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Monday, February 21, 2005


Another health care Moment


Choice. It's a word that the Bush Administration uses often when speaking about a health care plan,


"Choice." It's a word similar to "Liberty" and "Freedom." It has been perverted by "G"lobal "W"arming Bush and his Vulcan, neo-con, Corporate Cronies for their own, greed-driven purposes.


I have a question for you, President Bush: Why haven't you "chosen" to fix America's damaged and expensive health care system that is currently in place (or should I say out-of-place)  since you said "You will" on January 20, 2001?


Is it that you don't want to tick of your giant contributors, the pharmaceutical industry?

Is it that you don't want to tick of your giant contributors, the health insurance industry?

Or is it that the America's Middle Class and affordable health care just doesn't matter to you?


I guess never having to want for anything makes it easy to sell America's Middle Class out.


George W. Bush's Health Care Plan. Plan to Stay Healthy.


Mark Maron of Air America Radio's Morning Sedition put the Republican message best: "If you're poor, get rich. And if you're old, hurry up and die."


Don't let up on the Heath Care issue.


-Noah Greenberg

Who is Jeff Gannon... James Guckert... Sgt. Stud?


It's my turn to chime in on this Jeff Gannon, a.k.a. James Guckert, a.k.a "a hot military stud" friend of Karl Rove (Was Gannon/ Guckert ever even in the military?), a.k.a. The Talon News Agency's (someone ought to sue them for using the word "news" in their name) front man, a.k.a the man employed by Robert R. Eberle, owner of which, in turn owns the Talon News Agency.


So far, many of the right questions have been asked:

My questions to Scott McClellan (the married press secretary seems to be an odd bedfellow of the openly gay Gannon/ Guckert - not that there's anything wrong with that, except if you're married), Ari Fleischer (McClellan’s former boss), and anyone who sits above them, including Karl Rove and President Bush are these:

-Noah Greenberg

In response to "A Health Care Plan," Jack Kashinky writes:


I have a much more simple plan....SPUHC (Single Payer Universal Health Care.).


Even the AMA and many small businesses are calling for this.


This is another big pocket book issue that we can use to expose "The Lip" and his boot licking Privateers for what they really are all about.


This is the ONLY industrialized country in the world that doesn't have this humanistic and cost effective program in play. Full coverage to ALL. Funded by money saved from Medicare, Medicaid, the insurance dollars paid by individuals and companies, and the myriad of stop gap clinics and related programs. Just think of the money to be saved on this boondoggle of a prescription-Medicare "plan"! Additionally we will save the money spent on so many of the state plans like EPIC.


The filthy rich, and the stupid can still opt out for their nose jobs, or whatever, by simply going to a private, non-participating physician....on their own.


Let's stop backing away from Hillary's third rail. This is a different time and place. This will reinforce the true image that we are framing this (you supply the word) as.


-Jack Kashinsky


I agree that a single payer plan would work wonders. I believe a plan like mine would have a better chance of making it through congress than a single payer plan would right now. The problem is that until there is real campaign finance reform, there won't be a single payer plan that would be taken seriously.


-Noah Greenberg

Not-So-Swift Boat to Social Security Piratization


USA Next is hiring Swift Boat Vet columnists and activists like Chris LaCivita to attack opponents of Social Security Piratization, such as AARP. This should come as no surprise due to the success of the fake ad campaign that derailed John Kerry's presidential bid last summer.


USA Next  is supported with millions of donor supplied dollars and has pushed Bush plans such as the Medicare drug plan, tax give-backs for the very rich and failed energy proposals, all losers for America's middle class. Additionally, USA Next  refuses to share it list of donors. I wonder if there are any pharmaceutical, health insurance or energy companies on that list.


Where is all that money coming from? I bet it isn't coming from that little old lady in Pomona, CA who lost her life savings trying to keep warm during the Enron scandal?


-Noah Greenberg

Semi-Rich and Rich Wannabee People Beware


The Bush administration's assault on you has begun. I guess since America's middle class is almost done being squeezed (How much juice does an orange really have anyway?), I guess you're next.


Welcome to our middle class Hell!


Since the alternative minimum tax has been changed for the worse, the money has to come from somewhere. So if you've had high deductions dues to high property tax, state or local income tax, and child deductions, you're screwed.


And guess where those people live? About half of them live in California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. There's a whole lot of Blue there.


"In short, what this means is that because of the tax shift, those of us making in the $75,000 to $250,000 per year range will now be subject to the new alternative minimum tax. "Almost 19 million taxpayers will be subject next year to the alternative minimum tax, or A.M.T., up from roughly 3.4 million this year and 1.3 million in 2000, according to the Tax Policy Center, a Washington research group whose calculations on this issue are widely accepted." -The New York Times, February 21, 2005


Since the cost of living in these areas, generally speaking, is so much higher than in other places, those at the lower end of the A.M.T. spectrum will have to due with less than ever before. Remember when $75,000 was a good salary?


Just ask Dr. Michael Levin, a physician in New York. He had to pay almost $5,000 more in federal taxes last year.


How much is your family’s  share going to be?


-Noah Greenberg

Big Al


"Moving to a forced-savings account," as recommended by President Bush, "technically does not materially affect net national savings."

-Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan to the Senate Banking Committee, February 17, 2005


So, in other words, the only ones the piratization of Social Security will help are the already rich Stock Brokers who stand to make a bundle on it.


Thanks for the clarification, Big Al.


-Robert Scardapane and Noah Greenberg

Stupid Quote of the Day (Although its an oldie, it has just been released)


"We recognize that reform will not happen overnight. We must always remind Russia, however, that our alliance stands for a free press, a vital opposition, the sharing of power, and the rule of law - and the United States and all European countries should place democratic reform at the heart of their dialogue with Russia."

-GW Bush, February 21, 2005


Someone ought to give GW a history book. Russia had been reformed, it wasn't overnight, and your administration's lack of interest  in the past has helped Russia find its way back to Khrushchev’s time!


Can anyone say COLD WAR?


When asked if he meant those things for all nations, GW responded by saying, "Yes, all nations should have a free press, a vital opposition, the sharing of power, and the rule of law. All except the USA, that is." (I made that last quote up. Could you tell?)


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg