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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Inauguration Day Madman

January 21, 2009


What Have You Done for Us Lately, President Obama?

Driving into New York City this morning from my home across the Hudson River (a.k.a. America's New Runway) I happened to put on Channel 122 on my XM Satellite Radio. XM's channel 122 is CNN and on air was the morning show, the same morning show you can watch on TV (of course, without the video).

Sometime around 7:15AM I had the chance to hear an exchange which included what President Barack Obama has yet to accomplish in his time in the White House. The hostess, along with the obligatory Republican spinner, the Democrat spinner and CNN expert were left to ponder just what has transpired in the long hours since President Obama raised his hand and took the oath of office.

It was then that the hostess decided President Obama hadn't done enough during his time in office. After mentioning the executive order he's going to sign in regard to halting, for at least 120 days, all prosecutions of Guantanamo Bay detainees, she decided that other executive orders should be signed.

She wondered out lour why President Obama hadn't signed an executive order on the economy; and she wondered why other executive orders weren't going to be signed before the first full day of the Obama Administration had come to an end.

And it was then I realized that more is already expected of President Obama in his first day in office than was expected of George W. Bush during his entire eight-year tenure in the White House.

Talk about pressure!

The questions are many: where will the main assault come from? Who will lead it? How will they justify their attacks? Obama better get his political staff armed and ready. There will be no honeymoon.

Prior to Inauguration Day on January 19, New York City's channel five news - that's Fox' channel five news - presented an expert of their own: Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports. Rasmussen told any that would listen hat those he polled were less sure about Barack Obama than they were just a few short weeks ago. It was a kind of warning shot across the bow. Rasmussen is known to be a Right-leaning pollster who, in recent polls, showed that 44 percent of Americans think Global Warming is due to Planetary Trends; 77 percent of Americans think that the inauguration should begin with a prayer; and that Republican challenger to Governor Jon Corzine - Doug Christie - is two points ahead of Corzine in their most recent poll.

President Obama better watch out for these "GOP-homers" (those who claim impartiality but work for their home team - the GOP), as should the rest of us.

It's also still easy to hear those who think that George Bush did a good job. Right-wing radio is still powerful and there are many, many more outlets for the Right to ride on the radio waves than the Left. Last night, as I waited for my son to finish his shift at Dairy Queen (one of Bush's newly created jobs of the future), I got to hear another XM Radio station: America Right. The hate spewing from both the hosts and callers wasn't only present, it was prominent and a signal of things to come.

Right-wing radio is no longer hate-radio... it's Pre-Hate Radio.

Every President lives under a microscope. It's one of the reasons why the Bushies were so secretive and the circle was so small (that and all of the illegal crap they pulled). It is, however, going to be an even more powerful microscope for Barack Obama because he appears to be serious about transparency in office and being open with the American people.

Likewise, Obama seems to be serious about making Congress relevant again. Even the Republicans - sure to be a thorn in his side - had to admit that they've been included in the conversation. This, in itself, is a vast and welcome change from the past eight years.

Hey - maybe "Change" is coming.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "Later, in discussing Bush, Ifill said “to be fair” Bush had had a series of terrible problems to deal with, while Bill Clinton had presided over an economically prosperous and peaceful administration," Barbara Roth writes:

The writer mentions the first WTC bombing, let's not forget that the INS and other civil service agencies wanted to deport the mastermind. GHW Bush, former head of the CIA, personally intervened as President to keep him here and give him the opportunity to bomb the WTC.

Clinton, like Obama, also inherited a Bush recession. But since 41 only had four years to run the country into the ground the recession was less severe.

In response to, "Lincoln said that every drop of blood extracted by the lash would be matched by blood drawn by the sword," David W. Writes:

Lincoln was an Optimist.

In response to, "Will there ever come a day when the Republicans won't try to blame Clinton for their self-induced failures?" David W. writes:

That day came shortly after Election Day when the DOW dropped 500 points and the Reichwing pundits blamed it on ... Obama. At that point it became official... everything that goes wrong from now on is Obama's fault.

And Victoria Brownworth writes:

Bush 2 inherited a country cleaned up by Clinton after the mess Bush 1 had left. And then he made an even bigger mess than his father had. And even yesterday, after the beauty and excitement of the inauguration, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TEXAS--WHERE ELSE?) had to let his Clinton pathology take over and break up the spirit of bipartisanship by being the only person to refuse to let Hillary Clinton be confirmed as Secretary of State. Some things never change. Somehow the Republicans will manage to blame Bill Clinton even now that Bush had eight years to screw things up. Then they will blame Obama!

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-Noah Greenberg