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Thursday, February 10, 2005



From a presidential event last Friday:

MS. MORNIN: Okay, I'm a divorced, single mother with three grown, adult children. I have one child, Robbie, who is mentally challenged, and I have two

THE PRESIDENT: Fantastic. First of all, you've got the hardest job in
America, being a single mom.

(A little, harmless banter...)

MS. MORNIN: ...I work three jobs and I feel like I contribute.

THE PRESIDENT: You work three jobs?

MS. MORNIN: Three jobs, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that.


THE PRESIDENT: Get any sleep? (GW's usual snicker)

MS. MORNIN: Not much. Not much.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, hopefully, this will help you get you sleep to know
that when we talk about Social Security, nothing changes

It's hard to even comprehend what would make someone, especially the "populist" President, crack a joke to a single woman working three jobs to make
ends meet. Why not take it to heart and work to change that? Why not try to help those who have to work three jobs to stay afloat? This exchange is the
definition of being cold and out of touch.

For those who have (wrongfully) questioned what we as Democrats stand for: We stand for people like Ms. Mornin. Fighting tooth and nail for people like her
precisely is what separates us from them.

-Sorry, I forgot who wrote this - NG

In Control, and Still a Bully

A number of TV stations in Indiana (and probably elsewhere) say they've gotten "threatening" letters from the Republican National Committee. The letters told the stations that they were "on notice" to pull MoveOn ads opposing the Social Security cuts that Bush wants. The ad uses an analysis performed by the chief actuary at the Social Security Administration, but the RNC says the ad is incorrect. It told the TV stations to stop airing it. It implies in the letters that the administration will pull the TV stations' broadcasting licenses if they don't comply. Things are getting a little scarier now, aren't they?

-Sorry, I forgot who wrote this one, too - NG

Real Wages and Payroll Taxes (Social Security) Vs. The Declining Capital Gains Tax

The Capital Gains Tax has decreased in recent years from 28% down to 20%, then to the current, paltry 15%.

What, you may ask, is the relationship between Capital Gains and Real Wages?

Let's look at a not-so-hypothetical scenario:

Family "A" earns $87,900 per year. They pay approximately 35% of their income in taxes, including Federal Withholding, State, Local, HI, DI, and OASI, the
Social Security (Payroll) taxes. Family "A" pays about $30,000 of their income in taxes total and is left with about $57,000 for themselves.

Family "B" earns about the same $87,900 per year as well. The difference is that their money comes from long-term investments. Family "B" pays only 15% of their total income as a tax on Capital Gains. Family "B" pays about $13,000 in Capital Gains Tax ONLY. They are left with about $75,000 for themselves.

I realize that people who make their money from the stock market usually earn a lot more than $87,900, especially if it is their only source of income.

-Noah Greenberg

Fairness in Prosecution

As far as I know, Kenny Boy's (Ken Lay, former CEO of Enron) trial has not started yet. I believe he is under indictment. I am sure it will make headlines when his trial starts. It's amazing how three years after the biggest corporate frauds in American history, people such as Kenny Boy and Bernie Ebbers are walking around free.

Martha Stewart was a "scapegoat". I am not saying that what she did was right but it's trivial compared to the real crooks. People do get away with "insider trading" all of the time. If we were serious about stopping insider trading, executives would not be allowed to hold TRADING stock in their corporation.

-Robert Scardapane


1- Heard on Sean Hannity:
"John Kerry thought he (Saddam Hussein) had them (WMD's)"
Does anyone in their right (or left) mind really believe that the President of the United States gets the same information that a US Senator gets?
Does anyone in their right mind really think that once the President of the United States get sensitive information that he could use as political fodder that
he's going to share it, in its entirety, with members of the opposition party? Let's not forget that this President refuses to even meet with Democrats, let alone
let them in on any information that might be "useful".

2- Sean Hannity said that he's not in the "shck jock business."
He's not here to "titilate."
He's not here to "stir things up."
Good, cause I was concerned.

3- Hannity said that "it's the liberals that are trying to silence the conservatives."
Hey Sean. The first one who smelt it, dealt it.

4- Hear on Michael Medved:
"Most terrorists are wealthy."
Does that mean that Dick "Go F*uck Yourself" Cheney is a terrorist?

Stupid Quotes of the Day

Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh

"It's fine that everything's for the children, but you gotta leave something for us adults, too."
-Rush Limbaugh

There goes that "Compassionate Conservative philosophy that engulfs the far right.

"I think people would be better off if they acted in their own self-interest, but (catching himself) I don't mean that selfishly, of course."

-Rush Limbaugh

How DO you mean that, Rush? is there any other way to mean that OTHER THAN selfishly?

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg