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Monday, February 14, 2005


6 Wannabees in New Jersey


When these 6 Doom-Sayers (the Republican wannabee governors) say they “Are going to take on the Teachers in New Jersey”, what they really are saying is that they want to dismantle the education system, put the money back into the pockets of their rich friends and stick you with a bigger education bill than you have ever had. We’ll have a good, old-fashioned education system: the more you pay, the better your child’s school experience will be.

·         Less teachers to teach OUR children

o        Republican leaders' children and grandchildren are OK in PRIVATE SCHOOL

·         Larger class sizes, lead to less individual attention – You’ll be lucky to have a teacher remember your child’s name

·         More homework, meaning more work for you to do when you come home from work

·         Less or no after-school activities to help keep your children off the streets in the hours after school while you’re still at work because you have, out of necessity, turned into a 2-job household

·         Lesser quality teachers because of lower salaries – good teachers will have to find either other jobs outside of the education field or take jobs in other places where the salaries are better or where the cost of living is less

·         The literacy rate will fall

·         The graduation rate will be cut in half, maybe more

·         College? Tell your kids to forget about it. Mommy and Daddy aren't  rich enough

·         And if they DO decide to help out poor some people, it will be only the most unbelievably poor. The middle class will get stuck with the bill in the end for their own kids and those less fortunate.


-Noah Greenberg

Missed Again
Coming to your local theater, Star Wars Fumbles Part 3 created by those zany neoconservatives - Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney. The latest comedy of errors resulted in an interceptor rocket that didn't launch at all! That makes three consecutive failures. It's time for the Star Wars jokers to shelve this show for good.


-Robert Scardapane

In response to Groundhog Day, Jack Kashinsky wrote:


Scoop of the day:

Since Groundhog Day, Bush has been replaced by a double (there are 2 of them? Oy!), While he is recuperation from a couple of nasty kicks. It seems that on this day Bush, while looking into the hole, became impatient, looked further into the hole, while denouncing the hole's inhabitant as unpatriotic. At that moment he went reeling back with the distinct impressions of the back heels of a donkey on his.....



Osama, like Hitler, is simply a product of the society in which he lives. He represents the movement of unrest among many Muslim Fundamentalists. Much of this a reaction to the West stealing  their money, their natural resources, and their culture.


Just as in Germany in the 1930s, there is much unrest in the Muslim world, and it will never be resolved by eliminating anyone or their leaders. We must understand and treat the root causes, not the symptoms.


What is real frightening is how parallel many of the Christian Fundamentalists are with their Muslim counterparts.


Do the ends really justify the means?


Osama bin_Laden is like Hitler in many ways, Jack. A main difference is that we knew where Hitler was. An enemy that controls a country is an easier enemy to fight than one that has no home. We have no idea where Osama bin-Laden is. The problem is, we had him, and the Bush Administration let hom go and let us down.


As far as the religious right of each movement goes (both Muslim and Christian), there are many similarities. What we have to remember is that they represent a very small, but very vocal percentage of their respective groups. We need more people to speak up against the minority and “get things done.”


We need people to call up TV stations and networks when they lie or leave out the truth; We need people to write letters; we need people call their representatives; we need people to call sponsors of shows disguising themselves as news and information shows to tell them that they will no longer buy their crap; We need people to not be SHEEPLE.


Maybe Howard Dean will start OUR crusade… The CRUSADE of REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE. Oh wait… that spells CRAP.


Maybe we can come up with another name.


-Noah Greenberg

From Eddie


I just sent a free fax to my Senators urging them to reject the "Sweetheart Deal" for polluters, the so-called "Clear Skies" initiative. 

Just in time for Valentine's Day some members of Congress are working hard on the ultimate Sweetheart Deal for our
nation's biggest polluters.  This week the Senate is poised to vote on the so-called "Clear Skies" Initiative, dangerous legislation means good news for major polluters and bad news for our air quality and health. 

Click the link below to send a free fax to your Senators urging them to reject the "sweetheart" deal for polluters.

