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Thursday, January 6, 2005



by Noah Greenberg


If Tort Reform needs to be addressed in the United States, which I think is just another way for President “G”(lobal) “W”(arming) Bush and his Corporate Communist friends to shift the dialogue in this country away from where it ought to be, it needs a system where law suits are reviewed before they go to court.


The President’s idea is to limit jury awards against insurance companies to $250,000. He says this will somehow “magically” lower health insurance costs for all Americans.




(It might be the only "bold" thing he has ever done)


Many cases are brought as "nuisance" cases, designed to get a quick settlement, many times, at a cost to the US taxpayer. Keeping that in mind, we DO need to be able to allow suits with merit their day in court. We do need to hold those corporations accountable when they do something wrong. If we don't, they will trade lives for dollars at every corner. The "acceptable loss of life" will be lowered to an "unacceptable" amount.


That being said, here is MY idea of how to "fix" our system of Victims' Rights:











"I completely disagree with your (Noah Greenberg's) comments concerning this great progressive (Howard Dean). The truth is, if you refer to Webster's dictionary you will find a progressive defined as: "one believing in moderate social change.." This guy is about as moderate as a 16 wheeler out of control on the freeway.

"(Dr. Dean) believes that Social Security must be "saved". He is angry with the moderate liberals on the DNC and elsewhere, because they had the good sense not to support him. Pure and simple. This guy is willing to risk tearing the Party apart simply because he didn't get his way. If he had been nominated, Kerry's loss would have looked like a cakewalk in comparison.

"He alienated the moderate swing vote (that is one of the reasons he lost), and he portrayed the Party as a bunch of college kids getting hyped up for a football game. He clearly demonstrated an uncanny ability to get people pissed.

"During the election campaign he and his 957, Move On, chased many swing-voters away because of their insensitivities and caustic brashness. Instead of taking the high ground, as Clark or Edwards would have done, they jumped into the gutter alongside Carl Rove's lie and smear machine.

I generally thought your posts fairly well thought out, but this last one... brrrrrrrrr.


Jack Kashinsky

Good Points all, Jack. Both about Governor Dean and me!

By the way, if it was my choice, I would want Elizabeth Edwards to be the head of the DNC. She would be a great choice, in my humble opinion, because:
-Mrs. Edwards has no political aspirations of her own, except for that of her husband's
-Mrs. Edwards brings a woman's feel to the party from a mother's and wife's point of view
-Mrs. Edwards shows both a sympathetic side as well as tough demeanor
-Mrs. Edwards has displayed courage and toughness both in her personal life as well as on the road for her husband
-Mrs. Edwards doesn't mind being called "Mrs. Edwards", either

I choose Dr. Dean now because he appears to be the only Democrat who won't shy away from a fight. My reason for wanting Mrs. Edwards is the exact opposite of my reasons for cheering on Howard Dean. If we can't have a name to be reckoned with that is soft-spoken and sympathetic, then maybe a screaming
MADMAN would get some attention.

Either way, a no-name would not get center stage with the Conservative Media as it is today.


-Noah Greenberg

"Dear Senator Boxer,

"As an American Citizen, a voter, and a registered Democrat, I thank you for your courageous challenge to the 2004 Electoral College results. You have acted to protect the democratic process in our country, and present and future generations of American voters will be forever in your debt.

"Best regards,
Eddie Konczal"

In Response to RAH, RAH


> Noah-
OH! please do not apologize!!!! I loved everything you said!!! In fact, I totally agreed with it. I was only trying to add to the mood, then my grumpy husband criticized my good humor at OU's loss!! HAHA! It is sweet of you to offer to cheer to OSU, though! Another Okie on thie National View email list commented that she only wished OSU had lost to a "blue" state as well, when they recently LOST to Ohio. I had to agree, it is truly sad. Keep up the good work, Noah! Please see below the FIRST email response I sent to your letter. I think you might have missed it...

>>> YEA!! I live in Norman, Oklahoma and I rooted for USC too! YEA Noah
Greenberg!!! YEA Robert Scardapane!!! YEA BLUE STATES!!! YEA REAL
Randi Haley


"Did you approve of torture?"

-Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) to Judge Alberto Gonzales

"Absolutely not."

-Judge Alberto Gonzales, at his Senate confirmation hearing on January 6, 2005 for Attorney General


"Contrary to reports, I consider the Geneva Conventions neither obsolete nor quaint."

-Judge Alberto Gonzales, at his Senate confirmation hearing on January 6, 2005 for Attorney General

"My judgment, this new paradigm" -- referring to the war on terrorism -- "renders obsolete Geneva's strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners."

-Judge Alberto Gonzales January 25th, 2000


Will the real Slim Shady... I mean Judge Alberto Gonzales please stand up... Please stand up...


"I'm Al Gonzales, I'm the real Al Gonzales... all the other Al Gonzaleses are just imitating... So will the real Al Gonzales please stand up... please stand up."


Thanks to my daughter, Bonnie Greenberg and Marshall Mathers... er... Eminem

-Noah Greenberg


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-Noah Greenberg