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Tuesday, January 4, 2005


Matters of Convenience

By Robert Scardapane
In a 2002 memo, 
President Bush’s nominee for Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, warped the definition of torture. Subsequently on New Year’s Eve, a new memo asserts that the United States considers torture to be “morally abhorrent” and against both American and international law. Given Mr. Gonzalez's pending confirmation hearing in early 2005, the timing of this memo is suspiciously convenient!


Meanwhile, in late 2004, Congress eliminated a rule that prevents a representative from serving while under criminal indictment. This rule was already used to force a Democrat to stand down. But, when Republican House "Whip" Tom Delay felt the pain of indictment, he used his influence to erase that pesky “indictment” rule. Again, quite convenient!


Recently, Republican House leader Dennis Hastert backed changes that weaken the ethics committee.  For instance, one proposal allows lobbyists to pay for a Representative's operating expenses. Seems like new ways are being invented to bribe with convenience.


After the 2004 election, the “winners” claimed the capture of the “moral high ground”. But, there is no morality when facts, rules and laws are manipulated for personal convenience.




I now have a new way of rooting for sports:

I root for the team from the BLUE state every time.




-Noah Greenberg


Ownership Society

By Robert Scardapane

It's time to scrutinize the phrase "ownership society". This term was coined by the Libertarian think tank
CATO Institute - those folks that are funded by financial institutions.


The definition from Cato’s web site is as follows:


"An ownership society values responsibility, liberty, and property. Individuals are empowered by freeing them from dependence on government handouts and making them owners instead, in control of their own lives and destinies. In the ownership society, patients control their own health care, parents control their own children's education, and workers control their retirement savings"


Sounds lovely, we all like responsibility, liberty and property. But, the only people who will ever achieve lofty levels of ownership are the extremely wealthy. We all want to be in the top 1 percent but face it 99 percent of us won't be. Let's examine this definition point by point:





So, you now know where Mr. Bush derives his economic rhetoric. Is this the sort of society we really want? Basically, this is a throwback to the turn of the century - the 20th century that is.


The "Delay" Rule, No More


After trying time and time again, Tom Delay and his lackeys, including the Rubber Stamp, Mike Ferguson (R-NJ, Dist. 7), have given up. They are no longer attempting to change the House Ethics rules. These rules, which haven't been enforced in almost a decade, were put in place to keep our representatives in Washington honest.


It's almost hard to say that with a straight face.


An Indicted Tom Delay (I like the way that sounds) would have to forfeit his role as the House Majority Leader. That is a real possibility. You see, three of his cohorts have already been indicted for their shenanigans and how they re-shaped the Texas State government with illegal acts and illegal funds.


Let's see if the new "House Ethics Committee" will have some teeth.


Or are they still going to sip the truth through a straw?




"...The Zionist enemy."

-Mahmoud Abbas, the would-be Palestinian leaders new description of Israel


Way to get on their good side, Mahmoud.


-Noah Greenberg


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-Noah Greenberg