The "Clear Skies" initiative is a legislative attempt to clear-cut the
Clean Air Act that has protected our clean air for over three decades.   It repeals protections for our national parks, delays deadlines to meet the Act's health standards, relaxes pollution reduction requirements for power plants and other major pollution sources and ignores global warming. If this pollution plan passes, it will mean a huge step backward in reducing the amount of pollution in our air and in our lungs.

This plan has been rejected by Congress in both 2002 and 2003. But now proponents of this plan are hoping they have the political support to hand over a Sweetheart Deal to major polluters just in time for Valentine's Day.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is expected to vote on bill this week - perfect timing for delivering the ultimate Sweetheart Deal to our nation's polluters.  Please don't wait!  Click this link to tell your Senators that you oppose the "Clear Skies" initiative.


-Eddie Konczal


(I try not to include links in the newsletter, but this was in context with the story, and its  –NG)

Subject: Freedom of Assembly?  Not.


To those of you who gathered at the Feb. 10th press conference at the Montgomeryville Quality Inn, to speak out against George Bush's visit that day to Montgomery County Community College to promote his plans to deform Social Security, you may like to know that a local police car was scanning registrations of all cars in the parking lot at the hotel.

That's right.  While you were inside attending a legit press conference,
Bush's henchmen were collecting data on you.

Morgana Stanley (Beth Mullen)
Philadelphia Billionaires for

"Who will finance the $5 trillion in debt created by the president's Social Security privatization plan?”

China and Japan Will Finance Most of the Debt. If recent trends continue, virtually all the additional debt required by the Republican privatization plan is likely to be borrowed from foreigners. Last year, between January and November, publicly-held debt increased by $363 billion, $362 billion of which represented an increase in foreign holdings of such debt. Currently, the largest holders of our debt are Japan ($715 billion) and China ($191 billion)." [U.S. Treasury Department, Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities, 1/18/05]


-Robert Scardapane

Verizon is buying MCI for seven billion dollars.

That’s almost as much as Halliburton stole from illegal oil sales from the Iraqi people! (8.8 billion dollars)


-Noah Greenberg

I don’t usually suggest a site, but if anyone wanted to ask the spiritual leader of Iraq a question, here is how you do it:


-Noah Greenberg

A Perversion


The perversion by the Right of the words “Freedom” and “Liberty” could almost make someone who loves their country question that love just for the simple reason that they’ve made those words mean less of what they truly do mean.


The Right have perverted those words so much that they’ve become “buzzwords” for “obedience” and “discipline” and have lost their true meanings.


These words are intended to mean more than, “Re-elect me so I can keep my mansion and my lifestyle.”


Is anyone else out there sick and tired of hearing the Right use those words, “Freedom” and “Liberty”, the same way that Hitler used the words “Final” and “Solution.”


-Noah Greenberg



What amazes me is that the Right can say anything they want without fear of the REAL MEDIA (as if there is one) calling them to task.


Take, for example, Sean Hannity. On his show last week, Hannity made the statement that, “the Democrats’ base wants it (Social Security Personalization/ Privatization/ Piratization).” He added, “the majority of blacks, the majority of Hispanics and the majority of young people want it.”


What poll is Hannity quoting? What organization is Sean talking about? How many “black”, “hispanic” and “young people” has he “polled” to make such a statement.


Just in case you couldn’t figure it out, Sean


You Suck


-Noah Greenberg

A Quiz


Hey boys and girls. Can you guess what the 4th warmest year on record was?

a)      1974

b)      1984

c)       1994

d)      2004

If you guessed “d”, you were correct.

Soon we’ll be able to surf in January and bake in August.

Way to go, “G”lobal “W”arming Bush.

Stupid Quote of the Day


People "don't trust political leaders in Washington who have screwed up the Social Security system so many times," as he suggested people trust “Wall Street” more.

-Senator Charles Grassley, Senate Finance Committee Chairman (R-IA)


Hey Chuckles (Sen. Grassley's new nickname), aren’t YOU part of the “political leaders in Washington?” You’re stuck in the Beltway, Chuckles. People DON’T trust Wall Street, and it appears that they shouldn’t trust you, either.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg