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Thursday, January 20, 2005




I didn't get a chance to hear the Coronation... er... Inauguration speech. Through a series of situations that included:  work; finding a Simpson's Activity Book for my son's Bar-Mitzvah (its a long story); picking up printing materials; and an anti-inaugural party  in Somerset, New Jersey, I didn't get to hear the speech. I did, however, get to hear what others had to say about "G"lobal "W"arming  Bush had to say. The reactions were from the ridiculous to the sublime, depending on who you heard editorialize it.

I got home a little after 9:00 PM. I had a choice of searching for the speech or doing something else. I might have chose  putting bamboo under my fingernails rather than "look" for the
G.W.'s speech.

I chose wisely.

Doris, a friend and colleague of mine had a digitized version of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s, "I Had a Dream" speech." It  has been a few years since I heard it and I thought it was about time I heard it again. I could think of no better time to  listen to this eloquent man tell us his vision (remember when "vision" was a "good" thing?) of what should be. I weighed listening to this speech made some 40 years ago  versus listening to President Bush state the word "Freedom" twenty-seven times and the word "peace" only once.

By the way,
Dr. King used the word "free" or "freedom" thirteen times.

"Rove-Magic", G.W. must love "freedom" twice as much as Dr. King did.

I would like to thank
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for making my decision as to which speech to listen to really easy.

Thank you Dr. King.

And thank You Doris.


-Noah Greenberg

How to Make Cable TV News Accountable

The argument for keeping over-the-airwaves televisions networks in line in relation to FCC regulations is simple: Since the
airwaves are limited in the number of stations that can televise at one time, and since they are supposed to be
"owned" by
the "people"
, then it makes sense that they should be regulated.

Cable News Outlets, like
FOX NEWS, don't have that restriction. They can say things like, "Some people say," without stating who
those "people" are, or
"it's been said," without stating "who said it."

Since the likes of
FOX NEWS, and others take advertising dollars from public companies, they should be subject to the same rules and
regulations that the over-the-air stations are subject to.

Remember the fuss made about the questionable documents CBS aired? What was lost in the mix was the fact that
Lieutenant G.W.
was not the model pilot that his supporters would like show him as. As a matter of fact, the evidence to the contrary was overwhelming, but put aside as the story about the story took precedence.

Could you imagine if
Dan Rather ever said, "Some people say" or "Its been said" without revealing who those "people" are?

"Some people say" its just not right. I wonder who THEY are?


-Noah Greenberg


Define "Success" - Define "Failure"

If the
United States and its coalition members are declaring the war and the insurgency as a "success", then what is their definition of "failure?"

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) said "we should take a more realistic, and perhaps different view on how we define success." When I hear a Republican say stuff like that, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

For every one
brave soldier from our all-volunteer armed forces that is killed in action, there are anywhere from nine to eleven others that have been injured. Many of them have lost a limb, or have been burned, or have been disfigured in other ways. These are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and, in some cases, grandparents.

THEY deserve to be the judges of what is a
"success" or a "failure."


-Noah Greenberg



Me: "Hello, my name is Noah and I listen to right-wing radio."
RWAA (Right-Wing Radio Anonymous) Attending Members: "Hello Noah"

Well... You get the idea.


Okay... I'm not an "addict" of "Right-Wing" radio. I listen, in small spurts, because somebody has to.

Today's confession involves
Bill Bennett. You remember Mr. Bennett, don't you? He's the guy who screams about "sin" and then goes to Las Vegas to lay a whole bunch of  "C-Notes" on a "hard six." This is, after all, contributing to the economy.

How much have YOU given to charity, Bill?

Or does charity begin at home, assuming that you live at the MGM Grand.


-Noah Greenberg



"affirmative Action is right out of Hitler's Socialist Playbook."

-Michael Savage, on his show "The Savage Nation," January 19, 2005

And here I thought that
Hitler was a fascist Nazi, the exact opposite of a "pinko-commie."

What a Schmuck!



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-Noah Greenberg