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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Even More About Health Care


General Motors Corp. chairman and chief executive G. Richard Wagoner Jr. is mad, upset and scared. He is calling on corporate and government leaders to find "some serious medicine" for the nation's ailing health system. You see, Mr. Wagoner Jr. feels that health care costs have gone through the roof and they are killing American Industry.


Thanks for finally joining the party Dick.


"Failing to address the health care crisis would be the worst kind of procrastination, the kind that places our children and our grandchildren at risk and threatens the health and global competitiveness of our nation's economy." Wagoner said.


Now, we all know that the chairman of the company that supplies health care coverage to more people than any other American company isn't speaking out for altruistic reasons. He sees the bottom line and he doesn't like it. (Hey, maybe he is an altruist and I've misjudged him. I hate jumping to conclusions.)


Isn't it funny that WAL-MART is America's largest employer but GM supplies more Health Care coverage than any other American Company?


Go on. Guess how much GM has to add to the price of every vehicle to help make up for their skyrocketing medical costs:

  1. $1.50 per car

  2. $15.00 per car

  3. $150.00 per car

  4. $1,500 per car

If you chose "d", you chose wisely.


If you want to look for reasons why companies outsource and why American manufacturers are not competitive right here in the USA, it's due, in large part to OUTSOURCING.


It's time to wake up to the smell of REALITY.


I never bought a new GM vehicle. Maybe it's about time.


-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "I don’t usually suggest a site, but if anyone wanted to ask the spiritual leader of Iraq a question, here is how you do it:", Pat Thompson writes:


I am waiting for a response from the spiritual leader of Iraq on whether the Iraqi people feel we are an occupying force, and whether the majority of the people want us to leave.   I had to specify my age and gender in order to ask a question!


-Pat Thompson


I'm still waiting for my answer too, Pat.


-Noah Greenberg



Stonewall, a British gay rights organization is helping the British Navy recruit gays. The Her Royal Majesty's Navy is promising to make life easier on the high seas for its personnel who prefer the company of the same sex.


"While some gays were confident to come out, others didn't feel that the environment was necessarily accepting of them," Commodore Paul Docherty, director of naval life management said. All of this only five years after our most fierce ally removed their ban on gays in the military. Among other new gay-friendly laws passed recently is a law that makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of workers' sexuality.


The Parliament passed the Civil Partnership law last year that gave marriage-style rights to gay couples. The military is subject to those laws as well. Gay military couples will be allowed to share an apartment, just like mixed-gender military couples.


What "G"lobal "W"arming Bush might find interesting is that gay men and women have been fighting alongside their straight British counterparts since the hostilities in Iraq have begun.




-Noah Greenberg

Just a Quickie


US Drug manufacturers are upset that the new Medicare Drug Bill will not include drugs like Viagra (better known as V|a6ra in SPAM emails), Levitra and Cialis. It seems that the profit-driven drugs are not the life-saving medicine grandpa needs to put that smile back on grandma's face.


After the first $2800 that grandpa spends on his life-saving medicine, your child's grandparents will have to pay for 95 percent of all their drugs up until they reach the $5100 mark.


Now, I want grandpa to find happiness in his golden years just as much as the next guy, but I want him to be able to pay for his heart and cholesterol medicine first. I don't want him to sacrifice one for the other.


Look for even more ads decrying the ills of "erectile dysfunction" from Pfizer, Novartis, Eli Lily and company and others. But this time, they're going to try and tell us their drugs are "life-enhancing" then relate that phrase to "life-saving".


Just take a page out of the Karl Rove playbook boys. You'll be all right.


-Noah Greenberg

Rubber Man


Representative Jim McCrery (R-LA) has some questions about President Bush's Social Security Piratization plans. Whereas he said, "I still think it's going to be difficult," he has not entirely ruled it out. It seems that as soon as Mr. McCrery scratched his head, the Bushies started banging on his door with fake charts and phony stats in an attempt to make him see a light that isn't there. McCrery is the chairman of House subcommittee on Social Security.


Before meeting with President Bush's disciple, I mean his agent, Allan B. Hubbard, the new director of President Bush's National Economic Council, McCrery had many doubts about the plan to piratize the greatest social program the US has ever seen. After the meeting, Bill Thomas' (R-CA, Ways and Means Chairman) number one lieutenant did a flip-flop and said he is "convinced the president's approach is worth pursuing."


Another rubber stamp for your collection President Bush?


-Noah Greenberg

Big Sky & Hate Crimes


Montana has a hate crime bill on the books today that makes it illegal to intimidate or harass anyone on the basis of race, religion, color, creed or national origin. Sounds like a good idea, if you ask me. Montana House Bill Number 52 would have extended the Hate Crimes Bill to include on the list of outlawed offenses the intimidation or harassment of gay and lesbian people as well.


It failed by a margin of 54 to 46.


When Carol Snetsinger, who sued the University of Montana, along with another gay couple, to receive benefits for their partners, she received a letter in the mail with a white, powdery substance which she thought was Anthrax. Her first thought was, "This was not even considered a hate crime."


UM professor Carla Grayson and her partner, Adrienne Neff were the other couple that filed the lawsuit.. A few days later, Grayson and Neff's house burned in an apparent arson fire.


Here's an interesting thought: Snetsinger is a Christian. The letter she received that accompanied the white substance said, "Die Dykes."


What if that letter had read , "Die Christian" instead? Would there have been any sort of an outcry?


Screaming out "God, country and family values." against the bill was Rep. Gilda Clancy, (R-Helen). She brought the FBI's 2001 crime report to the committee and said only 14.3 percent of all hate crimes were driven by the victim's sexual orientation. Those were the same numbers that the bill's sponsor, Rep. Brad Newman, (D-Butte) used to argue for the bill.


Why is this such a big deal? Because by making a Hate Crimes Bill and defining who is covered under it, you are stating that it's okay to abuse those who are NOT included under it.


Whether you are for Gay Rights or not is not the issue. If one is identified as Gay or Straight or Jewish or Christian or Black or White and he or she is singled out for that "difference", then the offender has committed a Hate Crime, by any definition.


So, I say to all you skin-head survivalists neo-Nazi radical right intolerant creeps - GO TO MONTANA. Go on. It's okay. There's plenty for you to do there thanks to people like Rep. Gilda Clancy.


-Noah Greenberg

The Right (or is it Left) Leader


Howard Dean has rightly been elected Democratic national chairman. The grassroots organization that grew up around his inspiring presidential run will serve the Democratic Party well. The major problem that most Democrats have had during recent campaigns has been in clearly defining where they stand on many issues. By virtue of his own example, Dean (and, by extension, the rest of the Democrats) will not allow that problem to continue. Kudos again to the Democratic National Committee for electing this most deserving person.


- David Way

Dr. Dean


Howard Dean is going to make a great chairman of the Democratic Party.   C-Span had a real debate between Howard Dean and one of the neo-con "advisors" to the President, (Richard) Perle, who is very shrewd and a total ideologue, and one of the authors of the policy we have watched unfold over the past four years.  It's one of those "conundrums" which are based totally on 9/11 -- we were attacked so now we can do whatever we please to whoever we please.   We can attack whatever countries we wish -- Iran, Syria, North Korea, if we feel our best defense is a pre-emptive strike, according to Mr. PerleHoward Dean was totally brilliant -- he speaks with the kind of self assurance and quick thinking that Bill Clinton has.  I couldn't imagine Terry McAuliffe being able speak as intelligently on policy matters as Howard Dean.  And oh how I would love to see Howard Dean debate GW Bush, who can't string together a simple sentence without being wired and having voices in his ear telling him what to say.  Unless he's lying, and then he's quite good at it.  This was an amazing program, with a true debate format, plus the ability to ask each other questions.  If you get a chance to watch it on C-Span, it is very uplifting.


-Pat Thompson

In conclusion of our Health Care discussion, Jack Kashinsky writes:


I believe that it will be easier to get SHUHC than real effective campaign finance reform at this time.


SPUHC is a concept whose time has come.  The AMA, large numbers of the medical community and a growing number of companies and businesses are now calling for it because "the bottom line" looks a lot better to them using SPUHC than the current non system of ever increasing costs with less benefits.


Many people that are listed as "being covered" today, would be wiped out either by the huge deductible, the bigger co-pays, or the payout cap.


Everyone would simply switch over to a universal SS, with no co-pays, deductibles, or caps.


-Jack Kashinsky


Jack, this is an argument I hope to lose.


-Noah Greenberg

Stupid Quote of the Day


"Some of those opinion polls are reading in to it a little more than what President Bush intends."

-White House counselor, Dan Bartlett, regarding the belief  by an overwhelming majority of Europeans that President Bush uses war to spread “freedom”.


Yet another voice of the Bush bottom feeders explaining what the president said Vs. what the president meant.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg