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Wednesday, January 5, 2005



by Noah Greenberg




They keep calling us. The Democratic Party keeps calling on its "base" to "get involved" or "do something" or to "run for office". Yet, when we take the initiative, we're treated as though we're not there. If we don't have a million dollars to give to what they consider "the cause", then we're just taking up space and all we are worth is the sum of one, single solitary vote.




Howard Dean is talking a good game. I believe in him more now than I did yesterday. Even if he can't deliver the Presidency in 2008, his heart and his ideas are in the right place:

I truly believe that Democrats can return to national dominance. But, we must not be afraid to compete in every race, in every district and in every state. We can start rebuilding the Democratic Party from the bottom up. Through my organization, Democracy for America, we have already started that process. This past election cycle, we endorsed over 100 candidates, at all levels of government—from school board to U.S. Senate and we contributed to almost 750 candidates around the country.

Too bad that when you dial "411" in DC, there is no listing for Dr. Dean's organization, "Democracy for America".


Howard, we're all here waiting. We want to bring common sense back to the progressives in this country. We don't want to be known as "the other party".


Let the people back into the "people's party". We can take the fight to them, if you let us.


by Noah Greenberg


I've spoken to many of you regarding a trip to the DNC in Washington, DC to have our voices heard before 447 people decide what's best for almost 60 million party members.


What the DNC doesn't realize is that we really do represent about one million people that volunteered for John Kerry in 2004. We think like them. We act like them. We talk and we walk like them.


When a group of Kerry Media Corps members , including myself and people from six states requested the list of other members from the Kerry Campaign, we were told that "the list belonged to John kerry and he might need it again in four years." WE NEED THAT LIST NOW.


In four years, we can make this party stringer and smarter. we can stay relevant. We can help in state and other local elections if we can stay together.


I really do think its time we let the leaders of our party know that it is our party.


We aren't "ditto-heads" like the "other party". We aren't "she-eople (sheep + people = she-oeple) that need to be told what and how to think.




I'm going to call the DC District Police Station and get a permit. I'm going to send "invitations" to everyone I know. I'm going to call a couple of hotels in DC and see if I can get a group rate, just in case some of us want to see Washington, DC before the Corporate Communists and President "G"(lobal) "W"(arming) Bush start changing all the traffic lights on DuPont Circle to RED only.


I'm going to let anyone and everyone I know (both of them) in the DNC that we're going to do this.


maybe if we embarrass the party leaders, they will finally listen to us.


I hope to not be there alone.



"It's clear that the biggest problem Social Security faces today is the fact that the Bush Administration is trying to dismantle it. You can help stop that. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper and spread the word: George W. Bush is planning to cut everyone's Social Security benefits.

-Kicking Ass, Daily Dispatches from the DNC, January 5, 2005


Maybe they should read a newspaper and take a look at all the letters that have already been written by many of us. WE don't need to join THEM. THEY need to join US.


-Noah Greenberg


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-Noah Greenberg