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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Inauguration Day Madman

January 26, 2009


Old and Stale Versus New and "?"

It ain't easy to land on your feet while pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.

I have an idea: Remember that next $350 billion earmarked for the financial industry? Screw 'em. Don't give it to them. Instead, take that $350 billion and put it towards all of the programs which Barack Obama and those who are serious about getting our nation back on track economically have suggested.

By the way, that group does not include the GOP minority leadership in either house of Congress.

The argument now being used by those fiscally conservative Republicans (*choke*) in the House and Senate, along with their still noisy mouthpieces in the main stream media and on Hate Radio, is one we've heard before:

"Tax cuts - Nothing but tax cuts."

It's like they've all turned into rainmen.

On cable news shows and Hate Radio programs everywhere you hear them expound the successes of tax cuts throughout America's history. And, believe it or not, they even point to the tax cuts by the Bush administration as a great big giant kick in the butt that fixed our economy. And they want a Bush-type tax cut program to fix the economy George Bush and the Bush Republicans left us with today.

The Republicans still believe that all of us will land on our feet with the aid of more tax cuts. Their feeling is that, instead of a targeted approach where those in the most need (the ever increasing US unemployed middle class) and those who would do the most with money had they been given the opportunity (the rest of the middle class) is no match for the Bush tax breaks which, by design, targeted the wealthiest of America.

Their supply-side-trickle-down economics won out during the Bush years, as it did before during the worst years of our nation's economic past (the Great Depression); the Reagan years (which caused President Reagan to raise taxes before he left office; and the ensuing George H. W. Bush years which caused the man who said "Read my lips - no new taxes" to actually create brand new taxes.

We've heard it all before, including that so many of us regular Americans need to help ourselves - to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.

It ain't easy to land on your feet while pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.

What the Right doesn't get - and what Bush didn't get when he pushed through his tax cuts for the very, very wealthy - is that poor people don't pay taxes; out of work people don't pay taxes; most people who are just getting by don't pay taxes; and much of the American middle class pays very little in taxes. In truth, the kind of tax breaks the Republican party s famous for benefits mainly the very rich, or their "base of haves and have mores".

Over the past few days, all I've heard on Right-wing Hate Radio has been how targeting any financial plan towards the middle class is a bad idea. They've lectured callers and hosts alike on the horrors brought on by such programs as FDR's Works Progress Administration (WPA) which put Americans back to work while fixing our infrastructure. In the GOP world, however, jobs don't matter, unless they come with golden parachutes and big bonuses.

It's the old, stale ideas of the last eight years versus something different. we know where we've been - do we really want to go back there?

-Noah Greenberg

And Denise notes:

Tax cuts for the wealthiest is all the GOP is ever about. The last round of tax cuts from the Bush Administration put less than five bucks a week more in my pocket but plenty of dollars in the wealthy's pocket which as we can all see, has done nothing to stimulate the economy. The minority leader of the House has already stated an emphatic NO on all the talking head news this Sunday. It is sad when they won't even start with an open mind. I just hope the Dems don't cave in to the spoiled childish actions of the party that has still yet to hear the people and understand that the election was about change. Of course, as old "Rush" stated so clearly, "yes, they do want Obama to fail." Sad, because the Republicans could probably push some good ideas through if they would be willing to work with instead of against everything. I guess, to them, it is all about the next election - which , if headed in the direction they seem to be going now, will only put them more in the cold and they will become even more meaningless. Against everything, but for nothing must be their motto.

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-Noah Greenberg