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Wednesday, March 2, 2005



Health Care


Mark McClellan, the brother of White house Press Secretary Scott McClellan (no nepotism there) and the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told hospital administrators that he wants Medicare to adopt a concept called "pay-for-performance.'' The reasoning behind this is that he different organizations should be paid more or less depending on various factors.


One wonders what those factors are going to be. Are they going to involve patients' rights? Are the health care providers going to have to release private information, in much the same way that Kansas' Attorney General Phil Kline wants clinics to release patient information for intimidation purposes? Are the funds going to be doled out in relation to how many abortions a doctor or a health care facility provide?


Who is going to decide the "level of performance?"


"Some so-called pay-for-performance programs are a lose-lose proposition for patients and their physicians, with the only benefit accruing to health insurers. We believe that pay-for-performance programs done properly have the potential to improve patient care, but if done improperly can harm patients.''

-Dr. John Armstrong, Secretary of The American Medical Association


Just like most of the other programs the Bush Administration wants to implement, they are short on details and long on rhetoric.

-Noah Greenberg


The Bush proposal to fix Social Security will benefit the financial community. Any real effort to fix Medicare will involve some level of government intervention to control prices of big pharmaceutical companies, big healthcare and insurance. The former will benefit Bush's buddies. The latter will have the opposite effect.

When the head of General Motors calls for the government to do something about healthcare costs, as he did a couple of weeks ago, because he is increasingly unable to compete with foreign competitors with state sponsored healthcare...we begin to move inextricably toward a
single payer government provided health care system.

Fix healthcare and Social Security will fall into place.


-Pat Thompson



The tapes contain enough information that there is "sufficient public benefit to be garnered from further review''

-Economist Patrick Crowley, of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, in regard to the 2800-plus hours of tapes proving that Enron ripped off the citizens of the Western United States


Of course, that was AFTER the FERC acquiesced to the Snohomish County, Wash., Public Utility District. They  forced the FERC to transcribe the tapes showing how Enron traders ripped off their fellow Americans. It was $200,000 well spent.

These Enron employees ripped us off with MALICE

These Enron employees ripped us off with FORESIGHT

These Enron employees ripped us off  with HUBRIS


In case you forget, Enron founder Kenneth (Kenny Boy) Lay, former CEO Jeffrey Skilling and chief accounting officer Richard Causey are to be tried next year on fraud and conspiracy charges. I say, "What's taking so long?"


The Enron-created power shortages and price increases forced rolling blackouts and financial hardships throughout the west coast. I wonder how many people died due to these power outages? How many people with heart conditions had to turn off their air conditioners in the intense California heat? How many "Grandma Millies" lost their life-savings just trying to stay cool or cook dinner? How many "Grandma Millies"  had to choose between prescription drugs, food or the energy it took to run an air conditioner?


Jail-time isn't good enough for this crowd. If there was a good argument for the DEATH PENALTY, this is it.I can't wait to see GW pardon Kenny Boy as he leaves the White House in 2009.


-Noah Greenberg


G.W. Bush calls Ken lay "Kenny Boy."


Let's remember the relationship between George W. Bush, the members of his administration, his friends and Enron.Many of you might know this stuff. Many of you might not. So here it is. Much of it thanks to "The Lies of George W. Bush" by David Corn



What G.W. Bush Said, BEFORE the Enron Hit the Fan

And Now, The Truth

Other Bushies and Enron


-Noah Greenberg

Will The Real "Slim Greenspan" Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up

My Apologies to Marshall Mathers (Emimem)

A week ago, Alan Greenspan said he favors private accounts but did not agree with the President Bush's privatization plan. His reasons were that private accounts do not improve solvency and the transition costs are too large. Remarkably, this week Mr. Greenspan reiterated a bias toward private accounts but did not qualify his remarks. I wonder when will the real Greenspan stand up!

Mr. Greenspan claims that private accounts will make it harder for the government to spend recklessly. Really? Couldn't the government simply issue bonds thus continuing to spend money? In fact, Republicans since 1935 have made this ridiculous argument. Yet, they have opposed all attempts to create a lock box for social security and enforce a balanced budget. Indeed, they allowed the "pay as you go" (PAYGO) budget rules to expire in 2002.

Social Security private accounts are not the solution to our budget problem. Such accounts will merely destroy a critical system of shared social insurance. After listening to Republican rhetoric for the past several months, I can only conclude that they don't want to reform social security. Instead, they are ideologically determined to destroy it.

-Robert Scardapane

Stupid Quotes of the Day


The world was "speaking with one voice when it comes to making sure that democracy has a chance to flourish in Lebanon."

-GW Bush, March 2, 2005


And when the Syrians pull out of Lebanon, and the country that borders Israel is open to more terrorists and a civil war, where will the US troops be?

Right where they are now, protecting GW's friend's financial interests in Iraq.


I'd like to see "democracy flourish" right here in the USA.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg