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Wednesday January 19, 2005




Why hasn't "G"lobal "W"arming Bush said anything about the Russians selling hand-held missiles to Palestinian terrorists? These missiles could blow up an Israeli helicopter, down a fighter jet or blow up a house or ten in an Israeli settlement full of women and children.

When there are no votes to be had in an election year nor any dollars to be had by
Bush's "Core Constituents", then there is no outrage when outrage is necessary.

President Bush, what have you got to say for yourself? Who are you going to pass this buck off to?


-Noah Greenberg




Last week, Israel sent humanitarian aid including 50 medical and rescue personnel, medical equipment, food, water, and additional materials to Sri Lanka as well as a separate relief team to Thailand. The Israeli Foreign Ministry also established crisis centers on the Thai islands of Phuket and Karabai Koh-Phiphi in addition to existing centers operating where there are Israeli foreign missions.

Magen David Adom (MDA) has continued its vital role in providing humanitarian relief. After sending medical supplies and equipment last week, MDA issued a statement expressing its intent to work with other international groups to establish a self-sufficient field clinic in a remote area. MDA sent two officials today, to a special conference in Geneva that will address methods of continuing and enhancing relief efforts for the victims in
South Asia.
MDA has also coordinated 4,000 Israeli volunteers who collected food donations that will be sent to Sri Lanka on Wednesday, January 5, 2005.

All major media outlets ignore Israel's massive humanitarian aid to South Asia - an indication of a national ethos of caring. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Israelis can be counted on to help. So it's no surprise that within hours of the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the following humanitarian missions all departed from the tiny Jewish state: DF rescue team on its way to Sri Lanka

The Israeli organization Latet ('To Give') filled a jumbo jet with 18 tons of supplies.

A medical team headed by four doctors from
Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital arrived in Sri Lanka on Monday night (Dec. 27), carrying medicine and baby food. The doctors specialize in rescue operations, trauma and pediatrics. An IDF rescue team is now on its way to Sri Lanka with 80 tons of aid material, including 10,000 blankets, tents, nylon sheeting and water containers, all contributed by the IDF.

ZAKA rescue-and-recovery team arrived in the disaster areas Monday night, armed with its specialized equipment for identifying bodies.
A Health Ministry contingent left for Thailand on Monday night to aid in rescue efforts. The group includes doctors, nurses and four members of the

Israel has also offered its assistance to India: a search-and-rescue team from the Home Front Command, as well as consignments of food and medicine.

Yet, with the exception of UPI (as of this writing - Tues. 4pm EST),
NONE of the major news outlets have dedicated an article to this remarkable Israeli humanitarian effort. This, despite the fact that the IDF sent all Israel-based journalists a press release Monday evening (Dec. 27), inviting them to the airport to cover the departure of one IDF group.

This is all the more surprising given the fact that the major news agencies have entire teams of reporters in
Israel, who submit at least one 'Israel-article' each day.

So what did the Associated Press send out today to its 15,000 subscribing news agencies? A dreary story about the construction of a new IDF base near Jenin. AP sarcastically remarked in this 'news' story that the base's elaborate color scheme and landscaping shows that the army is not planning to pull its forces out of the area anytime soon."

The lack of media interest in this Israeli humanitarian effort means that Israeli benevolence toward other peoples is not fairly conveyed to the western world. Perhaps if it were conveyed, observers would come to understand something else: that Israel's response to Palestinian violence is also motivated by the highest ethical concern for all human life, and is not (as the media so often portray it) driven by an oppressive, mean-spirited national ethos.

-Compiled by Hillary Greenberg and Maddy Fernandez



"G"lobal "W"arming Bush wants to craft an amendment to the Constitution that would ban gay marriage, something he promised the "Log Cabin Republicans" he wouldn't do in 2000. Although the president realizes that this amendment probably won't go through because it requires the vote of 67 Senators, not to mention 40 state legislatures to ratify it, GW is going to go through with it anyway. This amendment would, more than likely, have to do away with the "Defense of Marriage Act" in order to pass, as well.

Now with the daunting task of passing an amendment that almost no one wants and with the realization that it would probably be for naught,
why would "W" do this?

Simple... as a distraction to allow
Halliburton to continue to steal from the American and Iraqi people and to allow stock brokers to steal from the Social Security Lock Box.

As Heard on Ed Schulz

A 78 year old Georgia woman received a phone call from an Army Sergeant asking to speak to her husband. When she pressed the soldier as to why he wanted to speak to her husband, he advised her that "John was being recalled" to go back into the Army. The woman, knowing what was going on, told the soldier that her husband was not at home and that he had served 2 terms in World War II. The sergeant then hung up not knowing that the lady's husband had died 20 years before.



Paul Wolfowitz, the assistant Secretary of Defense, was in Indonesia assessing the tsunami's damage and the aid response.

Isn't it nice that when anyone close to the
Bush Administration gets to go play humanitarian and get their picture taken?

Its a great
Photo Op.



Have you ever noticed that the Bush Administration and the Department of Homeland Security talk about Zacarias Moussaoui as the 20th hijacker in much the same way that Beatle fans talk about Peter Best or Brian Epstein as the 5th Beatle.

One Vote for Dean


In response to Madman's choice of Dr. Howard Dean as Chairman of the DNC, Jo Davis of Shawnee, OK wrote:

Dear Madman, Contrary to one of your critics, I agree with you on the appointment of Dr. Dean as DNC chair. Liberal Democrats have worked in the failing campaigns of the centrists for two national elections, it's their turn to give our ideas a try. My friends and I have been pissed off at the centrist DNC/DLC for quite some time and we still worked our tails off for both Gore and Kerry.

Democrats need to invigorate their base which is still quite liberal. When I go to Oklahoma Democratic meetings, about 70% of the activists are unabashed liberals. In Oklahoma, the party would be almost devoid of volunteers without us. We've been shushed and hushed at every turn. The Brad Carson (2004 Senate Race) fiasco is a perfect example of what a centrist candidate can expect in the bible belt. I think part of the reason for that is Southerners respect honesty and Bush and Coburn "appear" to be honest and open about their agenda while Carson and his Oklahoma party appeared wishy-washy and underhanded.

Democrats need to find and inspire new voters. The centrists have very little chance of doing that. The centrists have failed twice in their effort to draw more votes from the middle, it is time to give new ideas a chance. Dean's personality will at a minimum start a conversation and give us some publicity. Ask any PR person, bad publicity is better than no publicity. In addition, I think Dean will tone down a little as DNC chair. People like Dean are usually much more cautious about other people's interests than their own and he will be aware of his responsibility.

BTW, I along with many of my activists friends have decided to become observers instead of activists if another centrist is appointed as chair of the DNC. We've tried it their way and it isn't working, if it is shoved down our throats again, we will take our money and volunteer time elsewhere.

The DNC and Others


I have received three calls SINCE the election from the DNC, or DSCC asking for money. No one is asking my opinion, however.
-Pat Thompson

If anyone were curious, I spoke to the
DNC today (January 18, 2005). They use their "familiar" names when speaking to you. I spoke to two very nice young men, "Mark" and "CR". Here is some information that I received:

1- 447 members vote, mostly assigned (300 voters) by State Democratic Parties
2- The present DNC chairman "selects" about 75 members to vote "at-large", regardless of state. This means about 17 percent of the "selected" officials have been "selected" by one person, in this case, Terry McCaulife.
3- An additional 72, or 16 percent are "affiliated members". I'm not one of them. Are you?
4- No candidate has to officially announce that they are running until February 8, 2005, just two days before meetings begin.
5- The DNC Chairman will be voted in on Saturday, February 12, 2005, quietly, I assume.

No Pat, you were not asked for your opinion, and neither was I.

Let's hope that
McAuliffe "choices" will choose wisely.

-Noah Greenberg



The following dialogue is an exchange between 2 persons discussing their differences in a way that Progressives do. The comments are smart, well-focused and to the point.

This is both the left's advantage and disadvantage. The left believes in multiple voices and different viewpoints while the right are merely "ditto-heads".

It makes me feel a need that we all be heard.

-Noah Greenberg

In a letter to Robert Scardapane, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid included this: "Thanks to your support, Senator Boxer and I we were able to use these facts to force the senate into a public debate on voting rights."

It began this exchange:

Mitch Weiss: How dare he say he
(Harry Reid) supported Senator Boxer. When it came to the vote why was she alone?

Jack Kashinsky:
Senator Boxer, wasn't she the one who voted for Bush's first step to dismantle Medicare??

Although I have some strong feelings concerning
Howard Dean, I have tamped them down for the sake of party cohesion. I would suggest that you do likewise in the case of Senator Reid.

These next four years may very well either make or break the party. The anointed one and his selfish gang of profiteers are loading up to destroy everything we cherish, including the party.

Believe me, I am not being overdramatic in the least. Although we have our differences we must put them aside, and really focus on a serious enemy who is out to destroy us. Vilifying our own is playing right into their hands.

Mitch Weiss: Jack, I agree with you that our party is under attack, and that
the Rove plan and dream of a 50 year Republican Majority is well underway. Although I disagree with you on the issue of arguing with party leadership. Yes Senator Barbara Boxer voted for the Medicare Bill. But when an important issue arises and you vote against it you cannot claim that you had supported it. That's what Senator Reid did. It seems that Senator Reid said, "I support Senator Boxer and her efforts but when push came to shove I voted against her."


This IS the time for dissent in our party. The current leadership failed us and we are paying the price. From Jan 1 to Feb 12 we should fight and argue about the direction of the party. This is the time for name-calling. On Feb 13 however we need to line up behind our Chairperson, even if it is "Terry". I plan on doing so, Keeping quiet to show unity does not work.

It makes me think of an old joke:

Jews in Nazi Germany are getting arrest for raping a German girl. One of the Jews is kicking and screaming, yelling "You got the wrong guy, I never saw her before". The other Jew looks at him and says, "Shhh.. Don't make trouble."



"To waste, to destroy, our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified..."
-President Theodore Roosevelt (A

-Eddie Konczal


Brent Scowcroft, advisor to President George H.W. Bush said that "the upcoming elections could deepen the conflict in Iraq". Along those same lines, both the outgoing Secretary of State, Colin Powell and his assistant, Dick Armitage said that they have "reservations" about Iraq's upcoming elections.


"Dead or Alive,"
-"G"lobal "W"arming Bush on Osama bin-Laden

He then mentioned that,
"Even Laura chewed me out after that,"

She should have kept chewing.


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-Noah Greenberg