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Thursday, March 3, 2005



Greenspan Speaks and the Middle Class Weeps


Alan Greenspan is suggesting a "simplification of the tax code" and a new "consumption tax" will make up for the tax give-backs that GW Bush gave to his corporate friends. For those of you counting, this means that if you buy a $20,000 dollar car in New Jersey, you're going to pay $1,200 dollars on NJ state sales tax and, if "Slim Greenspan" has his way, maybe another $2,000 dollars "consumption tax" to the federal government. This is to make sure your boss doesn't have to pay his fair share of taxes.

The one question I have for Mr. Greenspan is this: How in the world is this going to stimulate the economy, Big Al?

By making it harder for the
American Middle Class to buy the things that they need, and an occasional something they want, who is going to stimulate the economy?

Ronald Reagan tried trickle down years ago. It didn't work. We all know that "Slim Greenspan" believes that
"trickle down" will stimulate Bush's sagging economy (no matter what Fox News says, it is sagging). It didn't work in the 1980's and it won't work in 2005, 2006, 2007, etc.

Stimulate the economy in the form of
good jobs, affordable or Single Payer Universal Health Care and affordable housing. The American Middle Class will do the rest, like they always have.

-Noah Greenberg

Promises, Promises


Chuckles Grassley (R-IA) says that if (G)lobal (W)arming Bush doesn't sell privatization in three weeks, it's dead.
A verse from Dionne Warwick fits Republican promises:

Oh, promises, their kind of promises, can just destroy a life
Oh, promises, those kind of promises, take all the joy from life
Oh, promises, promises, my kind of promises
Can lead to joy and hope and love
Yes, love!!

Three, two, one ... Bush be-gone. Now that's a promise to keep!

-Robert Scardapane

You say Slovenia, I say Slovakia

(Let's Call the Whole Thing Off)


When GW Bush visited Putin in the former Czech Republic Slovakia, JoAnn (my wife) and I could have sworn he addressed the audience as the people of "Slovenia" - not really a country. The other country he was talking about was Salvinia which I think is another one of the countries formed with the break up of Czechoslovakia. Some where in his incoherent state he melded Transylvania with Salvinia and got "Slovenia", something that all Texans can relate to. What Bush needed was Count Dracula to act as a translator. It's a sad day when the so called leader of the free world gives the wrong name of some other country while giving a speech to the people of a country that he can't pronounce the name.

-Bruno Corry

Bush Wrong on Taxes, Retirement and War

George W. Bush's recent cutbacks to the poor, his onslaught on Social Security and the revision of laws that protect the average citizen shows what he really is -- the slave of the corporations and greedy 1 percent who presently have the upper hand in our country.

Bush will not yield on tax cuts to the rich, even though we face enormous deficits. Instead, he attacks Social Security and is ready to auction it off to the highest bidder -- the casinos of Wall Street.

In a minimal effort to balance the budget, he cuts programs to those who need them the most while making it more difficult for average citizens to protect themselves from corporate negligence and greed, i.e., his "tort reform" law.

He does all this while spouting "freedom is on the march" and he continues to spend a billion bucks a week on a war whose justification shifted from weapons of mass destruction, to Iraqi liberation, to making the world safe for democracy, saying very little about the 100,000 innocent Iraqis and the 1,500 American soldiers who died for this neo-conservative fabrication.

Now Bush is trying to repair the
diplomatic damage his policies have had on the rest of the world but continues to make faux pas such as mistaking Slovakia for "Slovania" in front of a hall full of Slovakians. Clearly, Bush is in way over his head. Unfortunately, only the rest of world gets it.

Recent polls, however, show that pocketbook issues such as Social Security are starting to tarnish and erode Bush's false political persona.

-Bruno Corry

Martha Vs. Kenny-Boy


So, the dangerous Martha Stewart is being released from prison Friday morning at 12:01 AM. Following that she gets to stay in her mansion under house arrest for awhile. What the home-making diva did was awful. She made a bad mistake, then compounded it by lying.

Ms. Stewart went to jail for lying to federal investigators about insider information she received about a stock she owned. Now let's compare that to what
Kenny-Boy Lay, Steven Skilling and a host of others did to the little old ladies of California, Oregon, Washington state and a host of others in the Enron Energy scandal that is coming to trial, hopefully, very soon.

Kenny-Boy Lay and company showed the same hubris and disdain for the people of America that a Saudi Prince might show for his "subjects." Ms. Stewart  was just trying to save a buck and cover her behind. Kenny-Boy put thousands of his employees' pensions on the line without care and lost many of their life savings. Martha was trying to not implicate herself any further.

Some of you might say she got what she deserved. If that is the case, we need to throw away the key on
Kenny-Boy Lay, Skilling and company. The only way you make rich people feel the pinch is by either making them poor or taking away their freedom.

If we truly believe in an eye for an eye,
the Enron Bastards should now be blind.

-Noah Greenberg



The exposure of an undercover agent by Bob Novak was as bad as it gets.

Novak admitted, on CNN, that
"an Administration official leaked" this information to him, and asked that it be made available to the media, which he (Novak) obediently did. The jerk claimed "freedom of the Press".

I am not a constitutional attorney, but it seems to me that the law was broken twice. Once by an administration that has "security" coming out of every pore in it's body, and again by Novak, for deliberately breaching the cover of an undercover CIA agent.

At any rate, the Democrats had a real good issue to run with...during the course of an election year; and just what did they do? NADA!

I don't think the American people would have been very happy at as not so covert attempt to politicize and intimidate the CIA.

-Jack Kashinsky


TITLE 50--WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE, CHAPTER 15--NATIONAL SECURITY, SUBCHAPTER IV--PROTECTION OF CERTAIN NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION, Sec. 421. Protection of identities of certain United States undercover intelligence officers, agents, informants, and sources

Section 421(c) suggests that during the course of an investigation, a member of the press may release the name of a United States undercover intelligence officer, agent, informant, or source if there is a scandal or a fraud by that individual. Joseph Wilson's wife did none of those things and her life was put in danger by Robert Novak and his "administration official." The scandal and fraud is committed both by Novak and the "administration official." Throw them both in jail. It's about time. -NG

Stupid Quotes of the Day


"We need to do it (the raiding and raping of Social security) this year. Not the next year,' We (the Republicans who are merely rubber-stamps for "G"lobal "W"arming Bush) are working toward this goal.''
-The FLIP-FLOPPING Senate Majority Leader, Dr. Bill Frist, who is up for re-election in 2006 and has an eye on the White House in 2008

Dr./ Sen Frist said this only one day after he said, "I have to be realistic'" about putting Social Security in the table until next year, obviously thinking that Americans will get dumber in 2006 (which might be his senatorial re-election strategy).

With almost two-thirds of Americans opposing the raping of the Social Security program by the Republicans, before next November, Frist may make leaving Social Security alone sound like it was his idea all the time!

I wish a good and smart and "compassionate" man like
Rep. Harold Ford would look at Dr./ Sen. Frist and say, "I have to run against this guy. I have to beat him for the sake of Tennessee and the United States!"

Someone give Representative Harold Ford a call, please.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg