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Tuesday January 18, 2005



The National Weather Service is expecting "Record Lows" in Washington, DC on Inauguration Thursday, January 20th.

Well what-do-you-know. HELL HAS FROZEN OVER.



I have a new name for Iraqi Interim Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, the former spy for Saddam Hussein, and now "G"lobal "W"arming Bush's choice to lead the "new" Iraq,



I Wonder...


250 lashes and 4-6 months in prison for anyone who disagrees with the Saudi Royal Family.

I wonder what
"G"lobal "W"arming Bush's and Judge Alberto Gonzales' reaction to that was?

a- "Why, that's outrageous!"

b- "Not a bad start."

The President's Debtor Nation Program

Remember when the
United States used to make something? Remember when the American Worker was something more than an endangered species? We no longer produce as a nation.

Today we are a nation of
debtors and spenders.

We have learned to spend money we don't have and watch our futures go to the lowest bidder.

What's a greater problem for our college students today?
a) Under-aged drinking
b) STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
c) Credit Card Debt

The answer is "c".

I have some questions for President "G"lobal "W"arming Bush

1- How is a multi-trillion dollar national Debt good for our economy?
2- How do you plan on reducing the National Debt?
3- If you don't have an answer for question number 2, then DO YOU plan on reducing the national debt?
4- If your answer to question number three is "yes", then please go back and answer question number 2.
5- If somehow you got to this question, while still not answering question number 2 and answering "yes" to question number 3, then please explain how you got here and get back to question number 2.


Thanks Mitch


This morning I opened the opinion pages of the Courier News and found my letter concerning Rep. Frank Pallone's vote against the Ohio Vote printed. It felt good. But nothing compares to the rush or adrenaline I felt when last Thursday that same letter appeared in "Notes From A Madman". The Courier News is one thing, but to be published in "Madman", now I have arrived.
Thanks Noah.
-Mitch Weiss

Aw shucks, Mitch -NG



I'm a psychiatric nurse, I deal with psychiatrically ill individuals. I have a patient who gets SSI because she is unable to work and has very poor coping skills. For several years she has been saying "What will happen if I have no money? What the government gives the government can take away." No amount of reassurance on my part works. Funny thing -- I guess she's right!!

A Letter from Senator Harry Reid (Senate Minority Leader) to our own Robert Scardapane:

Dear Friend,

I wanted to send an email to say thank you for the kind and powerful words you wrote me last week.

History has shown us that the right to vote has always demanded vigilance, responsibility and hard work from citizens and
legislators alike. And the sad fact is disenfranchisement continues even today.

Thanks to your support, Senator Boxer and I we were able to use these facts to force the senate into a public debate on voting rights. But that was only the beginning. Now the Senate must act to correct the errors and injustice of the voting system still visible in the 2004 election. It is a fight that I promise you I will champion as Democratic leader.

Although I was able to help enact landmark reforms in ballot box protection for my home state of Nevada this year, suppression efforts were still made. Calls, which we were unable to trace, told voters that Election Day was November 3rd, not November 2nd. And our registration process was also tainted by the proven destruction of Democratic voter registration forms.

We know that in Ohio and across the country, precincts with large minority populations had disproportionately long lines because there weren't enough voting machines in those precincts. And blanket challenges to Ohio voters were merely a thinly veiled effort to suppress the vote.

During the next session of Congress we face many other tough battles including the fight to save Social Security from the Republican plan to phase it out in favor of benefit cuts and private accounts. Social Security is America's promise of retirement security, but through news reports and White House leaks, we know the President intends to break this promise in order to reward Wall Street with windfalls.

We're up against some very powerful opponents, and to win this fight you and I will need to work side by side, from battles on the Senate floor to debates in cities and towns around this nation. Together we can make sure the values of fairness, security and opportunity survive the Republican onslaught and remain a part of the American experience.

To help our work together, in the next few weeks I plan on launching, which will introduce new methods of citizen participation in Government. I will be in touch with you during this time to let you know how you can get involved and strengthen your voice in government.

Once again thank you for your letters and kind words. They meant more to me than you could ever know.


Harry Reid



The US National Guard has a plan: With recruitment at an all-time low and the real need to get our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan a respite, the powers-that-be want to throw money at the problem. $30,000 is the new price for a young American Soldier to risk his life for the right to protect Halliburton's right to steal from both the American and the Iraqi people.

One-hundred and fifty million dollars would be the cost of the lost recruits alone. Of course, you also have to give the other new soldiers that would have enlisted anyway the same $30,000 figure.

$30,000! That's almost enough money to pay Halliburton for a whole week!

Norman Mineta and The Case of the "Green Laser"


According to Transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta, there have been at least 30 instances of "green lasers" being shone into the cockpits of airplanes as they are about to land, the most dangerous and crucial part of the flight.

Transportation Department doesn't attribute these incidents as possible terrorists attacks, but as "childish mischief".

Those cute little scamps.

The Evil Ones


Walmart is going to take out millions of dollars in ads in at least 18 major US market newspapers telling us all how great they are to their employees. It strikes me that if a company has to spend millions of dollars to tell us how great they are, it might be a better idea to spend that money on their employees and actually be great.

There's more profit to be made in a lie than in good deeds, it appears.

Whatever the motivation is of the price-discount leader, those of us who refuse to shop there, and share our thoughts about them seem to be making a difference.

Keep up the good work, Walmart non-shoppers.

On that same note, heard today on
Sean Hannity's show, Mr. Hannity blamed those of us who do not shop at the large box-like stores for the woes of the people who work there. By us not shopping there, people will be fired or sent home and not receive their lower-than-poverty paycheck.

I'll make a deal with you
Sean: You get Walmart to pay a living wage and some basic health care benefits, and I'll buy my underwear there.


Take a SIP

President "G"lobal "W"arming Bush is going to raise the maximum Pell Grant from the current $4,500 per year to $5,000 per year in the next five years. While he is doing this, he will reduce the number of students who qualify for the grant by 84,000 young people. Additionally, while this is happening, colleges will be raising tuition to keep up with states not being able to fund them properly due to the deceasing federal funding.

G.W., you're attempting to fill up the glass with an eye-dropper while drinking out of it with a big straw.

Thirsty, are we?




If you assume that the leaders of our country have the best interests of the people at heart, then you have to come to the conclusion that they are inept.

If you assume that the
leaders of our country are in it for themselves and their Corporate Communist friends, then you have to come to the conclusion that they are criminal.


Missing Money, Missing Oil


Other than the fact that there is money missing from the sale of the oil in Iraq, at least 8 billion dollars worth; and other than the fact that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the new war that will be soon fought in Iran, are a license to print money for companies like Halliburton and their subsidiary, KBR; I have no proof whatsoever that there are any shenanigans going on in either theatre.

Yep... I have no proof at all.




While citing Brittany Spears, a woman who openly endorsed "G"lobal "W"arming Bush for president, Michael Medved said on XM Satellite Radio that "In order to support gay marriage, you have to trash heterosexual marriage."

How did he come up with that one?

Donnie Osmond was on the Sean Hannity show this past Tuesday and they were yucking it up. So, the inevitable happened and Hannity compared Osmond to Michael Jackson, obviously alluding to jackson's creepy relationship with children and his upcoming trial. So, to start with, Hannity has already convicted Michael Jackson without a trial.

Donnie Osmond, being the class act that I didn't know he was, reminded Hannity that his and Michael Jackson's career, while similar when they were children, ended up taking different paths. Jackson took the great talent that he had and soared as a pop icon while Donnie Osmond had to struggle to keep a dim spotlight on himself.

Hannity and Osmond ended up agreeing that Osmond's faith was the driving force behind his staying normal while alluding to Jackson not being normal.

Didn't Marie Osmond have faith? What happened to her?

Oh yeah. She has a "disease". I forgot.

Sean Hannity considers Iraq to be a "nation of hope and opportunity."

Me too... I
"hope" we don't screw this new "nation" out of its "opportunity."

While speaking to a Liberal Newsletter Publisher,
Hannity asked one of his famous "yes" or "no" questions:
"Isn't it a good thing that we closed the open graves in Iraq?
Isnt't it? Isn't it"

That's like asking isn't a good thing we stopped banging our heads against the wall?
Isnt't it? Isn't it"

Oh wait. We HAVEN'T stopped doing that, yet.

Rush Limbaugh, the oft-divorced, drug-addict who coerced his housekeeper into breaking the law in order for him to satisfy his drug habit, suggested on his show (January 17, 2005) that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been for the war in Iraq and that "Liberals" and the African American Community Leaders of today don't understand the teachings of Dr. King.

Rush also said that "I don't know why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day because we're at war," and that the "money we are spending on Martin Luther King Day could be spent differently and more constructively on the war."

Much like the
$45 million dollars that is being spent by the President on his inauguration or the $11 million dollars that the residents of Washington, DC are spending out of their Homeland Security budget for "Security" that needs to be provided at the inauguration.

By the way,
FDR spent a whopping $2,000 on his inauguration in 1944 and served chicken a la king because he felt that it wasn't right to have a grand gala during wartime.

According to an ABC's own poll and reported by the most conservative radio station in the nation, WABC-NY, a full
two-thirds of those polled would prefer to have a "subdued inauguration." Get out your "party hats" guys and gals.

In a USA Today/ CNN/ Gallop poll, more people feel that
Iraq is a "mistake" than ever before. That number includes a rising number of "independents" who have changed their minds. Ask yourself one question: Are they getting dumber or smarter?

Limbaugh went on to say that "Americans shouldn't have gone to the football games on Saturday and Sunday" because the troops are in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Rush Limbaugh was "in Pittsburgh for the Jets-Steelers game" and that he wished he wasn't because he "felt guilty" the whole time he was there. he didn't leave, but at least he felt the "guilt". The only thing that helped him forget the guilt was the outcome of the game. I don't know why. After all, they are both BLUE states.

What a piece of CRAP this guy is.

Rush suggested that Dr. King would be against Affirmative Action, this:
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Funny, I have a dream, too. Only, in my dream,
Rush Limbaugh would be in jail with the drug addicts he used to say ought to be there, too. I wish the Right-Wing's 300-pound Hypocrite would show a little character himself. I guess you can't teach an old drug-addicted dog new tricks after all.

Rush appears to be saying that a child in Newark, NJ gets the same pre-college education as a child in Upper Saddle River, NJ. How naive. It must be the Vicodin.

Rush the "Druggie" has made himself the all-knowing authority on Dr. King. He also claims that Dr. King's "legacy is being hijacked" by the people who say they represent him today.

This is the same
Rush that said the black community in Florida in 2000 "did it to themselves", referring to being disenfranchised because they "had not correctly filled out the provisional ballots". This resulted in "85% of the 150,000 ballots mostly from Black communities", being disregarded.

I bet the Black Community feels that they are well represented by
the druggie, Rush Limbaugh.

To add further insult to injury,
Rush stated that when the British "colonized" a country, they didn't "repress" that country's citizens. I guess Mahatma Ghandi was wrong.

By the way, Northeast Dental Plan advertises on Rush Limbaugh. Remind me to get my money back.

Fred Barnes, on the Laura Ingram show on XM Satellite's AmericaRight stated that the Democrats will do nothing on Social Security until it nears collapse. Although he, himself has no idea of what to do, until the Corporate Communists and "G"lobal "W"arming Bush tell him what to think, that is, he suggests a "wait and see" attitude and points towards the President's unspoken plan.

Fred Barnes flat out lied when he stated that "benefits increase faster than the cost of living". Benefits are paid out according to the CPI (Consumer Price Index). This means that the cost of living IS the indicator of what benefits people receive on a year in and year out basis. In 2003, the CPI was over 2.3%, while benefits rose a mere 2.1%.

There are many
Progressive ideas on how to fix Social Security, not the least of which is to remove the arbitrary $89,900 cap.

Funny how
Mr. Barnes, Ms. Ingram and her "Emerging Reform Majority" never thought to mention that option. Well, you can't blame them, neither did the Social Security Administration's PAR or Trustees' Report.

By the way, where can I get my "Emerging Reform Majority" Membership Card?

Additionally, Barnes told Ingram that he expects a "huge turnout" in Iraq, especially among the Shi'ites and the Kurds.

And if they don't show up, they'll have
Debold "fix" the machines.

On the same show,
Ingram, the "Siren of the Right" also stated that she "spoke with many returning veterans of Iraq" and to a man they feel that we are too "sensitive" in fighting the war.


"Some People Say" (a favorite FOX NEWS expression) that it's Funny she doesn't mention even one name.

president's "Bring it on " remark is explained away by Ms. Ingram when she stated, "We all say things in the heat of the moment that we wished we stated in other ways."

Yeah. Lots of things.



"We have eliminated terrorism from the region (Iraq and Afghanistan)."

-Former New York City Mayor, Ed Koch said on Fox News this past weekend

What is he, nuts?


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-Noah Greenberg