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Monday, January 24, 2005




Does anyone else remember when being having religion or practicing a faith wasn't a question of being right or wrong?

Can anyone remember when "Love thy Neighbor" didn't come with a caveat?


-Noah Greenberg


How can I become a Compassionate Conservative? I could use the money.


-Noah Greenberg



Dick "Go F*ck Yourself" Cheney admitted on "Imus in the Morning" on Coronation/ Inauguration Day that he made some "miscalculations" regarding how long American troops will be in Iraq and how long it will take to train Iraqi police to take their place.


That's like saying the Iraqi people would greet us with "flowers" and as "liberators" while our soldiers are being pelted with rocks and chants of go home.


-Noah Greenberg



Heard on Michael Medved’s show:


A female caller phoned in from Washington State saying she was in favor of Gay Marriage. And here I thought I was the only progressive who listened to Right wing radio. Medved stated that gay marriages weren’t “significant” because they “can’t produce children”,  Diane, the caller, asked if her and her husband’s marriage “was not significant because she was infertile and couldn’t produce children?”


Medved’s answer was “yes”. Her marriage was not significant.


I’m sure all of the good people that adopt children, and all of those adopted children feel good knowing that they aren’t “significant” in Michael Medved’s mind.


-Noah Greenberg

Rush Lambaugh called the New Deal “Rampant Liberalism.”


If FDR were alive today, he might have said, “Thank you, Rush.”


What then is “Rampant Conservatism”? Is it taking from the poor and giving to the rich? Is it increasing carcinogens in the air? Is it increasing the “acceptable amount” of cyanide in our drinking water?


What is the “Rampant Conservative’s Legacy” going to be, Rush?


-Noah Greenberg

Sean Hannity calls his WABC-AM show "The best news and information show."


Then what's the worst?


Hannity was taking calls on Coronation/ Inauguration night when a pre-med college student called up stating that he "can't get through a night's worth of studying without prayer."


I can just assume this was said to make all of us heathens feel unworthy.


My question is when he finally becomes a doctor, and he's sitting there praying to do a good job on his next patient in the operating room, what happens if his prayers aren't answered and you're on the table?

Who is 'SHE'?


Sean Hannity said "'SHE' is coming and we all know who 'SHE' is. 'SHE' is planning now as WE speak. 'SHE'is conniving. 'SHE' has begun the 'Great Manipulation Campaign' of all time. 'SHE' is going to try and convince 'YOU', the weak-minded among 'US' that 'SHE' is actually a conservative. 'SHE' has begun her work, Enjoy the festivities. Watch Hannity and Colmes."

Michael Savage, on his show, “Savage Nation” said that in “his country” people wouldn’t be allowed to “speak their mind.”


Here are other” laws” for” ratification” in Mike Savage’s Country:

Bear in mind that this is the guy who said he wants to “regulate” what Muslims can say in their Mosques.


Mike Savage said that in the United States “you have the freedom to kill yourself,” I thought suicide was against the law? Maybe not in Mike Savage’s country.


Doesn’t Mike Savage’s country sounds a lot like Alolf Hitler’s Country, Nazi Germany?


-Noah Greenberg



President "G"lobal "W"arming Bush said he is “going to put his heart and soul into it (the next four years).”


Too bad he isn’t going to put his “brain” into it as well.


Maybe that’s a good thing.


-Noah Greenberg

A whole 6 percent of those polled in Turkey said that they liked and respected America and Americans because of the policies of “G”lobal “W”arming Bush. The significance of this isn’t that a Muslim country hates the United States. The significance is that they are the ONLY Democratic Muslim Nation in the Middle East. The significance is that they are the ONLY Democratic Muslim nation in the WORLD.


94 percent of our most loyal Muslim friends hate us. Mr. President. Is that cause for concern?

President "G"lobal "W"arming Bush said he wants to make this an "Equal Society".


With that in mind, I bring to you these numbers compiled by Robert Scardapane


Poverty Rate

2000: 11.3% or 31.6 million Americans

2003: 12.5% or 35.9 million Americans


Stock Market

Dow Jones Industrial Average

1/19/01: 10,587.59

1/19/05: 10,539.97



1/19/01: 2,770.38

1/19/05: 2,073.59


S&P 500

1/19/01: 1,342.54

1/19/05: 1,184.63


Value of the Dollar

1/19/01: 1 Dollar = 1.06 Euros

1/19/05: 1 Dollar = 0.77 Euros



2000 budget surplus $236.4 billion

2004 budget deficit $412.6 billion

That's a shift of $649 billion and doesn't include the cost of the

Iraq war.


Cost of the war in Iraq

$150.8 billion


American Casualties in Iraq

Deaths: 1,369

Wounded: 10,252


The Debt

End of 2000: $5.7 trillion

Today: $7.6 trillion

That's a 4-year increase of 33%



"They're personal accounts, not private accounts. No one is advocating privatizing Social Security."

-House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) said last week when a reporter asked about "private" accounts.


I don't give a darn if they call them personal accounts or private accounts. The concept is the same - instead of one fund it would be busted into millions of accounts. Each account stands on it's own. There is no more shared responsibility once that is done.


This is an example of what we are in for the next couple of months. The Republicans are planning to spend 100 million of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to ADVERTISE their PLAN to PRIVATIZE.


by Robert Scardapane

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-Noah Greenberg