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2009 Archives


Feb 12 "You might find... you get what you need"; Q on the Tube: Still not OK to be Gay

Feb 11 Why Single Payer Universal Health Care will Never Happen

Feb 10 President Obama's First Press Conference

Feb 9 Let the Campaign Begin (Watch out, Garden Staters); Republicans Versus Obama

Feb 8 The Era of Empty Pockets

Feb 5 Beating Up the Fat Cats (It's about time)

Feb 4 New, Small Businesses as a Part of The Answer

Feb 3 DC Hypocrisy; The Lavender Tube: Shame, Shame, Shame

Feb 2 "I'm from the GOP and I'm here to Help(?)"; How We Stop Torture


Jan 31 Speed Bumps and how the GOP gets back to Power

Jan 28 A Surprise First Interview; More on Tax Cuts

Jan 27 Golf "Tolls" in California

Jan 26 Old and Stale Versus New and "?"

Jan 25 The GOP "Opposition's" Plan

Jan 22 Just What Will They Talk About?; Change is in the Air

Jan 21 What Have you Done for Us Lately, President Obama?

Jan 20 It's Official!; Making and Remembering History

Jan 19 Happy Inauguration Day; The Lavender Tube: Nip, Tuck

Jan 18 Safety and Miracles are No Accident

Jan 15 George W. Bush's Final Address (at Last!); We Suckers

Jan 14 Beating an (Almost) Dead horse Named "W"

Jan 13 One Week to Go and Bush Still Doesn't Get It; Q on the Tube: Best (Queer) Life TV

Jan 12 Pushing a Legacy; Homeless in America; Democrats in Disarray

Jan 11 "Their" Problem (Very Soon in Becoming "Our" Problem)

Jan 8 Number One Observatory Circle (or is that Cheney's Bunker of Secrecy and Death?)

Jan 7 A Very Complicated Mess in Gaza and Israel; The Leadership in, and of Gaza; The Lavender Tube: All is New Again

Jan 6 Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way; The War We're Ignoring

Jan 5 Oil as a Weapon

Jan 4 Gaza and Israel


2008 Archives


Dec 30 A 2009 Prediction: The Big Story of 2009; Q on the Tube: Hate TV

Dec 29 The Trouble with T.A.R.P.

Dec 28 The Environment: Not Just for Crazy, Tree-Huggin' Liberals Anymore; The Lavender Tube: Best and Worst of 2008

Dec 24 Gifts for the Un-Gifted; Hate-Mongering Isn't Change

Dec 23 Cheney-Speak; Why Some Call President Bush a "Chimp"; Chimp-Speak; A Different Christmas Idea

Dec 22 The Banking & Finance Industry Says, "Screw You, America!"

Dec 21 Tell Me a Story, Governor Blagojevich

Dec 18 Chrysler's Closing - The Tip of the Iceberg; There is No War on Christmas

Dec 17 No Interest (or Watch Out for Falling Rates); Q on the Tube: Wedding Bell Blues

Dec 16 The Race for the Senate (Time to Stir Up the Pot for Hillary Clinton's Seat); Joe the Plumber and Muntazer the Shoe-Thrower

Dec 15 The American Worker vs. 35 Naysayers; Waiting on January 20th; Homelessness Isn't "Over"

Dec 14 Auto Bailout Defeated (for Now)

Dec 11 The Blagojevich Defense Says, "Just Kidding"; Q on the Tube: End of a Queer-a (The End of Boston Legal)

Dec 10 The US Auto Industry: Another View; From Mumbai to Washington

Dec 9 Land of Lincoln's Governor's Arrested

Dec 8 Obama's Quandary

Dec 7 "Red Tag Event"; And More on That US Auto Industry Thing

Dec 4 Handouts and Bootstraps

Dec 3 Team Dean's Dream

Dec 2 Schiavo's Senator Not Seeking Re-Election; Q on the Tube: HIV/AIDS on TV

Dec 1 Rice, Bush and Yet Another Wedge; Squeezing Philadelphia


Nov 30 "Doorbusters!"

Nov 26 Madman-onomics 101

Nov 25 Buyer's Remorse - $700 Billion Worth; EPI Advocates Investing in the US Automobile Industry

Nov 24 Screw 'em: Citigroup wants up to $326 Billion; The Lavender Tube: Giving Thanks

Nov 23 Stay the (Do Nothing) Course; Save the Autos Now!

Nov 20 Bailouts and Our Money

Nov 19 Déjà Vu - The New(?) GOP Message and Messengers; We Can't Live Without Water

Nov 18 The New Bush Economy: "Turned the Corner" as the New "Stay the Course"

Nov 17 Ford and GM; More Thoughts on The GOP; The Vote Against Civil Rights

Nov 16 The Three GOP's

Nov 13 An Early Presidency; The Lavender Tube: Change, Change, Change

Nov 12 First, Do No Harm

Nov 11 A Note on DHL Closing its US Doors; What About Jobs?

Nov 10 A Way to 60 (Democrats in the Senate); Now Comes the Hard Part

Nov 9 Health Care as a Cure-All

Nov 6 The Grand Old Obsolete Party

Nov 5 My Election Day Hangover; What then-Senator Jon Corzine said (and predicted correctly) in 2005; A New Day, a New Vision and a New President

Nov 4 Election Day Potpourri and an Electoral College Prediction

Nov 3 SNL and New Media; Endorsements and Endorsements(?); HIV/AIDS Rising in Philly

Nov 2 Beyond Questionable Judgment; Palin Congratulates the "Pittsburgh(?)" Phillies


Oct 30 "I'm Elizabeth Dole and I approved this message"; "I'm John McCain and I approved this message"

Oct 29 Steven's Alaska; McCain Says Buying American is "Disgraceful"; It's Someone's Else's Turn

Oct 28 What If?

Oct 27 Dr. McCainenstein's Monster (A Not-So-Quick Note on Sarah Palin; Powell, in a Nutshell; Do the Math

Oct 26 The "Race"

Oct 23 Economic Armageddon; McCain's Demeanor

Oct 22 The New Witch-Hunt

Oct 21 The Future of American Politics; On Trickle-Down Economics

Oct 20 Throwing OUR Money at the Problem THEY Created

Oct 19 What Powell's Endorsement of Obama Means (and it isn't good for John McCain); McCain's Secret, Traitorous Plan

Oct 16 Joe gets to Hear about Health Care at the Last Debate; The Internet Election

Oct 15 Thoughts About Afghanistan (The Real War on Terror)

Oct 14 Obama's Economic Plan and McCain's Economic Scheme; Term Limits

Oct 13 Questions Have Many Parts: McCain Wants to Privatize Social Security - Good Thing He Didn't Get His Wish; McCain-Onomics

Oct 12 The McCain Campaign Strategy: Hate, Fear and Intimidation; Poor Branding

Oct 9 McCain's Promises; McCain's Scheme

Oct 7 The Choices and the Company One Keeps

Oct 6 McCain Potpourri; And the Winner is...

Oct 5 Watching Palin; More on the VP Debate; Even More on the VP Debate

Oct 2 After the VP Debate

Oct 2 The VP Debate - Final Pre-Debate Thoughts

Oct 1 Palin Speaks; The VP Debate; Re: Bailout; The Lavender Tube: October Surprise


Sep 30 A Third World Nation; BAILOUT!

Sep 29 A Victory for the House GOP - A Defeat for the Rest of Us

Sep 28 McCain Says "Understand" at the First Debate; A Debate Review; Losing One's Home Because of Health Care

Sep 26 Responding to the Financial Crisis - "Why?"

Sep 25 The McCain-Boehner Agenda That Doesn't Match OUR Agenda

Sep 24 Slow Down - You Campaign Too Fast: McCain Wants to Stop and Wait; Remember Us as You Give Our Money Away

Sep 23 $700 Billion Used to be a Lot of Money; The Palinistas and the Paparazzi

Sep 22 Could SSI Fix the Economy?

Sep 21 Parallels: Iraq and the Economy; More on McCain's View of "Regulation"

Sep 18 Email in the Public Domain; McCain's Pick Puts Nation at Risk; Dems Should Know that Winning is the Only Thing

Sep 17 More Money Down the Investment Toilet; More on the Bailout; A New Socialism: Bushism; Ripping Down a Curtain of Lies

Sep 16 The Wrong Bailout; A Bridge, Another Bridge and a Bunch of Pesky Whales; A Trooper-Gate Thought; Another Palin Thought - What If She Leaves?; The Lavender Tube: Lipstick on a Veep

Sep 15 Rove Says McCain Doesn't Pass the "Truth Test"; Greed Run-Amok and the Price WE Pay; Is This Just One Woman's Opinion?; Afghanistan: The New Quagmire

Sep 14 Since 9-11-01

Sep 11 If Palin is "The Answer", Then What is "The Question"?

Sep 10 About Sarah Palin, According to Another Wasilla Hockey Mom

Sep 9 What Happens in Vegas (is Just Like the Rest of America); The Power of Palin

Sep 4 McCain: For (?) Against (?) Natural Disaster Legislation: Don't Read His Lips - They're Covered: The GOP Convention: what You Just Saw; No Room for Volunteers - Palin Tarnished Community Organizers

Sep 3 Palin the Panderer; The "P" in POW Doesn't Stand for President; On Off-Shore Drilling

Sep 2 Sexual Education - Back in the News; Learning About Candidate Palin and GOP Election Rules; The Lavender Tube: Fall Preview

Sep 1 Another GOP Surprise - 9 Months in the Making; Making History in Denver


Aug 31 McCain Thinks the Second Most Qualified Person to be President is Who?; Right After Barack Obama's Inspiring Speech; Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane "What's-Her-Name?"

Aug 28 Racism and a Cup of MSNBC's Joe; A Good Night to be a Democrat

Aug 27 The Democratic National Convention: Through the Looking Glass of Fox News Channel; DNC Convention Thoughts: And More Convention Thoughts

Aug 26 Monday Night - One Mile High at the Democratic National Convention

Aug 25 The Fed Finally Realizes There is  Problem; Re-Starting the Cold War

Aug 24 Barack Obama's Choice for VP is Joe Biden!

Aug 21 ... and the Winner of the 2008 Zell Miller Award is... Joe Lieberman!

Aug 20 225 Missing Emails - The New "18 Minutes"

Aug 19 The Permanent Campaign Lives On

Aug 18 The Politician Formerly Known as The Maverick; Anger Face at the Olympics; The Lavender Tube: Flashpoint

Aug 17 "Race-ing" for the White House - McBush-Style

Aug 14 In the Running: Chuck Hagel

Aug 13 McKeating TV; A New Coalition of the "Haves and Have Mores"

Aug 12 Tax the Weak and Weary Only

Aug 11 Bush and Putin: Soul Men; Making Cheney Look Like Gandhi?; Dark Side of the Olympics

Aug 10 The McBush Economy

Aug 7 Less Jobs = Bad Job = McBush's Job

Aug 6 Hitch-A-Ride, Bin-Laden

Aug 5 Fuel is Funny (and Really, Really Profitable); Drilling for Petrol Lobbies

Aug 4 The GOP, The Party of Diminished Responsibility Says: "Stay Home - Don't Vote; Economic Downturn Hits Women Hardest

Aug 3 USA Gas: A Real Fuel Idea; Wal-Mart's Warning: Employees, Don't Vote for Obama


Jul 31 Extended Warranty Available (for a Nominal Fee)

Jul 30 "Time's Table" is on the "Horizon"; Republicanism's Obstructionism

Jul 29 The McBushies: Big Oil's Employees

Jul 28 What I Noticed While Reading H.R. 1955 (The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007); the Lavender Tube: Generation Kill

Jul 27 You Might just Be a Racist; Why the GOP is Responsible for Keeping oil Prices High; Politicizing Government; My Problem: The Surge and Viet Nam

Jul 24 Iraq and Afghanistan: Should I Stay or Should I Go? CBS Covers Up for McCain

Jul 23 Good News and Accolades - The McBushies Say that the economy is Just Peachy!

Jul 22 Can't Drive 55? Get Used to it or Get Used to Paying Up; Time to Talk to Tehran

Jul 21 The CPI and the Way "They" Planned It; have You Noticed?; Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Reads Letters from Real People on the Floor of The Senate; Portrait of a Panic

Jul 20 The Case for VP Hillary; Oops! The White House Sends Out the News that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki Likes Obama's Plan to End the War

Jul 16 "Plandering" Vs. a Good (Finally) Idea: A Public Works Plan; The Fed Speaks; All in Our Minds (Redux)

Jul 15 The Bushies and McBushies Say the Bad Economy is "All in Our Minds"

Jul 14 My Next Choice: Senator Barack Obama

Jul 13 I Miss Bobby Murcer

Jul 10 Jesse Jackson's Multiple Chances; A New KKK (Kongressional Kontempt Karl (Rove); McBush's Double-Talk Express

Jul 9 The G-8 is not so Gr-8; Dissent, Dissent, Dissent

Jul 8 Out of Iraq - Real Soon; The Lavender Tube: Independence Day Redux

Jul 7 The McBush Economy - A Balancing Act (More of an "Act" than "Balance"); Make Independence Day Mean Something

Jul 6 Real health Care Reform - Yes, It's Still Important

Jul 3 Another Black Friday - This Time, One Day Early

Jul 2 McCain, McCheney, McBush and Energy

Jul 1 A Novel Solution to Iraq and Illegal Immigration


Jun 30 Iraq Today - Blame the Commanders?

Jun 29 The Credit Card Crunch

Jun 26 "K"arl (Rove's) "K"ountry "K"lub; North Korea's BOOM - Plus a Photo-Op; Bush's Health Care Plan - Legacy and a Continuing Nightmare; Telling the Truth - Kucinich-Style; The Lavender Tube - Feeling the Love

Jun 25 Gas and Dollars; Time to Protect Americans

Jun 24 Choose "Pandering" - A License Plate Wedge

Jun 19 Missing Opportunities in Iraq; A Solution to High Oil Prices?

Jun 17 McCain's Dems

Jun 16 Fox New's Not-So-Covert (or Clever) Racism; Shouldn't Bush Stay at Home?

Jun 15 New From Iraq - It Isn't Going As Well As The Bushies Might Think; Third Party Spoilers and November's Election

Jun 12 SCRUTINY Vs. scrutiny: The Main Stream Media's Double-Standard on How it treats the Dems Vs. the GOP

Jun 11 Making It Worse: Just Another McBush Plan

Jun 10 Allowing "Them" to "Fix" Oil; The Lavender Tube: TV Makes and Unmakes a Candidate

Jun 9 The Economy: McBush Doesn't Get It; A Dream Achieved, A Dream Denied

Jun 8 More Jobs Lost: Just Another Friday Afternoon's Bad News; An Open Letter From an Obama Supporter to All Clinton Supporters; McBush's Oil Economy on a Slippery Slope; McCain's Ads

Jun 5 Another GOP Windfall: Former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson Makes a Killing on Health Care With Taxpayer Money

Jun 4 McBush's McChange; If Only Thjose Who Really Needed Our Help Had Oil

Jun 3 Condi Rice, Iran and the No-Talk Mantra; "Hi - I'm Dick Cheney and I'm an Alcoholic"

Jun 2 Them Kids Needs Learnin'

Jun 1 More on McClellan's Book;


May 29 The Top Ten Reasons the Bushies Say Scott McClellan Wrote His Book

May 28 The Dems: Screwing Up a Good Thing

May 27 The "R", the "D", the "I", and the GOP-Endorsed Hillary-Should-Run-As-An-Independent Fan Club; The Lavender Tube: Living La Vida Loca

May 26 Lautenberg Vs. Andrews; Memorial Day: A Draft Would Bring War Home

May 22 The Sleaze of the Paid Lobby; Gas and Politics

May 21 Diplomacy and Silence

May 20 Born in 1960: A Child of Viet Nam

May 19 FIX IT! The Congress-to-Lobby-Lobby-to-Congress Revolving Door; Have the Democrats Lost Already?

May 18 Bush's Energy "Alternatives"

May 14 "Thank You - Now Watch This Drive" -GWB

May 13 Bush's Economy Still Stinks; he Lavender Tube: Not Until the Fat Lady Sings

May 12 Tennessee Governor Bredesen for VP?; Killed in the Line of Duty: Philadelphia police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski

May 11 Gas Options: Bush is Still "Looking Into" Them

May 8 Cindy McCain's "Separate" Money

May 7 More Bush Priorities; If You Produce It, They Will Come (and Purchase It): A Fuel-Efficient Car

May 6 Jobs Lost, Again

May 5 A Bad Scheme - A Bad Idea: The Federal Gas-Tax Holiday; Obama Vs. Clinton

May 4 "R" Words (Like "Regulation"); Republicans Crossing Over to Obama

May 1 Bush's Spin on His Awful Economy; Answering the Hillary Vs. McCain Question


Apr 29 Bush Likes Trees: From "Ask the White House"; Pennsylvania Speaks and Says "Hillary Clinton"

Apr 28 McCain Explains McCain and the Hundred years War; The lavender Tube: Funny Games

Apr 27 McCain on Katrina; The George W. Bush Lie-Brary

Apr 24 Ignoring Women: Just Enough GOP Legislators Say "No" to Women on Equal Pay

Apr 23 Jimmy Carter Vs. Condi Rice on Peace: No Contest; The Lavender Tube: Springtime for Bush in America

Apr 22 "Dear Friends: A Plea abo9ut Global Climate Change; Khaki or Orange: Inmates in the Military; Still Criminal After all These Years: how the Bushies Promoted the War - With Your Tax Dollars; Philadelphia Mayor Nutter Takes a Stand Against Crime

Apr 21 Racism and Votes

Apr 17 More Gas, More Money

Apr 16 Put Health Care in the Hands of the States

Apr 15 George Bush's Perfect Storm Allows More of His "Base of Haves and Have Mores" Have Even More

Apr 14 McCain's Fix for The Economy: Ask Bush

Apr 10 Staying the Course, Again

Apr 9 Bush's War: Why Are We Still Paying for It?

Apr 8 CAFTA: Lies and Mis-Speaks From "Ask the White House"; Is McCain Really Nuts?

Apr 7 Staying the Course, McCain Style; The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Apr 6 Bush's Bad Job Numbers, Again

Apr 3 Still Ignoring The Big Easy

Apr 2 No Matter What the Bushies Say, The Bush Economy Stinks!

Apr 1 The Bushies Close the Barn Door a Tad Too Late


Mar 31 Another Al (Alphonse Jackson) Leaves the Bush Administration; The Lavender Tube: Oh, the Horror, the Horror

Mar 30 Play Ball - Bush Won't Throw Out First Pitch to Just Anybody; A Bad Anniversary - Three Mile Island is Not Remembered as it Should Be

Mar 27 John McCain - The Would-Be Bush(44)

Mar 26 What You Can Ask David Paterson and What You Can't Ask George W. Bush - The Same Things; Fixing Problems With the Problem Market

Mar 25 Getting to Universal Health Care: One Step at a Time; What We Can't Discuss in America

Mar 24 The Worst of All Milestones: 4,000 Killed

Mar 20 Cheney Comes Out of "The Bunker"

Mar 19 Funny, Huh? Bush's Corporate Welfare Office; The Lavender Tube: Oh What a Lovely War; A Story for St Patrick's Day (An Old Legend of Kildare)

Mar 17 Growth: The Story of Bush's Failed Economy; Why Are We Still in Iraq?

Mar 16 The Fallen Fallon

Mar 13 Hard News - Anderson Cooper Hosts a Pimp! American Idle - Bush Sings

Mar 12 Future-Bush: The Agenda; The Future of Energy

Mar 11 The Good and Bad News - The Bad Bush Economy; Elliot Spitzer - What a Putz; BushCare / McCainCare - Health Care for (broke) Patriots; Iraq: Helping to Kill Our Economy; Can the Democrats Win?

Mar 9 Looking Back - Bush's Cloudy Crystal Ball: Excerpts from a 2001 Speech; The Sign of Things to Come? A Democrat Wins Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert's Seat in Illinois

Mar 6 The Other, Other Bush Mess: The Housing Crisis; That Darn Delegate Thing

Mar 5 McCain: The Next Bush

Mar 4 McCain's Choice; McCain's Health Care Plan; The Lavender Tube: Ellen Vs. Oprah

Mar 3 Economic Advice for George Bush

Mar 2 Huckabee's Gamble


Feb 28 As the Tax Breaks End, Cry for Big Oil

Feb 27 John McCain's Boogie-Man - Meet Bill Cunningham

Feb 26 The Medical "Fix" is In - 20 Percent of the GDP Coming Up

Feb 25 McCain Handicaps McCain and Says, "I Lose"; Stolen Delegates and Super Delegates

Feb 24 A Presidential Library at SMU; Senator Barack Obama and Health Care & What it Means; Senator Hillary Clinton Says "I'm Ready..."; The White House Comments on The New York Times and Senator John McCain

Feb 21 McCain's Improprieties Aren't About Sex

Feb 20 The Fed and OUR Problems

Feb 19 Go On - Ask the White House (I Dare You); The Lavender Tube: Hallelujah Chorus

Feb 18 The Iraq War - What President Bush Calls a "Return on Success"; Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell Says What Many  Think

Feb 17 The Next Big Hurt - The McCain Economy

Feb 14 The Islamification of Barack Obama

Feb 13 McCain's Call for Sympathy and Votes

Feb 12 You Get What You Pay For - The Bursting Housing Bubble; A Tax Relief Spot in NJ; The Race Goes On

Feb 11 More Economic Bad News and Presidential Lies About Jobs

Feb 10 Health Care Mandates

Feb 7 What Romney's Departure Means; Bush Backwards

Feb 6 It's all Flowers and Daffodils at the White House; It Depends on What "Win" Means - The Story of Super Tuesday's Numbers

Feb 5 Pre-Super Tuesday

Feb 4 The New York Football Giants Win Super Bowl XLII

Feb 3 Mitt Romney and an Argument at Staples; Nuclear Energy is Not "Clean"; The Lavender Tube: The Situation Room


Jan 31 Food for Thought and More Food for Thought: Credit Cards, Bank and Intimidation; "What If" Election Scenarios; Preparation and "Spin"; A Call to Arms - Get to Work

Jan 30 Real Wages, Real Losses; A Disgraceful Speech; Bush's "Armies of Compassion"

Jan 29 On the State of the Union Address (2 Articles)

Jan 28 Bush to Announce "One More Surge" (and it Doesn't Have to be in Iraq)

Jan 27 Take the GOP Candidates at Their Word (Especially When It Comes to Us Staying in Iraq)

Jan 24 Mitt Romney: A Governor Without a State (Or Too Many States)

Jan 23 Bush Lies? (No Kidding!)

Jan 22 The End of Rudy; Martin Luther King, III Endorses John Edwards; The Lavender Tube: Lost

Jan 21 Economic Spin and a "Rebate"; The Elephant in the Room (Sexism in the 2008 Elections)

Jan 20 Another "YO-YO" (You're-On-Your-Own) Health Care Plan, Courtesy of Senator John McCain; Obama & Reagan

Jan 17 Gov. Huck

Jan 16 Chris Matthews: Queen-Maker

Jan 15 The Bush Presidency: Sometimes Change is Bad; Bush Vs. Iran; Bush; The Politics of Change

Jan 14 When Life Gives You Lemons, Make GOP Governors

Jan 13 Winning the "Super" (Delegate) Vote; Happy New (Election) Year!

Jan 9 Bush's Bad Employment Numbers

Jan 8 Why Obama is Not Choice Number 1: Health Care; Rappin' Romney;

Jan 7 Side-Splitting - Al Michaels, John Madden and making Fun of Torture; On to The Granite State - More Predictions; Iowa Doesn't Speak for America

Jan 6 Improving a Bad Idea: The "Flat Tax"; The Lavender Tube: The Wrong Stuff

Jan 3 On Iowa - After the Caucuses; The Beginning of the End of Bush

Jan 2 Through My Crystal Ball - Predicting Iowa


2007 Newsletter Archives:


Dec 30 Housing Crisis? What Housing Crisis?; Ending the Death Penalty

Dec 27 Benazir Bhutto is Assassinate and  Another "Mission" is "Accomplished"

Dec 26 A Presidential Press Conference (But Don't Ask Bush about the CIA); "Don't Taze Me, Bro" is not Funny, CNN; The Lavender Tube: All The Best

Dec 20 Glued to It - Video Games

Dec 19 When is Enough "Enough"? - Financing Bush's War; Race and Gender and Presidential Politics

Dec 18 The Economy: Not So Sexy; On Iraq

Dec 16 Surging Nowhere

Dec 12 Dictator George, a Press conference and the meaning of "Torture"; THE LAVENDER TUBE: SURVIVOR-TV WRITERS’ STRIKE

Dec 11 Let's Go Shopping - Europeans Come Here for Bargains

Dec 10 Buying America; God and Politics

Dec 9 After Seven Years; On Iran and The N.I.E.

Dec 5 Mitt and The Migrants

Dec 4 Condoning Greed; Republicans Gone Wild

Dec 3 I.O.U. - The National Debt; More Bilking Us; Dubya on Rudy, Mitt, and Huckabee


Nov 29 Bush Says, "Debate? What Debate?"

Nov 28 Remember Kids, Don't Drink and Govern - Bush, Ohlmert and Abbas; Sex, Lies and Treason; The Lavender Tube: Giving Thanks?

Nov 27 Going, Going, Gone (and Not Soon Enough) - GOP Lawmakers Who Aren't Coming Back; Remembering Giving

Nov 26 How to Spin It: The Whit House Says, "Over Half of American Families Are Not Poor"

Nov 22 Bush and Another Turkey

Nov 20 Scott McClellan (Finally!) Has a "Comment"

Nov 19 A Social Security Idea; Do We Really Hate Hillary?

Nov 15 From the Mind of a Madman - A Rant About What is Wrong

Nov 14 Bush & Jobs: Lying is "Job One"

Nov 13 HDTV for Everyone (Health Care for Some); Ron Paul Isn't Good for America; The lavender Tube: Reality Bites

Nov 11 Free Vs. Fair Trade; "Bushworld": The Video Game

Nov 8 Lead Toys & Bad Leaders

Nov 7 The "Abstinence Only" Myth

Nov 6 Confusing the Jobs Picture - A Bush Fave

Nov 5 Oil & Me; The Terror Profiteers

Nov 4 Checking it Out: What Happens When You Stumble Upon C-SPAN and an Iraqi War Story

Nov 1 The Fed and Their America Vs. The Rest of US and Our Economy (It's an unfair fight)


Oct 31 China's Rules

Oct 30 Immunity, the Bush Way; The Lavender Tube: Where's the Smoke?
Oct 29 Bush and the Fires; The New Economic Normal
Oct 28 News Reports and Press Conferences: The White House Way
Oct 25 When Disaster Hits Home
Oct 24 The Administration of Diminished Trust
Oct 23 The Blackwater Way
Oct 22 Health Care: Blue Vs. Red (Right Rudy?)
Oct 21 More on the Economy and Our Shrinking US Dollar
Oct 18 SCHIP: Killing Sick Children; Republicans Against Kids, Iraq Vets and The Planet
Oct 17 Turkey: Across a Different Border; Congress: A "Fun" Job for Republicans
Oct 16 Reach Out and Spy on Someone; Forgetting Air America
Oct 15 Crude's Effect on Winter, '07-'08; The Lavender Tube: October Surprise
Oct 14 Notes from the GOP Debate on the Economy; Flush Rush in Philly
Oct 11 Mrs. Cheney; More on The Frosts

Oct 10 Bush's Economy
Oct 9 White House Leaks Video
Oct 8 Blackwater's Mall; When Civility Turns to Violence
Oct 7 They Even Admit It! The Bushies know that health care for all would actually reduce costs; Spinning the Health Care Argument; How Dare They - Conservative Talkers Live High, Talk Low; Willie Randolph To Go To Washington: A Work of Satire
Oct 4 Burma: The New Front, Not Fronted; Does Bush Get It? Heck No!
Oct 3 More on S-CHIP
Oct 2 Asking the White House: Acting Administrator Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Kerry Weems Admits that Health Care for all Would Save Money; Ahmadinejad Comes to America
Oct 1 Iraq Getting Better?; Judge Thomas; The lavender Tube: The Whole World is Watching

Sep 28 President Newt?; The GOP - Shooting Themselves in the Foot
Sep 27 Bill O'Reilly and Al Sharpton's Selective Outrage; The United States of America - The Earth's Newest Third-World Nation; New Kind of Bush-Speak - Fonetics
Sep 26 Pissed Off in Persia
Sep 25 Bill O'Reilly Says: "I Can't Get Over It!"; Ahmadinejad and Bush
Sep 24 Iran's Voice Speaks at Columbia; O.J. Simpson and the Jena Six
Sep 23 Three Separate States and Pull Out
Sep 20 Mid-East Bust (Just ask the women of Iraq and Afghanistan)
Sep 19 O.J.: Cable TV's Gift That Keeps on Giving
Sep 18 Rising Crude(ly) Oil; The lavender Tube: Fall preview: The Good, the Bad and the Gorgeous
Sep 17 asking the white House: EPA Chief Stephen L. Johnson
Sep 16 Why John Stossel Still Lies; King George?
Sep 13 Bush-Speak: Playing Us for Suckers
Sep 12 A Real Call to 9-1-1 (You won't believe this one)
Sep 11 That Sucking Sound is the Bush Economy; The Lavender Tube: Death in Boise
Sep 10 Senator Lindsey Graham's Magic Carpet Ride ($4 for $5.00!)
Sep 6 Fox News' GOP Debate
Sep 5 The GAO Says Iraq is "Partially Met"; Katrina: Two years Later
Sep 4 Bush Says "Maybe" to Troop Withdrawal; Dogs More Important tham Women in Professional Sports

Aug 27 Alberto Gonzales Resigns
Aug 23 A Follow-Up to Bush's Viet Nam Remarks; Joe Scarborough: Another MSNBC Schmuck; Declassified, for Spin
Aug 22 Bush Speaks at a VFW
Aug 21 Chris Matthews Plays "Softball"
Aug 20 Killing Iraq (by Iraqis); Mexican Oil & Hurrican Dean; From Wall Street to Main Street
Aug 19 Citizen Rove Speaks; The Lavender Tube: Slaughter on "K" and Wall Street
Aug 16 Another Eight Bucks to Get into NYC
Aug 15 Hastert, the Waterboy, Retires; Petraeus: Maybe They'll Come Home
Aug 14 Finding Wal-Mart's Happy Face
Aug 13 MC-Rove!; Iraq - A "Quagmire", says the American Enterprise Institute (Finally!); How Big are Your Carbon Footprints?

Aug 12 The Romney 5; How Dare Rudy!

Aug 9 A Health Care Plan No One Would Love; China's Most Unfavored

Aug 8 Paying to Play in Iowa, GOP Style

Aug 7 Health Care and the GOP Iowa Debate; The lavender Tube: Dog Days of August

Aug 6 Where are the 190,000 Missing Guns? Don't Get Sick in the US

Aug 5 The 35W Bridge Collapse and President Photo-Op; Watching the CPI Numbers; Rudy Giuliani's Health Care Plan is Rubbish

Aug 2 Rudy Hates Health Care

Aug 1 The GOP's Spinning the Job Numbers


July 31 Justice Roberts, a Seizure and the "Up or Down" Vote

July 30 They Want a Pro-Lifer for President (Didn't They get One Already); Philadelphia: A City in Crisis?

July 29 The Bushies and Muddy Waters; Show Your Want for Impeachment

July 26 Top Cop - Top Criminal; Meet the New Iraq - Same as the Old iraq

July 25 The AG, The NSA Spy Program and Lies

July 24 The Big Three US Automakers and Health Care; The Lavender Tube: The News You Aren't Seeing

July 23 Asking (and Spinning) at the White House, The War We Aren't Seeing

July 22 Romney's Aides Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges

July 19 Let Them Eat Cake (and Die)

July 18 A Pot-Holed Filled Roadmap

July 17 Puling an All-Nighter; Secretary Chao Hates American Workers

July 16 Stupid Statements and Rose-Colored Glasses - The GOP Speaks; (PAST) TIME TO END THE WAR

July 15 Circling the "Executive Privilege" Wagons; Calling for Impeachment From the RIGHT Side

July 12 The "Act" - Section 1314 of the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007 (Public Law 110-28) (the “Act”) - President Bush GRades His Effectiveness in Iraq, and He Got a "C"

July 11 Preparing Us for Bad News (or "Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid); The "Today Show" Wakes Up - Kids Can't Get Jobs

July 10 Justice, Chinese Style; Comparing Scooter Libby and Paris HiltonMore Bush Family "Sacrifices" - "The Twins"; THE LAVENDER TUBE: UNFAIR, UNBALANCED

July 9 A Real Associated Press Headline - Iraqi: U.S. pullout could mean civil war; ...and If That Weren't Bad Enough; Governor Ed Rendell Stands Up; Fox News Hits a New Low: “National healthcare: Breeding ground for terror?”; REMEMBERING INDEPENDENCE DAY

July 8 Taking a Stand, Sort Of - Senator Pete "Vizzini" Domenici Wants the Troops Home, Kind Of; Fouad the Fraud - NeoCon Ajami Wants a Pardon for Libby; On Health Care; Ignorance is Bliss (and Required in the Bush White House); On Michael Moore's "Sicko"

July 5 "Coultering" (from "To Coulter")

July 3 Sharing a Bit of Tony Snow on the Libby Matter; Beware the Boogeyman (or Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid); Straight-Talk Express Derailed

July 2 A Libby Liberation

July 1 Bush on Health Care; President Nancy; The New York Times and the Abuse of Executive Privilege; GEORGE W. BUSH PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY DESTROYED BY FLOOD


June 28 A Bad Bill's Death (for Now) - Death of the Immigration Bill; Calling the Puppet-Master Out On the Carpet - Time to Testify, Dick; Taking Stock of the Political Process; IMMIGRATION: AN AMERICAN TRADITION

June 26 The Real Dick in Charge; A Health Care Story - One Sick Child; Hurrah for Partisan Politics!; GEORGE ALMIGHTY!

June 24 Cheney; A FISA Court Judge Speaks; WHY WON’T GEORGE BUSH SAVE MY LIFE?

June 21 The Spy Game is back

June 20 King Rudy - Kings and Queens, GOP Style; Still Ignoring Health Care

June 19 President Bloomberg?; Shutting That Barn Door - Fixing Gaza After the Fall; Troops' One-Month Breaks Blocked

June 18 Iraq: Now and Later; THE MIDDLE EAST: WHERE ARE WE NOW?

June 17 The health Care Tax

June 14 Immigration and the Bushies - I Just Can't Seem to Let it Go; The Great White North, Immigration

June 12 More n Immigration; How Much Do We Like Hillary Clinton?


June 10 Obama & Powell - A Strange Dream or a Nightmare?; Taking the (General) Pace Out of Washington; On Lieberman

June 7 Immigration and "The Bill"; Some More Notes From the Debates

June 6 Notes From 2 Debates; Bush Loves Bush

June 5 Madame Bernanke's Crystal Ball


June 3 Fuzzy Math and the Magic Jobs Creation Calculator


May 31 GW Ties Up the NJ Turnpike Like 911 Did; Kidnapped by Friends - Who Are the Good Guys Anyway?; Why the GOP hate Women

May 30 Blah, Blah, Blah - The Bushies Offer Only Rhetoric; Why Don't We Care About Our Troops?

May 29 The New Presidential Candidates' Alter Egos; See No Evil; hear No Boom-Boom; The Lavender Tube: Memento Mori

May 28 It All Comes Down to Texas, Again; Media Madman 0-2-1; To End Bush's War; A Letter to Speaker Pelosi

May 24 Seen on the Street - NASCAR Dad's Want Bush Out; Bush, Politics and al-Qaeda; What Bush's War Bill Means; Cramer in the Morning Reports: Good News, Bad News

May 23 Excuses, Excuses - How the Gas Industry Explains Away Their Profits and Our Losses

May 22 Giuliani on Letterman; The Dems: Did They Cave In?

May 21 What Kind of Immigration Policy Splits Families Up?; Speaking Ill of the Dead - Jerry Falwell

May 20 More From FEMA and The Administration of Diminished Responsibility; Carter Speaks

May 17 New American Royalty: he War Czar; Time to Come Home; Meeting in the Desert; Going, Going... Gonzo

May 16 This Space for Rent - Above the Fold at The New York Times; They're Telling Us to "Get Out"; The 2nd GOP Debate; The Lavender Tube - Helter Skelter

May 15 Number 2's Become Extinct... and the Reason Why

May 14 How Rudy Cleanup Up New York; Surging Forward; The War on Terror Comes to Philly

May 13 And Three Go Missing; Retired Generals Don't Like Bush's War;

May 10 Bush Vs. Iran - Winning Hearts and Minds; Candor in the White House(?); General Ray Odierno Wants to Give "Plan-A" One More Try; Reverend Al Sharpton Should Forfeit His Radio Show; Israel Has Its own George W. Bush

May 9 Kickbacks and Payouts; Bush: The New Godfather of Soul

May 8 Hamas' Mickey Rat; The Bushies Still haven't Learned From Katrina - Just Ask Kansas

May 7 Bush-Like; High School Diplomacy - Rice and Iran's Mottaki; Settling It - The President Needs to Compromise with Congress; Philadelphia's New mayor Must Stop the Violence; NRA Opposes Gun Bill to Prevent Terrorists from Buying Guns; Note to the Three GOP Candidates for President Who Don't Believe in Evolution: Evolve Already!

May 6 Answers, Flip-Flops and Softballs - The First GOP Debate

May 3 The U.A.E.

May 2 Veto-Man

May 1 Reading Between the (Bushie) Lines


Apr 30 Tenet Speaks; Creating a democratic Middle East; The Lavender Tube: Truth to Power and Then Some

Apr 29 What's Getting Done? Good Question; The Case for Impeachment

Apr 26 Condi Doesn't Want to Testify

Apr 25 McCain as Bush III; Rudy's Road to the GOP Nomination Paved With Sleaze; The Real GOP; More on the Second Amendment

Apr 24 How to Make a Generational War - A Recipe; Bush's Micromanaging;

Apr 23 The NRA Cares(?); More on Amendment Number 2; Even More on Amendment Number 2; Our National Disgrace

Apr 22 Still Lying After All These Years; Kissinger says "Iraq Can't be won"; Gag-(Order) on This - Military Ordered Not to Speak

Apr 19 What Tommy Thompson Said; How to REALLY get out of Iraq; More on Virginia Tech

Apr 18 Waiting for the Polls - The Candidates Don't Chime in on Gun Control in the wake of the Virginia Tech Massacre

Apr 17 More Pollution is Better?

Apr 16 19 Rounds - The Virginia Tech Massacre; Making Iraq Even More Dangerous - Thsnks Muqtada al-Sadr & George W. Bush

Apr 15 Additional Second Chances for Alberto Gonzales; Why Was Imus Fired?; A Little Racism Story; Madman's Last Word on Imus

Apr 12 Bush's Iraq - How he still views it; Wolfowitz is Still Bad; The Firing of Don Imus

Apr 11 Flying Paper - Just what do the missing emails and President Nixon's missing 18 minutes of tape have in common anyway?; A Quick Note on the Duke Rape Case; Democrats and Republicans

Apr 10 Cheap Labor, Immigration and Outsourcing; Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer's Comments Regarding Imus; Rutgers Captain Essence Carson Responds to Imus; Rutgers Player Heather Zurich Responds to Imus; My Take on Imus

Apr 9 Health Care Stuff from "Ask the White House"; John McCain's Propaganda CatapultA Book from Inside Iraq; Iraq: Tell Me Why, Again?; The “New” Republicans

Apr 8 Governor Elmer J. Romney (REPUBLICAN-MA); Calling Muqtada's Dare

Apr 5 Pelosi Takes a Trip; MIA - The story of a Fired US Attorney and Army Reservist

Apr 4 It's Called DIPLOMACY, Mr. Bush; An open letter to Secretary of Commerce of the United States of America, Carlos Guiterrez

Apr 3 Media Madman - An AP headline - Bush, Democrats escalate Iraq war debate; THE LAVENDER TUBE: GRINDHOUSE

Apr 2 On McCain's Straight-Talk Express, a Rose Covered Windshield; The Smartest Idiot - Niall Ferguson; FAILURES OF DIPLOMACY

Apr 1 Bush Supplies the Targets


Mar 29 The AG Lied? No Way!

Mar 28 Iran: Just What are They Thinking?; Power – ‘Sittin in the mornin’ sun’ and ‘Blowin in the Wind’

March 27 Speak No Evil - A Gonzales Aide Takes "The Fifth"; Caring for Our Soldiers?

Mar 26 John McCain's Straight Talk Express - Derailed or Back on Track; Al Gonzales' Hot (and Getting Hotter) Seat; More on General Pace; SCANDALGATE

Mar 25 The Phoniness of Iraq Emergency War Funding; Health Care for All? - A Census Blunder and a Little Spin; Snow Doesn't Approve of Congressional Oversight; On Impeachment; On the Mass Health Care Plan

Mar 22 The Tony Snow Show

Mar 21 What's the Deal? - Bush, The Prosecutor Firings and "Executive Privilege"

Mar 20 Media Madman - A Real Associated Press Headline - "Gonzales' hold on job grows uncertain"; THE LAVENDER TUBE: STRAIGHT TALK EXPRESS

Mar 19 Hop On The Bandwagon, Republicans; Bush Speaks on the Fourth Anniversary of "Shock and Awe"; DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL, DON’T SERVE

Mar 18 Oversight of a CIA Outing (Finally); BOMBSHELL: White House Security Chief Reveals -- No Probe of Plame Leak There; Braving the Philly Ice and Cold

Mar 15 First Republican Calls for Gonzales' Head

Mar 14 The Administration of Diminished Responsibility

Mar 13 Tancredo's America; Pace's Morality; Senator Martinez' Team-GOP

Mar 12 Under GOP Pressure - Firing Federal Prosecutors; Spy-Guys; BAD WEEK FOR THE BUSH TEAM

Mar 11 More on the Libby Conviction; More Lies - AG Gonzales and FBI Director Meuller

Mar 8 No Shows for Fox' Debate; Mandated Insurance Is Not The Answer; Playing School In Katrina's Wake; The Mouths of Babes (Soldiers)

Mar 7 More on Canned Scooter; Slow Joe's (Lieberman) No-Go Solution; Colorado has Its Very Own Solutions, Too - (Where is Tom Tancredo When You Need Him?); More on Mr.(?) Coulter

Mar 6 Guilty Libby and a Disappointed Veep; Same Ol' Stuff - The Walter Reed Generals

Mar 5 A "Time to Leave" Quote; Coulter's Homophobia; Canaries in the Coal Mine - Global Warming; THE LAVENDER TUBE: PATHS OF GLORY

Mar 4 Gates, Bush and No Confidence; It Takes a <Your Thoughts Here>; American Idle is right! - Or how they keep Americans' minds idle

Mar 1 Bush, New Orleans & Katrina; Flip Flopping Today; Hillary Clinton


Feb 28 Be Concerned - Be Very Concerned - The Powder Keg in the Middle East

Feb 27 Sen. Stevens and "The Tubes"; Bush's Mid-East Block Party

Feb 26 A Photo-Op, of Sorts - Cheney and Musharaff; New Senate Vote; CAN THE DEMOCRATS BEAT THEMSELVES?; On the Bush (League's) Health Care Proposal

Feb 25 Jeb and the Neo-Cons; American Empire; THANATOS IS RUNNING THE SHOW

Feb 22 New Ways to Die

Feb 21 The Brits Leaving Iraq - Another Success; Walter Reed Hospital; The Power of the Press, Exercised; Hi, Elizabeth (Edwards)

Feb 20 Old News, New News - Bremer's 262 Tons of OUR Money; THE LAVENDER TUBE: STORMY WEATHER

Feb 19 George W. Bush's Very Dangerous Place - Making Our Enemies Stronger

Feb 18 The Elevator Party Won't Debate; Health Care Reform: All in One Big Step

Feb 15 We Can't Survive Another "Bush-Plan"; Marc Maron - Back on the Air; Good News on the Health Care Front?

Feb 14 Bush Says "Trust Me... Again"; Bush Mms Up on Plame; Good-Bye Bolton; Watergate, Reagan, and Politics Today; BLACK IN WHITE AMERICA; More on John Edwards Plan to End the Iraqi War

Feb 13 Not Enough and Too Much - Mis-Managing Wars, The Bush Style

Feb 12 Scooter's Trial; Scooter Libby, Leaker or Hero? It's Really The People v The Media; 'Non-binding resolutions' are an excuse for serious action;

Feb 11 Study: U.S. One of the World's Worst Countries for Family/Medical Leave; Edwards Gets It Right; Will That Be Cash or Charge? - Your Child's Medical Bills

Feb 8 Pony Up for Health Care; Scootin' Scooter

Feb 7 On Iraq; 363 Tons of Fun

Feb 6 A Debate?: Senate Republicans don't want a debate on Iraq; HAIL MARY PASS

Feb 2 Bush's Hidden Racism; MOLLY IVINS: A TRIBUTE; Forgotten Commitment in the Big Easy; Texas Gov Rick Perry Orders Anti-Cancer Vaccine; THE LAVENDER TUBE: NOTES ON A SCANDAL

Feb 1 Casey Under Fire; Media Madman - VERY POSSIBLY THE DUMBEST HEADLINE OF THE YEAR--SO FAR: "Bush, Dems Have Different Economic Views"


Jan 31 The Rhetoric of the Truth - A Real Yahoo.com link to an AP Article: "Bush takes aim at executive salaries in speech"; The Cheney Notes; On Virginia's Further Intrusion into Our Bedrooms - On Divorce

Jan 30 A Maureen Dowd Quote; Liar! Liar! Traitor! Traitor!; The Anti-War Rally (January 27, 2007); More on Fleeting Freedoms; After All... It's Only (Our) Money

Jan 29 Still in Iraq; Speaking With The Enemy?; Worth Watching - John McCain vs. John McCain

Jan 28 Five Dead Soldiers - Four Dead Hostages; It's a Good Thing - The Closing of Jim Talent's Senate Office; The Greater Divide - The Surge

Jan 25 A Senatorial Admonishment; The "Plan" - Al-Maliki Style; State of Duh Union ; Where is the Iraqi Parliament?; THE LAVENDER TUBE: HOMOPHOBIA: LIVE AND IN COLOR

Jan 24 State of the Union Madman

Jan 23 Bush Pushes Bush; Al "Abu" Gonzales Interprets the US Constitution; Place Your Bets: The Bushies are on a Roll; Where the Hell is Zell?; Senate Soiling Clean House Minimum Wage Bill; Un-Health Un-Care

Jan 22 Bush Priorities; What Would Bush Say If He Truly Was an Honest Broker?; Today's Pre-State of the Union Quote; The Decider interviewed by The Washington Post; Bush's Death March in Iraq

Jan 21 Health Care - You're Next: Bush's "Plan" to Tax Health Care; Rice is Sticking With Plan "A"; A Real Associate Press Headline: "GOP Faces Tough Vote on Bush's War Plan"; The "Surge"; Impeach Al "Abu" Gonzalez; The Case For Impeachment

Jan 16 The 2008 GOP Field; Fix Iraq; Keep the Stock Market

Jan 15 Bush is The (Something)-in-Chief; The "Bush-Push for More-War"; The Iron Triangle: Elected Officials, Lobbyists and Bureaucrats; IRAQ: THE ESCALATION

Jan 14 On Iraq: Death is No Strategy; Making The Bush Dictatorship; Declare Victory and Leave

Jan 11 Pat Buchanan's Supports the :surge", Even If It Doesn't Work; Bush's Speech & Bush-Speak - An Analysis

Jan 10 A Short Note on The President's Speech; Look at the Map - Check Out East Africa; Bush's "Surge"

Jan 9 "Gradual" & "Surge"; Another NeoCon To Be Our Next Ambassador

Jan 8 Teaching Religion in School; A Multi-Denominational Nation; THE LAVENDER TUBE: NOTES ON A SCANDAL

Jan 7 Oversight Comes to DC; Getting Past Bush; Mission Unaccomplished; What Did They Say? What Did They Do? - The Democrats on Speaker Pelosi

Jan 4 Britain's Migrants Vs. America's Illegal Immigrants; Why Those of Us Who Oppose the Iraq War are the Real Patriots; Bin-Laden's Capture "A Success That Hasn't Occurred Yet"

Jan 3 What Health Care Crisis?; Underpaid Judges: John Roberts' Constitutional Crisis

Jan 2 The 3,000 Dead Mark - The Bushies Want to Know "What's in a Number?"; Does "The Decider" Hear Voices? More on Killing Saddam


2006 Newsletter Archives:

Dec 31 The Death of Saddam; More on the End of the Vietnam War

Dec 28 Ford Blasts The Bushies; On Bush's Next Move; More on Gerald Ford

Dec 27 The Late Gerald R. Ford - In a Word: Integrity; "The Decider" Deciding on More War?

Dec 26 The 28th & 29th Amendments - Health Care for all & No Paid Lobbyists; THE LAVENDER TUBE: BEST & WORST OF 2006

Dec 24 A Holiday Story - Christmas Gifts for Wall Street and None for You; To the (Dis)Honorable Virgil Goode

Dec 21 A Not-So-"Goode" Quote in the Lead; On the Ground in Iraq; The "W" Legacy, Continued - Bureaucracy Solves Everything; Bush Goes "Holiday" Shopping Liberal Hate-Mongers, Too; Forwards and Comments from Robert Scardapane

Dec 20 The Bushies: Half-Empty, Half-Full & Full of Spin; The "W" Legacy - Not Winning, Not Losing; Finally Getting It - A Health Care/ Jobs Creation Idea; Right Wingers Wrong Again

Dec 19 On Robert Gates; And Even More on The "W" Legacy - The Failed Occupation; Tis the Season--to Stop Quibbling Over Nothing

Dec 18 Rummy's Ten Days Short; More on The "W" Legacy; On NJ Property Taxes

Dec 17 The "W" Legacy; Madman Recommends...

Dec 14 McCain's Answer: Throwing Bodies at the Iraqi Problem; Ahmadinejad's Jew-Hating Crusade; More on Impeaching Bush

Dec 13 The Case for Impeachment; Reagan's Laws, Kennedy’s Laws, and Clinton’s Laws

Dec 12 The Solution!: The All-Volunteered Army, Stem Cells and the Far RightAnd Speaking of Darfur; Quoting Caen (Sort Of)

Dec 11 The Rhetoric is Killing Us; Does Bush Get It?; BUSH’S WAR ON WOMEN CONTINUES

Dec 10 Economic Numbers: Wher's the Economy Heading?; The ISG Blues

Dec 7 Less Rhetoric, Please - More on the Iraq Study Group; One Dad's Soldier-Son

Dec 6 Bad and Getting Worse - The Iraq Study Group; On Confirming Gates; Media Madman: The New York Times and the Iraq Survey Group; A Bit of Humor: Al Gore's Plan and Bush is a "Reader"

Dec 5 The Radio Station Where America Lives - What Progressive Radio Should Look Like; Coulter, Limbaugh, Rumsfeld and Bush: The Real Winners of Election 2006

Dec 4 Failure: What's in a Word?; "Crawfordito"; Forgetting the Past - Opining on Past Atrocities

Dec 3 How's Your Boy? bush & Webb; A Note from a Friend from Camp Wellstone; Bush's Monument


Nov 30 The Carrot The Final GOP Offering to the Far Right

Nov 29 President Waldo

Nov 28 Blame it On al-Qaeda (Again)

Nov 27 The "Get-Out-of-Baghdad" Bandwagon is Filling Up; Rumsfeld okayed abuses says former U.S. general; NEW WOMEN, NEW POLITICS

Nov 26 Meet Me in The "Lobby"; Bush, The Elder

Nov 22 The "GREAT" Bush Recovery?; Physician, Train Thyself

Nov 21 Where's "Busho"?; How Dumb, Dumb is, and the Hubris of "Mission Accomplished"!; More on Undervotes(?)

Nov 20 The Need for Paper; Republican Obstructionism;

Nov 19 Troops on the Ground; Define the Bush Spin; What's Up with China?; Support Striking Janitors in Houston

Nov 16 Following the (Dirty) Money (Or Racist Senate Minority Leader); The Health Care Mess; Penalties for Voter Fraud; HUNGRY AT THANKSGIVING

Nov 15 Bush is On the Road to Vietnam (Finally); the Small Business The Heath Care Trap

Nov 14 Day One of the First Hundred Starts in DC; More Snow

Nov 13 The Three Party System - The South is The Same;Catch-52 - Old Enough to Die; Right Wing Mind-Boggler - Rightie Spin; THE LAVENDER TUBE: DAYBREAK; Quoting Bush - Allowing US to Vote

Nov 12 Saving American Lives - The Trophy System; McCain-(Jeb) Bush '08? - Watch Out America; Ten Strategic Political Goals; Dean Vindicated; Carville Must Go; Agendas; More Gay Bashing; CHANGE OF VENUE - Examining the '06 Vote

Nov 9 In Florida, It's 2000 All Over Again; Cautious Optimism - Going Forward; Is Democracy Finally Coming to the USA? - Or is THIS Just a Tease?

Nov 8 The Day After the Election: Let the GOP Whining Begin; 537 Vs. 6,708: Why George Allen JUNIOR Ought to Give It Up; 24 Hours: The Story of the 2006 Election and the "Rummy Surprise"; GOP Loses Scandal-Tainted Seats; A Brand New Day; "Stocks Fall in Post-Election Trading; DeLay's 15 Minutes are Almost Up; Good News (For a Change)

Nov 7 My Early Morning Voting Story

Nov 6 Bush's Sacrifice? - American Children; The Barn Door and the Horses - Letting the Ba'athists Back In (Too Late); A Poem: Anthem for Doomed Youth; TIME TO THINK BEYOND THE PINK

Nov 5 Lying Starts at the Top; Rev. Haggard: Do As They SAY...; Kean JUNIOR: Even MORE Hypocrisy; A Smart Poster Boy - A Rich Guy AND a Democrat!; More from the Sleaze Front

Nov 2 The Art of Election Theft; Kean JUNIOR'S Insults Italian-Americans Again; Stender Wins ALL Endorsements

Nov 1 John McCain: A War Hero and a Political Coward; Kean's "Swift Soprano's"; "The Votemaster"; Still No Apology Policy


Oct 31 Rummy's Lapdogs; Tricky Ricky's Only Able to Sling Mud; Endorsing the "Right" Guy - Why the Cincinnati Enquirer is a Joke; The Tip of The "Foley-Berg"; COUNTDOWN TO CHANGE

Oct 30 Little Tommy's Ad - No Mention that He's GOP; Pulling a "Boehner"; A Big "BOOM!" - Blowing Up in Pakistan; "Green" is a Dangerous Color; THE LAVENDER TUBE: AXIS OF WEASELS; VOTER PURGE is Widespread!

Oct 29 Fox News Admits a Rooting Interest; Innocence and Anarchy in Iraq; Cheney and Waterboarding; Michael Schiavo and The Freedom to "Sit"; Throw Hastert Out; Sheep Wearing Wolves'' Clothing; Trust Them? - The DoD

Oct 26 Standing Up - Bush Wants "Them" to "Stand Up"; The Fence

Oct 25 "To the Best of My Ability" - The Bish Signing Statements; Exit Polls Allowed... Again; Idaho; The Mark Foley Collection; Please Watch Keith Olberman; Dean Answers Bush's "Stay the Course" Sham; Michael J. Fox; A Gandhi Quote; Quest for Human Unity

Oct 24 Pat Tillman's Death, Revisited (and Kevin Tillman's Letter); Defining Kansas - Endorsing the Worse Candidate; To Stay the Course, or Not to Stay the Course - That is the Question; A Flag by Any Other Name... - Partitioning Iraq?; A Bush Quote - Say Good-bye to SSI

Oct 23 The "Plan" for Iraq; Katrina: What is a BILLION?; And an Answer

Oct 22 They Love a Parade - Insurgents March in Iraq; How Can "Stay the Course" Still be "The Plan"?; Another One of "Bush's Plans" - A Jail Term as a Retirement Plan; KENNY (LAY) AND THE DEAD DONKEY; Ferguson Bad for New Jersey Taxpayers

Oct 19 Delays at the Polls; Caught Attempting to Steal! - An Orange County Race; The Market Loses and So do Our Troops; Bozo the Congressman - Rep. Peter King Confuses Baghdad with Manhattan; Senator Hobbit - Rick Santorum; Already In A Recession?

Oct 18 Ohio's Choice, America's Future - Saving America's Right to Vote; Stress Anyone?; Chris Matthews - From Hardball to Softball to No "Balls

Oct 17 Tug's Boy - The Democrat; Jeb Bush Endorsed Foley; Jeb's Army Vs. Our Right to Peacefully Assemble and Petition the Government; Mike Ferguson: Enemy of America’s Working Families; Proving a Negative - Rep. McHenry Wants Dems to Prove They DIDN'T Do Something; PERILS OF FAILED BUSH DIPLOMACY

Oct 16 Bush's Reasons For Iraq - The "Comma"; Kissinger - The Guy With the German Accent (No, Not Rove); Bowing Out - ean Chickens Out on a Debate; What Bush Said - People Can Tolerate Violence; Rove Knew Aout Foley - Rove's Fingerprints; Mike Ferguson's Votes Show Anti-Senior Bias

Oct 15 Ney Guilt; The Difference Between Scandals; The GOP, Abramoff and Grover Norquist - Still Attempting to "Drown" Democracy; Raise the Minimum Wage; The Sleazy GOP and the Sleazy Tom Kean (Junior) - Perfect Together

Oct 12 More on Foley-Gate: Better Watch Your Back; Niel Bush: Teaching to the Test, then Selling the Test; WAKE UP SHEEPLE

Oct 11 And the Plane Still Crashed - A Yankee Crashes in New York; Big Farms Steal Big; Fergie is a Coward; The GOP is Out. Of. Touch

Oct 10 North Korea's Nuclear Fallout - "Keep 'em Afraid; Keep 'em Red"; Q & A - The October Surprise; More on the BOOM; Foley-Gate - The Bus Make Another Stop; Time for Some House-Cleaning;

Oct 9 The Foley Scandal - Heads Need to Roll; Get Ready for 2008; Talking Issues; Tyranny...; And More Tyranny; KUDOS TO KEITH OLBERMAN; Keith Olberman strikes again!; WILL REPUBLICANS BE CHASTENED BY FOLEYGATE?

Oct 8 The GOP Campaign - Introducing The Amedeo's; And More GOP Hypocrites; Mike Ferguson is Unbelievably Cruel and Obtuse; You Want to Vote for Who?; VICTORY IGNORES BRAINS

Oct 5 More Lies from the Sleaze Party - More on the Whole Foley Thing; Menendez Attacked

Oct 4 Dennis Miller - The Whore for Bush's War; National Insecurity; Junior Kean is Pure Filth; The "Real Issue"; Potty-Mouthed Harris; "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round"

Oct 3 Rep. Mike Ferguson Approves His Messages; Making Me Sick - More on the Foley Affair; And Rep. Tom Reynolds' (R-NY) Reaction; And Foley's GOP Replacement; And Hastert's Blinders; Speaking Out and Outraged; Rep Louise Slaughter's (D-NY) Outrage; Advising George

Oct 2 Just a Bunch O' Freekin' Liars - Denying "State of Denial"; MEET THE CANDIDATES; Bush Fired Powell

Oct 1 Live Boy - Dead Girl - The Story of Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL); NIE and LIES; Lie and Spy; Baby Kean Breaks Promise to Military Families; Olberman Points at Fox


Sep 28 Clinton on Fox; "Junior" Allen for... President?

Sep 26 Help Wanted - Your New Iraq Job Awaits; An AOL Poll on Who's More Convincing; A Potpourri; Speaking of the Devil

Sep 25 More Troops Needed (Apply at Halliburton); Chavez' Devil; Torture's Immorality

Sep 24 Is Osama Dead? I Certainly Hope So; The Commerce Department and the Case of the Missing Laptops; Oh No - Not Another "Junior"; US Troop Deaths Pass 9/11; Kean "Junior's" Dirty Tricks

Sep 21 Who Will Save The World?; More Junior Kean Sleaze; Spinning Spin - Another Snow Job; Bush Passes the Buck - and "Stuff" Flows Downhill

Sep 20 140,000 Children of America, and Counting; Dr. Bush's Snake Oil; Road Thoughts; ID Me an Angry Voter

Sep 19 Bush - "On His Watch"; Bush Made Secret Deal With Bin Laden; Saddam is to al-Zarqawi as Bush is to Bin-Laden; Where Our Money Ought to Go; THE LAVENDER TUBE: THE ILLUSIONISTS

Sep 18 The Pope, the President and the Ayatollah; Slanting Our Schools; THE SLIPPERY SLOPE OF TORTURE; When Will Ferguson Stop Hiding?; Wiretapping

Sep 17 How Much Can You Afford? - Health care and Medicare; Ask the White House; Pope Benedict Arnold; Karl Rove & Tom Kean Jr. - Perfect Together; Media Madman - Horizon gave $13,300 on day of a big vote - Junior (Kean) Is Filthy; Homework

Sep 14 The GOP Says; "You have to respect the voters,"; The Presidential Magnet; Media Madman - The Forgotten Story: Halliburton's Oil

Sep 13 Neighbors - Iraw and Iran; Two Sisters & Two Lights - Shadows of the Towers; And Another 9/11 Story - On the Road

Sep 12 Bush Politicizes 9/11 - "There He Goes Again"; Instincts and 9/11; Oberman Said...; Cheney Said...; If You Can't Beat 'Em, Smear 'Em

Sep 11 Recapping My Day: 9/11/2001; AFTER 9/11

Sep 10 Madman's US Population Employment Ratio; Evidence of Betrayal - Iraq; The Torture Never Stops; "Path To 911" - Kean is Obscene; GOP Mud-SlingingStill don't believe Social Security is on the ballot this November?

Sep 7 What the Bush Administration REALLY Thinks of Our Troops; An Amazingly Stupid Bush Quote - Connecting the war on terror to Iraq,"; Defining Bush's War on Terror; Senator George Allen (Junior) (R-VA) says Something Stupid

Sep 6 Osama's "Peaceful Life"; In Bush's Mind; GOP Tactics; Latest Olberman Bush Smack Down

Sep 5 Self-Obstruction - No Immigration Debate from GOP; Pentagon Propaganda Now Official; WHERE IS THE BLACK LEADERSHIP ON AIDS?; THE LAVENDER TUBE: FALL SEASON PREMIERE

Sep 4 Crying DeLay; Santorum: The Horse's Mouth; The Terrorists Must Be Laughing; Catapulting the Propaganda; "Iraq reports al-Qaeda's No. 2 captured"; Senator Stevens: How the Internet Works


Aug 31 BOOM Goes the Plan in iraq; The Bush Rewards; The Two Faces of "Imminent Danger"; Those Darn "Internets" Again - Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK); American Reality- from the AFL-CIO - The Median Hourly Wage; Snarly-Pussuss Cheney is at it Again; She Should Have Punched Him - Senator Mary Landreau (D-LA) & President Bush; Our Pocket Book

Aug 29 Another Bush Crook - Kenneth Y. Tomlinson; Don't Let Them Get Away With It - Spinning Katrina; Just What IS wrong With Kansas? - Medical Debt

Aug 28 Measuring the Difference - Changing Recent History; More on Spinning Katrina; A Thought For Labor Day

Aug 27 Outsourcing's Beneficiaries; Mel's Steps; More on Bush's Lunch with Rocky; President Photo-Op in the Big Easy; Letter to the Editor on Choice; International Troops and the Buffer Zone

Aug 24 Bush's Lunch With Rocky; Bush's Kind of Progress - Segregation is Back in the South; Through Rose-Colored Glasses - Bush's Approval; Pro Life? - Mel Gibson; Another Slap in the Face to Our Soldiers

Aug 23 The Back Door Draft; The Guys at the Bottom Rung - Border Security; - A Brit Describes the Bush Presidency

Aug 22 Decoding Bush; Spike Lee Strikes Back For Katrina's and Bush's Victims; Bush, Iraq and 9/11; More Conflicts Of Interest By The Bushitas; Stender Vs. Fergie; A Man For All Seasons; THE LAVENDER TUBE: SNAKES ON A PLANE; A Douglas MacArthur Quote

Aug 21 Buffering - Israel and Lebanon; For The Religious Righties; A Kiss of Newt; Lieberman: The GOP's Choice; From AFL-CIO: They Want You to Dumppster-Dive; CAN WE STOP GLOBAL WARMING AND ANOTHER KATRINA?

Aug 20 What's So Illegal about Breaking a Law Anyway?; Another Snow Job; What's Good For Bush Isn't Good For The Rest Of Us; Quoting Jack Cafferty

Aug 17 Cut and Die - The Bush War "Strategy"; Keeping Us Scared; On Joementum; Good Judges Follow THE LAW

Aug 16 Shame on Those Who Teach Hate; NJ- Kean, Jr. Dumber Than A Bag of Hammers

Aug 15 Death and Profits - Iraq; Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers; Mourning Gyorgy Ligeti; Americans Rank LAST in Belief in Evolution

Aug 14 Schmuck! - Joe Lieberman & Connecticut Politics; Cartoons Aren't Funny; Another Bush Power Grab; Imminent Terror; Sy Hersh on Lebanon; About the 2004 Election; TIME TO RAISE MINIMUM WAGE

Aug 13 "Puffing" - How to Fix Airport Security; Idiot-Boy and His Idiot-MinionsWas the 2004 Election Stolen? - Of Course it Was

Aug 10 BP - Beyond Putrid; Spinning Terror; Media Madman - Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule

Aug 9 Screw-Ups; Blocking Iraq Permanent Bases

Aug 8 DeLay's Choice; I Disagree - A Joe Lieberman Moment; Washington Advice - Just Who are They Listening To?; WORLD WAR III?; "Rummy" Stuff

Aug 7 Taking Advantage - Energy Companies Own Bush; Another Bum Bites the Dust - Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH); The Rules of War; Unemployment Lines Don't Lie (but Bush does!); More Dirty Election Tricks; You Say Menendez, I Say Martinez; THE LAVENDER TUBE: MELTDOWN;

Aug 3 The Swift-Boating of Jack Murtha; Who's next at Treasury?; Lieberman Must Go

Aug 1 Purchasing Science; What A Difference A War Makes; Religion Changes the Subject; Enough Of These Rapturists


July 31 Not Another Roadmap!; Media Madman - Frist Fails to Disclose Foundation Role; Another Bad GOP Bill; What the Iraq War is Costing Us - By Rep. JOHN P. MURTHA

July 30 Danger - No Cease-Fire; What I Fear - Mel Gibson

July 26 Waking Up? - The "Little" Civil War in Iraq; "No Doubt" - The Middle east; Biting Off More Than They Could Chew - Hezbollah is "Surprised" at Israel's Response; Taliban-Lite?; Priorities - The Flag Vs. The People

July 25 Fixing It - A Simple Solution Where None Exsists; Bush's NAACP Speech; THE LAVENDER TUBE: NOT DEJA VU, AGAIN?; More on Bush's Stem Cell Veto; More of Bush's Amerika

July 24 AP Headlines Contradict One Another; "Another Bar, Wine-Tender" - Let Them Eat Cake; Bush's First Veto - No Stem Cell Research; "Old Fudds" Fighting to Keep What They've Earned; Bush Vs. Conyers; Bush's Amerika; Their Own "Reward" - Psuedo Christians; The War at Home

July 23 Spinning Dick - How Cheney Spins Stuff; Neville Rice - Condi Chamberlain - The Worst Secretary of State - EVER; The Business of Global Warming - or How to Make a Buck off of Disaster; Another Thought on Embryonic Stem Cell Research; Neonuts; "100" - THE MAGIC OR NOT SO MAGIC NUMBER

July 19 "FOG"gy Economics; Progressive San Francisco; Bush and Katrina: The Storms That Just Keeps on Taking

July 18 Cockroaches - When the Taliban Returns; Losing His Veto Virginity; Bush's Off-Camera "Smartitudeness"; The Four Most Overpaid White House Staffers; Al-Qaeda in Indiana?; Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) Vs. Former Rep. and Conservative TV Host Joe Scarborough - They Do Eat Their Own

July 17 Cointelpro II; Thinking About Oil; Economic Indicators; Bush-Speak; Bush and Putin; What to Pledge For; Grinchy Gingrich

July 16 About the Violence; The Benefits of Dick - Bullets, Bombs and Blood; And Bush's Thoughts(?); Bush's Banging Up; Voting With Their Feet; It's Still the Economy Stupid; Or Is It The Philosophy Stupid?; A Real Agenda; Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) Votes Poorly; A "Friendly" Quote - FOG (Friends of George); Jack Murtha Speaks

July 13 Circumstances to Support Bush; Framing Conservatism...; ...And Conservatives; Media Madman - Killing Terrorists; Terror, Terror, Terror; Wilson Responds to Novak

July 12 A "Luffa-Boy and Laura "I Wanna Be Ann coulter" Moment; Traitor-Speak; A Simple Voting Idea; They're At It Again - Bush's Line-Item Veto; Iraq's Cycle of Violence; Learning From History?

July 11 India Bombed; Bush's Billions' One Rethuglican on Taxation - "Junior" Allen; A Gaseous State; NBC Calls it a "Low-Grade Civil War"; Free Masons; THE LAVENDER TUBE: THE ROCKETS RED GLARE

July 10 Rep. Hoekstra (R-MI) Doesn't Want to Know Everything; Welkome to World War Bush; A Plea for PeaceWhy We Need Unions; More Thoughts On Hillary Clinton

July 9 These Guys are Idiots! - The Bushies Tell al-Qaeda All; Why Gay Couples Should Adopt; Why Sen. George Allen, Jr. Ought to Go; Pushing Bernie - The Push-Polling of a Great Candidate; Bush's Racist Army; Assaulting Religious Freedom in Hardesty, Oklahoma; The Illegal NSA Wiretap Program

July 6 "YO-YO"; Corzine's Guts - Getting a Budget Done; The GOP Cares About Polls Only, Not You; It's Not Really Slavery, But...; BUSH: Osama Who? Never Heard of Him; GW Vs. The Declaration of Independence; THE AUTOMATED PAYMENT - TRANSACTION TAX; Fascism's Roots; Something Funny - Some Stuff From T-Shirt hell

July 5 Ken "Kenny-Boy" Lay - A Eulogy (of Sorts); Robo Mexico

July 4 Independence Day madman - The Declaration of Independence

July 3 A Word on Shutting Down NJ's Government; Corporate Friendly FDA; What The Bushies Did Before 9/11; Rumsfeld's Asking and Telling

July 2 More on GW's PDB; Defending Hillary; From James Webb for Senate Campaign; Who a Girl Can Vote For - An Average Jane, Such as Myself?; Rep. Carolyn Maloney - Republicans "Cut and Run" from the Issues


June 29 Welcome to Somalia - Bin-Laden's Summer Place; Getting Heated About Global Warming; Quoting Rush - Needing Viagra on "An All Guy Trip"

June 28 What Could You Do With $6 Billion a Month?; '00 & '04 - Is It Too Late for '06? - Dems Better Get Ready for '08 Now; On Welfare Reform

June 27 Univision Vende - The Purchase of a Spanish Language Giant; Kean, Junior Can't help But Lie; Calling the Mew York Times - Ignoring Health Care


June 25 Media Madman and Health Care - Still, The New York Times Pays No Attention to the Real health care Crisis; Killing Americans Isn't "OK"; A Medicare Part "D" Horror Story; The Cost of Health Care; I Got Your Privacy, Right Here; Terror, Terror, Terror; An Executive Summary of GW's Assault on The Constitution; A "Darth" Cheney Quote

June 22 Defining Our Nation's "Leaders"; Minimum Wage Meets Small Mindedness

June 21 The Margin of Error - Spinning Polls; Minimum Wage Increase is Dead Again; Bush-Speak - Is Austrailian a Different Language?; American Tabloids, George, Laura and Ann (Coulter); "Green Zone Bush"

June 20 Welkome to Amerika, Herr Citizen!; On Health Care - Needing a National Health Care System; BANG! BANG! (Knock, Knock, After the Fact); HOW MUCH LONGER?; Rocky Words from Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson; Stossel Vs. Sirota

June 19 The Four Justices of The Apocalypse & Medicare Part "D"; How to Divide and Conquer Using The Minimum Wage; Media Madman "Luffa-Boy" Speaks; More Media Madman - Hannity is Shaken

June 18 The Politics of Politics - No More Working for the American People; Presidential Stuff - GW's $120,000 Photo-Op to Iraq; Surge? What Surge?; The True Character of the GOP?; Murtha Vs. Rove - My Money's on the Vet; They Want to Forgive the Killing of Our American Troops; Are Religious Leaders Starting to Get It?; Freedom of Religion... Until Further Notice; Knock-Knock Big Brother is There; More About the Evil Empire (Medical-Industrial Complex)

June 15 "Mountain Thrust" or "Mount AND Thrust?"; Oops, Again - GW Insults a Blind Reporter; Outrage! US Troop Deaths Hit 2,500 and Tony Snow Says "What's in a Number?"; Ooh... Donut (Hole); "Goopers Should Put Up ot Shut Up

June 14 No Hope for "Zero Violence"; America's Growing Health Care Crisis - What the Mian Stream Media is Intentionally Missing; Reverse Robin Hood; Satan Barbie

June 13 The Aborted Fetus of a Real Health Care Dialogue - No Debate on Health Care; More Medicare Rip-Offs; Crowing Republicans; Media Madman - Jack Cafferty; A "Why Would They Need Amnesty" Thought - More Jack Cafferty

June 12 America: Dumbed Down; A Joke - Bush Belonging; Rep. Dreier - Some Questions for the California Republican; Taking a Beating and The Fed; Abramoff's Boy - David Safavian; Killing Zarqawi; SAME-SEX MARRIAGE THREATENS NO ONE

June 11 Education Ideas; More of those GOP Hypocrites; FRist and Insider Trading; RFK, Jr. Accuses the GOOPERS of Cheating In 2004; THE LAVENDER TUBE: 72 VERSIONS

June 8 Al-Zarqawi Killed; Senator Sam Brownback - A Gay Bashing Cheer Leader With a Message; A "Druggie Limbaugh" Quote; Help Take back Congress; A Lot of Responses

June 6 I Dare You - Passing Hate Legislation; The "Conservative" View of Gay Marriage; A Random Thought - Follow the Money

June 5 Home Schooling; High Health Care Costs; Another Appeal to Bigotry; Business Wire Stuff; DO WE NEED A NATIONAL LANGUAGE?

June 4 Weapons of Mass Distraction; Dad Had it Better; We Had it Better; The "Nothing-But-Spin Zone"; The Slowing Labor Market; A Small Town Revolt; The Corporatists' Real Plan; Democratic Canvassing: Confused - Defining Republicans; "GW" Twice as Bas as "Tricky-Dickie"

June 1 Punishing Blue - No Homeland Security Funds for New York or DC; About Jobs - The Reasons for the Tight Job Market; Tough Going for US Citizens Working in Mexico; Pledges Mean Nothing


May 31 A View from The Howard Beale Memorial Society; It Ain't Just for Fun - Sen. Sam Brownbach (R-KS) and the GOP do nothing for Health Care; Last Throes - An Anniversary; Sentencing Day; Sad Quote of the Day - The Haditha Massacre

May 30 A Bad Decision in the Lead - The "Four Justices of the Apocalypse", Plus One; A "Not-So-Uncommon" Problem with the US Health Care System; David Sirota is a Smart Guy; Bush, Blair and a Lack of Integrity

May 29 Bush's Memorial Day Quotes in the Lead; A New York Post Front Page Headline "BAD LAY"; THE LAVENDER TUBE: THE OMEN;

May 28 Responses to the DCCC Plan for America

May 25 Guilty! - Lay & Skilling; Hastert Still Bitching; A Republican Stands Up Then Shuts Up

May 24 Corruption; McCain, Interpreted; The Democratic Plan for America; More Silly Immigration Stuff

May 23 Tom Friedman's Wrong Quotes; MPG; Suckered By The US Chamber Of Commerce; Estate Tax - There They Go Again!; A Few Americans Are Doing Just Fine

May 22 Another "Magic" Bush-Word; A NATION OF SPIES; A Letter to David Broder; Unsettled and Unsettling - Bush's Low Approval Ratings; A John Dean Quote

May 21 Weapons of Mass Distraction; Democratic Platform; Specter Versus Feingold; Unfair and Unbalanced - Sunday Talk Shows; Bush Targeting Reporters; Edwards Slams Bush; To Bid or Not to Bid; Pumping Gas; Immigrants, crime and Addictions; Immigration Is A Losing Issue

May 18 Hayden, the Spy-Master; Frank Vs. Snow; No Guest Worker Program; Bush Says "Strong Economy; Hastert Speaks on Tax Cuts; Rich Peple and Tax Cuts

May 17 Which is it, Mr. President? - Wiretapping; An Illegal Wiretap Observation; Warm Bodies, Army Uniforms and Prozac; What's My Line? (Parts 1 and 2) - A Republican Speaks on Her Hijacked Party

May 16 Yes-Men and Mutes; About Fascism; The Sellout Of The American Worker; Open Borders; After the Speech; THE LAVENDER TUBE: ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN


May 14 Spinning the Economy; The Third Term - Bill Clinton Vs. George W. Bush; Well Below Freezing... - Bush's Numbers and Laura Responds; Tony Snow Speaks

May 11 On Your Dime - Recording US; President Bush: Above the Law?; The Right to Sue Versus The ABILITY to Sue; Debating Immigration

May 9 A "Rummy" Quote; Creatively Ripping Us Off; You Don't Have to Be Jewish; Dumbya, You Lose; LAST THROES; UNHEALTH CARE AS FRIST KNOWS IT; SANTORUM MALPRACTICE SUIT;

May 8 Fear of Religion; Sorry, No Common Ground Here; You're Fired! - Torture Convictions; Wiretapping Shot Down By Circuit Judge; Smelling Fishy - GW's "Best Moment"; More Signs that Bush Deregulation of Mines Contributed to Miners' Death ; Stuff from Casey

May 7 Bush's Best Moment; Privilege and Abuse in DC Politics; More on Porter Goss; Dear Mr. President; Signs to Stop the War; Bush's (UN)Popularity; Health Care Crisis Growing Worse

May 4 The Real GOP Energy Policy; Speaking Out - Former CIA Agent Ray McGovern Vs. Donald Rumsfeld; Marching in New York; Disgraceful Rethuglicans

May 3 Fake Reforms; Meet the New Afghanistan, Same as the Old Afghanistan; "Kenny-Boy's" Pain; Bush's March To War With Iran; Estrella-Lentejuela Estandarte; Pay Contractors Based on REAL Performance; Nader on BIG OIL; Quote of the Day - Markets and Democracy

May 2 The Minimum Wage and High School Students; THE LAVENDER TUBE: GOODBYE TO ALL THAT; Rhian's Battle for America; Rice and Rumsfeld's Silence; Rice - "Ultimately defeat terrorists"

May 1 A Bush Quote and a McClellan Quote in the Lead - "Turning Points; Rice on the Defensive; Our Kids are in Trouble; "Drip, Drip" - The Leaks; "Druggie" Limbaugh's Back in Jail; Unlucky Republicans


Apr 30 Bush's Need to Satisfy Dubai; "Crude" Liars or Bush's "Attitudes" and "Instincts"; No More Independent Counsel; Casey's Potpourri - A Bunch of Stuff; Health Care News; New York City Health Care News; A Neil Young Quote

Apr 27 A Thought on Renewable Energy; The Inept & The Dead - Bush's Inept FEMA Vs. Clinton's FEMA that Bush Endorsed; Put the UN on Top of the New Freedom Tower; Rich & Poor

Apr 26 A Nancy Pelosi Quote in the Lead; Abbas and his Plan; No More Foreign Oil; Bush's Oil; Bush's Culture of Death; The Flip-Flopping McCain; Run, Run, Run ... Run Away (from Jack Abramoff), Rep. Rohrabacher (R-CA)

Apr 25 The Iraq War - Bonus Taxes For the US Middle Class; Plain Incompetence and Corruption; Bush's Big Oil; A Response to the gas Company Punishment; "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople; A Response to HHS' Michael Leavitt; A Hezbollah Quote - "We're People People"

Apr 24 A Thought on the Media - Bought and Paid For; "Kenny-Boy" Lay Speaks; Dear Al Franken: Defining an "Act of War"; Viva La Resistance! - Fight Big Oil Now; Protest Time

Apr 23 Green America; McLaughlin on Health Care; Rove In The Frying Pan; Drunken Sailors and the Taxpayer Gravy-Train; Santorum Hits The Bottom; "Kenny-Boy Lay Wants to Testify

Apr 20 How a Spin Machine Works; Selling US; Media Madman - Screwing the Troops, Again

Apr 19 "I'm the Decider!"; McClellan's Out

Apr 18 Skilling: Ready, Set... GUILTY!; The 20th Hijacker; They Asked, Someone Told - (But She Didn't); Ask the White House; Media Madman - The Lying President; The Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Women

Apr 17 Another Republican in the Klink; Bombs and a Missed Opportunity - A Tel-Aviv Bombing; THE LAVENDER TUBE: THE EVIDENCE; Some "General" Quotes - Past Quotes from Great Americans

Apr 16 A Decorated Gang of Six Generals; Playing the "Flag" Card on Immigration; Immigration Laws; A RAFFLE TICKET IDEA - More Like An Election Receipt Idea

Apr 13 Buying American is Somehow Un-American; CMS Officials Exit Through Swinging Doors to Join Insurers? Trade Group; IRONY ABOUNDS in US POLITICS; "No regret, no remorse," - Zacarias Moussaoui

Apr 12 Immigration - Quick and to The Point; Alaska - Leave Your Pot in Canada, eh?; Slowly Solving Health Care - One State at a Time; FEMA Cares?

Apr 11 Bill Maher Speaks to the President; Skilling, An Uncommon Thief Speaks; A NOTE ABOUT INSANE MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANIES

Apr 10 Hawaii Five-Oh, Bush Style - Nuke 'em, Danno; A Debate on Immigration; IMMIGRATION LAWS MUST BE CHANGED; Chris Matthews Bends Over Backwards for DeLay

Apr 8 A Kerry Quote in the Lead; Against the Mass Health Care Plan; The Mass Health Care Controversy; Yeah for Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) - Up or Down Vote on Staying in Iraq; Bill Frist's "Brokeback Pac"

Apr 5 The Immigration Bill - Bad and Getting Worse - Brought to You by the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party; Crooks and Crook-Related Quotes Up 2nd (Starting with Scooter Libby); It's Impeachment Time; Bill Frist Plays The Blame-Game; More Thoughts on Citizen DeLay

Apr 4 Citizen DeLay Quotes - Farewell to Texas' 22nd; Teen Violence is Out of Control

Apr 3 What Are You Going to Say When You Meet YOUR MAKER?; A Quote" Believing in Human Rights; Unions as Saviors and a Progressive Idea; The Return of Bigotry; Media Madman - No Bid and Little Work for $200 Million (Plus); THE LAVENDER TUBE: POLITICS ON PARADE; Things you never hear - Things you'll hear more often that you'd like; We Can't Make It Here Anymore; Deport Rich White Guys

Apr 2 Why Censuring Bush Should Go Forward; Premature Spinning - Jill Carroll and the Right-Wingers; Bush Appoints a Lobbyist, Again; Quotes and Other Stuff from Casey Sweet; Free Speech & Corporate Bribery; We Told Us So - What We Told Us Before We Invaded Iraq


Mar 30 The Greater United States of the Americas; Forgetting New Orleans; John Podhoretz Attacks Jill Carroll; An Immigration Story; Some Fun From Sean

Mar 29 GW: “Decision-makers make decisions”; Ted Turner: ''We can't afford the war in Iraq. This is a big waste of time.''; Stopping Illegal Immigration; Mexican-American Democrats;

Mar 28 Enron Quotes in the Lead; Card Bolt(on)s; Immigration; Three Years and Counting; Surprise! More Neo-Cons Found Out to be Liars

Mar 27 Joe Wilson Quotes; How will History Judge George W. Bush? (Let's Hope History has a Chance); Fox' News headlines Missing Something (The Truth); Immigration and What happened in LA?; More on Health Care; Signing Statements; News? What News?; Interview with Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Mar 26 The "Maybe You're Being Bugged" Quote of the Day; The Great Troop Withdrawal Flip-Flop; Impeachment: 'tis a far better thing we do. . .; National Health Care IS the Issue; The Vanishing Middle Class; Media Not Reporting Events In Iraq!; Calling for Resignations

Mar 23 Known-Knowns & Known-Unknowns & Unknown-Knowns & Unknown-Unknowns - The Real Don Rumsfeld; The REAL "Evil Empire": Big Pharma; Cheney Minus Kean (Jr.)

Mar 22 The Trial of a Monster Tells Us the Frightening Truth; More on Unemployment; Free Trade; Dictators and Idiots; From an Old Friend (Welcome Back); "A Few Good Men"

Mar 21 Bush's Optimism; Questions, Questions - Why Donlt They Tell the Truth?; Many Religions - One God; Media Madman - The Wall street Journal Suggests a "Changing Bush"; Responses to Fox News Channel Liars

Mar 20 Fox News Lies About Jobs - What a Surprise; The lavender Tube - Operation Swarm; Where the Battle Is; Republicans Only Deflect, Never Accept Blame; The Christian ONLY States of America; A Bush Quote - making Excuses; Senators Swear on the Bible to Uphold Constitution, Not the Other Way Around

Mar 19 A "Rummy" Quote - Are 100 Iraqi Battalions Really Ready?; The Little Civil War; Glad He Cleared That Up - Jerry Falwell & The Jews; Republicans Vote Down Port Security; Bush Fixates On Oval Office Rug; Becoming Aware of Fox; Bush's Encore - The Taliban; A Reprint: The Truth, Big Brother and "G"lobal "W"arming

Mar 16 Wagging the Dog - Bush Makes Iraq Go "BOOM!"; How Much You Got? - The New Bush Debt Ceiling; The "Good" Religious Right Vs. The "Bush" Religious Right; ... on Hating Bush; The Obvious Quote of the Day - More Money to Iraq Won't Solve a Thing

Mar 15 A Crazy Former-Dictator Quote of the Day - "I am the head of state,"; Hamas Need to Take the First Step; Censure Bush; Dividing America - A Decision on Choice; Media Madman - If you Liked Iraq, You're Gonna love the Avian Flu

Mar 14 Cavalier Prosecution; Russ Feingold in '08; Political Hacks Vs. Policy Experts in the Bush White House; Today's Robertson Quote of the Day, Followed by a Rev. Barry Lynn Quote (Americans for the Separation of Church and State)

Mar 13 A Bush Quote in the Lead - "What Civil War?"; Kentucky Smokers (and maybe the rest of us?) Could pay More for Health Care; "NSA", "Arrests" and "Spies"; Another Waxing in November Over Abortion; Send Women and Doctors to Jail; White House Profile - Presidential Nominee and Inmate Claude Alexander Allen; Defining the "Religious Clash"; Response and a Continuing Rant

Mar 12 Double Standards on how America Prosecutes Americans; To Punish a Bush; THE LAVENDER TUBE: THE LIBERTINE - by Victoria Brownworth; Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore? - Dubai, "W" and Fear; NBA OR NFL? - A Test; A Bunch of Responses

Mar 9 The Real Deal - Dubai Gives Up - Will Take the "Rear Door" Back In; A Quote - "Bigotry is never okay"; Pentagon’s Deputy Counterterrorism Director: "We’re Losing"; Bush Crony Number One - Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS); Women still Second Class; That Bulge In My Pants? It's Just My Wallet - Republicans on "Meet the Press"; Q & A - Ask the White House

Mar 8 Abramoff Quotes from Vanity Fair; 62-2 - Against Dubai; A South Dakota/ Secession Rant; Media Madman - Rush: "It's Clinton's Fault"; DeLay Wins Texas Republican Primary; Responses to the Republik of South Dakota

Mar 7 The Republik of South Dakota; Enron - The Forgotten Scandal; Incredible DeLay Quotes

Mar  6 "One can't doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed." - William F. Buckley; America Sale; Defend Teacher Jay Bennish; W's falling approval numbers; Warrantless Wiretaps are Illegal: Impeach the Whole Crew; Republican Tactics

Mar 5 General Peter Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Doesn't Get It; Health Care For All / NJ; Freefall Continues for Dumbya; Blowing Up Whistle Blowin'; Bush Admin Rolls Out the PR Wagon on Civil Liberties

Mar 2 Bush's Pre- and Post-Election Planning, 2000-2004; The Iraq Civil War; The Health Care Option - Whose Option is it, Anyway?; Polling the Troop - Let's Get Outta Here!; A Media Madman Quote - Reviewing Dubai

Mar 1 New Orleans and the Bush Failure - 1300 Dead and 2300 Missing; A Response About Bill Frist; No "Due Dilligence" on Dubai Ports World

Feb 28 Bush Doesn't See an Iraqi Civil War (He's the Only One); Thune, as a Bribe Recipient; The Coast Guard Says "No" to Ports' Sale; Dubai Ports World Boycotts Israel; The Lyrics to Our Youth - "Sacred Lie" - by DISTURBED; Lower - Bush's Poll Ratings; Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) Reports On GOP Corruption; The Last Word on "Misinformed Americans"

Feb 27 The State Department Tells Us Why Not to Sell to Dubai; What If... Scenarios Akin to Dubai; Health-Care Savings Plan Laughable; Port Debacle Typical fpr Bush Administration; More Responses on "Misinformed Americans"

Feb 26 9/11 - "It shouldn't have happened." Thomas Kean (R-NJ, 9/11 Commissioner); Did You Know? - Medicare Part "D"; The Bush's Selling America, Continues; "The Big Uneasy"; And More on "The Big Uneasy"; Republican No-Shos - National Security Questions Aren't Important Enough; Iraq is a Quagmire; AWOL Bush (Again); Angry Responses to "Misinformed Americans"

Feb 23 Bush is Out of his Own Loop; Jackson - A Story About A Father and His Love for His Daughter; "PORT"-O-SANS - Controlling Our Own Ports; The Koran - For Misinformed Americans; Democrats Need to get Off Their Butts; A Carl Levin Quote - "Is there not one agency in this government that believes this takeover could affect the national security of the United States?"

Feb 22 Stop Selling My Country! - GW Has No Idea He Is Selling America; The Brits Vs. The Emirates; The Real Reason to Sell America - Isn't it Dubya Ports World?; A True definition of a Real Leader

Feb 21 One Big, Fat, Stupid Bush Quote in the Lead - Selling Our Ports and Safety; Getting Taxed by the Bushies; If I Lived Where You Live, I Would Be Packing - More on Selling Our Ports; Mike Ferguson's Mask of Conservation; Madison Avenue Imitating Real Life

Feb 20 Dubai, Our Protector?; Paying For It - The GOP Offers No Fiscal Responsibility; THE LAVENDER TUBE: WHITE HOUSE BIATHLON - by Victoria A. Brownworth; Hallelujah! Evangelical Greed Mongers

Feb 19 Rising Property Taxes; Retiring Republicans Turn to the Left; A Rep. Sherrod Brown Quote (D-OH); A Gun Safety Quote

Feb 16 A Quote: Leahy Gets Off Easy; $7 Billion a Month for War; Fox: Trapped by Its Own Facts; A Woman's Choice; Being Wrong About Hackett

Feb 15 Chertoff: FEMA Could Have Been Worse; Criticism = Sedition; The Problem With the "Old" Democratic Party - Views on Paul Hackett; A Question Regarding the Two Party System; A Bunch of Responses

Feb 14 Valentine's Day Madman - "Now Cheney's got a taste for human blood,"; Libby Tattles on Cheney; Oops! - The Story of the Administration of George W. ; Republican Taxation Evasion; There Is No Caliphate; Liberals and Conservatives in Perspective; Breaking News - CHENEY SAYS SHOOTING OF FELLOW HUNTER WAS BASED ON FAULTY INTELLIGENCE (A Joke); Tell Congress To Stop Hurting Your Healthcare; Rep. Heather Wilson (R-CA) - A Good or a Scared Republican's Quote

Feb 13 Bush Quotes in the Lead - What Bush Says, Translated; CARTOON CONTROVERSY SPARKS VIOLENCE, ENMITY - by Victoria A. Brownworth; Families

Feb 12 Cheney Shoots Friend; A New Orleans Quote - A GOP'per Uses God's Name as a Tool, Again; The State of the Union - Looking Back; More Republicans Linked to Abramoff and Safavian; America On The Chopping Block; Media Madman - Adios "Decente y Equilibrio"; Overtaxed in Arizona?

Feb 9 Bush-Jacked - Bush and Abramoff; De-Classified to Protect the Bush Criminals; Appropriating - DeLay's New Job; Responses to "Cartoons"

Feb 8 "Cut and Paste Bush" - Examining the State of the Union from 2002-2006; BULL! - Another Scare Tactic - The "Nerve Gas" Scare; Hiding the Stealing of America; Senator John Kerry and a Real Plan to take CAre of Iran; Media Madman - More Hiding the Stealing of America; Families Are...

Feb 7 "Well, I really think he has shattered the myth of white supremacy once and for all." -Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY); Party Priorities; The Big Uneasy; The Nerve of Bill Frist; George Washington and Electronic Surveillance; ExxonMobil, The Profit-Taker; A History of the ACLU

Feb 6 Bush Lies and a Response; What's the Matter with Spying on Americans?; THE REAL CASUALTIES OF IRAQ - by Victoria A. Brownworth; Past Predictions Coming True; Chavez and Bush

Feb 5 Bush on Wiretaps; Bush's Oil for Terror Program; More on Bush the Spy; Cartoons; Increased Productivity; Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss - The GOP'pers in the House have a New Leader; Bush Wants War; Another Bush Quote - Bush Uses God's Name as a Tool, Again

Feb 2 Bush - "Americans are addicted to oil,"; Russ Feingold Chimes In (It's a True Tune); Another Open Letter About the Bush Administration; Betraying America With a Drug Plan; Hypocrisy and the New Stick; Woof - Bush and the Isle of Dr. Moreau; A $22 Screw

Feb 1 The First Amendment - Cancelled by Presidential Order; State of the Union Quotes - and Responses; Another Gem from Dumbya in SOTU address; CNN LACK OF HOPE


Jan 30 A Bush Quote in the Lead - Bush and bin-Laden, Again; Failure! - The Democrats Allow Alito; NEXT STEP IN MIDDLE EAST MUST BE CAREFUL - by Victoria Brownworth; Media Madman - An AOL Poll; More on HSA's

Jan 29 Today's Bush Quote in the Lead - Repeating a Lie to Make it the Truth; The Truth, Big Brother and "G"lobal "W"arming; More "Chutzpah" From the White House; Bush, Hamas and Hate; Killing Us With the Global Economy; A Letter From The "Other Side" - "Lie's"; Media Madman - No News is "NO" News; Coincidence or Strategy? - Promotion to Avoid Prosecution

Jan 26 A Bush Quote in the Lead - Is Osama bin-Laden Dangerous again. Mr. President?; The Patriot Act Flies in the Face of Patriotism; Hamas; Media Madman - Bob Herbert of the New York Times Tells It Like It Is; A Letter to the Editor - If It's Good Enough For Congress (Health Care); Chris Matthews Is A Disgrace; Many, Many Responses

Jan 25 A Bush Quote in the Lead - Alito, Bush and the "Up and Down Vote"; "NO" - Bush's Favorite Word to Americans; "THE" Debate that divides the Nation - (And that's just the way the Bushies like it);

Jan 24 A Bush Quote in the Lead - Bush's Line in the Sand against America; "The Thin Green Line" - Our All-Volunteer Army; Abramoff's Sticky Little Fingers in Another Pie; Casey's Thoughts - Bush Doesn't Have a Clue = Blast From the Past - The Ineptness of the 108th Congress

Jan 23 Spy Quotes in the Lead; Media Madman - Casey's Sweet "Media Blitz"; Words and Bigotry; THE LAVENDER TUBE: BOYS WILL BE BOYS - by Victoria Brownworth

Jan 22 The GOP IS Jack Abramoff - A Trio of Quotes; New Hampshire - The Misplaced State; A Good Reason to Make Some Noise - Bush as Haman; Another Response About Iran

Jan 19 "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party Quotes - Lott, Bush, Hitchens and Santorum; A Court Supreme; Paying the Media; Media Madman - A Real New York Times Headline - Pace of New Home Construction Fell Sharply in December

Jan 18 Happy Birthday to Madman's Mommy; Lobby Reform 101 - Intro to Lobby Reform The Prerequisite; Lobby Reform 201 - Advanced Lobby Reform - Prerequisite - Lobby Reform 101; Bush Breaks the Law - and Al Gore Speaks Out; Why "No" on Alito?; A Media Madman Quote - Bush is Worse than the Great Depression

Jan 16 Many Responses about Iran; Walter Cronkite Speaks Out; Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) Speaks and Resigns his Chairmanship; If You Can't Beat 'em, Kill 'em - Bush and the New Medicare Drug "Benefit" Plan; Eminent Domain, Chinese Style;

Jan 15 Pat Thompson's Personal Note on Gun Control; The Real Threat Grows - Iran; A MILLION LITTLE LIES - by Victoria Brownworth; Quoting (Sen. Arlen) Specter (R-PA)

Jan 12 The Fourth Amendment; A Return to Debtors Prisons; WEATHER BULLETIN - FEMA's Failures and the Blame Game - Still, No One Came; A Bush Quote - "New Orleans is reminding me of the city I used to visit"

Jan 11 Alito the "Mis-Informer"; Grilled Alito Part 2; Alito the Activist;m Dreier's All Wet; Bush's War at Home - Playing the Blame Game; Repeating History is a BAD Thing

Jan 10 "Hey, Who Ordered the 'Grilled Alito'?"; Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) on Jack Abramoff and Some Stupid Quote Suggestions; Abramoff Even Makes Die-hard GOP'ers Sick; Bi-Sexual Barbi; Bi-Sexual Barbi

Jan 9 "It's not bad intelligence, it's simply bad leadership"; A Health Care Thought - Caring for an Iraqi Baby While American Babies Stay Sick; Media Madman - Blitzing Blitzer; The Missing Main Stream Media; WILL PEACE PROCESS END WITH SHARON?; No President is Above the Law - by Senator Robert C. Byrd; An Immigration (Plus) Thought - expanding the Rio Grande; It's Scary at the Top - Put the UN at the top of the New World Trade Center - Saudi Arabia at the Top; Madman's Take on Global Warming; Hate Mail From Some Communists

Jan 8 Quoting Bremmer in the Lead; DeLay's Last Quotes as "The Whip"; Spy-Gate and the Supreme Court; More "Fuzzy Math"; "Monkey" Business - Abramoff and the Fleecing of the Insian Tribe; More Abramoff "Spin"; "Watergating" Kerry;

Jan 5 Abramoff Quotes; A Santorum Quote - "I feel like I'm being treated like the folks from West Virginia"; Vouchers Unconstitutional in Florida; Recess Posts Made in the Dark; Media Madman - Pat Robertson Claims Israel as His Own; The Coal Mine Tragedy; Iraq's Civil War - Congratulations, President Bush; Rice Quotes - Hypocritical Contradictions

Jan 4 David Letterman Calls Out Bill O'Reilly; Abramoff, Round Two; Media Madman - Selling Off the Main Stream Media; I-M-P-E-A-C-H; Poll: Support for Bush Drops Among US Military; The "Flunky"

Jan 3 "I Plead Guilty Your Honor," -Jack Abramoff; Media Madman - What's the Difference Between the Main Stream media and the Right Wing Media?; A Health Care Scenario; Responses to Those Who Wish to Keep the American People Down

Jan 2 The Minimum Wage and the Fleecing of America - The US Chamber of Commerce Loves It; More and Even More on NSA Wiretaps; Caesar Crossing The Rubicon - Bush Crossing The Line; A Response About the FISA Courts; A Media Madman Quote - Bush Got A Boo-Boo

Jan 1 SpyGate; ...Speaking About a Woman's Rights; The Uzbekistan Connection; Bush Approval Rating Falls; All for Show - The Budget Bill and Other Stuff; Media Madman - Latest Harris Poll; The "Kenny-Boy" Lay Quote of the Day


2005 Newsletter Archives:

Dec 29 The British Bulldog, Tony Blair Becomes GW's Lap Dog; "Ghastly Ghosting"; BUSH THE SPY; BANG! - Gun Control; Media Matters Stupid Quotes of the Year - With Madman Answers

Dec 28 Fox News Quote and a Bush Snub; The Iraqi People Recognize that Chilabi is a Scoundrel; The Two Americas; Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI); What's Wrong With The Economy?; More on the Fading Economy; THE LAVENDER TUBE: THE YEAR IN REVIEW; Iraqis Should Vote On Withdrawal; A response to Changing our Political System

Dec 27 Help! Help! Police (State)!; Learning Lessons and Getting Started - Bush Lies, Repeatedness and Getting a Start at Stopping It; Media Madman - NSA Surveillance; Spin, Iran and a Dangerous New Majority; GW Creates Culture Wars; A Colin Powell Quote - GW Should Have Gotten Warrants

Dec 23 Another Stupid Quote - The Justice Department Defends not-defending the Constitution; Operation Phone Home; Wal-Mart Says "No Soup for You"; A response to America's Fallen Heroes

Dec 22 Dear Mr. Bush - an Open Letter; Thoughts on the Death Penalty; H.Res.636 and H.Res.637 - Investigating Bush; Fox' War on Religion Gets an Ally - Rep. Davis (R-VA); A Repsonse to Not Feeling Safe under GW's Administration, Joining the Voices of Impeachment and GW's Dictatorship

Dec 19 Bush Forgets - There IS a Constitution; Round Three - The Press Conference; Mike Ferguson's Office Refuses To Comment; POVERTY CANCELS THE HOLIDAYS; The SBA's version of Mike Brown; No Justice at Justice; Responses to Bush breaking the Law; A Quote - Why I Joined the ACLU

Dec 18 Stupid Quote by McCain on Murtha; Health Care - More People Uninsured; GW Admits He Broke the Law; More on Bush's Criminal Activity; Senatore Leahy's (D-VT) Response To The President's Saturday Radio Address; Reactionary Republicanism; Novak Moves to a New "Home" - Fox News; Patriot Act Reauthorization Bill Defeated; Responses to immigration and GOP Senators and Congreeemen's health Insurance

Dec 15 Robert Novak Says "Bush Knows the Source of the Plame Leak"; Torture - Bad; Dingell’s HOLIDAY Jingle for O’Reilly and House GOP ; Selective Morality?; What's New About Happy Holidays?; Responses to bad world leaders, illegal immigrants and former CIA Chief on Valerie Plame

Dec 14 The Bush Health care Plan - Plan to Stay Healthy; Media Madman - Bush: Iraq Invasion My Responsibility; Elitism; Freedom of the Press - Freedom to Own the Press; URANIUM FROM AFRICA....; More on Immigration; More on Lieberman; Great Quotes - Madison, Truman, Eisenhower, Carter, and many others

Dec 13 Ocean County Freeholders Feign Impotence; Bush - The Elevator Man; Political Agenda is an Economic Agenda; A Change for the Worse - The Chinese Can't Afford Health Care; Cover-Ups are Business as Usual - Even at the VA; How Most of US Feel About the Patriot Act; A response to immigration; A response to "No More a Lieberman Democrat"; A response to Christ in Christmas; A response to the ultra-rich corporations; A response to the Government failing to protect its citizens; A Quote - Lieberman Campaigns

Dec 12 Eugene McCarthy Small Eulogy; What Kind of Progressive am I?; Does Our Defense Spending Make Sense?; The Irresponsible Spender - GW; The INC - A Media More Fuzzy Math - GW Fails!; WHEN WILL WE BE SAFE?; Responses to A View from the Right; A Great Rep. John Murtha Quote (D-PA); A Telling Judge Alito Quote - Don't Vote for This Guy

Dec 11 A former CIA chief speaks our for Valerie Plame; A View From the Right (I Like Tax cuts for the Rich); Defining Victory, The GOP Way; A Merry and a Happy (Fill in the Blank) to All; Madman's Crystal Ball - When the Troops Come Home - in Time for the Elections; What I find funny is this: - Liberals now Save - Conservatives Spend Like Druken Sailors; A Response - Where are our Allies?

Dec 8 Cheney vs. Rice - Are we for or against torture today?; Robert Byrd's Responds to President Bush; Isn't it time to make lobbying Illegal?; Why Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Would Become Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT); Crazy People, Air Marshals and Strange Things; A Great Letter All Should Read; Media Madman - Conservatives in Sheep's Clothing; A response about The Shi'ites, Sunnis, a fair Iraqi Government and our Troops Leaving; An Ann Coulter Quote - "Stupid People"

Dec 7 A Frederick Douglas Quote; How to Buy American Iraq - "Long, Lengthy and Brutal"; Alternative Minimum Tax; The GOP and Education (What Can YOU Afford?)

Dec 6 A "DUMBS-Feld" Quote in the Lead; The 9/11 Report Card; Ask and Tell - Military Recruiters on Campus; Did Mike Ferguson Get In Congress By Cheating?; CT Gov. Rell May Make her State "Honest"; A Response to Bush Not Making US Safer

Dec 5 A Tucker Carlson Lie; DeLay - "I am Not a Crook"; Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?; THE LONGEST WAR; Wal-Mart - Its Employees are Racing to the Bottom

Dec 4 Ann Coulter Says We Can "Rape the Earth"; Making Seniors Pay - Medicare Part D and the Drug Card; The Iraqi Stock Exchange; Oil and One Billion Chinese; Freedom of the (Iraqi) Press (?); GOP Wins the Old Fashioned Way - They Cheat and Steal; Sony and Panasonic; Out of the Mouth of Babes - An 11-Year-Old Knows What the "Big-Boxes" REAL Plan Is

Dec 1 Remember - Bush Said "They who are not with us are against us."; Remembering Rosa Parks - In Her Own Words; I Like Christmas Trees; AIDS Day; Dr. Dean Looks Ahead;


Nov 30 The GDP Rises and It Makes No Difference to US; Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer Respond to President Bush; Is This THE PLAN We've Been Waiting For?; Bush Thinks "Poor People Aren;t Necessarily Killers"; Judge Samuel Alito Spoke Against a Woman's Right to Choose

Nov 29 A Bunch of Bush Quotes - The Hipcrisy Lives; The Economy Goes BOOM! (And Not in a Good Way); Mike Ferguson's Hands are Dirty; GOP Punks! - No One Wants to Debate Ex-CIA Operative Larry Johnson; Media Madman - No One Calls "Duke" Cunningham a "Republican"; The Bushco "Commies"; The Crumbling Supreme court (Literally)

Nov 28 Iraq, as seen from Iraq; "The Great And Powerful Oz--- er Bush!" - "Pay no attention to the Chicken-hawks behind the curtain"; A Crook and a Liar - Former Rep Randy "Duke" Cunningham )R-CA); Taxing Hybrids Extra; The Bushies Say "No" to Lower Fuel Emissions... Again

Thanksgiving Weekend Help Wanted - Irresponsible Economists - Bush nzeeds to Fill Lachey Roles; Getting Through to The Truth Through the GOP; Where are the Troops?; The Unbreakable Document - The Brilliance of Our Forefathers; Another Coincidence! - Unoins and Health Care; ABUSE INCREASING PROBLEM IN THE U.S.; A Great American Quote by Rep. John Murtha (R-PA); Mary Matalin Says Scooter Libby is a Hero and Dick Dheney Doesn't Lie; Michael Reagan Thinks 2100 American Children Isn;t "That Much"; Se, John Warner (R-VA) Runs Scared

Thanksgiving Eve Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer in the Lead; Forgetting, then Rememberring JFK; Politics and Strange Bedfellows - Greedy Republicans; On Prejudice; Happy Thanksgiving - A Poem and a Thought

Nov 22 The "Bottom-Line" Vs. The "Bread-Line" - GM Fires 30,000; Getting Out of Iraq - Quotes from the Bushies Contradict Their Words Today; RFK's Birthday; Nixon and Bush; Revealing Quote of the Day - The GOP Want to help NYC - at Election Time

Nov 21 Liars at the Gate - How Bush and Company Screwed Up CAtching Osama bin Laden; How Nixon Still Haunts Us; Robert Byrd Responds to GW; Iraq Invites US Out; A Stupid Quote by Representative Joe L. Barton (R-TX)

Nov 20 Stupid Quotes - Rep. "Mean" Jean Schmidt (R-OH) calls 2-War Hero Rep. John Murtha a "Coward"; Scott McClellan Calls Murtha, "The Hawk" a "Liberal"; 5-Deferment Chicken Hawk Cheney; A Bad Choice or No Choice regarding Medicare Part "D"; The GOP Training Camp - King County, Washington State; U.S. Must Give More - An Essay; The Reaganite-Hype; Suffer Little Children - Remarks by Nancy Pelosi; A Response - Agreeing with Madman on Health Care

Nov 17 Bay State Health Care; Another Hero Speaks Out - Rep. john Murtha (R-PA); Media Madman - Bob Woodward has a Secret; Bush's Iraq "Blame-Game"; Harry Reid on Dick Cheney; Howard dean's Progressive Agenda; A GOP Defeat On Cuts To Social Programs; A "16-Word" Lie, and Bush Takes US to War; Responses to "Arab-Phobia"; A John Kerry Quote - How Does Bush Question Others' Patriotism?

Nov 16 GOT'CHA - The White House and the Lying Oil Company Execs; Out Into the Cold - FEMA to Katrina's Evacuees - GET OUT; A Note About Jobs and Health Care; Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) Earns His Oil; Camp Casey Is Back for Thanksgiving; Talk is Cheap - I Thought Sen. Ted Stevens (AK) Would Resign

Nov 15 A John Kerry Quote about "Pretending Republicans"; NSA hadley Says "Don't Expect" Much on Bush's China Trip; Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) Says Yes then No; Changing the Truth - The New WMD's (Weapons of Mass Distortion); More on Bush's Lies; The 2006 GOP Strategy - It's all George W. Bush's Fault; Jenny's Dad

Nov 14 The Start of a Great, New Agenda - God Bless Everyone; A Global Warming Thought - Stop Arguing and End it Anyway; END THE TORTURE, END THE WAR; Murky's Turkey - A Jet for Alaska; Bush's Betrayal of Veterans on Veterans Day; Chairman vs. Chairman - Dr. Dean vs. Mr. Melhman; Scooter's Sick Novel; Media Madman - The Main Stream media and Traitor-Gate; AOL Poll Shows Memebers Don't Trust Bush; Giuliani Quotes - The Flip-Flopper

Nov 13 Quotes - Pat Robertson's Hatred and Tom DeLay's Hubris Lead Off; Scooter "The Pervert" Libby; Suicide Death of a Veteran Leads to Saving Other Vets (A Little Late); Using Terror to Boost GW's Popularity; GOP Has No Message - Only Rhetoric and Senator Harry Reid's Response; A Response to Reidl of the Heritage Foundation

Nov 10 Quote in the Lead - Rep Emanuel and the Congressional Democrats save the Middle Class; Veterans Lash Out at Loss of Voice on Capitol Hill; The Swift-Boating of Rep. Bernie Sanders; The "Crude" (Oil) Facts; Their View of America - People Like th Heritage Foundation; Pinch Him - Are Democrats Making Headway?; Responses - JD Heyworth - Ahmed Chalibi and the Crooked Republicans

Nov 9 Democrats Pass the Election Day Test; GOP - Maybe the "P" stands for "P"ropoganda; My Friend - My Enemy - My Friend - Ahmed Chalabi; Oil Profits; Mdia Madman - Imus Calls Out Rep. JD Heyworth (R-AZ); The Two Americas - Blue PA Vs. RED KS, Plus More; Today's Quote - The Republican Exodus Begins

Nov 8 President Jimmy Carter Speaks on Morality; Fraud on Election Day; The Height of Hypocrisy - Bush Cites Exit Polls Again; Media Madman - MAKING SURE THE MILITARY ONLY; HEARS CONSERVATIVE POINTS OF VIEWS; Quote of the Day - US Spends Too Much on Heath Insurance as Opposes to Our Allies

Nov 7 Forrester's Weapons of Mass Distortion; Fathers and Sons - Mike and Chris Wallace; THE WRONG MESSAGE - Don't Snitch; Responses - Ari Fleischer Hates Himself - But His Mom's OK - Bush Can;t Handle it Without Rove; Today's Quote - Bush's Lies About Everything

Nov 6 A Bush Quote - Another Hypocrisy Moment; The Truth Escapes Forrester; Keeping the President "Clean" - No Comment From the Bushies About Traitor-Gate; Bush Going Nowhere - No Credibility; Thoughts on Patrick Fitzgerald; House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) Linked To Abramoff; Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) Linked To Abramoff; Responses to: Judge Steed and Polygamy and The Utica (NY) Recall Amendment; A Note From a Friend to Madman

Nov 4 Utica's (Upstate NY) Fight for the Rights of Their Citizens - The Recall Issue; New Jersey's Governor's Race - Coming to the Finish Line

Nov 3 A Quote - Bush and Feet; "Dahling, You Look Mahvelous" - Doesn't Brownie Look Great?; The Law - Keeping Our Spies Safe; A Question of a Separation of Church and State

Nov 2 GW's Flu Plan (Plan Not to Get the Flue); "Newspeak" - Three New Words; A Real "Edu-ma-cation" Plan; Meet the New Iraqi Army, Same as the Old Iraqi Army; Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!; Hey Dick, Tell US What Happened; Google-Bush; A Response to Harry Ried and Rule 21; A Frist Quote - Rule 21

Nov 1 A Plea to Save Air America Radio's Morning Sedition; A Quote by Sy Hersh - Just Who Does GW Think He Is?" DeLay Removes The Judge; Harry Reid, Bill Frist and Rule 21;


Halloween Madman Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) - Another bush Lackey; Bush Arrogance Unabated Despite Indictment; Word Association - The bushie Way; The Cheney-Libby Dialogue; OH-NO - John Podesta's View on Clinton, Bush and How American's View Them When They Have Problems; Responses - Treasury Secretary Snow's Quote About the GDP - Being a Bush Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry; A Mark Maron Quote

Oct 30 Economic Myths - Why the GDP is Misleading; Some thoughts - The "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party's Real Agenda; The Lavender Tube - Commander in Cheat; Real Republicans Left Out of Their Own Party; Lou Dobbs - Love Him - Hate Him; Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and the Stolen Social Security Funds; A Response to President Madman; The Hurricane Alibi - Protection for Traitor-Gate; A Cindy Sheehan Quote - The Man Paid to Hold A Sign

Oct 27 President Madman; The Bush Family Buck Never Stops; Facts Catching Up With Bush's Iraq Adventure; Wal-Mart - "Associate-Friendly?; Responses - Iraqi Terrorism and US Troop Support - President Hastert?; Media Madman - The Mainstrean Media Echoes Republican Propoganda; Bush from Florida - Things Don't Happen Fast

Oct 26 Scott McClellan Ducks - Charting What is Really Important to Americans?; Frist Raises (or Lowers) the bar; Responses to Theories on Evolution; Dividing Us, the Bush Way: Loose Cannon Bush Plays the Blame Game; The Self-Righteous Bush House Comes Tumbling Down; "Compassionate Conservatives" Practice "Responsible Irresponsibility"; Smokin' - Big Oil Gets Their Way; Responses to Cheney's Replacement - Zero Population Growth - John Stewart on Tucker Carlson; Quote - GW's Professor Remembers "The Opposite"

Oct 25 Right to Death - An Essay on Human Life and It's Quality; White House Dishonesty Begets Embarrassing Indictments; Another Essay - GOP Losing Veterans Support Over failed Promises; Looking Back on Kerry and Nader; Madman's Crystal Ball - Beware of Jeb; How Far? - Farmer's insurance Embarrassed into Helping Accident Victim; Media Madman - James Dobson Must Explain; Responses - Dennis Hastert (R-IL) Blames the Minority - Medical Bankruptcies - The Lucky Senator - Intelligent Design on Classrooms - Credit card Pays medical Bills - The bird Flu Plague - Friends of GW - The Flue Shot and Turkeys - Senator Stevens' (R-AK) Threat - Throw Tem in Jail

Anniversary Madman Why We Need Universal Health Care; Harriet Miers - The Wrong Choice; Sleep is Better than The Trinity Broadcasting Network; Taking a Swim - Building a Canal Out of the Rio Grande; Red Herring; Bad Luck Bush; Today's Good Quote - Paul Hackett Runs for the Senate; Today's Bad Quote - Imus Hates Joe Wilson

Oct 23 Prenatal Care Getting Bush-Whacked; Health Care, Bankruptcy and a US "Society of Life"; Real Science is "Intelligent" - "Creationism" as Science is Not; Blue Grass Sins; Outsourcing Our Safety; Fighting Bush and Restoring Davis-Bacon; Bird Flu - The Coming Plague; A Chorus Line - Rehearsing Spontaneity; Media Madman - Maureen Dowd; From the "Rich get Richer" Department; Responses - The Media is Dumb About Katrina; A Supreme Quote - Harriet Myers and Organization, Hastert Blames the democrats, Sen. Ted Stevens Says it's HIS Money

Oct 20 A Scary Thought; Ala Cart Medical Care; FEMA's Man on the Ground During Katrina - That's Right - Just One Guy; Return to Sender - Hariet Miers' Incomplete Grade; Sneaky Recruiters; A Real Contract For America; The Marriage of Evolution and Religion; Responses - Bush's Miniscule Katrina Donations, The Bush Crony, Miers; Bush's "Unprepared Preparedness"; A Bill Clinton Quote about Senator Jon Corzine's Good Heart

Oct 19 More in the Religious Right and Stem cell Research; The Politics of Distraction; The "Swift-Boating" of Another American Hero - Lt. Col Anthony Shaffer; DeLay Indicted; Cheney Resignation Rumors; More on the The New Jersey Governor's Debate; A Condi Quote - Clear, Hold and Build

Oct 18 PNAC Exposed by The Downing Street Memos; Return of the WHIGs; Helen Thomas Vs. Scott McClellan; New Jersey's Gubernatorial Debate - October 18, 2005 - An Immediate Summation; Forrester Facts He Can't Hide From; Question and Answer Time - Why Madman Supports Senator Jon Corzine for New Jersey Governor; Today's Quotes - Senator Jon Corzine

Oct 17 Allowing For a "Society of Life" - The Religious Right is Not Doing God's Work by Opposing Fetal Stem Cell Research; What is REALLY in the Bankruptcy Act the GOP Loves So Much?; Stagflation Is Back; Gaining Ground on the GOP; Thatcher Criticizes Blair On The Iraq War; Iraq and Its Constitution; Condi Obfuscates - She Wants a "Bolder Approach"; It's Still "Miller-Time"; A Follow-Up to What Bush Saw on 9/11; A Half--Dozen Morons - Bush's Justices Come Out For Harriet Miers; Today's Quote - A Frank Rich Moment

Oct 16 Doug Forrester's Against "Love"; Madman Reviews Judith Miller; How to Read Between Judith Miller's Lines; Prepared Spontaneity - A Bush Teleconference; THE LAVENDER TUBE: PROOF, by Victoria Brownworth; Once upon a time there was a war called Nam - What the Johnson's Did; Many Responses by Pat Thompson - No More Looking for Osama bin-Laden, Laura Bush's Sexism Charge, Senator Jon Corzine (D-NJ) Supports Fetal Stem Cell Research, Bush Believes GOD Soeaks to Him, NYC's Well-Timed Terror Threat; Drafting Yound Men and Women Just Won't Fly

Oct 13 The Blame Game - You Too Could Be President Some Day; Buried in Paperwork - And That's the Way Health Insurers Like It; We All Do Whatever We Can - What One Madman Reader/ Contributor Does to Help; Bush Raises Taxes - Bush to Cut Health Care and Mortgage Tax Breaks; The Trade Deficit and Other Stuff; Dobson, Miers and Lost Freedoms (Plus a Poem by Rhian); Responses - Curing Diseases' Executing and Electing Low IQ's and the Torture President; Today's Quote - Bush Chooses Miers for "Religious Reasons"

Oct 12 Bush Negotiates With Terrorists in Iraq; Just Who Does Support Harriet Miers - Laura Bush; "Righties" Still Fighting the Clinton Wars; Harriet Miers Law Firm Supports Hillary Clinton; America Dumbed-Down - Fox Cancels "The Simple Life"; Jon Corzine Supports Fetal Stem Cell Research; A Good Quote About Republicans Restricting Our Freedoms

Oct 11 Helping People With "Quality of Life" Diseases; National Health Care; "Good Republicans"; Crying "WOLF!" - Creating Terror for Politic's Sake; Same Old Bush - Same Old Rhetoric; Orwellian White House Rubbish; Bush Changing Gears? - A Lack of Support; Responses to harriet Miers; Glowing Utah and Neo-Con Coconuts; A Tom DeLay Quote

Oct 10 Quote - Reservists as "Cannon-Fodder"; Democrats Release A Comprehensive Energy Plan; MIERS UNDESERVING OF COURT POST - Does George Bush know what he's doing?; New Department - More Bushspeak; What is a Christian?; A Cadillac is Comfier than The DC Metro - Right Secretary Bodman?; Illinois' New Medical Plan - It's a "Nice Start"; GW's "Bad Luck" Headlines

Oct 9 Dick "Go <F---> Yourself" Cheney's Quote from the Bunker; What One Says Before One Thinks He is GOD; The REAL Intelligent Design - Evolution; Bush and His Cronies Blame Hurricane Katrina for National Higher Unemployment; NYC Runs for Cover; Media Madman - Using Bill Clinton as a Red-Herring; Responses - Pelosi for President or Speaker of the House, Harriet Miers, Bush Using Military Law Enforcement in the United States and Utah's Being Used as a radioactive Dumping Ground; Energy Quotes - Stupidity and Cronyism Gives More Money to Big Oil

Oct 5 What REAL Compassion Looks Like - It Ain't Conservative; A Joke - How "G"lobal "W"arming Bush Chose Harriet Miers for the US Supreme Court; Since When is Change Bad - GW Claims that Harriet Miers "Won't Change in 20 Years"; Hypocrisy - The Right's "Litmus Test" on Harriet Miers and Rev. Franklin Graham Taking Over Our Public Schools; GW and the Avian Flu - The bush Health Plan - Plan to Stay Healthy; Glowing Utah - Imports of International Radioctive waste; Media Madman - The Liberal Media Myth - CBS; More Media Madman - More on Tom DeLay; A Humorous Response to Bush's "Turkey"; Responses to DeLay, Bill Bennett, GOP Shame and Madman's Health Insurance Ideas; A Bush Quote - Bush Amazed by "Courage and Decency"; Wal-Mart's stupid Quote - Their CEO Doesn't Know That They are "Anti-Union";

Oct 4 Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers' Ex-Law Firm Twice Indicted; Veterans Running for Office; Jon Corzine Supports Ethical Embryonic Stem Cell Research; Forrester Record - One of Raising Property Taxes; Rep. Mike Ferguson's Ties to Tom DeLay; Responses - Health Care, (Including Madman's Health Care Idea and Medicare Idea; Response - Un-Ready Iraq Troops; Colorado-Governor's Race: Bob Beauprez Caught Stealing Opponent Rolodex; A Bush Quote - Having A Supreme Court Turkey for Thanksgiving

Oct 3 Why I'm For Health Care For All; Conservatives Red-Faced Over Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers; "I'd Rather Be the Hammer than the Nail" - Tom DeLay; Media Madman - What Indiana Republicans Can't Afford; The Myth of No Ideas; No Child Left Behind Comes To College!; Quote - The Slow or Nonexistent Reimbursement to Soldiers Who Buy Their Own Protection

Oct 2 Judith Miller Vs. Woodward & Bernstein; Meet the New DeLay - Same as the Old DeLay - Rep. Roy Blunt; Republican Kangaroo Court - FEMA's Consultant Mike Brown Testifies About FEMA's Former Head Mike Brown (Huh?); Compassionate Conservatism - Is This All There Is?; Iraq-Nam - The Time Machine; Media Madman (x 3) - Bush a Wimp on Genocide - Troops? What Troops? - DeLay and Hastert - "Partners"; In Response to Bill Bennett


Sep 29 Bill Bennett Loses His Mind, and His Soul - His Big, Stupid Quote; Tom DeLay on Hardball - Lies and Excuses; School Vouchers and Rebuilding of the Gulf Coast; Special Forces Fomenting Disorder?; GW Tells US All to "Pitch In" on Gas; A Response - More On Karl "The Traitor" Rove's Nazi Ancestry

Sep 28 A Open Letter to Tom DeLay - For the Good of the Country, Resign; Bush and The Exterminator; Tom DeLay and Mike Ferguson; Media Madman - Cruisin', the GOP and FEMA Way - The Main Stream Media Catched Up With Madman; Response to Emminent Domaun and Katrina; A Tom DeLay Poem by Rhian

Sep 27 Bill Maher On Bush's Drinking; Excerpts from Governor's Blanco's (D-LA) Letter to President "G"lobal "W"arming Bush - August 27, 2005 - 2 Days Before Hurricane Katrina's Landfall; Brownie the Clownie Testifies Before Congress; Katrina's Aftermath in DC; Cutting the CDC? - What a Bunch of Morons; Doug Forrester Isn't "Surprised" about Senator John Corzine's Expanding Support; Today's Bush Quote - Terrorists, Katrina and Iraq

Sep 26 Bush, Preparedness, and a Fly-By; "Warning President Bush...WARNING!" - A Message of Warming from Saudi Arabia's Prince Saud al-Faisal; Lots more Views Regarding the March on Washington; Bush Calls Katrina a "Racist"

Sep 24 Marching Against the War

Sep 22 Unprepared for Disaster; Doing the "Right" Thing - The Bushies Won't Help; Rhian Wonders; Maureen Dowd Echoes Madman; Stuff From Randi Rhodes; The Late Night Shows Love Bush's Vacation - There's Nothing Better for Ratings Than a Screw-Up

Sep 21 Paying for Katrina, and Maybe Rita - Watch the Republicans Screw US Again; Humans as Guinea Pigs - Pesticides Anyone?; We Need to Say NO to Lobbyists; A Poem - “Marine Species Extinctions Feared” (2005); Media Madman - More on the Bush Speech; Leno on Bush; A Correction on Hurricanes; Army Recruiters go to "Help" Katrina Victims - A New Recruiting Strategy

Sep 20 The Question "Why"; The Bad Milestone - Killed in Iraq; "R" is for "Rita"; Doug Forrester Says Some Stupid Things - Even in a Debate; David H. Safavian - Another Corrupt Republican; The Novice - Nepotism in Public Service - The Story of Julie Myers; Bad Ideas Get Worse - The "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party Want to Cut Medicare to Pay for Hurricane Katrina; Tom DeLay's Priorities - ANWR; A Response About Presidential Kids; A Correction

Sep 19 Kerry Talks About Bush's Preparedness (or lack of It); Colin Powell Speaks - But is Anyone Listening; Madman's Crystal Ball - "... and the New Vice President is..."; Another Bush With a Mug Shot; FEMA Was Better During The Clinton Years; Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-NJ) Says, "We'll See."; Response to "Good Republicans"; Pork-For-Relief Swap - How the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party Won't Give up the Pork to help Katrina's Victims

Sep 18 A Rep. Rob Emanuel (D-IL) Quote - Rove an "expert" on "leaks"; Average Americans Will foot the Bill For Katrina - The "Norquistas" Won't Pay a Thing; Bill Clinton Says "Rescind the Tax Cut"; Airlines and Cruise Ships Don't Sacrifice a Thing; "Stare Decisis" - John Roberts Doesn't Care About Precedent; "Letting the Arabian Horses Out of The Barn"; The Good Ol' BOY Network of "G"lobal "W"arming Bush, or How GW Ignores Women's Issues; A Traitor for the Big Easy - Karl "The Traitor" Rove; Bush - The Deadbeat Dad; Lame - "The First Job of Government is to Keep Its People Safe"; Wal-Mart Vendors Mistreat Employees - An Essay From a College Freshman; Mercenaries, The "Haves" and the "Have-Nots"; Phony Quote of the Day - Bush Finally Realizes That There is Poverty in America

Sep 15 Bush Speaks About "Fixing" New Orleans and the Gulf Coast; An AOL Poll - Bush Rates "Poor"; Money and Its Misuses - The Bush Spending Spree; More Republican "Priorities"; 'Nuff said About Forrester; Senseless Sensenbrenner Strikes Again; Blackwater's "Training" Schedule; Preparedness (Cause FEMA Won't Help); Another September 24 Quote; A Response About 9/11 and the Film of the Planes; Another Response - Economic "Thugs"

Sep 14 Another Bush Dumb Quote - What the People Want; Will DeLay be Indicted?; Reviewing the Government of Bad Ideas; A "Brownfield" Does Not a Home Make; Anything for the "PNAC Agenda"; The PNAC "Principles", in Their Own Words; A Joke; A Quote About September 24, 2005; A Sad Quote - It Takes a Disaster

Sep 13 A Churchill Quote; Bush Takes "Full Responsibility", But Not All of It; White Supremacists as Looters in Missouri; One Crappy Governor Follows Another - Rick Perry; See No Evil - No Press in New Orleans; The United States of Halliburton; Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) - Grover Norquist's Boy; An Intimate Crowd - Rumsfeld's "Freedom Walk" Draws Dozens; A Response to 9/11 and the Bush-Lackey Media; One Great Quote by Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV)

Sep 12 Rep. Richard Baker (R-LA) is an Idiot; Lies of 9/11; Workers in States Hit by Katrina Get Short Changed; No More Brownie-The-Clownie; The Mouthpiece of the Bushies - McClellan Says the Most Amazing Things; John Stossel - A Man for Himself; Taking The Katrina Pledge; Baby-Killer - Infant Mortality rates in the US Go Up; A Couple of Jokes; Responses - The Cost of the Iraq War - Racial Comparisons Relating to Katrina; A Henry Waxman (D-CA) Quote; Bill Maher on Katrina; Going to DC - September 24, 2005

Sep 11 Thoughts About September 11, 2001; Failures, Lies and 9/11; Lest We Forget About Karl "The Traitor" Rove; Disaster Profiteering; Media Madman - CBS Remembers Those Who Died on September 11, 2001, but Now its Kickoff Time; John Bolton and the UN - No Compromises; Media Madman - MSNBC Poll on Katrina; Quote of the Day - Trickle Down Doesn't Work

Sep 8 Welcome to Bush-World, USA!; More Blame; Cheney Breaks Out of The Bunker; In Relation to "Bad Luck", the Bush Administration Predicts "More of the Same"; 400,000 Jobs Lost in New Orleans Gives GW Bush More of the Same Excuses; Thoughts on a Draft; Stupid Quote of the Day - Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Shows His "Compassionate Conservatism"

Sep 7 Keith Olbermann's Quote on Hurricane Katrina; What Others Are thinking About FEMA's Response to Hurricane Katrina; More Bush Thoughts; A Little Bush Humor; Ashamed in Costa Rica - Thoughts About Hurricane Katrina from a Vacationer; Media Madman - Headlines From the Recent Past abou New Orleans; "Creationism" in Public Schools; Media Madman Quotes - The Bush Administration Appears to be Clueless; Really - It's Time to Get Rid of These Guys; One Last Quote - Gas Prices

Sep 6 Barbara Bush Says Stupid Stuff - Let Them Eat Cake, Babbs; Michael Chertoff - GW's Human Megaphone Repeating the "Company Line"; The Thoughts of a Real President, Aaron Broussard of Jefferson Parish; "Bad Luck" Follows "G"lobal "W"arming Bush and the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party; Did This Happen - the Levees were Broken by the Engineers? - It Did Happen - In 1927; The New Lake "George" - The Cesspool that Floats Over New Orleans; The "Swift-Boating" of New Orleans Begins;

Sep 5 More on Hurricane Katrina Including: Health Care and Its Effects from Hurricane Katrina; Kucinich on the Mark - Get Our Troops Home; Quotes and Observations - More CYA From the Bush Administration; FEMA Turns Away Help - Headlines From Everywhere; A Real FEMA Head - President Clinton's James Lee Witt; Staging for President Photo Op; Krugman on FEMA's Brown; Bring The National Guard Back ; Quotes - Lott and Bush and Cheney and Halliburton; The death of Chief Justice Rehnquist and the Insult to Scalia and Thomas

Sep 4 More on Hurricane Katrina Including: A Letter From a Retired Major; Scary Thoughts About a Cheney Presidency; FEMA's Chronology; A Whole Lot of Bush-Speak - Unbelievable Quotes From the Bush Administration in Their Attempt to CYA; A media Madman Moment on Sean Hannity's Mind; And Rhian's Thoughts About "Our Leaders"

Sep 3 Madman Extra - More Katrina Observations

Sep 2 Madman Extra - Katrina Observations

Sep 1 A Call to Action - Help Katrina's Victims and Understand, by Victoria; Quotes - Bush and Company Knew A Hurricane Like Katrina Would Come - Even as They Deny It; Even Shepard Smith of Fox News is Stunned and Moved - But Bill O'Reilly Isn't (maybe Smith Will Get an Award, Bill); AS Katrina's Victims Suffer, Right Wing Media Discusses Gay Marriage; A Dumb Quote by Rita Crosby; Responses to Fox News


Aug 31 What They Say - Blaming Disasters on Gay People and Others; Another Tough Year Under GW; Ignoring the Big Easy - Who's Next?; The Incredible Spinning Bush; Buy Beer, Not Stocks; GW sets His Sights Low - So You Won't Be Disappointed; Fox Laughs At Katrina's Victims; NBC and Matt Lauer and a Quote From the Purchased - Get Ready to Bail-Out the Insurance Industry; Paul Krugman Knows What Americans Really Want

Aug 30 Praying at the Altar of Endless War - War Profiteers; Hurricane Katrina; Bring Our Guardsmen Home - We Need Them; The Bolton We All Expected; It's the Oil, Stupid; Quotes - What Noble Cause Did Casey Sheehan Die For?

Aug 29 A Real Warrior Responds to the American Legion Leader Who is Against Americans Against War - Sally Tarasoff, former CPT, US Army; They Eat Their Young, Too - Frist Vs. Lott; The Next War - Water; How Alan Greenspan Killed the Housing Market, Amongst Other Things; $ign Up - $40,000 Will Make America's Poor Children Fight Our Wars - To America's Rich Kids, It's the Price of a Summer Vacation; FX (Fox TV) Disrespects Our Troops "Over There"; Responses to Rush, Outsourcing and Madman's Eerie Silence on john Roberts; Bush Enjoys Vacation While Troops Continue to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice; Stupid Quote - "Doug Forrester's going to be more McGreevy-Like" - A GOP'er

Aug 28 Outsourcing: The Forgotten War; Let there be praying, country-western tunes - Remembering 9/11 with Country Western Music - A Rumsfeld Idea; "Cheney-Burton"; Rhian Learns from Men - Look Out!; A Lot of Responses; Some Great Quotes

Aug 25 The Eagles Make Sense; Rush Limbaugh Loses "Things" - Cindy Sheehan "Loses" Casey - "We All Lose Things," Says Rush; Planning Ahead - How to Take Over an Oil Rich Country;  Evangelical Christian Minister & Writer Jim Wallis Talks About Pat Robertson; Ex CIA Agent Larry Johnson IS Someone Who Knows; Move America Forward Launched by Republican Shills; Bush-Speak & More Bush-Speak

Aug 24 Un-Safe - The "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party to Close and Important Base; The VA is Ignored by Bush; Darfur War and Oil; Marching Across the Middle East; Women in the "New Iraq"; Republicans and Religion Open-Minded?; MSNBC and Sensationalism - Fox-Lite; More on the Rev. Pat Robertson; Joe Wilson Speaks

Aug 23 A Man of God? - Pat Robertson's Stupid Remarks; Bush Chooses the Unborn Over Or Burned and Battered Soldiers; Blair-Time - Bush-Lite Stands to Make a Killing; Peace vigil in Brooklyn; Tom DeLay Quotes - Is This Guy Serious?; GW's Summer Reading List (What? No Pictures?); Some Nik-Nacks, By Casey; Bush-Speak

Aug 22 Eye of Newt, Brain of Newt, Medicaid by Newt; Bush in "Bushville"... er Salt Lake City, Utah; Motorcycle Madness - A "Real American Blames Real Americans; Bush-Quotes - Bush-Stuff - Lt. Bush - Bush as a "Youth" - Responses - Speaking More About Eminent Domain

Aug 21 Patients Shouldn't "Fall Through the Cracks"; Medicine - Going Backwards: Speaking Up on John Roberts; Will the Real Bill Frist Please stand Up... Please stand Up?; Media Madman - Karen Hughes, the Bush Administration's New "Under Secretary of State for Propaganda"; Quotes - Check Hagel says Iraq is Like Vietnam

Aug 18 Wasting Time Explaining Away GOP Lies - They'll Make Things Up, Even About A Gold Star Mother Mourning Her Child; What Are Death Rates from Heart Attacks Up in New York?; Stupid Quotes - Killing Medicaid; Quotes - Real and Imagined Theories on the GOP in 2006 and What Iraq Will Mean to Their Chances for Re-Election; A Washington Post Observation - The Bushies Didn't Head Warnings

Aug 17 Report from Camp Casey; Doug Forrester Makes a Killing off the Taxpayers of New Jersey; Organized Bombings; Leak in London; Media Madman - It's Rush Again; Responding to Senator Joe Biden; An Arrogant Quote - George W. Gets on With His Life

Aug 16 Old Thoughts About Republicans; The Alternate Universe - What If the Republicans Made the Memorial and a Democrat Ran it Over?; Tom DeLay's Still got to Go; Happy Birthday, Social Security; Wanting to Hear Answers from Our Political Parties; Jenny's and Casey's Thoughts on Another Reader and Unemployed Workers Wth lots of Numbers; Bush and the Light Bulb Joke; Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) says to Internationalize Iraq

Aug 15 One Woman Can make a Difference; Reading Between the Lines - Reflections by Rhian; Thinking - Reform Muslims; Bush Says "No Timetables", Then Sets Them; Get A Job; Stupid Rush Limbaugh Quote; GW shows Disrespect, Again

Aug 14 A Question: More of Less Troops, GW? A Nation Rocked to Sleep - By Carly Sheehan, Sister of Casey KIA 04/04/04, Sadr City, Baghdad; 21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak; Whatever Happened to... Ahmed Chalabi; Hypocrisy - A "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party - Bullet-Point Moment and Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan's mother, Cindy Sheehan; Intimidation - The GOP Plan; Congressman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Speaks About "Exporting-Importing" and Paying for Our Own Deficit; Condi Says the Insurgents are Losing Steam; White ouse Words - Recovery and Prosperity

Aug 11 Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) Exposed; Who Are We Fighting?; The "Un"Freedom Walk; handcuffs No More - Bush Still Refuse3s to Meet a Gold Star Mother; Bush Made US Weaker; Responding to Thomas Friedman; More on Iran; Stupid Quotes - Buah says He "Understands" Cindy Sheehan

Aug 10 Thoughts and Letters to Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan's mother, Cindy Sheehan; The United States, Iran and Vienna; "Moral Weapons"; March, Rummy; Katherine Harris Lacks Insight and Reality; Too Much Pork and Too Little Sugar - the Energy Bill and Brazilian Sugar; More on the Drug Companies and "incurable" Diseases; Maureen Dowd Speaks of the "Insulated" President

Aug 9 A Health care Moment - Remember When the Drug Companies Used to CURE Diseases?; The Bursting housing Bubble; Senator Harry Reid - In His Own Words; Sweet Neo-Cons - A Rolling Stones' Song; $8.8 Billion is Legal Thievery; Rummy's "Freedom Walk"; Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan's mother, Cindy Sheehan Talks and Really Says Something

Aug 8 Bonnie on Health Care; Forrester has No Credibility; Our hard-Earned Money Goes to Bush and Cheney's Buddies, the Energy Companies; We Could Have Had Osama bin-Laden - The "Truth" From a CIA Field Commander Who knows; GW's Vacation; Media Madman - Bill O'Reilly Never Checks His Facts - Judith Miller and Treason-Gate - Fox News - The All Natalee Holloway Network and MSNBC, or FOX-LIGHT; More On Gold Star Mothers for Peace and Cindy Sheehan; Another Bonnie Quote - The "Power of Love" Vs. The "Love of Power

Aug 7 More on Madman, Bonnie and Health Care and Why We Need It NOW; Novak Walks Off in a Huff - A DEsigned Move to Avoid "Rove-Gate" Questions by CNN; A Fired ex-CIA Agent Speaks; Reactionary Bush; Science - GOD and Evolution Can Co-Exist; Thoughts for Bonnie; A GW Quote - Cindy Sheehan and the Gold Star Mothers Want Answers NOW

Aug 4 Madman in Crisis and Why We Need Health Care NOW!

Aug 3 A Wake-Up Call - "US" Vs. "Them" - Rep. John Conyers and "Coingate" - Bush Picks a Fight With Iran; "The Family Values Song"; Robert Responds; A Joke; Quote - GW and "Intelligent Design"

Aug 2 More Social Security and the REAL WAY to Fix It; China Gives Up on Unocal; Media Madman - North Korea & a Real New York Times Headline; Bill Frist Flip-Flops on Stem-Cell Research; Kentucky Archdiocese has twice as many Lawsuits as Massachusetts - What Say You, Senator Santorum?; Santorum Takes a "Village" on Stephanopoulos; Stupid Quote - Novak Attempts to "Explain Away" Treason, Again

Aug 1Bush, Bolton and a Stupid Quote; King Faud Dies - Meet the New King - Same as the Old King; Help Africa Help Itself; The Second Term Psalm; A Response to "Tagging" and a Bigot


Jul 31 Dumb-Struck - How Anti-Semites Pervert Themselves and the Truth; Making the Republicans Eat Their Words in 2006 - CAFTA; Is Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-NJ-7) Lying to His Constituents?; Media Madman - FOX (as in FX or Fox News) Has No Shame; Responses to "Tagging"; A Bad Quote - Bolton Gets the Nod, Without Senate Approval

Jul 28 Stupid Quote in the Lead - Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) - "(CAFTA) will create Americans jobs"; Is Karl Rove in jail Yet?; NOW (as in Finally) There are Cops on the Subways; The McClellan Dance - How to NOT Answer a Question; Rhian's Crystal Ball; Advanced Economics by Jenny; Tag 'em; A Response - Why We Can't Train Iraqi Troops Outside of Iraq

Jul 27 "Mexed Missages" - The Contradictions Of Secretary Rumsfeld in Iraq; A REALLY, REALLY Dumb and Inconsiderate Quote by Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ); CAFTA - Don't Do It; Health Care - Happy Birthday Medicare; The Other Iraq; A Great Quote by Frank Rich

Jul 26 Quotes in the Lead - Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) Speak Their Minds - Something Democrats are ENCOURAGED To Do; More on Traitor-Gate/ Rove-Gate/ Plame-Gate (Take Your Pick); Reactions of the Republicans Yo Meet on the Street - Ho-Hum; jack Reacts to Senator McCain (R-A) and the DLA Separately; A "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party Shill, Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-NJ)

Jul 25 Bush's Expanding Roadtrip, with Mommy; John McCain Waffles on Rove; House of Cards - Fleischer and Bolton added to the Possible-Traitor List?; Rep. Rush Holt and the Democrats on the Hill's Unofficial Hearings on Rove-Gate; Dumb and Dangerous False Quotes - Senator Pat Roberts' Lies Vs. Former CIA Operative's Larry Johnson's Truths

Jul 24 Lead-Off Michael Medved Quote - Stick to Reviews, Mike; Ben Stein's Brain; Rove-Gate is More than Rove; More on the New Saudi Ambassador to the US - Are They Kidding US?; How to Win... ...And At What Cost - A Give-And-Take About the Future of the Democratic Party and the DLC; Testimony of James Marcinkowski - a former CIA case officer and former member of the "Young Republicans" - A MUST READ

Jul 21 Eleven Intelligence Agents Ask Tough Questions and Question the Honesty of Karl Rove, President Bush and the "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party; Two Princes - Saudi Arabia Replaces "Bandar Bush" with Prince Turki al-Faisal, a Questionable "Royal" with Ties to al Qaeda; China's Changing Tactics - a Quote

Jul 20 News Outlets Don't Take Polls - Afraid of Karl Rove; Traitor-Gate; "G"lobal "W"arming is Still an Issue

Jul 19 Diversions - A New Supreme Court Nominee helps Take Rove Out of the News; Valerie Plame's CIA Schoolmate, and ex-CIA Agent Larry Johnson, Speaks on Her Behalf; Eddie and his Dad; More Rove and White House Lies; Morw on Thomas Friedman; More Quotes from Watergate that Sound a Lot Like Plame-Gate

Jul 18 Plame-Gat; No Permanent Military Bases in Iraq; One Big Response - Muslim Clerics Are Passive Against Osama bin-Laden; Bush Quotes and Contradicts Himself (Again) on Plame-Gate

Jul 17 Observations - Cows, George Carlin, The Ten Commandments and the Constitution; No "Fatwa" Against Osama bin-Laden; Is Bush Rove's Puppet?; Rush Holt (D-NJ) Speaks - Yes, Our Congressman IS a Rocket Scientist; China, Our Friend?; More Truth from Lieutenant-General Michael Moseley; What If: The Saudis Owe US; Media Madman: The Washington Post and The New York Times Speak Up on Karl Rove; Utah Has Almost 2 Pedophiles for Each One New York Has; Quotes - The Not-So-Bright Guys in 1972 and the Really Bright Guys Today - They are Dangerous

Jul 14 Does GW has "CONTEMPT" for Karl Rove or the Rest of US?; The "Shoe Bomber" Gets Life; Rep. Mike Ferguson Wrong on Social Security; Senator Rick Santorum Blames Massachusetts for Pedophile Priests; "Trolls" and Other Responses to Our Poison Pen Pals; Bush Tells African-Americans That They Are "Making Strides", in Indiana!; Senator Tom Harken (D-IA) and Alternative Fuel Thoughts - At Least Someone is Thinking About It

Jul 13 ONLY Right Wing Radio in the Middle East; Is Bush Trustworthy? See the HARDBALL Stats; More on Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wilson; An Open Letter - The US Should Annex Mexico - A Tongue-in-Cheek Article by Rhian; Osama bin-Laden is STILL Free; A Sobering Thought About Terrorist Bombers; Jail-Time for Bernie Ebbers; Poison Pen Letters - Some People Don't Like Madman; A Bush Quote - Let's Investigate

Jul 12 Karl Rove is a Distraction; McClellan's Tap-Dancing; Iran's WMD's - A Buried Story and a Nuclear Threat; Senator John Kerry on Karl Rove; Quotes - Chaos Theory - More on Karl Rove

Jul 11 More Downing Street Leaks - Is GW setting a Date?; An Iraqi Civil War; Blair on BBC Radio Compares Religious Fanatics - They "pervert" Religion; Rhian Answers Lew; Senator Clinton and President Alfred E.

Jul 10 Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Care About anyone But Rush Limbaugh; Neither Does Bill O'Reilly or John Gibson; New Homeland Security Priorities; More on China; Where are We Fighting "Them"?; The "Mis" Leader; More on London; Lew Warden Spouts Off; Through the Looking Glass - Bush is Just Wrong; The Italian Leader Speaks

Jul 7 The Day They Attacked London

Jul 6 Jack Responds to the CIA Leak; Protecting Our Undercover Agents, The Law and More; "The Fallen - Jeremy Brown; A "Nobel" Quote - Bob Geldof Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Jul 5 The 1-4-2-1 Strategy - They Actually Have One?; More on China and Unocal; Built in Canada; Frist is for Frist; US Auto-Makers - Are They getting Smarter?; "The Fallen - Ryan J. Montgomery"; A Stupid Quote by a Smart Guy on Oil Prices

Independence Day - Jul 4 Jacks' Back and He's Talking SPUHC; A Smart Vote - Don't Sell Us Out to China; GW "Spins" The Environment; Don;t Shop at Home Depot - Fox News Advertiser and HUGE "G"reed "O"ver "P"eople Party Contributors; Robert Responds to the American Economy First and Keepng American Jobs Here; Threatening Quotes by the Chinese

Jul 3 News From the Front and Other Observations by Rhian; "Rove Throat"; The Far right Comes to Collect From GW Upon O'Conner's Resignation; Media madman - The New York Times Says "Profits Up, Jobs Down" - What a Revelation!; Quote - Iran "Warns" Europe


Jun 30 Fixing Iraq - A Review; The Polls are Bad, GW - Polls? What Polls?; Big Al STILL Doesn't Get It; Quote - Protecting Sources

Jun 29 President George W. Bush contradicts Governor and Candidate George W. Bush - What a Surprise; How to Fix Iraq - a Chronological Response to Lew Warden; More on Lew's Income Tax Proposal; Quote - Sen. Harry Reid Responds to President Bush's tying Iraq to Terrorism and the Invasion

Jun 28 GW Speaks at Fort Bragg, NC to Silent Applause; Media Madman - Did Novak tell Miller?; Quote - The Democrats Suggest 4 GOP Nominees for GW to Consider

Jun 27 Are We Really Safer, Mr. Bush?; A Rep. Mike Ferguson (D-NJ 7) Moment; Did You Know This? Doctors in Texas Won't "Push the Plunger"; Diagnosis by Satellite - No More Long-Distance Diagnosis; Bush (41) Follows in the Steps of His Father (42) and Trips; Media Madman - More Meet the Press; Taxes - Why a Republican Thinks His Ideas are Perfect for Democrats; Great Quotes - Billy Graham and The Clintons

June 24-26 Billy Graham's last Crusade; Welcome to China's America; China and Big Al; Another Bad Week America; Wal-Mart's Whistle Blower; Eminent Domain; Media madman - Meet the Press Lets 'em Get Away With "It"; Quote - Response to "Last Throes" from Rummy and Abizaid

Jun 23 Tongue Tied Rep. Dana Rohrbacher on Lou Dobbs; Think Before You Speak - Rumsfeld Talks to The Senate; Big Al is Wrong on China; The Rovian Philosophies and How the Greed Over People Party Can't Admit a Mistake; Howard Dean is Tough; "I think they're in the last throes," - Even General Abizaid and Don Rumsfeld Don't Believe That, Mr. Cheney

Jun 22 GITMO - A New Abuse; "F" Troop - Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, "Corporal Agarn, Sergeant  O'Rourke and the Hekawei Indians"; More GW Quotes - "Come Together"; Senator Frist gets Turned Around - Hypocrisy at Work; Media Madman; Quotes by Cheney ("greeted as liberators") and a great Quote by Senator Barrack Obama

Jun 21 The Obvious Iraq - The REAL REASON for the War; Bush Meets Viet PM - Personally? I'm Disgusted!; GITMO and More GITMO (See Halliburton); Responses to "Who's hiding Osama bin-Laden, CIA Director Goss?"; A response to a Pro-Life Democrat; Night-Ridder and the Pre-War War

Jun 20 We Know Where He Is - Porter Goss opens His Yap; Message from the Front (Wherever That Is); Response from a Pro-Life Democrat; The Economy Goes "BOOM" (or is that BUST?); Quotes - Tony Blankley Can't Stand the Truth - Blaming Rep. Walter Jones (The "Freedom Fries" Guy) - Bush's Mission Isn't Over? - Bush's Economy "on the Wrong Track to Growth"

Father's Day Madman King George XLIII; Bush Speaks on His Decision About Iraq; The NRA Gets Its Way; A Red Contributor Vs. A Blue Contributor; Durbin Bashing; Media Madman - Fox News and Propaganda; The Missing Media; Terry Moran (ABC news) and Scott McClellan; Quotes: What GW was Thinking in 1999 - by Mickey Herskowitz

Jun 16 An Anti-Lynching Bill; Big Tobacco, part 2; "Option ARM" - Dangerous Mortgages; Polls? What Polls, Mr. President?; The Greed Over People Party Hypocrites; What is the Worst Job in Terrorism?; The "Some and the "Others" - Five Years of Sobriety Doesn't Make You an Expert on Me; Bush-Quotes on Iran

Jun 15 An Open Letter to George Bush, by Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Families for Peace

Jun 14 Followers of the Greed Over People Party; The "Why's" of the Patriot Act and Closed Door Meetings; Big Al Just Doesn't Get It; Propaganda; Quotes: Cheney on Dean, Dean and Lugar & Biden

Jun 13 Trends - Was Iraq Worth It?; More Memos from Downing Street; Torture is WRONG; Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) made Insignificant by the GOP; USA Today "Excuses for REAL NEWS"; Quote: Bush and Blair

Jun 12 The Ever-Widening Trade Deficit; Georgie-Boy & Mr. Cheney - The Re-Written "G"lobal "W"arming Report; James Sensenbrenner's Temper Tantrum; Media Madman; Really, Really Stupid Quotes - Bush Calls Himself "Stubborn" & Big Al's Priorities

Jun 9 A "Grass-Roots" Health Care Movement; The Beliefs of a "Bush Republican; Robert's History Lesson; Welcome to the REAL WORLD, Alan Greenspan

Jun 8 Forrester's Deep Pockets - A Chart; The GOP - Looking Out for the Guy in the Mirror; The "New and Improved Axis of Evil"; Starbucks; Media Madman - Melman of the GOP Vs. Russert of the Human Race; A Response by Rhian on Africa; Quotes - Big Tobacco gets Away, thanks to the Greed Over People Party

Jun 7 The BLUE and RED of Health Care; The Mixed Priorities of Bush, Blair & the "G8"; Hit & Run - Hamas Bombs & Israel is Blamed; Qotes: The Right Wakes Up to China; Senator Hillary Clinton; and James Galbraith

Jun 6 More from Bill Moyers; More from the 911 Commission; The US Congress Vs. a REAL JOB; The Destruction of the State in Texas, by Gov. Rick Perry; Creating a New Confederacy in Missouri, by Gov Matt Blunt; Hypocrites of the GREED Party in Washington State; Lots of Responses

Jun 5 Duh - Homeland Security and an Airport Security Idea; Rumsfeld Helps China; New Jersey's "Gang of Seven" -  The Republican Gubernatorial Candidates; More on The Downing Street Memo; Stupid Quotes and the "Hyper-Rich"

Jun 2 An Open Letter to George W. Bush and Those Who Voted for Him by a WWII Veteran

Jun 1 US Technology Belongs to the People of the United States, Not The WTO; Deep Throat IS a PATRIOT!; Memorial Day and Angry Grandmas; Media Madman - The New York Times Gets On Board - the Alternative Minimum Tax Needs Fixing because Rich People Need to Pay Taxes Too; NO GROWTH IN MANUFACTURING JOBS!


May 31 "Deep Throat" and General John Riggs - a Comparison; "Pork in the Sky" - Closing Military Bases and Doubling Our Veterans' Co-Payments While No One Speaks Up For Them; Bush (41) Wants Jeb to Become Bush (44) or (45) - You Heard it on Madman FIRST

May 30 Memorial Day Thoughts

May 27 A Military Manpower Idea; Star Wars, Money and a Poor Sense of Priorities; A Secret Club to Decide Our (Healthcare) Future; Sex Offenders Get Viagra; Stupid Quotes - "G"lobal "W"arming Bush and Mahmoud Abbas

May 26 A Pastor in NC says "The Koran Needs To Be Flushed", Let's Not Forget the First Amendment; Another Delay DeFeat

May 25 Defining the GOP - GREED OVER PEOPLE; Don't Print the Ad Before We See the Article - Corporate America Seeking to Control the "Fourth Estate"; Turning to Religion - A Frightening Similarity; The Driver's License Fiasco; A U.N. Idea; Chili and the Big Social Security Gamble; Many. Many Responses

May 24 Judicial Nominees, After the Deal; More on Justice Owens; Charting Dennis Kozlowski's GOP Friends; More From Bill Moyers; Quote: Just for Fun, They Lie

May 23 EVERYBODY VOTES - Paying People to Vote; The "Wrong-Wing" Media; Inflation Vs. A Society of Life; Give Medicare Money to the States - They'll Do a Better Job

May 22 Tax Reform for the Benefit of... ?; Hey, I'm Cold... There Must Be a DRAFT in Here; A Stem-Cell Smoothie, IF You Can Afford It; Sing a Song -"Rick Santorum" (To the tune of "Sanitarium", Metallica, 1986); Grover Norquist and Tom DeLay... Hypocrisy LIVES!; The BIG, STUPID Quote, by Rick Santorum; Mark Shields' Perception

May 19 Schumer Vs. Frist; Bill Moyers - Part One; Very Many Responses

May 18 Charting the CPI; GW talks to "The Big Guy"; More on China's Policies

May 17 MP Galloway and the Mother of all Smokescreens - a bad Senator Coleman; Interstate Highway Funding; Chinese Policies

May 16 "Good Republicans?"; How the fight on terrorism should have begun; NO MORE WAL-MARTS!; A VERY Stupid Quote by Mexico's President Vincente Fox

May 15 Bar-Mitzvah Madman; We Like Ike - a Quote from President Eisenhower on Social Security and other stuff; Wal-Mart Still Sucks; The REAL News is Missing; Blue State's Military Bases get hacked; Bush's Social security Flip-Flop

May 12 Lies and Tax Cuts; A Quote by DeLay - more Hypocrisy

May 11 PNAC's letter to congress; TO THE BUNKER!; The national driver's license; A little immigration talk

May 10 United's Not-So-Friendly Pension Plan; Thinking "Bush", by Rhian; More on the Secret Downing Street Memo; The Republican Hypocrite mayor from Spokane, WA; A REALLY stupid wuote - Poor George W. Bush - What a "Hard" Childhood

May 9 The Not-So-Secret British Intelligence Memo

May 6 DHS chief floats idea of collecting private citizens' information; Church & State - The Pastor From North Carolina;

May 5 Cinco De Mayo Madman; DeLay's Ethic (or lack thereof) Impact REAL People; Where Are YOU on the Pro-Choice/ Pro-Life Chart?

May 4 The Medicare Drug Benefit Plan That Benefits No One

May 3 Joint Chiefs Say "We are severely limited" - Too Bad no one told President Bush; Bush's Social Security Rip-Off; Spinning, the Fed Way; <blink> Jeb Bush; Trent Lott is "not overjoyed" by Bush's scheme to privatize Social Security

May 2 Donohue Sells his Soul; The "Axis of Evil"; Bolton the Basher; More on DeLay (it never ends!); Quotes from AHN-OLD, The Governator


Apr 29 STAGFLATION; The "Nuclear (or is it NUCULAR) Option"; Frist's vanishing money; A Bush Lies in Galveston; Media Madman - Scarborough; Coomon Sense in fixing Social Security

Apr 28 News Conference Madman

Apr 27 <blink> The Story of The Repubican House and The Ethics Committee; The Fantasy Terrorism Report, by Condi Rice; Robert's Crystal Ball

Apr 26 One Mom's View; An Unanswered Letter to Scott McLellan; Moew on the Death Penalty

Apr 25 The Story of Marine Company E; Conservative 1 Vs. Conservative 2; The Saudi Hold on the US; A Sad Quote

Apr 22 Social Security; The Doctor and the Madman; Lew and the Madman; The Doctor and Robert

Apr 21 The New Pope - Benedict XVI

Apr 20 Leaving Children in a Locked car & Hypocrisy; More of the Doctor and the Madman; Evil Quotes From Tom DeLay

Apr 19 FDR's Second Bill of Rights; Jack Speaks; Another Doctor's View on Terri Schiavo (and Madman); Responses to David Brooks, the Single Payer Universal Health Care Option and Other Stuff

Apr 18 Physician, Train Thyself; Generic Drugs; The Hero of Connecticut; James Carville's Letter to Tom DeLay; Ken Blackwell misrepresents a “True Culture of Life”; A  Monster in Bolton

Apr 15 The Last Words on Terri Schiavo

Apr 14 The Omissions of David Brooks; $2 Billion a day - Our Trade Deficit, Halliburton Rip-Offs and DeLay Trashes the Judiciary, then Apologizes

Apr 13 Eric Rudolph is a Murderer; A bunch of Quotes relating to Tom DeLay; A lot of Feedback on a lot of Stuff

Apr 12 Halliburton Gets an "F"; More From the Doctor, Madman and Robert; A Health Insurance Plan, Revisited; Robert's Take on Generic Meds; Free Trade & Common Sense; More on the Death Penalty; More on John R. Bolton

Apr 11 More of the Good Doctor; Some Good Notes by Casey Sweet; A "Nationwide Pay-Cut"; The Future of Great Britain

Apr 8 More Doctor and Madman, Including the Doctor's Health Care Ideas; A Great C-Span Week; Madman's "Trust" Issues with President Bush

Apr 7 The Good Doctor and the Madman

Apr 6 House and Senate Members Flock to St. Peter's Basilica - They Wouldn't, Would They?; More on the Other DeLay; A First Amendment Minute; Campaign Finance Reform; Headlines From the Heartland - Alabama

Apr 5 A Howard Dean Quote; Attacking a Free Judiciary; Gun-Toting Floridians; Jeb Bush's Almost Civil War; Richard Blumenthal, an Attorney General with Guts

Apr 4 More on Pope John Paul II; Big Brother by Someone Who Knows; An Impeachable Offense, by the Same Guy; More Republican Tricks; Al Franken at The State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ; Crayola Man and the Missing Color Scheme; A State Farm Insurance Commercial

Apr 1-3 Weekend Sad Man- One Jewish Man's Look at the Life and Death of Pope John Paul II


Mar 31 The Embarrassing Record of Mike Ferguson; Intelligence Agencies Conclusions; Sins are Bad - Gambling's Okay; A Sound Jurist Defines Age  Discrimination; DeLay Quotes

Mar 30 Retaliation, Title IX and a 5-4 US Supreme Court Decision; A Bad Doug Forrester Day; Headlines From the Heartland - Mississippi and Medicaid Cuts

Mar 29 SPAM from the White House - Application for Medicare Being Sent Out; Cavalier Condoleezza; The War on Social Security - The "War Room"

Mar 28 The Texas Exterminator and From the Mouth of Bill Frist; Free Trade Revisited; Galveston Vs. The Real World

Mar 25 What Tom Delay says, and Comments; A New Strategy; A New Plan for Taxes and Social Security; Free Trade? Or Is It?; View of the Green;

Mar 24 The Shape of Medicare; The 23rd Sigh; India as a Drug Manufacturer; GW, the Uniter?

Mar 23 The Lack of Healthcare for All as Moral Outrage; The Traitorous Patriot, The Cosmic Bus Ride (An Essay); A Different View on Terri Schiavo (A Rebuttal); Republican Strategy or Luck (A Look at Republican Distractions); More Responses on Terri Schiavo

Mar 22 The Lying Kings (An Essay); Why Go To College, When You Can Be Cannon Fodder (An Essay)

Mar 21 Thoughts on the Schiavo Situation; Bush's Punisher, the IRS

Mar 18 Schiavo & Health Care; Military Bases as Political Fodder; Anciant Struggle - Rich Vs. Poor; The Iceberg,  Bush; Trade Deficits; Fox' Shell Game; Bush's Ice Cube; A Light-Bulb Joke

Mar 17 Christian Voices; Great Letter & Somber Point; Assure a Large Election Turnout; SPUHC Makes Sense

Mar 16 Wolfowitz' excellent adventure; Rep. Rush Holt's Social security Letter, a Simple Plan to Fix Social Security and Social security Vs. Capital Gains; Where the Money Goes; Media Madman and Jeff Gannon; Bush Raises Money Locally with Tickets; Headlines from the Heartland - Alabama

Mar 15 Health Care and Houston, TX; Osama bin-Missing; The Republican Purple Fingers; Halliburton's $108 million dollar rip-off; Headlines from the Heartland; Bernie's Going to Jail

Mar 14 Why We Need Health care Reform NOW; Steroids in Baseball; GOP Candidates in 2008; Believers; Polluting is OK, by BW Bush;

Mar 11 Smokin' Kentucky; We Need the ACLU; Bad Trade Deficit Numbers; Song Parodies; Bush's 3 Stooges/ Judges; Banks Outsource More; What Would GOD Think of the Bankruptcy Bill; Pre-Packaged News

Mar 10 GOD is back in Business; Bush Pulling the Wool Over governors' Eye; Does Bush Deserve Any Credit?; Bankrupting America; A Financial Mess; Warren Buffet Had it Right

Mar 9 Another Sane Voice on Social Security; NAFTA, the WTO and Fairness; Bankrupcy Bill is Conspiring Against US

Mar 8 HealthSouth's Buddy Bill Frist, Killing Mothers with Technology and Insurance and Drug Companies Over Real Americans,

Mar 7 4-Million Babies Lost, Red-Tape, the Army and Lost Lives in Iraq, Rendition means Torture, Outsourcing and Every-Man-For-Himself and Bush Attacks the Poor

Mar 4 Robert's Crystal Ball, Improve 401K Plans, Bankrupting America, Harry S. Truman, One Christian's View and a Hipocricy Moment

Mar 3 "Slim" Greenspan, Slovania-Slovakia, Bush's Tax Cuts, Retirement and the War, Martha Stewart Vs. Kenny-Boy Lay and That Lying Novak

Mar 2 Medicare Pays-for-Performance, Fixing Medicare will Fix Social Security, ENRON and more ENRON and "Slim" Greenspan

Mar 1 Help Medicare NOW, AG Gonzales' Priorities and Iran, the IAEA and an Impotent Bush


Feb 28 The Governors' lost Medicaid & the single payer plan, Reich & Mankiw, One Christian's view of Darfur, Governors Hypocrite, Wal-Mart Canada, Pat's Book Burning

Feb 25 Cutting Medicaid, Senator Lautenberg, Die Early to Save Medicare, Putin and Iran, Forrester's Missing Values, Little Santorums and Media Madman

Feb 24 The BAD Utah Health Care Model, Uncle Billy Bush's Fortunes and the Kansas Attorney General's Witch Hunt

Feb 23 Oregon's Health Care, Scott Ritter, Santorum the Rubber Stamp, Corzine's Campaign Pledge, Rush Holt's Election Reform Bill and lots of Stupid Quotes

Feb 22 More Health Care, Her Royal Highness' Navy, Medicare's Quickie, Rep. Jim McCrery, Montana's Hate Crimes & Dr. Howard Dean

Feb 21 More Health Care, Gannon/ Guckert/ HotMilitaryStuds and Scott McClellan, Swift Boat to Social Security, Alternative Minimum Tax and Big Al

Feb 18 A Health Insurance Idea & Krugman Vs. Greenspan

Feb 17 Greenspan, Educating Utah, Someone Else's Bro, Social Security Works & Negroponte

Feb 16 Sistani, Schmucks & a "True" Independent

Feb 15 GW's Lip Service, Wal-Mart, the Deficit & My Brother

Feb 14 Valentine's Day Madman, NJ Wannabees, Eddie, Freedom of Assembly, Perverting "Freedom" and "Liberty", Media Madman

Feb 11 Pastor Bush, Budget Woes, The bin-Laden Monster

Feb 10 President Bush and the Single Mom, Republican Bullies, Social Security Cap Vs. The Capital Gains Giveaway, Media Madman

Feb 9 The National View Social Security Plan

Feb 8 OMB's Bolton, Defining Democrats and thinking like GW


Feb 4 SUPERBOWL MADMAN - A Basic Bush Blacklist

Feb 3 Retired Politicians & My Family's Share

Feb 2 The State of the Union

Feb 1 The DNC, A Greed is Good Moment & Bill Clinton for UN Secretary General


Jan 3 (A Good RED State and other Rants)

Jan 4 (Convenience, RAH-RAH and GO USC)

Jan 5 (Take the Party back)

Jan 6 (Tort Reform)

Jan 9 Gov. Bill Richardson (YEAH) & Armstrong Williams (Boo)

Jan 10 The Great HILLARY Hunt

Jan 11 My Crystal Ball,  Taking Ownership and SS Reform

Jan 12 LIARS


Jan 14 Iraq, the Truth, NOVAK (that Hypocrite) & NEWT

Jan 17 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jan 18 Observations, Debtor Nation, Pell grants & Much Media Madman

Jan 19 ISRAEL Helps, Distractions, the DNC and a Chat

Jan 20 King George & Making Cable News Accountable

Jan 21 Bushes and bin-Ladens, Boo-Hoo-Hoo and the Scott McLellan two-step

Jan 24 Faith, Compassion & Lots of Numbers

Jan 25 Boo-Hoo-Hoo, Those Poor Republicans, Blue State/ Red State & even MORE Hypocrisy

Jan 26 Chris Matthews and Christine Todd Whitman, African Americans live SHORTER, Airplane Safety & Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Jan 27 The Bush Dollar, Crusade? Questions for Secretary Rice


Jan 31 Beating AIDS, An Exit Strategy, FREEDOM & LIBERTY, FDR, AG, Out of Touch & Dougie Forrester


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