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Tuesday, March 15, 2005



Health Care and Houston


According to the Houston Chronicle, The Harris County Hospital District is going to raise their co-pay for prescription drugs and will stop dispensing over-the-counter drugs. Although the district is going to receive a two percent increase of their budget over last year, they will have to make these and many other cuts, including the demand of payment, up front, from non-emergency related admissions to their emergency rooms.

So why, you may ask, is The Harris County Hospital District making these cuts? Because there are many more people in need of "free" of "charity" care due to the increase of working people that can no longer afford health care of their very own and the rising cost of health insurance.

I wonder if The Harris County Hospital District thinks that a Single Payer Universal Health Care plan is a good idea now. I bet the people who are going to be turned away at their doors do.

-Noah Greenberg

Osama bin-Missing


"There was a time when the dragnet had closed and we thought we knew roughly the area where he possibly could be. That was, I think, some time back ... maybe about eight to 10 months back. But after that, this is such a game, this intelligence, that they escape. They can move and then you lose contact."
-Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corp. aired Tuesday

In other words, "You should've seen the one that got away."

Osama bin Laden "remains a high priority just like other al-Qaida leaders."
-Scott McClellan, White House spokesman regarding Musharraf's claim that he had ALMOST captured Osama bin-Laden

"I truly am not that concerned about him,"
-President George W Bush, March 13, 2002 when asked the question, "Where is Osama bin-Laden?"

So, President Bush and his cronies are only concerned about Osama bin-Laden IF he can catch him. President Bush isn't concerned about Osama bin-Laden if it causes him or his administration any embarrassment.

Maybe Vice President Dick "Go F*ck Yourself" Cheney ought to look under the White House sofa cushions again, like he did 2 years ago, on video tape, at the White House Press corps dinner, just to make sure Osama bin-Laden isn't hiding under them, just in case.

-Noah Greenberg

The Color Purple

Question: Why did all of the Republicans have purple fingers at the State of the Union Address?
Answer: They were all checking out Barney the Purple Dinosaur and Tinkie Winkie, the Purple Teleubie’s butts for evidence of homosexuality."

-Noah Greenberg

Halliburton, Again

It's only money. That's all.

Halliburton has apparently stolen, or misplaced, or overcharged you and I, the US taxpayer at least $108 million dollars. Sounds like chicken feed in comparison with the $10 billion dollars in no-bid contracts they were given by the Bush Administration to be America's First Family of Crime. Didn't Vito Corleone do stuff like this in the Godfather?

Remember, if you steal, steal BIG.

In a bizarre case, Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR), a subsidiary of Halliburton charged us,  the US taxpayer $27 million dollars to move $82,000 worth of gas from Kuwait to Iraq. $82,000 at $2.00 per gallon is 41,ooo gallons, but when you add in the extra transportation expense, it climbs to $660 dollars per gallon!

I know gas prices are rising, but this is ridiculous!


Do the Bush's best friends, the Saudi Royal Family know about this?

The Defense Contract Audit Agency completed nine audits of KBR just before the November elections, but the Bush Administration was able to keep these reports from becoming public despite the best efforts of Republicans and Democrats alike. The office of Representative Henry A. Waxman of California, the minority leader of the House Committee on Government Reform, said it had obtained the audit through "unofficial channels."

Well we know that Dick Cheney didn't deliver it to Rep. Waxman's door.

Official estimates remain "confidential" and no one really knows how much more than the $108 million dollars has REALLY been stolen, but we can assume that this is just the tip of the Bush-berg.

"KBR delivered these vital services for the Iraqi people at a fair and reasonable cost given the circumstances."
-Wendy Hall, a spokeswoman for Halliburton, in an e-mail message

Hey Wendy, this isn't a little "surcharge you "tacked on." It's

Halliburton chicken feed.

-Noah Greenberg

Red State American Headlines

I now know how the Red Staters think. They're for "Progressive" causes, but only when ot affects them. Take, for example this HEADLINES FROM THE HEARTLAND: "Huntsman makes case against nuclear waste," by By Robert Gehrke of The Salt Lake Tribune. The Reader's Digest (condensed) version of the story is this:

Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. wants Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman to keep nuclear waste, originally destined for Nevada's Yucca Mountain, to be stored at the  reactors that created the waste. It appears that the governor doesn't want all of that "stuff" stored, temporarily in his pristine state of Utah.

Huntsman, along with Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett, both Republican senators from Utah, requested that Interior Secretary Gale Norton override the Bureau of Indian Affairs' decision to lease land at the Skull Valley Band of Goshutes, an Indian Reservation.

The Republican governor and Republican Senators of a Republican State asked the Republican Washington Administration of a Republican president to deliver the waste to a different Republican State, Nevada.

If the Skull Valley site was targeted by terrorists, "the result would be not just contamination of the Wasatch Front but many places further east,"
-Governor Huntsman

Maybe a few miles from Las Vegas, America's largest population-growth city would be better for you, Governor Huntsman? Maybe we could just drop it on New York City's IRT Subway line instead. Just as long as it doesn't "pollute" the great salt lake of your Utah, Governor Huntsman.

You asked for it, you got it, Utah. Time to pay the piper for term number two.

-Noah Greenberg



Bernie Ebbers, the man who engineered the largest bankruptcy in American history, the WorldCom bankruptcy, has been found guilty on all charges. These were, of course, FRAUD charges. A red-faced Ebbers greeted the verdict with disbelief and the possibility of an 84-year prison term.

There's only one more thing to say about this:


-Noah Greenberg

Stupid Quotes


"Increasing labor-force participation seems a natural response to population aging,"
-Alan "Slim" Greenspan

Cutting benefits and raising the retirement age are two of the "fixes" Alan Greenspan wants Social Security to adopt. Greenspan, who is set for life financially, wants poor and middle class Americans to make sacrifices, work longer and take less money into their golden days to help pay for President Bush's ill-advised tax refunds to the rich.

Hey Big Al, how come you don't mention a REAL solution, like
eliminating the artificial cap of $87,900 that keeps wealthy Americans from paying their fair share.

Big Al's just another rich guy looking out for himself, I guess.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg