrate on the trade deficit. Chastising Americans to buy American products when there are so few is poor leadership. New free trade agreements that ostensibly open new markets when there is so little to sell is ineffective. A nation that does not produce can't succeed.

-Robert Scardapane

I thought this joke was good:

Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate freedom?

-Robert Scardapane

Stupid Quote


"We are almost certainly going to move from an environment in which the Internet was per se not regulated to where it is going to be regulated in some part,"
-David M. Mason, FEC Commissioner

That's all well and good, Mr. Mason. But what about other dirty political activities such as phone calls in South Carolina referring to John McCain as the Manchurian Candidate and telling them that the Arizona senator is the father of an illegitimate black child whose mother in a prostitute? How about a Republican Sponsored group calling itself the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" who lied about the military record of a real war hero, Senator John Kerry?

Don't trust the Bush administration when they tell you they're going to fix something, because when they fix it, it only works on the "right" side.

Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg