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Thursday, January 13, 2005


A Call to Volunteer


"MADMAN" needs a favor, and he is asking all of you if you'll help.


We are going to start a new feature called "THE WHIPPED MEDIA" where we are going to examine what the "Conservative, Whipped Media" has to say, and how they frame it, with our usual grace and aplomb, of course.


But I will need your help.


I ask all of you to do the unthinkable. For a short period of time, daily, weekly or whenever you can, listen to the "Pundits of Crap". You know who they are: Rush "The Junkie" Limbaugh; Bob "The Traitor" Novak; Bill "The Body Sponge" O'Reilly; etc.


Fifteen minutes here, ten minutes there... whatever. Keep track of the advertisers as well. We can let them know that WE, "the other 57 million" are listening.


-Noah Greenberg


G.W. - The Hypocrite


I write to Bush all the time, telling him how he's going to burn in hell, since he is a hypocrite diguising himself as a Christian. But he never writes back.


You all will write to me in Guantanamo, won't you?

-Pat Thompson


This has gradually been going on for some time.

The privatization issue (privateers) is one close to my heart, but we would make a huge mistake in trying to use this as a wedge issue in the current debate.

We clearly need to focus on the immediate danger, and keep from alienating any potential supporters at this point in time.

The focus should be on the pocket book, humanity (our own parents and grandparents), and clearly logical points like; transition costs, the variable intervening factors impacting on the stack market, etc.

Jack Kashinsky

Thank a Few, Shame for Others


Last Thursday was a historic day in the newly convened 109th Congress. There was joint session to record and certify the vote of the Electoral College. This event has become a formality in the 24-hour news cycle world we now live in. For the second time since 1877 the electoral count was challenged in Congress, this time by Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Sen. Barbara Boxer. A brutal two hour debate ensued. Stinging barbs were thrown, proponents of the challenge shouted allegations of voter fraud and intimidation, and opponents of the challenge countered by calling their colleges' conspiracy theorists and made suggestions of mental defects.

When the final vote on this issue was taken, Barbara Boxer was the only Senator to vote against certification of the Ohio electoral vote; in the House, only 31 Representatives opposed the certification. I am proud to say that my Congressman Rep. Frank Pallone was among the 31. I am also sad to say that our two Senators did not vote along with him.

I understand that last week addressing freshmen Congressmen the President called the obligations of legislators "The Ultimate Sacrifice". It is also understood that these are thankless positions.

For standing up for the disenfranchised, the bamboozled, and for fighting power in the name of the people amid allegations of political suicide, and questions of your own mental health…Thank you. Thank you Rep. Pallone for voting against the certification of the Ohio Electoral Vote, and shame on the Senators from this state for not standing along side him.


-Sorry, I lost the author's name, but it sums it up pretty well

The "Twins"


If anyone listens to Morning Sedition on Air America Radio you know they do the Liberal Confessional on Tuesday Mornings. We called up and got on. We were Mitch from NJ. Our confession is that we wrote GWB ("G"lobal "W"arming Bush) a letter asking for advice on how to raise twins. We got an answer back with a felt tip pen signature, on White House letterhead. We hung up the letter in the kids room. It was fun.

Just want to thank Eddie and Noah and all of MediaCorp. Since Joining last year I got 2 letters printed and 2 more sent it. I always politcally interested and involved, but without their help I never would have written those letters or even called Air America Radio. Thank you guys for showing me how to grab my pitchfork, and my torch and join the revolution.


I thank Eddie as well. Like Mitch, I feel that Eddie Konczal was and is the push in the right direction. Without Eddie, there is no Madman. -NG


"Do you folks (the attending media) need anything else translated?"
-Donald Rumsfeld at a joint US/ Russian news conference on Tuesday, January 11, 2004

Yeah. We need EVERYTHING you say translated.


-Noah Greenberg


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-Noah Greenberg